21 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Trading Tutorial – How I Invested $1074.23 on Bittrex – Best Cryptocurrency Trading”

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  5. ************************************************** PLEASE **************************************************************Hi David, love you show mate! I am new to all this I watched a course on Udemy which was great for fundamentals however, I am shocked at the crap trading platforms and the abysmal customer service. I have been waiting 5 days for my Gate.io account which has money in it to be verified. I wanted a second account to find more obscure coins and Bittrex has closed its doors. Polnieix hasn't verified me. Please can you give me a platform just one that has lots of coins and fast verification/ transactions PLEASE !

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  8. Instead of pointing out 'mooning' cryptos, let me advise you to be very careful with cryptos, at least until March 2018 when the G20 top is going to debate aboat crypto regulations. This could crash the whole market overnight.

  9. great David, thanks for the knowledge shared…one question: where exactly you do your researches about any of the altcoins out there ?is there a font called" white paper"where any important infos are displayed for any member of the public to study and read? thanks Andy71

  10. Excellent video, once again….do you have one covering all of the options of "cashing out" or withdrawing all of your gains? Such as off grid?

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