Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Is A Bull Run Coming? bitcoin ethereum latest news

hello everyone tim investing with you guys I wanna start off by saying the subscribe to our telegram chats you have today with all these news in the videos as well as message me personally telegram for any personal questions do you have you can also reach me at Facebook I'm available be a messenger to Tim Dempsey who's my personal Facebook page our facebook business page is Tim invest or the username is add to invest one case so you could follow me on the page all links to be in the description videos are posted in space as soon as he released them to public on YouTube the topic of this video is cryptocurrency there's people who several people asking me whereas cryptocurrency going if you've seen price changes from 3200 to 4200 just a short period of 48 hours and a free Theory immuno the theorem was that lady $1.00 just a couple of days ago now you've seen a go up to 1020 dollars and that is definitely causing some questions what about now you know we've seen those pull backs as you could see for Bitcoin 5.34 percent decrease in 24 hours and three theory in 487 decrease in 24 hours and just the top four most of the top 100 cryptocurrencies are in red and that is definitely putting a question where's cryptocurrency headed in the short term I suppose the long term I'm definitely not a crypto expert here but I am staying up with the news so I could give you my opinion and what we're thinking the currency is headed specifically our top currencies Bitcoin and etherium that's the ones that I'm pretty pretty confident in as far as a long term and short term so as you could see here the Bears are attempting to recover up to 4255 which was the new 20-day record that he saw just yesterday and we are seeing over here in this range that there was a sir resistance and a short-term sell-off however this does the art as I has risen to positive territory and it is suggesting that the buyers are accumulating in her back fur or our Eagle too eager to take profits of the short-term bowls so everything goes how it is according to this graph there is a possibility that you'll be seeing up trans up to 4,500 for 700 and even up to four thousand nine hundred fourteen dollars almost five thousand dollars in December that is if if everything goes how it is right now we are seeing definitely a pretty huge resistance this price is holding so there's definitely a lot of potential however if something does happen like such a reversal then we could expect $3,200 range to be a very strong support for Bitcoin at this moment however there is a very strong possibility that Bitcoin could rise in the near short-term to four thousand five hundred or even potentially higher regarding aetherium we theorem did face strong resistance that 100 120 dollar levels so far it has risen down gone down to 1,000 or 110 dollars 1.43 and there is definitely somebody commuting this area as well similar to what we're seeing in the coin so we are seeing buyers that are eager to take short-term profits so possibility to 130 dollars or even 136 in the near term is definitely possible if I reversal does happen then you could expect a dip to $100.00 and if you continue if the soft will continue then weekly expect it to go of 83 dollars which has proven that is it is a very very good resistance level there's article which shows the theory of outlook for the short term and it's also indicating that it is very high likely that the price will move to 135 and even possibly up to 150 200 levels however the support they are agreeing that is 80 almost eighty one dollars so again confirming that it for those of you who are real interested how far he theorem could go there's the possibility of $81 being very very very strong support level although I doubt they'll go that high nice short term in a short term you could expect increases up to 135 dollars or even higher also for those of you who have lost money interesting article here by Wall Street suggesting that if you have lost money it is a pretty cool idea to or that's actually if you're in the United States the United States you'll be you can file an IRS to fire to file with IRS saying that you have lost money with bitcoin and you could just use that as the tax deduction didn't your taxes do so that is definitely cool some investors are taking advantage of crypto losses so that's something that you're interested in you could consult with your local advice and they'll help you out and that is the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed this video like this video if you enjoyed it comment in the comments below subscribe to this channel if you're new and with us invest and see in the next video

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