Cryptocurrency News & Market Thoughts – Bitcoin, Ethereum, The Fed, & More! (December 19th, 2018)

hey what's going on everybody it's your homie omar van AKA crypto here to talk about what is going on so we can delve into what's happening in regards to cryptocurrency and the markets outside of it as we often do in regards to sentiment rumors news gossip etc today it has a kind of short video even though obviously there's always a lot happening in these markets out here and I'm excited to share with you guys what's going on and enjoy the live chat because often times you guys know more than I do and I really do enjoy learning from you guys because it's possible that I say something wrong it's possible I say something that's false it's possible but I interview somebody who says something that's false and you guys are there to be the arbiters of all this of truth the arbiters of truth and what is going on so let's talk about what's going on in the markets so in the markets right now I think there's a lot of hesitation the market has climbed quite a bit recently we've gone from like 3,200 Bitcoin to 3700 to $3,800 Bitcoin and Bitcoin has managed to drag up the market with it because as we know Bitcoin the leader in crypto currencies with the most trading pairs across exchanges with the most network effect with the most supporters has the ability to drag up the market with it what's up life size and that dual could see you guys it has the ability to cause the prices for other coins to fall with it or rise with it and so I think bitcoin is the name of the game until we're sure that we're in a bull market Bitcoin is the best place to be looking in my opinion and this is just opinion guys I mean because it's just what we've seen Bitcoin is moving up everything else moves up if Bitcoin is moving down everything else moves down which kind of sucks thinking about things because if you're looking at like small cap stocks relative to the Dow Jones Industrial Average you're looking at the Nasdaq well it's easier to figure things out if you're trying to figure out a distinguished company out there small cap stock you go over there and you visit their headquarters you find out who their CEO is you find out who their team is and you do the research on them find out what their plan is you find out what their economics and and financial statements are and it's easier to figure things out here but even if you were to do that today with cryptocurrency right if you were able to find a small cap cryptocurrency stock that you thought was gonna be amazing and it very well might be in five to ten years it's difficult to balance what you know logically the left side of the brain with the right side of the brain what you know with just feeling what you know with your emotions and so it's really tricky for people here I left the stickers on my hat on man Jon haven't heard that one in a while brah yeah I know whatever haha anyway yeah that's a thing man I don't know if you guys know but you keep the stickers on the Hat I know you know Jon but I know some people out here don't know you that that's what you do man you keep the stickers on the Hat oh Gabriel you don't have to be a sponsor he's my little brother he's upstairs you have to have sponsor on the shadow bro but thank you you really don't have to be but anyway it's really tough because you want to be somebody who's doing their due diligence you want to be somebody who's really looking at the space logically and your financial statements and all these different things but you still might lose because we're part of a brand new area in investing or part of a plan you at asset class and regulators haven't really gotten into this yet right like they're not really looking at this and saying this is what is right and this is what is wrong according to the law and this is what taxes are so it's tough because you want to be somebody as smart right you want to be somebody who's doing the homework thanks Gabriel solidarity aye thanks Justin no I know I know you're kidding this I'm saying I know you're doing John you so you you want to be somebody who's doing their homework but it's really difficult to do your homework right now outside of the protocols when you're looking at Bitcoin looking at theory I'm neo or whatever it is that you're looking at as far as a base protocol for smart contracts or platforms or coins or tokens I think it's easier to invest in those in these times what we're not certain because especially with Bitcoin it kind of leads the market we're definitely tech pioneers that's for sure my brother and that's that's kind of the risk here it's not the same as with a normal stock where you can get these huge multipliers so for like myself personally if I was going to be getting into some small caps crypto stocks I would probably be trying to do that when I'm sure we're at a bottom because on the way down obvious you're gonna get a lot bigger as far as percentage of losses they're gonna be they're gonna be way worse but then the potential for great gains if a company has managed to survive the bear market is gonna be fantastic so if you're able to find an amazing company right that is sustainable and I don't have any names off the top of my head but maybe you guys can let me know in the comments down below what you think but if you have a crypto name small cap amazing track record for experience for the team you have a really interesting project that has almost a monopoly in its field there's not a lot of people doing this with blockchain you guys might do really amazingly as far as gains and so that's not things that I'm personally trying to pick right now because I'm waiting for the bottom before really getting into a lot of these things I think bitcoin is the name to follow once bitcoin starts moving up its gonna give you you know like we've seen recently 5% gains per day which is not bad when you can expect five maybe three to five maybe 10% of you have a great fund manager for your stocks but Bitcoin can get you at least you know wait more multiples of that right when we're in a bull market but some of these other coins really have the potential to change your lives and so you have a lot of people trying to pick different things and trying to get in easy right like I get messages on Instagram all the time like what is the coin you're trying to get into right now what is the number one coin I should be buying my wrist actually I don't spawn I don't respond to these people because that's for you to do your homework on it's not for me to do your homework on my homework right now has been primarily on you know Bitcoin