Cryptocurrency Trade: Buy Turning Point Shown In Advance

okay hello there this is Scott Shubert
and today is April the 6th 2018 and there’s something that is very important
that you might want to see regarding crypto currencies and I’ve been reading
financial markets for about 12 years and have a particular a unique way of
reading financial markets using a combination of things that I’ve learned
over the years such as partly using what’s called Elliott way but the way
that most people use Elliott Wave is lacking some very key aspects to how you
read the market because it tends to be overly focused on mechanical accounting
of things and the markets are much more based on an organic formation that they
may have certain shapes and certain numbers of waves and so forth but it’s
less about the counting of the waves and much more about identifying known shape
much like seeing the species of a plant when you’re looking at different leaves
of plants and so forth you can tell the way certain ones are shaped and you can
certainly do that in the financial markets and I find it absolutely
fascinating and a lot of fun and one of the things that I noticed here is that
this is a theorem and I think that a theorem and NiO are a little more clear
in their patterns compared to Bitcoin and that all of the cryptocurrencies
have the same terms common among all of them they’re all turning and going up
and down simultaneously together the shapes that they make after they turn
can be different depending on which ones are stronger more bullish and so forth
but the actual terms are pretty much lined up now this was supposed to be a
curette shit and it has really gone way past the
point of looking like a correction and a normal correction has this shape and
then an ABC correction and it has a shape like that and this has gone way
past that point and it actually has more of the shape of a trend and I wonder if
it’s possible that we have one two three four or five if on the weekly or the
monthly this whole thing could be a one two three four five or a and then go up
and make a Bay for a long period of time and go down make a C be a long period of
time for the actual full correction to be over and I don’t know that but what I
do know is what we have on the charts right here and one of the things that
I’ve learned looking for a long period of time at the forex market is that
whenever you have a shape that resembles a trend and the third wave is shorter
and then the fifth wave is way longer that in almost every case there will
just be more waves because that’s shaped like a wave 3 even if it’s not the third
wave and that’s what actually happens and I have observed this but notice
something else that there’s another clue that different types of pairs and
equities have their own characteristic type of formation and often they tend to
repeat it and look over here I just realized oh that’s what I thought was
going to happen back here I knew that this was going to turn right here I knew
that that was going to turn right there but I actually thought that it would
make another wave and go up again because of that wave being
and it didn’t do that and I was just thinking that about these also because I
was thinking that this wave is too long and because it’s too long it will
probably make another wave and go down again but then I just realize that’s
what it did when it was going up and check this out that this is supposed to
be a correction but it’s more like a five wave pattern and the shape is
definitely more like a trend and if that’s one two three four five then you
start looking at the details inside of the five and there are plenty of waves
there and it’s looking like it’s getting closer and closer to a turning point for
the end of that trend so that is on the daily and daily is a very important time
frame whether or not you’re trading on that time frame to be able to read what
the market is doing then you get down here to the 4:00 hour so on the 4:00
hour you can see all these waves and clearly forming the normal natural shape
of a trend and looking like this getting closer and closer to the final in to the
trend so if that way if the whole trend here that we have on this time frame
comes to an end then that would be possibly the end of
the entire correction for Bitcoin and Bitcoin could be about to make a
significant turn going up for a while and it I don’t know that would go up
back up to continue the uptrend or form a great big abz of be going up that
would then like I was saying before something like that with this being what we actually have
right now on the weekly and those timeframes so those of you can follow
what I do have noticed that I have identified every one of the turning
points for short entries on Bitcoin for the last three months or so and this
point right here identified smack right on the nail right
there also you can look back at some of my previous videos where this is
documented that these points were identified right smack on the dot
more recently identified this point right on that dot not other places just
that point and this point right here as another place to go short and if you can
see the places we identified to enter your trays it’s almost flawless this
point identified this point was identified has a short and just
yesterday I uploaded a video where I identified this point as a place to go
short no other places just those places it’s flawless and now this is Bitcoin
and this is supposed to be a correction but it has taken the shape of a trend
and that’s why it may be one two three four five of a we don’t know that for
sure yet but now there is a near perfectly shaped Rand inside of here I
wish that more people could see these things I try to show it to them and I
trade based on it and it gives excellent results and I can show all the details
of how you can see this stuff and the ways you can refine your ability to see
this stuff so that it becomes not just a kind of a vague thing but a very precise
kind of thing that you can know from previous study how Markus behaved but
man this is really getting call close to a potential turning point and
so I’m putting it out there now today and we’ll see what happens see if I can
get this uploaded before it actually happens and I’ve never said before that
there is going to be turning point on Bitcoin since it turned up here and I
didn’t get into this long or or any of that didn’t get into that did not buy
their there but now I’m saying that this is very close to a potential turning
point to probably at the minimum go up about this much if that’s asking if
that’s if it’s going to make a B and then go back down again with this B na
but it’s possible that many times a correction can take the form of a trend
and then just the trend can continue up like that and keep on going maybe even
make new highs at some point so have fun I am not recommending or advising any
trades I don’t give trading advice and trading is risky make sure you don’t
trade with money you can’t afford to lose and consult your financial advisor
before you trade trading is risky but if you do decide to trade enjoy it and just
don’t get stressed out but just enjoy the process have an excellent day and
I’ll talk to you later

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  1. Hello Scott, I've been following your teachings for years now and have become extremely grateful not to mention profitable in my continuous effort to become financially successful.. Thank you so much

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