Cryptocurrency To Be Traded On Moscow Stock Exchange! – Why This Is BAD News

everybody Josh sirits in a world alternative meeting here and of course we're joined by author and economic analysts here WAM Johnson Ison and as Bitcoin calm reports Moscow Stock Exchange prepares to trade cryptocurrency and it's a little bit more extensive than that so John can you go into what is actually happening yes it's not just a crypto currency exchange as you might think it's way worse than that what what you're looking at is actually I'm gonna quote what says here in the article it says you're ready to organize trading in financial products for which there is a demand for from bidders and from their clients and which provide sufficient legal protection on the stock exchange it is possible to trade both cryptocurrencies themselves and derivatives on them as well as trading stock exchange funds so ETFs on cryptocurrencies so it sounds like you're gonna trade cryptocurrencies but not really what you're what they're looking at trading areas derivatives like bids option puts and other types of derivative bets on Bitcoin like on and other currencies probably and also ETFs where they have promised you that they bought next amount of you know bitcoins or whatever it is that they're holding in ETF and then you're supposed to believe them and you buy shares and in DTF and that value like the price goes up and down oh it's a even more so on something like aetherium which Russia has been quite a fan of and you know it's it's interesting because this is exactly how the worst thing that you can do because when you look at a gold for example the amount of ETFs that were put out on gold we've watched them artificially manipulate the price down for a long time now the fundamentals will still be there with Bitcoin she's like the fundamentals are still there with gold however when you manipulate a market like this it that doesn't need manipulating because it's based on the demand and scarcity of individuals then what you are doing in the long term is actually creating a huge disservice to people who are in Bitcoin and who are in litecoin or gold or silver and obviously we watched as something like twice last year Deutsche Bank was caught rigging the gold and silver markets we watched as a price since 2012 especially has gone down here a hill with gold and silver except for maybe in the last couple weeks and at the beginning of 2016 where there's so much demand and value in physical buying of gold and silver that had brought the price up but otherwise it's been manipulating the price down for a long time and the great thing about Bitcoin is it's decentralized and it's not you know controlled by the hand of man and what they're doing is they're trying to find any way for people to trade in a way where they can have some form of control over it and this is a huge problem whether it's Russia the United States China North Korea who cares you this is ridiculous and it's going to lead to some serious problems oh it definitely is this is just a way of derivative icing and fractional izing the whole like system of Bitcoin and what it is they did it with gold so what they're trying to do is they're trying to create a fake price of Bitcoin or like home whatever currency or if they're in whatever currency it is through these ETFs and through the revenues they're trying to create that big price in order to have control over the price what you're seeing with gold and silver they have control over what people think is the price but I know what the real prices I go and look at for example gold and silver and I look at how much is the m1 in the currency or m2 in the currency versus the actual gold supply that that currency holds as like not backing but holds in sync as a secure little supposed secure location or have if they have it at all um that's what the real gold price should be it's just like any price that you're seeing right now yeah just like in Bitcoin you look at the market cap and you compare that to the value and you know it is super simple to calculate the real valley of gold and silver the real value of Bitcoin it's so simple so they're just trying to complicate and trying to you know manipulate what they are telling us the prices well yeah price is completely there and on a real free market there is demand pulling away from this kind of practice the shady kind of practice where people are able to say look we don't want these ETFs and we want nothing to do with it and actually interestingly enough there was a huge argument about Bitcoin ETFs earlier on in this year and eventually people said no we don't want them and we it needs to stay that way because we are manipulating something that the great thing about it is that it's not manipulated just like gold and silver is you know it's precious metals preservation of value for thousands of years and then these idiots come along and start manipulating it and on top of that I do want to ease some people's concerns about this as well because long term we're watching a huge epic crash in the stock market even though it looks good now we're watching a huge epic crash in the fiat central banking system even though to some it might not look so bad right now but it's coming down and when that comes down the chains will break on the banking system manipulation of and government manipulation of these