Cryptocurrency Trading Lesson – Profiting in a Down Trending Market

hey youtubers this is coin picker dot us today we're gonna cover of course BTC detail where that's headed we're gonna catch up with this trade where I show you all some of the details about it and then we're gonna talk about exactly how the trade unfolded how I got about 14% in four days versus the market doing 2% in four days so stay tuned hey crypto youtubers this is coin picker dot us again I'm going to update you on the trade that I've got going here it is still live and in living color you know what I think yeah so I've got all my my fills here and what I you know what I bought and sold basically were thirteen seventy we were up a size 14 so I made the first video at 12:40 I said it was going to run higher and ran all the way up to fourteen so now I'm getting close to selling out on it basically here is what I've done with the trade and the reason I'm reason I'm showing this and talking about it is I want to show you that my methodology can be effective even in a down market or a trending market which is exactly where we're at I have to say and kick my own butt a little bit in that I I did inform my subscribers about the trade but I didn't give them an awful lot of detail so I know a lot of you are my subscribers but that is my mistake which I will remedy going forward because these kinds of opportunities are there all the time you can make as I said a pick pick up a quick ten to twenty percent which if you're trading a thousand two thousand three thousand dollars or four or five or whatever amount you're five hundred for that matter I wouldn't recommend trading like two hundred three hundred thou it for another reason I don't want to go into but basically here is the trade if you I would recommend you know five hundred probably about the minimum you want to trade in this kind of a thing to make it worth your while thousand 2000 3000 4000 is better of course I'm not giving you financial advice it's what I do doesn't have to mean it's what you do and sometimes I trade more than that you know a lot more sometimes i trade loss but here's what I did basically as I said I bought a theory and I bought it at roughly 680 and I bought a fair chunk then I sold out of a theorem because I'm constantly managing my trade I knew at the time that I was with aetherium that it was a relatively good purchase at that point it had been beating down the the the indicators and my analysis said that we were likely to see a relative rise in aetherium versus Bitcoin which we did then I sold out for a theorem into EOS and this was the big winner move this one the etherium move was good because I made approximately 6% profit on it in like a day or something like that nothing wrong with that I was completely thrilled but then when I went from a theorem to yes I bounced up my profit significantly I made of an earlier video that said it was a 1240 ish and you just saw all the trades on my screen and then you know now it's it 1380 was up as high over 14 I could have sold out then I may hold on it may sell you know I haven't fully evaluated but I had actually put in an order to sell out which got cancelled by time I'd put it in order to sell it because I knew I wasn't gonna be in front of the screen and that got cancelled so I thought I'd sold out but it didn't it's okay I made it pretty no either way I'm making a profit but basically four days have passed and my portray profit is now roughly 17 percent which falls right into the range that I'm okay with I prefer 20 to 25 percent but 17 percent is fine in fact I'll take any profit really versus a loss so but here's the big kicker the general crypto market in those same four days has only gone up two percent so two percent which is nothing to even trade basically yeah I mean it's great if you kept going two percent every four days that would be magnet you know fantastic but you know we all know that it's not gonna happen what I've done through Trading and using what I consider to be a relatively simple high probability methodology what I've talked about with my subscribers I've actually shown it to the rest of YouTube I don't go into you know as much detail but I just want I'm just showing verifiable proven to trades in a row that have turned out 17 percent whereas the average market is only returned two percent so and another way of saying this is a trader who has a clue is able to make roughly you know seventeen percent four days in a trending – down market whereas somebody who's holding he's clipping along at 2% now admittedly admittedly my trades could have gone against me but I didn't enter them with the deck stacked against me I entered them with the deck stacked for me on all my indicators which I showed in the previous video and I also stayed in the video it's got farther to run which is exactly what happened so I'm showing this because those of you who are deciding whether to trade or whether to hold I encourage you to step on to the side of trading and I know it's I know it's risky that's why I have my email newsletter which is completely free let me just show you where you get that for those of you who are who are not sure you just go to coin picker dot us and sign up and for my subscribers who actually premium subscribers I have a lot of work to do for you guys to show you these kinds of trades but I wanted to do it you know prove it in public but could just go ahead and fill out fill out your information here and you'll get on my free meal free email list which I send out periodically I don't send it out every single day because I don't really feel like you need that I'll send it out once twice three four times a week sometimes I send it out more than that but occasionally I'll give you some trading ideas in there and all I'll say all I'll say is these are good buys right now buy this you have a good probability of it going up now a lot of subscribers and some people who said hey well I want you to tell me when to get out of the trade as well a little bit trickier I'll tell you why that is because the way the way that I read the indicators I have to read them frequently and update them frequently and this is an example here to know whether it's a great time to get out I can tell you the height the probability that the I can tell you that it's a good probability to enter now and that the value of the cryptocurrency Ram I'm analyzing is going to rise but I don't know with precision exactly how high that rise rise can go I have indications I mean I you know the easy way to go as well okay let's assume that the moving average moderates a little bit because we're in a downtrend and then this is gonna drop a little bit so we could be up at around seven point nine one seven point nine two that's sort of the easy way but then when you add the timeframe in and things like that it becomes too inaccurate I don't want to really give you a false hope on it what I'm saying is if you enter the trade and you watch it over the given period