Cryptocurrency news & market trends for week ending March 22, 2019. What every trader needs to know!

everyone how's it going my name is crypto P here with quantum eyes and you're watching the quantum eyes weekly crypto review video every week a quantum eyes we compiled all the most prominent cryptocurrency news that you need to know and provide context of how it may impact investors and the market as a whole this week in crypto markets crypto currencies traded largely mixed as the price of Bitcoin appreciated about two percent to four thousand forty dollars a coin after Bitcoin breached the four thousand dollar price level earlier in the week Bitcoin bowls successfully defended the four thousand dollar support level on several occasions the most prominent piece of cryptocurrency news this week definitely came from coin market Capcom who Nets the launch of two new cryptocurrency indices that will track the two hundred largest crypto currencies by market capitalization these crypto indices are going to be featured of prominent financial data platforms such as Bloomberg Nasdaq Thomson Reuters icon and so much more both of these crypto indices or market cap weighted and the first will include the price of Bitcoin while the second will exclude the price of Bitcoin in just a second I'm gonna bring in Steven to talk more about this and get his take the last thing I want to talk to you guys about today is our popular crypto Thursday feature on quantum ice calm where this week we talked about daily transaction levels against price movements and some of the major crypto currencies specifically in Bitcoin this week we found that transactions severely dropped off in early March could this be a leading indicator for a price downturn soon to come now we're gonna bring in Steve and methide Davis hey Steven thanks so much for coming on happy to be on Pete what's on your mind I just wanted to get your take on the two new market weighted crypto npcs that are being launched by coin marcom yeah thanks I don't know if your viewers follow some of my tweets I think it's all shocking why use something from a develop asset class and then applied to an asset class that's in its infant stage I can't argue I can understand the argument to use it for stocks but for Kryptos there's just too much volatility is crypto that's in the top 30 could be in the I don't know it could be number 75 in two to three weeks why create an index be up like that it's going to create all kinds of volatility yeah that's a really good point Steven that's something I actually I haven't seen rates really anywhere else you know one asking those questions I think some people are raising the questions I know for us the way we construct our cryptocurrency portfolios that we call crypto folios said we look at volatility we look at correlations and we look at other factors great the weights we definitively don't focus on market weight just something for everyone to consider thanks Steven absolutely thanks for having me on of course thanks so much for watching this video and we really want to hear from you leave a comment below shoot us a tweet send us an email and don't forget to check out for all your research on stocks options ETFs and cryptos and to see which trades are ahead quoi models like today

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