and aetherium and protocols like that big market cap coins there's a reason to have huge market caps leaders in the space as far as the price and seeing what they're gonna do especially Bitcoin because everything will follows it right now so once we're sure that we're changing the trend once we're sure that the price for Bitcoin Denver Nuggets Denver nut Lakers bro I'm from New York and I don't care much for the Knicks and I'm from Miami and I don't care much for the heat I've always been a Lakers fan bro some that's why I moved here to LA cuz I like the Lakers but um once we're sure we're not in a bull market I think you guys have to do really well with a lot of these all coins and what I've seen in the past is that every all coin gets this kind of day right so if you're holding privacy coins there's like a week or two where private privacy coins get boomed people learn about Zika has to learn about – they learn about Manero and then they they kind of pump this price so it would be interesting at the bottom of the market to actually be quite diversified yeah he just got an amazing haircut best haircut in LA no doubt WAGs Westchester best place in LA Wow anyway he's really happy and he's super shy but he had a great time um youyou want to pick these things up at the bottom right pick them and then be quite diversified if possible right because you had you have a number of assets that you really believe in you've done the homework yourselves right not just bought something cuz somebody else set it and then when it pumps up in price if you don't believe in the ex extremely long term potential of the company you sell it once it's pumped up and then and then you've increased you know your Bitcoin or aetherium or whatever you really believe in us or like coin you've increased your holdings of that coin so I think that's gonna play a role again in the future we have more and more coins being delisting off exchanges more and more companies going by the wayside I don't know if this bear market by any means is over I think it could continue a lot longer but we can learn so much during these bear markets from the companies that aren't well actually from the that there either are or aren't responding to various forms of communication from the communities right for example we heard from was it oh em gee Omi's ago recently we talked about some of the huge issues that a maven had with the company and I want to go ahead and give a real quick shout-out here to g4 Ruchi you rock dude III want to thank you so much for all the posts on Instagram Wallace coin and everything else you do man you rock III thank you so much for such a support of this channel what we do here but um we in Fermi's ago and there was this individual who wrote a huge post on reddit outlining some of the issues he had from years being such a staunch supporter of amis ago and amis ago did respond but then what we can do is we can take apart their response from the team how quick were they was the team to respond to some thud right from the community and how did they responded they acted offensive did they become more transparent what was the change from the way the community reacted and I think we can choose to become better investors from that and increase our own awareness right and so sometimes people might try to mislead people and it's easy to become height based on the amount of comments on reddit and the way people were responding right you might be like oh everybody's so positive about this now after the response but it's like what did they really change in regards to the fun what did they really do right now it's great that they're transparent that they that will not transparent that they're more communicative that they were quick to respond to this thud that they were quick to create a huge post and and response to this and I think that's something you should actually should absolutely should take into consideration when you're dealing with these coins but my point is there's so many ways to value these things and if you're able to pick the right coins right now guys the right winners and now is the time to pick the winners now is the time to pick the coins they're gonna be around for a while that you think it'll be around for a while which tokens do you think are currently talking about downsizing and that's such a flake out in many ways let's down sighs our company let's fire all of our employees because we chose to hire when everything was moving up and we could raise a ton of money because the money was flowing super easy and people were looking for jobs and and we thought we could deliver a product because you know it seemed easy at the time and which companies are actually saying we are going to be here for the long run which companies are continuing to hire and expand their projects and then I think that's the easiest way to probably find some winners yeah at the very least you want to find companies who are following regulations depending on what jurisdiction era they're they're at and which teams are doubling down on their bet and their belief in whatever they're trying to build hopefully something that's not rivaled by a bunch of different companies because how many times do I hear about an ICO that's being done by a trillion other companies you should check my inbox and it's extremely troubling to me cool man you guys have a great team and a track record right from your legacy institution we have to realize it's it's a different game here it requires a different set of skill sets for this brand new evolution we're doing here it's not enough to understand how money has worked before you have to understand how money is gonna work in the future what the problems were with money in the past so when people try to pitch me something and they don't understand the issues with money and legacy financial students and while we should move away from that super huge red flag I forgot who posted recently about how you know I cos have been around for five years if theorem was an ICO and I cos were super white high quality in the beginning they were all you know they had a necessity for whatever token they were building and it's more and more as we moved through time we have projects that did not necessitate a token they really didn't need a token why not accept the theorem for your tote before you for your services why not accept Bitcoin for your services and then now we're realizing that there's so many companies that shouldn't exist as far as the way they built their builds business model around they raise money for nothing so I suggest to you guys really look at your portfolios and and