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fellow profit seeker the undisputed secret to becoming the next crypto millionaire is finally here a financial revolution is underway that's single-handedly producing more overnight millionaires than any other industry I'm talking about average joe's who spent a hundred dollars on Bitcoin and are now sitting on millions of dollars this isn't just one two or even three lucky individuals I'm talking about thousands of everyday people taking advantage of the most lucrative investment opportunity since the invention of the internet pay close attention because what I'm about to tell you can be the difference between where you are now and waking up to new deposits in your bank account day after day week after week even if you don't know a thing about trading you have never traded kryptos before or know what bitcoin is with my brand-new plug and trade technology you can extract profits from the crypto market in less than 15 minutes at last the future of crypto trading technology is here introducing crypto trained rider your Inside Man to help you ride the most profitable crypto waves while steering clear of those bound to crash and burn now before I consider letting you in on my top secret trading software pay attention to what I'm about to reveal in just a few moments not only will I teach you exactly how to spot massive price jumps before anyone else catches on you'll also learn how to extract profits with pinpoint precision even when the markets are tumbling downhill so you can line your wallet with cold hard cash no matter what the market conditions are because it's not only about buying certain cryptos and holding them forever crypto trends Ryder can help you make even more money in the short term by exploiting the volatility of these coin if you want to take home life-changing profits you need an inside man to tell you when a coin has reached its peak so you can reinvest in another coin spoke on before riding that wave to the profit zone in fact if you default to the simple buy and hold strategy you're willingly leaving hundreds even thousands of dollars on the table just waiting for someone to claim them for instance you could have bought into Bitcoin when it was $1,000 $2,000 or even $5,000 and she'd be sitting on a nice profit but if you had spotted the impending doom that would eventually occur on catastrophic events like the start of bitcoins double digit doomsday on March 16th 2017 the summer sell-off of 2017 lasting from June to July the great China chill from September 15th 2017 as fortune calls it and of course the icy plunge of December 8th when Bitcoin reached its $18,000 peak you could have been ready to strike and multiply your returns by over 62 times instead of taking a crippling blow to your profits you could have sidestepped these price Corrections by shifting your Bitcoin holdings into various altcoins before the dip this way you can preserve your wealth and eventually reinvest into Bitcoin just in time to ride the wave of its recovery to even greater heights just like when Bitcoin began plummeting on March 16 2017 further than it had for two years dropping from 1,250 $7 69 cents all the way to nine hundred and sixty dollars sixty-seven cents losing more than twenty three point six one percent of its value in just three days while with the right tools you could have known to sidestep this major drop by shifting your money into aetherium just hours before where you would have seen gains as high as a hundred and sixty eight point one percent during that same three-day period and again during the summer sell-off of 2017 whereby June Bitcoin had nudged three thousand dollars before suddenly falling 36 percent to one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine dollars by mid-july meanwhile leading up to this huge sell-off the right set of indicators could have led you to move your money into Nia known as ant shares at the time where you would have been rolling in gains as high as 1042 percent instead of suffering a 36 percent loss then there's the great China chill where Bitcoin raised five thousand dollars at the start of September before plunging forty point five nine percent by September fifteenth in a matter of two weeks over thirty three point two billion dollars from bitcoins total market cap vanished before recovering three days later but if you had moved your funds to a crypto called verge just a day before your portfolio would have grown by over a hundred and eighty seven point three eight percent and finally on the icy plunge of December 8 2017 when Bitcoin broke the $18,000 barrier for the first time it lost over twenty seven point six four percent of its value in less than 48 hours later while in those same two days litecoin a crypto founded by X Gogol engineer Charlie Lee could have secured your wealth and even delivered returns as high as a hundred and ninety point nine four percent imagine if you could preempt the market before anyone else and always be on the right side the trend while other traders are left scrambling to recoup their losses and this is only the beginning we haven't even begun to discuss all the other altcoins that exists like iota the first crypto built on the breakthrough tangle technology a self-sustaining technology unlike anything blockchain has seen the company's even working with big Mane's like Microsoft Samsung and Volkswagen to bring its tangled technology to the mainstream stellar lumens who partnered with IBM to increase the speed of global payments for banks and consumers Cardno what many say is the next generation of blockchain technology where bitcoin is blockchain 1.0 aetherium blockchain 2.0 then Cardno is blockchain 3.0 mark the blockchain to connect all blockchains we're developers and startups can safely experiment with new blockchain based technologies