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Crating is a battle between you in the market and a new book that set to be released shows how? Everyday people are beating Wall Street at its own game Millionaire traders is the name of the book? it’s written by a Frequent guest of ours bourse slash Berg it gives you the ins and outs of how the best are making money right now in fact Here to talk about the book is Boris himself or Schlossberg of daily, FX calm also, Steven Aiko Who is a day trader who’s featured in the book and Boris? I want to start things off with you congratulations by the way great. Thank you nice to see one of our own That’s succeeding and writing a book like this. There’s one out of fun writing it You know one of the things I’ve been wondering is we know day trading has dropped off We know we haven’t seen as much as we used to see maybe six seven years ago But there’s still a way to make money in this What did you find? Definitely the guys who really stayed with it are the ones who are really making a career out of it I think that was the interesting part This whole book is about guys who grind it out day in day out Regardless whether we have bear markets bull markets flat markets volatile markets and as I think the interesting point is these are the guys who? Really made it a profession rather than just sort of a flash in the pan kind of a trade anything else They have in common The one thing that was very very common amongst all these guys especially the equity in the futures traders is they had a very strong interest in athletics they had a very strong athletic mindset And I thought and I was trying to figure out why that was I think the key thing here is this is not necessary they Were good athletes, but they had having athletic mindset They had discipline and flexibility and those are two absolutely crucial factors to succeeding in trading and because discipline is really all about Absorbing pain right and that’s that’s what you really need to do to be a good trader to control risk you know Steven you are One of the traders, that’s highlighted in the book you’ve been trading Nasdaq stock since back in the year 2000 And how do you how do you do that? What are you looking for when you’re trading? I? trade Nasdaq stacks off the Nasdaq level – which is the Screen that shows all the bids and offers in it in the particular stock that I’m watching and I watched the institutional order flow In the stock the bids and offers You know who’s buying who’s selling like is it Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley, and I try to trade off that? And also okay? Go ahead you you have a good record – how many days have you have been successful versus days that you lost money? Let’s say this year in last year I’d say last year out of all the days probably had about ten losing days out of 250 and this year you know about the same, so I’m pretty consistent But how do you do that there are a lot of people who would like to try and do that but being able to come? Out on the winning side not an easy not an easy trick. No. It’s not an easy trick, but you know I’m very disciplined I’m focused and I’m patient and I wait for the trays setup. I don’t chase trades and I watch a small amount of stocks So I know exactly what’s going on in these stacks instead of watching like a lot of stacks you know I’m watching a few so I know every every move the market makers and the hedge funds are making and I’m right there when they’re making them and You know I make sure that I’m the first one to Get the news on that stack. How many trays do you make a day? I’d say about 250 trades a day Wow you know Boris pretty. I’m sorry go ahead No, I’m trading all day long. I never stop. I never get up I’m just focused and sitting there, and you know it’s a short day So I can make it all day and just stay focused you know he says it’s a short day, but imagine sitting six-and-a-half hours straight It’s a very tough Game, and that’s what I mean about discipline. Is that what you did as a trader – like don’t move from the screen? I wish I had that kind of discipline I think that’s why Steve and some of the other guys were so much more successful than me I think it’s very hard. You know I’m AED. I like to get up every five minutes Walk around these guys who really you know devote themselves completely? It’s a very almost monastic existence, but that’s what it takes to succeed and that’s why these guys are so good And I thought it was fascinating to tell their stories in the book Yeah, you know Stephen. We have seen a lot more volatility in the markets does that make it easier or? Tougher to do your job for me the volatility is great. I love the volatility the moves Are extended you know when there was low volatility a stock would move 10 cents and stop now stock could grow a dollar – without Without stopping at all so the volatility was great. I’m audist was actually my best month in about 6 years and about Hopefully will stay and Stephen real quickly how much money have you made let’s save since you’ve been doing this or over the last year if you’ve got some measure we can kind of take a look at I’ve made a good amount of money. Let’s just say that several hundred thousand dollars a year Okay, you know Boris while we have you here. We can’t help but ask you about the currencies. You know dollar again Yes, looking at a fifteen year low against the basket of currencies going on. I mean the bottom line of the story Here is everybody thinks the Fed cuts and the ECB may race That’s the story in the euro dollar, but if you notice dollar yen is rising We’re actually been long Dalian for last couple days because we’re betting on the fact retail sales may not be so bad Equity markets stabilizing, so you know jury is still out I really think is everybody saying it’s gonna be very Fed is gonna be dragged kicking and screaming to have to cut rates given the fact we got 700 gold and seventy eighty dollar oil, so we’ll have to see whether it goes to 140 all right well Boris Thank you for coming in today congratulations on the book. It’s called millionaire traders and Steven. Thank you for your time today appreciate it

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