Cryptocurrency Trading With Maximus CryptoBot Signals (Live Trading)

Hey Guys! what’s going on? FAYSAL here and if you have not yet subscribed to our Channel, please do so and show us your support. so as you know I am in a vacation so I cannot capture live videos for you. but today I have got some time and I am into trading with the help of MAXIMUS CRYPTOBOT. many of you have asked me about the CALLOWAY software. I haven’t started trading with CALLOWAY software yet because my broker account is not verified. so let’s go do some trading. and okay BCH/USD says CALL and let’s see for five minutes. okay I think it’s a very good signal and let’s go to my platform. It is BINARYCENT and you see BCH/USD is not available so I cannot trade BCH/USD right now. no. let’s find another okay. XRP/USD okay. yeah it’s a very good BUY signal. and yes let’s go to XRP/USD. just wait for the better SR. $200 Investment and for a BUY. I think the trade has executed. yes the trade has executed. $200 dollar trade for ten minutes. so we have to wait ten minutes the trade to expire. and yeah I’m very much confident. I’m very much confident that this is a good signal. XRP/USD okay. the trade is going in the right direction. let’s go to currencies. I want to trade currencies too because currencies is my favorite. so USD/JPY. okay. where it is gone! USD/JPY 87% confidence factor for BUY. let’s see mmm five minutes. yes it’s a very good signal. you see the pool backs. and this is my another broker VIDEFOREX. and currencies. okay USD/JPY. It is loading. yeah. so it is also for $200 and this time I will go for no.3 minute. I’ll go for three minute trading and $200 for BUY. okay the trade has executed from this point and it is going in the right direction. so one cryptocurrency trade and one currency trade. I have just placed these two trades of $400 and we have to wait for the trades to expire. and this is the usd/jpy trade. so I put a link above of my previous video about CALLOWAY software so you can learn more about the CALLOWAY software. it’s also a crypto currency trading app and I have not traded with the CALLOWAY software but I was a beta analyzer for one month and I got a decent profit using the CALLOWAY software. and the software officially launched a few days ago as you have seen me doing video about CALLOWAY software and soon I will do a live trading video. in the meantime the USD/JPY trade is expired and let’s see the result. ok this USD/JPY trade is a Tie. I haven’t lost money or win money. so it was a tie. and then XRP/ USD and it is going in the right direction. I’m hopeful that XRP/USD trade will win. yeah it is going in the right direction. it’s going in the right direction. it’s going good. one minute to go. okay the trade has expired and let me check. yeah I just won the trade. let’s go to close trades and you see $200 trade and the payout is $340 that means one hundred and forty dollar profit in just ten minutes! so yeah that’s a quick session with the help of MAXIMUS CRYPTOBOT. so if you are looking for MAXIMUS CRYPTOBOT software then I put a secured link in the description so you can analyze and if you find it beneficial for you then you can join. so yeah stay tuned for more updates! until then take care!

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  1. Since "The Calloway Software "is one of the best software right now, can you do a review for Binbot pro & The Calloway Software compare them both live trading if that's possible. And please use the Rising East Robotv1.2/Binbot pro.

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