Ripple who's working with the likes of American Express RBC mu F G and many more banks looking to offer instant blockchain based payments – who's making great strides with kuva cash to help solve inflation in the turbulent economy of zimbabwe Manero a privacy coin that's being accepted by big-name musicians like Mariah Carey Backstreet Boys SIA and more as part of its project coral reef and is one of Microsoft azir's new blockchain as a service partners neo once called ant shares is known as the Chinese aetherium which seems to have an in with the Chinese government while the nation has restricted most other cryptos by leveraging the price action of these altcoins CTR helps you profitably ride trends in both directions up and down but without my CTR software that monitors the entire crypto market at every waking moment it can be near impossible for spot trend reversals before they happen that's why CTR is smartly programmed to send you immediate alerts indicating when it's a good time to run with your profits and come back when things cool down remember all of this happened before Bitcoin futures hit the market now that they're available for trading Wall Street is flooding the crypto market faster than ever before this leap of major financial exchanges from Chicago to Tokyo and more has lit a fire under Bitcoin and other Kryptonian 's and watch them skyrocket now you may be wondering who am i and why am I telling you this firstly my name is Roger Pierce after a hot start to my finance career at none other than JP Morgan I had my entire wealth wiped out in a matter of seconds on the dreaded Black Monday starting from ground zero I needed to rebuild my wealth fast after getting back on track the housing market started collapsing in 2007 forcing me to sell off my assets and seek new profit opportunities that's when I discovered binary options and really started to amass my fortunes yet again in fact it led to the creation of my massively successful binary options trading solution autobinarysignals which has become known as the very best binary options trading solution on the market most importantly it made me a multi-millionaire by the age of 49 so why don't I just keep this secret crypto trend rider system to myself and just keep pocketing thousands by the day well I could but I've already raked in my fair share of crypto profits over the years in fact I've been developing this new software since the very beginning of crypto currencies when Bitcoin was just a wee infant at less than 10 cents per pic look at where it's trading today you do the math now that I've tweaked and perfected my methods and the market has reached a point of greater stability it's time I let my fellow profit seekers in on this how would you like to take home profits day in day out each and every week like clockwork here's how it works crypto trends Rider is the simplest way to capitalize on the price action of these crypto coins because with the help of my revolutionary crypto trading software you won't miss any opportunities or waste your time searching through thousands of Kryptos just trying to pick the right one my CTR software tracks and analyzes all of these Kryptos in real time will break the analytics down into three super easy to understand sections one plug-and-play daily trading signals to gold rush entry points for long-term fortunes three optimal selling prices for maximum profits you'll have everything you need to make an informed decision of where to put your money and when how long to hold when to exit and where to reinvest the list goes on my groundbreaking analytics are based on three key indicators and when they all align with my secret strategy we have an extremely high confidence rate that the price will never dip below the amount who tell you to buy it which means you will never stand in harm's way and never be at risk of losing your money you only stand to gain thousands even tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars the three indicators CTR watches for our market momentum and power indicator MMPI this indicator warns you if a crypto is on an upswing or if it's tumbling downhill price reversal predictor PRP system this special system determines how long a trend will last so you can jump in right before it skyrockets and abandons ship just before it plummets investor and market sentiment gage IMS G this is based on a complex set of algorithms that keeps you one step ahead of the market so you will be on the winning side time and time again when these three indicators align with my secret strategy crypto trend rider will send you instant trading signals so no time is wasted and you're locked loaded and in a position to extract extreme profits now unfortunately I can't provide you direct access to my secret strategy because if it got into the wrong hands Wall Street could dissect it and turn it against us that's why only I and my team of developers have access for this secret algorithm I've even had them sign a full liability non-disclosure agreement to show how serious and confident I am about CTR however we'll share everything you need to know to take home regular profits you'll be armed with the right tools and knowledge to join the ranks of crypto millionaires who have seen their wildest dreams come true overnight the window of opportunity to earn huge profits from CTR is open right now but it's closing rapidly don't expect to come back tomorrow and see this same ridiculously low-priced offer it simply won't exist so now is the time for you to take a step in the right direction and take control of your financial future don't wait act now so you can claim your exclusive fast action bonus see you on the inside and let's make you the next crypto millionaire signing off your friend and fellow profit seeker Roger Pierce

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