Cryptocurrency news & market trends for week ending March 8, 2019. What every trader needs to know!

what's going on everybody my name is crypto Pete here a quantum ice and you're watching the quantum eyes weekly crypto recap crypto currencies were broadly in the green this week as the price of Bitcoin edged higher by about 91 basis points to above the 3950 dollar price level stellar was the crypto currency markets best performer this week rallying above 22% to almost 11 cents a coin this was tellers best performance on a weekly basis at all 2019 likely driven by the fact a coin base and its teller for support forex trading services maker the 16th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization lagged major coins this week as it traded flat and held around a six hundred and seventy dollar price level in some of the most notable cryptocurrency news this week prominent crypto strategist and pundit Tom Lee predicted that Bitcoin will break out in August 20 19 second the 200-day moving average as an indicator in contrast bloomberg reported this week that the price of Bitcoin could be set for a downturn citing the moving average Convergence divergence indicator but we'll talk about that more later when we bring it Stephen also this week the head of blockchain solutions for IBM Jessie lund hinted in an interview that the global tech giant may be poised to launch a stable coin cross-border payment solution for financial institutions finally the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District brought charges to the founders of one coin an international crypto currency pyramid scheme that allegedly stole billions of dollars in fraudulent crypto currencies from investors now we're gonna bring in Stephen to get his take on what may be going on in crypto currency markets hey Stephen thanks for coming on be thanks for having me on so what's on your mind I was just looking to get your take on what's going on in the Bitcoin especially with the Bloomberg report this week that they think the price is about the downturn yeah you know right now our AI trading singles are saying don't own a Bitcoin now remember to buy sell signal that's a three-day signal Tom's article was pretty interesting I'm not really sure the 200-day moving average is really predictive a Bitcoin some of the things we've talked about right now we wouldn't recommend people buy bid couldn't we wanted to see a little bit more stability in the market and remember we're looking at other factors so that's driving our decision making there why don't we talk a little bit about that blog post we posted this week I thought was really fascinating yeah talk about a little bit sure in our blog post this week we compared to average transaction fee and the average blog time bought bought time of major cryptocurrencies that's some interesting stuff average transaction fees is one of the core factors that go into our models as we try to predict what's going on with Bitcoin it's a definite read wishing Rooney for our viewers right now and remember it's only a climatic calm where you can read that article thanks for having me on T thanks Steven thanks so much for watching this video we really want to hear from you leave us a comment below send me something on Twitter send us an email and don't forget to check out for all your research on stocks options ETFs and kryptos and to see which trades are ad qua models like today

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