cryptocurrencies just like it will on the gold and silver and this is the problem here for the bankers and the reason why they're trading all these ETFs the derivatives and so on if there's a finite supply on gold and silver there's a finite supply of different cryptocurrencies mm-hmm so that's the problem so they can't just trade on a mass and make more more and more money they got a deal with whatever supply really is and they don't want to do that they want to go and create these derivatives in order to make more money on it and that leads us to this Business Insider article that I have up here hedge funds are cashing in on Bitcoin mania there are now 50 dedicated to cryptocurrencies and it just kind of goes into the fact that the market for crypto currencies is red-hot and dozens of crypto focused hedge funds are looking to get in on the action digital currencies such as Bitcoin are powered by distributed ledger technology and are not controlled by centralized Authority the market for such currencies has exploded with over 800 coins on the market with a combined market cap of a hundred and sixty six billion autonomous next a FinTech analytics firm released a list of 55 cryptocurrency hedge funds on Tuesday illustrating the mounting interest in the space like wild mushrooms crypto hedge funds have been taking root in the volatile and unregulated soil of the crypto economy autonomous neck said in a post on their website so we went digging and digging and digging the firm added and it just goes on but we'll go into that in a second but just like an example of like Bitcoin their market cap has surpassed Netflix the Bitcoin market cap has surpassed PayPal and it's nearing Morgan Stanley's market cap so people that were saying it was a bubble a while ago like Mark Cuban is now getting in on it just a few months later people that were freaking out about it you know just less than a few months ago are seeing the value in it and they're flooding the market and it also has to do with the fact that the stock market is going bust people are flooding I think there's thirty billion dollars in ten weeks out of the US stocks so we talked about also love the reason to you know pop up in in crypto currencies of course also because of a massive flood from the US dollar mm-hmm on topic so there's there's a lot of things going on here there's a stock problem there's the debt problem with fiat currencies so get a lot of people moving into this actually I want to talk about crypto hedge funds because I invested in the first crypto heads for an ever created and listened and Max Keiser and Simon Dixon of back to the future like I said it and and I actually made my money back on it already and I might make some money when they you know finally close the hedge fund I don't know yet but I actually made enough fact that I actually covered Plus now of course Bitcoin went up so i have you know i at least tripled my income although my bet and bank to the future is still doing pretty well oh yeah what they're doing back to the future is very interesting it's a crowdfunding platform that Simon Dixon created of course partner with Max Keiser and a lot of different things and it's been on a show that Simon Dixon is putting out basically IPOs you can call them for different crystal businesses and what they're doing is you invest in them you know ant I'm shard our friend he was on there shape-shift is another one that he might have heard of that has been on there asking yeah it's it's it's very interesting though what what types of you know different things are popping up here I'm not against the type that you know do crowdfunding do you know fun business is involved with crypto currencies well I wanted to get into this with you John what are the upsides to this and what are the downsides because I know there's a little book well the upside is of course more on the side that invest in business side of this because the blockchain technologies is the future by far and it's gonna replace a lot of decentralized decentralization is gonna happen to problem though is they're gonna use it also in the government sector with a lot of centralization on that side but I said blockchains of future in a good way and it enforced it is it's a two-way a thing it's like the evil the you know the evil and the good in one thing you could create horrible evil with blockchain but it couldn't create fantastic freedom with law cryptocurrency yeah so what we're seeing is you know two different tugs of war here going on but I I wouldn't be against you know investing in a lot of these crypto businesses that are doing a lot of different services within the industry extreme there's so many different things that you can invest in outside I'm just you know buying of course the best thing is to buy the currency itself yeah that's always the thing with gold and so on it'd be like buying a gold stock in a mining company or in a refining it's something like that so it's the same thing there's a lot of potential here of course for the future I think with the technology we're gonna see so many great strides in the next this is like an infantile technology still like it was only created in 2009 man it's not torture Nakamoto created the blockchain system so what we're seeing here is just you know we're in the early stages of the Internet 2.0 and what we're gonna see coming out of it is gonna