Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Do Opposite of What The Masses Want For Altcoins

what's going on in but it's Jeff with all Columbus so today we're going to talk about some comments involving day trading and Bitcoin and day trading and cryptocurrency day trading so we made this I put this comment up here it said two hours ago on old coin buzz IO so for those of you are looking for me on days where you don't hear a video you can also catch up with me on all coin buzz or a blockchain J on Twitter for those of you who are looking so Oakland Bozzio this market keeps stalling people want to know why look at the charts trading bots are at work unless you are using trading bots and advanced algorithms I would not attempt to even swing trade period so what did I mean by that well see people are saying well trading bots one day X trading BOTS one day it's whales next day of Chinese New Year which one is it well it's a lot of different factors and yeah each one of those do play a various factor and sometimes it's just the timing q1 and you know to someone who doesn't understand all that so it it really is the perfect storm and having worked in text since 2012 I can tell you that that's just usually the way it goes there are these little microcosms that you search for you you try to find them it's like it's like having a pest that keeps eating your crops you're always trying to find out what it is and sometimes it's not always just one thing sometimes it might be a variety of things so you can't compare crops and the market but you can compare the this hunt for lack of a better word the witch hunt right so what is it that's causing this I don't think anyone really knows I mean but we can talk about some of the things that are happening that could be at play and in this case trading bots yet we're gonna have to let the the trading bots do their thing and that's where we mentioned here the market is very immature let the big money types do their thing until the market is and trillions the bots will be evident we spoke on this subject on our podcast channel you can see this video over here on our podcast channel which is separate from all plane buzzes main channel so in this video Matt myself and Phil discuss this also there's various different videos we have over here but this is just one of those subjects that we talked about on the 22nd of February but I'll just show you that yeah we do have a lot of different content over here old money new money they have interviews in turn XT safe-haven blue we're gonna be doing more interviews we're looking to get cliff high here soon so yeah some good news coming up for you guys anyways let's talk about this this market condition that we see here and going back to the original tweet why are you guys trying to keep up with the bots and the algorithms if you're just independent investors so I know it's it's tempting especially when the market goes down you're like oh man I could jump in and this is what I think is happening the box because they're so unpredictable I think whatever the the Assumption the masses would make they're doing the opposite of that so if the masses are saying okay expect us to hit this zone right here they'll do the opposite and this is where that euphoria things kind of throwing me off I see I see in the comments many times people be like oh yeah we're getting ready to go on a bull run you know and that's that euphoria typically when you look at a market when it's a getting beat up what you're looking for is before it starts to rising there's usually in market terminology a depression but I'm not saying this is necessarily that same kind of paradigm but usually there's a lot less optimism when the markets getting ready to take off and I haven't seen that level of depression set in because there's still that kind of euphoric optimism and I'm not saying that I don't write the rules for how these market cycles work that's just typically what if you look at a chart of how a recovery would work in a crash or a correction so to speak that's what you'd be looking to see is that kind of depression we're more more and more people are depressed or not happy about it before the market really kind of recovers because then it goes into this like denial of hope cuz then there's denial of hope and then there it's like well maybe we could be but I doubt it and then there's like oh wow looks like we're coming up again and so with that last rise that we saw here with even Bitcoin where you can see before we talk about cliffs cliff highs crocodile teeth and the charts you know that with this last big rise we had so we're at eleven thousand eight then we got to eleven thousand eight that's just crazy how we hit the same highs that shows you there's training bots look at these levels it's like once it gets that level pull it it's like that's what makes people think there's training box look at eleven thousand eight ninety-three eleven yeah eleven thousand 856 yeah see that's the same level they'd hit that same resistance and that just shows you that because it's