Cryptocurrency Trading – Free Ether Giveaway on STIXEX platform 2019

Hi, This video is for people who are interested
in cryptocurrency trading or people who wish to earn free cryptocurrency instantly. Those
who saw my videos before, know, that I am making them to keep you updated on special
offers from platform so make sure that you like and subscribe to this channel
in order to get latest information on cryptocurrency giveaways on STIXEX platform. And this week
they’ve introduced an amazing offer to earn free cryptocurrency. They will actually pay
cryptocurrency traders 0.08Ether, which is equivalent to about 11 US dollars at current
prices, for placing a single trade. That’s right, all you have to do is join STIXEX Telegram
group and then place a single trade of just 0.1Ether and you will get paid in a matter
of minutes. It does not matter if your trade is successful or not, you will get your bet
amount back plus 0.08Ether just for placing a trade. That’s 80% profit in a matter of
seconds. If you’ve been involved with cryptocurrency trading, can you remember an instance where
you made guaranteed profit of 80% in just a few minutes ? Probably not. So, let me repeat
that, It takes literally just a few seconds to place a trade and you will earn free ether. If
you are cryptocurrency trader or are interested in earning free ether, this is an opportunity
that you can’t miss. Now, I made a few videos before on how to
place a trade on STIXEX platform and you can find a link for to them in the description
bellow. But basically you are placing a trade on whether the next candlestick in the price
chart will be red or green, and if you are correct you will receive a minimum 80% profit
or more. The process could not be simpler. There is no registration or minimum deposits.
You can go to their website and place a trade right on their front page. It’s super simple. And after you receive your free Ether you
can use it to place additional trades and maybe even win more Ether! Not to mention if you keep on trading you
will receive additional 5% cashback reward on every single trade. Or you can take advantage
of their loss-cap protection offer. In other words, If you are a cryptocurrency trader
STIXEX will reward you with all sorts of bonuses and special offers. To get more info about their free Ether giveaway
and other offers, please visit their website at and join their Telegram group.
Don’t miss your chance to earn free money. Again, please subscribe to this channel to
get updates on future cryptocurrency giveaways. Thanks for watching!

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