blow our minds in my point of view I don't even know what's gonna come out of it I know some of the stuff you know smart contracts different things are gonna know eliminate expensive lawyers and expensive and even real estate you know and and so on and so it's it's a great Avenue or freeing up the market you know creating a real competitive system so III believe in that side and then of course you got the evil side the bankers side that you know that's a central idea you have some derivatives on these things oh and that's yeah that's the worst thing like it's different with these hedge funds they're you know putting in money into investing in businesses usually but I've seen some also that are investing actually the the hedge from that I invested and did Bitcoin mining so I got dividends from the Bitcoin mining on it so it's very interesting you know structure and setup but again you know you let the bankers take care of and and you know push the future of this we're gonna see a lot of destruction coming up and and a lot of these funds that they're putting out going bust because it's it's built on you know air like nothing of real value but on by fundamentals Bitcoin is a beautiful thing it's basically based on the idea of gold so for example there's a scarcity and demand which Gold's value is largely baseline and supply you always mind coins with your Bitcoin miners yeah there's always yeah and there's there's 21 million bitcoins that will ever be created so I think it's at 16 million right now and it's halved and halved and halved and we're looking at 2100 something that's yeah it's gonna you know finally but that creates so much scarcity in the market which creates a value to that on top of the value of people you know owning it as an asset and a currency so we're going to see a massive rise in the value of Bitcoin over the next few years there's no doubt about that and people that are scared over the rice in the value to say oh I'm gonna buy Bitcoin well remember it it currently has 8 digits after its currency has two digits so that's a huge benefit right there but then on top of that you can actually I talked to the experts you can divide it into 1652 well no I mean I think it's really simple it's a really simple thing to answer easy to transact I mean I mean there with dollars you have dollars and cents what are you basing that fee a dollar on I mean not literally what are you basing the worthless Fiat dollar on but what are you basing the numbers on there's dollars and cents you're not basing it on the yen at the yen goes away you're not gonna go oh no how am I gonna know how much money I have in fiat bills that makes no sense when you look at Bitcoin yeah you have one point zero zero one Bitcoin blah blah blah you base it just in the same way as you based dollars and cents you base it on itself you're not going to base it on what the US dollar is worth the US dollar that's I mean I'd buy one all the time just listen so so what the future could be is if some business or as grocery store or anybody chose to then you know price things in Bitcoin well what they could do is did you say okay this like like bananas or worse 0.005 bitcoins yeah it's so simple or bits or whatever I'm sorry it's a Satoshi actually like zero point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one is one Satoshi so that's that's always actually is instead of sense it's as tatarskiy and that's that's a like point zero and then one at the end that's asset or anyway we're getting really out of our field here anyways I just wanted to say that Bitcoin it's got the scare syndrome and that's why it's so great centrally-planned cash flow system is completely different it is basically banker control over you and government control over you via legal tender laws so as I often say if your money's in the bank it's not yours it's a banks and if your money's always going through the banks through digital transactions through legal tender laws through central planning then you never hold it in your hand it's never yours it's always the banks and you're in perfect servitude to the banks which is exactly where they want you so do not mix up the cashless system that centralized by the banks that they want to push into the SDR with Bitcoin they're very different blockchain can be used for good and evil the cryptocurrency blockchain is different from centrally planned blockchain if just it's as simple as it's still the same but it's it's centrally controlled in a cloud somewhere and then it's like divided all over the word which makes it basically the opposite anyway so we'll go into this further in the future as we always do and we have a lot more to talk about so stay tuned for more here at lamb this is Josh Searson and Johnson Ison signing out from World alternative media find the truth be the change like what do you see here well don't forget to check the links below GoFundMe patreon we can't do without you any donation is very much appreciated especially as we are so vastly demonetised and censored by YouTube as they bring in the anti-defamation league to flag all of our content as so-called hate speech yeah I know it's crazy also check our Bitcoin address in the 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41 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency To Be Traded On Moscow Stock Exchange! – Why This Is BAD News”