so close and they're in there they're just before it hits that just before it hits resistance the trading bots executed on that to pull it back if you know I guess yeah you could probably assume that there is trading box now if we just look at it from the three month if we have to test this support 6000 actually when I went below 6000 but if we have to test that that'll be a tough tough moment for some people but for me I'm actually I'm noticing that bitcoins holding value better than the all coins and I'm looking I'm more looking instead of trying to jump into Bitcoin on the next real dip if it comes I'll be looking to jump into something like ripple maybe yeah probably ripple I'm watching ripple to see how low it goes if ripple is able to make it down to 50 cents and this is a spreading flood this is just my op my forecast of where I'd like to see ripple go if ripple goes down to 50 Cent's which I think it's possible then I'd be looking scoop up some ripple litecoin I I I'm not buying any light coin at this product this price that's for sure not to say that it won't go up it has it's just I think that it's possible that all these alt coins are overvalued right now and I'm saying that because it seems like what's happening here Bitcoin dominance is this tech is appears to be moving forward and you could say it could be an altcoin bubble so I'd also be looking at something like Bitcoin cash the low a thousand I really like Bitcoin cash below 800 if that happens the OS has held its value pretty good if I was to look to step in the EOS I'd say yeah under $8 $8 at 15 I think Els is a pretty strong buy at this price I don't think it's overvalued that much iota it's with the way that iota is moving as an organization it's hard to get a finger on the pulse because there's not much action with iota so I'm having to stay away from iota but I mean it's hard for me to even justify jumping into a position at of iota above a dollar anymore and as far as these other projects go I'm not really trying to jump into any of these in this range it's not because I'm not because I've already got my positions personally but for me the next move that I'm looking to do I'm looking at I'm I'm starting to focus on ripple now that it's below $1 but for my honest buy range I think it's somewhere between 50 and now 50 and 94 cents I just have to keep an eye on that – is looking a little bit more impressive so I guess if I could say anything I like these privacy coins Manero – and I like ripple mmm not touch an eel at this price you know there's a lot of people excited about me oh but I'm just not touching it card animai like below 30 cents unless it starts to really dip yeah then as far as all coins I need all coins that are really strong projects I'm really looking for some strong projects and they're that they exist but without sitting in the boardrooms and knowing what they're talking about behind the scenes it's hard for me to make that assessment of from where I'm sitting right now so we'll see what's going on here I'm definitely keeping an eye on things the market overall is just it's it's definitely being it's it's being held back it's been held back I mean they're not letting it the trading BOTS whichever few wells or select few Wells just to see that there that it's hitting that's a reason that resistance line and just just before it gets there it's like when it's like kind of like a baton hook it's like just when the immature investor thinks that it's gonna go up they take out a bet they're like this thing is getting ready to go on a bull run I'm gonna go up and then BAM they snag it just before you can get confident about it so that's that that's a interesting part about the bots I mean if we look at a three-month chart here yeah I mean for me to get really excited about Bitcoin it's gonna have to charge through thirteen thousand but it swings so fast I mean this is just really a very volatile market but we'll see where when it gets to 20,000 what what timeframe that will be if it can get there I have no reason to believe that we're in any sort of danger personally that's just my personal opinion I don't think the markets in danger of going this year or anything because people want to know that I just don't think I just think we're in a period of stagnation and I think that it's it's that push-pull and I think it is related to Q 1 and Q 1 is always tax season people always want to ignore the fact that we're still in tax season until April 14th in the United States we're still not out of the woods in some of these other countries some of their stuff it's just q1 generally is not a very investor friendly quarter I think it's investor friendly for people who are able to identify the opportunity with foresight but it's not a great opportunity to sell anything it's pretty much you got to weather the storm or look to buy that's my forecast on that so we'll see what's going on guys anyways we'll see you next time this is Jeff with all coin bud subscribe here you can check us out on Instagram all coin buzz and Twitter Oakland buzz IO