of time and I'll usually say hey in a day time frame this is not good but if you're gonna work in weeks date many days or weeks the odds are you've got a good probability of making a profit and you know if I were next to you I would say okay hey wait a minute right now it's time to sell you've made a profit things are reversing I'm not I'm not I can't be there next to you I don't know when you want to get your return all these conditions but essentially what I do in my newsletter is give you high probability entries where if you enter in to the particular crypto I'm talking about at at relatively the time that I mention it you've got a higher than average probability you know sometimes very much higher than average probability of seeing the value of that rise now if you have these hold instincts you like hope that it rises forever I would encourage you against that take that profit take the profit at ten fifteen percent or something like that you know you notice him in what I'm talking about here I followed my own advice I took the profit from aetherium when I began to realize you know what I think aetherium is not is not going to continue moving up from here I took a 6 percent profit thrilled with it it was in a day or so I had already found the project that I thought had a significantly more upside potential which was yose bought in at around 12:40 it got up over 14 now it's around thirteen thirteen seventy thirteen eighty somewhere in that area which I mean it's still fine and I'm you know gonna probably and unless unless I find a better alternative I mean I think atheria may still have some room to roll and of course I'm holding on to some aetherium but as far as trading some aspect of it I'd have no problem with that at all so the big message is this seventy percent in four days of trading versus two percent of just Hotaling that's what I'm saying trading is the way to go when I do my part in my premium subscription I'll be discussing some of my techniques notably and you know I'm no rocket science I've just been trading a very very very long time and you know fortunately I've had pretty good record in terms of my trading but basically the skills that I will be teaching and some of you are already familiar with them are how to find that reversal because reversals are so profitable on the upside now the same thing applies to shorting on the downside most of us can't short or don't have access to shorting with all of our crypto exchanges you're on Polonia x things like that you can but the same principles apply to shorting stocks and many other things so you can use it wherever you want to trade but I'm encouraging you to you know learn these skills and of course I will point out good opportunities few of them through them on a month but um yeah this is coin picker US and I want to keep going on and on but basically that is the trade that I made just recently and let me tell you what's going on okay aetherium on a daily basis actually looks like it still has some upside potential but not super strong EFI showing some upside this is showing that it's losing CCI is losing some steam so it's not massive upside potential let's take a look at us though the eos versus let's just say BTC because I could do aetherium but let's just say BTC actually he is looks like it has some upside potential not super strong not super strong let's take a look at it relative to ETH which is how I originally entered the trade as I mentioned pretty good stronger slightly stronger versus eh-eh so on a relative basis es has upside potential let's take a look at LTC vs. USD LTC versus USD actually looks like it has some upside potential not super not screamin upside potential but reasonable upside potential like you're not gonna lose an awful lot here relative to BC BTC actually it does not it has lower potential so BTC is the better project right now to go into you know what's been actually been looking quite active these days is Tron so let's take a look at Tron really quick yeah that is a very very nice uptrend now on a Bollinger Band basis we're gonna be topping out here shortly but on everything else screaming uptrend by screamin uptrend by so if you are of a trading mindset you have a high probability trade here of course it would have been a high probability trade mm-hmm probably about as far back as there two days ago three days ago but it still got some juice left in it so that's my opinion on it let's take a look at IO de another one I often love to hate but you know I can't deny that they've done some good work they're keeping keeping the dream alive so to speak io does not look it does not look good it does have a reversal in store it's got a reversal in store but one of the things that can happen and this is sort of an example as you can trundle around in this area for a while so iota has if okay if you're a longer-term thinker let's take a look at it I want a weekly basis gosh doesn't look good at all on a weekly basis it looks like stay away on a daily basis it looks like it's attempting to find a bottom but you haven't really seen a reversal on this so this could keep depending on the project this sort of a pattern can keep going for a long time we could be in it for a couple more days it is attempting to find reversal but the weekly basis says it's not a healthy project here's another one that's been really kicking kicking butt and then one of my ones that I like a lot I'm not looking very good on a daily basis I wouldn't it's not it's not a reversal territory it's not as overbought as it needs to be necessarily and the CCI and EFI and neither of them are saying we're gonna see miracles out of it out of V Chaney let's go into one that was a fairly good score for me this one looks like it might have some some upward potential on a daily basis I know it got molly-whopped here because it had risen so risen so much I think I wrote it somewhere from here okay here it was pretty good pretty good pretty good trade on a weekly basis we really can't can't see what's going on there let's check a look at my long time favorite one that I have spoken of many many times on a weekly basis it doesn't look terrible but it looks like it's about to trend not not nosedive off with a cliff on a daily basis ooh this one looks like it has some good upward potential yeah Walton has some upward potential not screaming not screaming but definite upward potential so hope that helps for those of you who are my subscribers the game plan is to get everything buttoned down this week including updating some of the indicators I've got another indicator to add and updating all my forecasts giving you some trades and things like that for the rest of you that are not subscribers go to coin picker dot us fill in your email you'll get on my free email list no charge nope note you know you don't have to do anything other than that and please hit the like and subscribe and I will talk to you tomorrow thanks so much

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