Cryptocurrency Trade: Turning Point Coming Next

okay here I’m looking at neo and when I
go out to the daily that’s where I can really see a very clear pattern and now
I think anyone can see it if you look at it that’s the normal pattern 1 2 3 4 5
and inside of that fire inside the 5 if we go to a shorter timeframe that’s
getting very close to a major turning point now when I go
for our that’s the five that was on a daily and that is almost complete I was
able to see this on other pairs as well to confirm that’s going to make one wave
five and probably turn right there right about where I have this illustration of
the turning arrow that’s probably right where it’s going to turn you a lot of people have been asking me
about when can i buy cryptocurrency Bitcoin neo and most people only want to
buy it but I’ve also identified all the short turning points over the past few
months now it’s also here on ëthere Ian you can clearly see a downtrend you for our I have noticed that there is
inside of here a trend and there’s a complete trend 1 2 3 4 5 6
7 you looks like it could be making the final
wave just the type of wave that happens at the end of the trend is now starting
to form

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