Cryptocurrency trading with Expert Advisors – Lecture from Basic Cryptocurrency trading course

Hello dear traders, it is Petko Aleksandrov from EA Forex Academy, today is 23rd of January 2018 and I have opened
another demo account where I will show you how actually you need to place the
Expert Advisors over the Meta Trader. Now, you see recently while I was actually
recording this course, Pepperstone has added the Ripple as well as a trading
asset. What I will do? I will leave it for you, guys, as a practice activity just to
create strategies, if you want of course to do that with the Ripple for
algorithmic trading. Just imports the history data, put it in EA Studio, generate
strategies, select the top ones and put them on demo. So, this way you will be
having practice how to do this for yourself. And if you want to do this,
guys, you can go to EA Studio trial account, from here you can start a two
weeks trial account and you can do this exercise for the Ripple or of course
during this period of time you can generate as many strategies and export
them as Expert Advisors, for free, for two weeks. So, what we need to do now, guys, is to place the Expert Advisors here in Meta Trader. How we do that? We go to file, open data folder and then we click on MQL4, after that you need to click on
experts and here is the correct place where we need to place the Expert
Advisors. Here you can see are all the Expert Advisors and I have downloaded
actually for MT4 and for MT5 but I will use now for the purpose of this course
MT4 and I will just paste them in this folder. OK, guys? So, you see now I have
this MQL source file. This is the file where you see the code of the Expert
Advisor. Let me just open one and you will see the code itself for this
strategy. OK? Here it is, here are the Stop Loss and Take Profit values,
the indicator parameters. Basically, all the conditions for exit, for entries, stop
losses, take profits, everything that is the strategy as a code. When I’m looking
at this to be honest with you I don’t get a thing, because I’m not a developer.
Obviously with the years I have some idea I can change some things but
normally I don’t touch anything here, guys, because I don’t want to mess up the
code and I don’t want to cause any troubles with it. So, what we do, is we
need the ex4 file. OK? This is the compiled file. I will close this folder
now and I will right click to Expert Advisors and I will click on refresh, so
this will force Meta Trader to compile the Expert Advisors and if I
click the plus you will see that these strategies were compiled. So, what I mean by compiled, guys? I will go one more time to the same folder, open data folder I’m
going to MQL4, I click on experts and now you will see here that here are
these ex4 files. OK? So, basically this is the trading robot and here is just the
code, so when they are compiled, they are ready for trading and normally if you
purchase an Expert Advisors over the market, they provide you only this type
of file and they don’t provide the code. And here by using EA studio you have
access to the code. Once again if you are not a professional developer I don’t
suggest you to touch anything there. So, I close the folder and what I need to do
now, is I need to open 12 windows or 12 charts-3 for Bitcoin, 3 for Ethereum, 3 for
Litecoin, and for the Dash. Right mouse and I click on chart window and one more time I click on chart window. OK? So, you see here I can drag them to put them in order and you see I have one Ethereum open, so I will
open two more chart window, chart window and I will place them here, so
they stand together. And Litecoin two more chart window, chart window. OK? I am moving them right here next to the previous Litecoin and then for the Dash,
another two chart window, chart window. There is a small arrow here to right
scroll, so you can use it if you have more charts to move to the left and to
the right. Now, I have already 3 for Bitcoin, 3 Ethereum, Litecoin and the Dash. Now very important here is to make all time frames properly. So, it’s essentially
important, guys, if you create a strategy for H1 to put it on H1 chart and not on
M15 or any other time frame. Always keep that in mind. And here of course I can
just drop a line very quickly about trading manually, many people are using
one in the same strategy for H1 chart, for M30 or M15. Also, for the
Expert Advisors I have received so many questions why this Expert Advisors don’t
work on the other frames. Simply, because they were created for H1, they work on H1, don’t expect them to trade profitably or to be robust on the other time frames.
Keep the same time frames. Now what we need to do before we place the Expert
Advisor over the chart? We need to make green this auto trading button. This
allows the automated trading. Now after that there are two options-one you
double click on the Expert Advisor and the second is to drag it over the chart
and I will show you on the next one. So, you see that already live trading is
allowed. From inputs you can see the inputs, the Stop Loss, the Take Profit, the
parameters of the different indicators and here is the magic number. So, each
Expert Advisor or each strategy exported from EA Studio, comes with dynamic magic number, it means that even you export hundreds of those, they will be with different magic numbers and we use these magic numbers later on to follow their performance. I will show you about it. So, simply click
on OK and you see that the Expert Advisor is already working. Here we have
this smiley face which means that everything is alright and the Expert
Advisor is already scanning the market for the signals to enter. Now, we go to
the next one, as I said double click on it or you can drag it over the chart and
same thing here inputs I click on OK and here it is, same thing for the third one,
guys, just click on OK and it will be working. OK? The three of the Ethereum,
it’s right over here and then the next one click double time
OK, and then the third one click twice OK. This is how we place them, it’s very easy,
nothing hard just make sure to place the same time frames over the chart. So, if
you have created strategies for M15 or M30 you should keep here M30 or M15.
OK? The time frames where you have select just make sure that this time
frame matches with this time frame over here. So, last I need to put for the Dash I
click double time on it I click on OK, here again I click on OK and the last
one I click on OK, I click double times on it and I click
on OK. Now we have the 12 Expert Advisors already in our demo account and they
will start the trading. Now, guys, if you want to change something in the Expert
Advisor on the later stage in the inputs, the Stop Loss, the Take Profit you can
right click go to Expert Advisors and you click on properties. So, same menu
comes up-you see here the Stop Loss, the Take Profit, the inputs, common settings.
From here actually you can choose if you want to trade only short or only long, if
you want your Expert Advisor only to buy or only to sell. Pretty much that’s it,
this is how we place the Expert Advisors over the chart. Each one of those has a magic number. So, with these magic numbers I
will show you in the next lecture how we follow the performance of each Expert
Advisor and this is our system on algorithmic trading, guys. We put many
strategies, many Expert Advisors into a demo account and we select the top
performers, the top EAs that are currently making profit to put on a
separate live account or of course to another demo account if you want to
practice it, which again I suggest you to do first. So, I will continue the lectures
once I have some performance out of these Expert Advisors and I will show
you how to follow that performance and how to separate the top Expert Advisors
into a separate account. OK, guys, thank you very much for watching and I wish
you always to have a great day. Cheers, bye!

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