37 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Do Opposite of What The Masses Want For Altcoins”

  1. I lost everything by hacking. But I believe in a small possibility.

  2. Be careful with bots. Only place quality coins in your portfolio. The only bot I found profitable is CWE. Plus it does have multi-levels in your organization. Check it out:

  3. I want to sell 1BTC at 6000k.. this is not a scam so dont be scared…i have 1209.89BTC and i want to give them out at a low rate just to encourage newbie…so if you are interested contact me on danielminor[email protected] to confirm this is real i will credit you first before you pay me

  4. Jeff please keep in mind that the most intelligent people seeing these videos are statistically not commenting on everything you post. Don't let the comments and trolls deceive you

  5. I believe that the bots contribute to the volume in bitcoin and altcoin trading. But I also think that the biggest cause of the huge swings in bitcoin price comes… and came… when the large institutions opened up futures trading with bitcoin. CME, Cboe has gotten in on allowing the whales to short bitcoin. And now, other nations have followed suit. These same whales use sophisticated trading strategies, which include putting up false buy and sell walls… which serve to manipulate the price of bitcoin to their advantage… and trick the weak hands, the inexperienced, the uninitiated. I'm no expert on their shorting strategies. But here is one small example of how these advanced trading whales operate. If you look at an order book on your exchange of choice, you might see a huge order of 50 or so buy orders of bitcoin at a price that's high enough, that the whales know won't get filled. Their intent is not to buy at this time. But they have the money to play both sides of the table. Putting such a huge buy order in creates an artificial demand on bitcoin, thus raising the price. As the price of bitcoin begins to rise, newbies FOMO in and the price continues higher. Then, the whales can pull their huge buy order (decreasing the demand of bitcoin), go to the other side of the table and short bitcoin for a huge profit. Newbies and weak hands then sell their bitcoin for a loss. Then, if they should choose, the whales come back in and buy bitcoin on the dips. In summary Jeff, I believe that institutional shorting is the biggest contributor to the volatility we're seeing right now. I hope this makes sense. Again, I'm no expert. I just listened to a few podcasts of strategies that super-advanced traders use. Thanks for all that you and the Altcoin Buzz team do on a daily. Take care.

  6. Big banker boyz are out to keep the little guy under their feet. Just focus on the new and upcoming coins and tokens that the best method to keep everyone optimistic.

  7. The whole crypto crap is just a fraud. I find a better investment is to have something i can hold in my hand. Not some data on a cloud that could be deleted at any second.

  8. Not sure why the finger is instantly pointed at bots. from the low it retraced up to that 38% fib line and found resistance and didnt break thru n bounced back down. the rsi among other indicators were showing signs of being way over bought at those levels. Seems like TA along with news is combing to form common patterns and investors are more educated now especially because a lot of the weak hands scared out. to me im expecting a double bottom reversal with a higher low then the crash bottom. sure there can be bots at play but i dont think theyre driving this market

  9. finally someone who thinks the same. Why an't all these youtubers seeing the market is sickened and being totally manipulated already???

  10. Guys ! Download the latest version of MetaTrader 4 for your Computer !
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  11. LOL

    "Theres resistance an $11823" – Alt Jeff

    Anyone who is educated in charting will tell you that it just formed a inverse head and shoulders right.
    I really do enjoy your videos and I believe that this was a slip up but don't discourage people.

    "Old resistance becomes new support" – DataDash

  12. Any true crypto enthusiast knows ripple is a big time scam hiding under a crypto name. Why would any sane crypto/blockchain invest in it .

  13. Market Manipulation is the biggest issue… it's unregulated when history has shown that manipulation hurts the market, that's why those who manipulate the market get charged. That needs to happen with Crypto markets, cause the manipulation on the exchanges is off the charts.

  14. Wasn't bitcoin at $197883 on dec. 17, 2017? Now it's at underv$9,600?
    I believe that the other crypto's are following in bitcoin's foot steps and have grown stagnant or going down?
    I believe that the crypto's mania is starting to come to and end?
    Should this happen, all of the cryptos pumpers are going to be looking for a real job?

  15. Prior to Feb 5 the Shangai stock exchange did not drop, and when it did, cryptos went up, hence no direct correlation. Using charts up to 5 years ago as supporting data towards this argument makes even less sense taking into account the insignificant amount it was then and still is now, as it is still an premature market in its infancy stsge. Guess we can conclude then according to both historical charts. That around lunar new year for the past 5 years people specifically withdraw crypto investments and not stocks . Nothing against the argument but we should question our assumptions critically. This market is anti critical thinking and refer to it as FUD. If FUD did not exist, people wouldnt questions the banking and fiat systems,and as a result, cryptos wouldnt be here in the first place, if FUD didnt exist, the US would still be a British colony and so on and so on.

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