  1. They will try and derail Bitcoin with complex derivatives, but they will fail for the following reasons:

    1) Anyone who trades Bitcoin futures or ETFs will be exposed to market movements over the weekend, except… the CME is CLOSED on the weekend. Derivatives traders are going to lose the shirts off their backs exposed to this market risk.

    2) In order to facilitate trading (and short selling) of Bitcoin futures, the CME will have to possess the same amount of the underlying asset. In other words they have to go on a real Bitcoin BUYING SPREE. If they don't do this, the Futures or ETF product is just a worthless piece of paper… a bit like, you guessed it… GOLD (as there is a lot more paper gold in circulation than physical gold).

    3) The public recognise Bitcoin has been designed to take our monetary system out of the hands of the banksters. There will simply be a disconnect between the price of real Bitcoin and the price of worthless "paper" Bitcoin.

  2. One stock market can’t control the price. It would require ALL crypto holders to agree to trade on that exchange. They cannot control the price unless they have control of the crypto. It’s just not possible for them to determine a price because nobody will trade bitcoin in Russia. If Russia comes up with its own crypto then that’s different, otherwise its a ridiculous proposition.

  3. Josh & John do you think you can do a video on bitcoin wallets  I'd like to get started and I'd be interested to what the both of you use, pro & cons of online/offline/paper wallets  and such

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  5. the blockchain should be able to solve what i feel is the one thing effecting the advancement of computing technology the most
    data compression
    how we deal with data is changing at accelerated rates
    we will eventually no longer be tied to any sort of physical media
    also the rate at which we can effect data will be increased immeasurably
    at that point we will truly be in the information age

  6. The "END GAME" is total control of our lives and assets.  Check out the videos by Lynette Zang who proves this is the end game plan.  To bring us to a cashless society and to usher in their evil NWO.

  7. Since when does any government or the elites want to do good for mankind.   they only want the evil side of block chain so don't be fooled.  They will use it for evil.


  9. unrelated i never under stood the idea how bit coin promotes anonymity.. the whole concept is base on a ledger system that updates with every transaction.. it might take time but could be traced..
    plus the over head for all of that data will get expensive.

  10. WHERE are the smart people in the world ? Reading some of the remarks people make is amazing ! First things first 1. Get prepared with food stores and bullets and energy source also a bunker if possable 2. Buy silver and gold in fractionals coins ,constitution coins are great .3 have no debt and invest in crypto litecoin or etherium then buy gold bars and hide em but dont fool yourselves because we are all being watched every day and most sheeple dont even know the skys are sprayed with chemicals and food is spiked with pops and no nutrients (codex alemtarious) agenda 21/30 depopulation h.a.a.a.r.p. and weather warfare on us citizens and other silent weapons so if you survive that you have a 1 in 4 chance of going to prison and used for labor fact:5 %of population is the us and 25 %- of the 5% are in prison . The a corporation for profit and we are on the plantation .

  11. pls tell me that was stock footage of the moscow exchange i doubt they still use CRt monitors except there is some mlg lag advantage for faster response XD

  12. Uhm, No.  I don't see how an ETF or derivative can directly affect Bitcoin like Gold/silver.  There is no Comex.     They won't be able to make a paper form that will affect the price.  You either buy or sell Bitcoin.  You can't sell a bunch of Bitcoin that you don't own, like you can with silver.   You can't inflate Bitcoin, as you see with precious metals–where there are 500x paper contracts versus physical.       IT JUST DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY.

