Cryptocurrency Prediction || Feature Cryptocurrency Regulations To Spur Bull Market

[Applause] so where do you see prices in the short term going so it's very difficult to tell initially I thought towards end of the year they were always run up you could see that last year you could see that a year ago and a lot of people predicted that it would go back again later this year starting from November in December obviously November came and passed and it was one of the worst months for Bitcoin and December right now there's nothing new there's no catalyst that will potentially shoot it up so I would look at it kind of flat and then starting from new year that's when I think with a new sentiment and momentum will come so what is going to be though the catalysts in 2019 because in 2018 you had a number of high profile hacks here in Japan especially coin check in earlier this year you had a exposed Ponzi scheme and a number of different issues and and potentially new regulation coming down the pike yeah so one thing in Japan is the Japanese regulators are starting to open up again so they're starting to approve new exchanges they're also going to approve new listing all of these things will start from the new year now what also the FSA recently gave oversight and regulatory oversight to the operators themselves yes how is that going to change them yeah so almost every exchange registered and licensed in Japan received an improvement order from governance compliance security customer assets circulation these are all to protect the end retail consumer and all of the exchanges are almost complete with their improvement order so starting new year is going to be a new beginning now okay the argument and so this is the kind of news that we need to hear obviously there needs to be plenty of regulation to the crypto markets and the best way for regulations to be passed is with time and experience and once this all does get sorted out I do see the use case for crypto increasing and then we can go back to the all-time highs but until then it is going to be a waiting period and I do feel like as this bottom happens or occurs that there's going to be great opportunities to buy Kryptos at a discount and then it's very interesting to see what will spur the growth but I still think that the main number one factor will be institutional money and I do see institutional adoption happening if not by the end of the year 2019 and that should help bring up crypto prices but let me know what you guys think and I will talk to you soon [Applause]

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