  13. Physical trade always win…… or silver​ physical always is worth more than papper….just like true bitcoin true holdings is worth alot

  14. The fact that not even over every exchange never exceeds per day goes over ,1mill per day….means the big holders yet to start the true exchange……

  15. They created an option to make money off cryptocurrency if it loses value… Looks like they are planning something.

  16. BTC ETF's would be good. Maybe I missed something but I don't agree with this title.
    If they make a BTC ETF that "they" say is backed by a crypto currency, everybody could "audit" the BTC Wallet via a public key anytime. With a gold ETF you can't audit the bank vault and be sure that the gold is really there belonging to a ETF.
    So if you can't proof the connection between a ETF and its BTC Wallet, people wouldn't trust this ETF. So," they" would have to actually buy the BTC and give proof by linking it with a public key. Did I miss something – please explain. In general, good videos, keep it up, thank you!

  17. Guys, a "derivative" in that context is like a stock option. Stock options themselves are a derivative, and it is not a huge deal. Where derivatives got such a bad name is that the banking sector has developed many dubious practices in designing and implementing their derivatives markets, not on stocks, but on real estate and other sectors like oil.

    In the banking sector, they were basically buying derivatives on assets they do not even own… normally this is fine on an option. Where the banking sector went wrong is their ability to be artificially supported by the Federal Reserve system, enabled to buy positions in excess of the holdings of the counter parties. Someone sells bank A, 10 bil in derivatives, which may payout 100 bil if the option hits… but then the entity obligated to pay 100 bil, does not even own 100 bil in assets to pay. So they were selling insurance on products where they had no ability to pay out the insurance if the insurance option hit.

    As for crypto, derivatives wont ultimately be a detriment to the market. In old-school markets, brokers would often "fudge" what they were doing. They let you short Microsoft stock, but they don't even own the stock to let you short it! This sort of "faking it" can't happen in crypto because everything reconciles to the blockchain. Therefore, the manipulation can't happen with a true crypto. The blockchain tech prevents it. Outside markets can fail. The Moscow exchange can fudge their numbers, but the rest of the crypto market can ignore it because whatever the blockchain says is the reality. Whatever an outside exchange claims is a valid price, is irrelevant if they can't support it with real blockchain deposits referenced to addresses. Mt Gox is the example, it either had the BTC in the accounts or it did not. There was no way for them to manipulate out of that situation in the end, the blockchain prevents it.

  18. From coindesk "Recent comments from a senior Russian official sparked reports this week that Moscow's premiere stock exchange is about to start trading bitcoin – but that's not exactly, the exchange's operator has said.

    A representative for Moscow Exchange told CoinDesk that reports about the firm being on the cusp of launching cryptocurrency trading aren't the result of any immediate statement by the company or its executives. Rather, they were prompted by comments by Alexey Moiseev, Russia's deputy finance minister, who earlier this week opined that cryptocurrency trading in the country should be limited to certain investors who participate through regulated exchanges, later mentioning the Moscow Stock Exchange as an example."

  19. Stop pushing this crypto nonsense. It's basically a future lawsuit, it's money laundering. You morons are helping the central banks get its hooks further into us.

  20. The danger in with the stock market will be with bitcoin owners buying bitcoins on margin account or borrowed exchange funds. This will allow the banksters to run up the price. People borrow more and more within the bitcoin community. Then the banksters sell their bitcoins, crash the market, and bankrupt the system. If you borrow money, make it fiat currency. That way you can declare bankruptcy and keep your bitcoins. Let the banksters take the losses.


    Your mouths are so dry, you can hardly spit the words out.

    You must be in your glory. Sucking all the morons into your web of bull shit.

    Invest in canned food, water , alcohol , tobacco , cannabis and a good mule.

  22. Crypto Market Analysis in 3 easy steps:
    1. THE market will discover value
    2. Central banks have intentionally used digital technology to fraudulently severe the link between price and value in their market, therefore their market is no longer THE market.
    3. THE market has been forced to manifest in a new market and a new money. This new market and money is manifesting the true value of every other asset as its parabolic fiat price reestablishes the link between price and value.
    Easy Peasy……..1,2,3!

  23. Josh/John: I'm not sure if you've seen the following video; one of many by very smart Lynette Zang. What is happening in Russia is possibly just the tip of the iceberg.

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