and scrupulous ly go back and think why am i holding this you know am i holding this because I hope I get rich I mean for sure as an investor that's something you're thinking about you know you want to make money on your investments but then if you want to do that you have to really analyze you have to be smart I was listening to Robert Kiyosaki's book again yesterday Rich Dad Poor Dad and and and one of the things he said is are you one of those people who goes to Walmart or or Dell or whatever Best Buy and picks up a computer off of a shelf or you're a person who goes ahead and buys the components for the computer and builds them yourself build your own investments and I think you should look at every investment as as far as what you're doing with it but building it you know like build it from the ground up build it as far as your own knowledge and I think those of you guys who do that are gonna do extremely well and I want you guys to do that so let me know we what projects you guys are thinking you're gonna do well in the comments below and I'm interested in hearing you guys I have to say I think for a very long time neglected to look at smaller projects I have been focusing on the bigger name projects because I think on the way down that was most important as far as new I think it's important because obviously when when everything else is moving down 20% Bitcoin is moving down 5% that's the base best place to be and I want you guys preserve your wealth so now I think as we move to a new time whether that sideways or whether that's up the game is gonna change and so as investors you have to be willing to understand and not stick you have to be flexible if you're not flexible you're gonna miss out on this game so really analyze yourselves like look at yourselves like what is your pattern of thinking is it gonna be consistently the same or are you willing to change with what the information is out there so I think as we move to a new era and I definitely think we're getting there you're gonna have to be looking at the gray at the greatest names you can in order to the most as far as that and plus putting your money in what you want to see in the world that's something I've been being on for years right if if you really want something that is decentralized because the middleman has taken has been taking money out of the middle forever in this specific industry then please like support that if they have a great team tack record and they are confident what they're doing and let me know in the comments what team that is and I'm super interested in researching a little bit more so I can learn and then I can pass information to you guys cuz I only hope to be a mirror here for y'all it's really a community here I'm trying to build above all sup you don oh thank you so much man thanks for all I keep hard work keeping us informed yeah yeah haven't done much informing mr. Don oh yeah this video but I didn't want to share some some news of course with what's going on so I think there's a lot of concern again we all have PTSD because we've heard this term hot alright hot all your coins and you shall be rewarded and you've held your coins since Bitcoin was twenty thousand dollars and the price keeps getting smacked down and men I've held my coins since twenty K men I've held it forever because I do believe in the long term vision of this thing and I don't want to be necessarily trying to catch a falling knife I don't want to be trying to pick when things are gonna go up or down I'm a dollar cost average here average you're here I do believe I'm in investing in the future of technology and you know I'm one of those believers in putting your money and letting it sit there for the next 5-10 years don't invest on a three-month a period invest on yourselves in a two-year period that's how long technology usually takes to evolve in Silicon Valley or somewhere else you know think think a bit longer term here so if you're not sure about a company that's something to think about if you're not sure that what whether they're gonna be allowed alive beyond two years definitely something to consider but anyway so so we've had a bit of a bump here and I invite people to keep a level head what is going on in the market as I've tried to do in the past hmm it's funny Brian Kelley of CNBC I put this out on Twitter uh how many you guys follow me out here on on yeah I know it's PTSD man the price goes up and we're all like it's gonna go down again tomorrow because it's kept going down and in a way you're actually you have to realize PTSD is something that is it's mental it's something that happens in your own brain it's the same thing with investing if you constantly think that because the price goes up tomorrow after it's been going down forever and you're not gonna you know at least assess what's going on and maybe get involved because you've been so used to getting beat down especially if you got in like a 20k and you've only no downside you're really you're really doing a disservice to yourselves here and you should absolutely not be doing that you have to literally consider every moment and that's why it's important to live in the moment do meditation do whatever you can because things change on an on a moment basis the world's information moves only faster and faster internet speeds get faster and faster and your access to the internet gets faster your access to information is faster at this point right now where you're listening to this then it's ever been in the history of humanity consider that right now and then you have to realize like is your ability to adapt to the situations as quick as your ability to gain information and then that's that should absolutely be something to think about if you don't want to be missing the boat here so anyway just some targets here some people are predicting I think tone vase had predicted that we would hit this point right he had said we would hit about $3,000 Bitcoin and then we would hit 6k before going back down and then we would simmer there for a while around 2800 3000 bucks before going back up so that's some perspective you should absolutely keep in your mind it's possible and that's something I've considered we go ahead and shoot up to 6k and then we drop back down but then I have to think about you know fundamentally okay coin tone vases right sorry I keep getting messages here so what if tone vases right what if and I'll sing in this I got 3k what if what if Bitcoin goes ahead and shoots up to 6000 bucks and then drops and sit sideways for a while this kind of aligns with some of the tarts that I've been looking at long term on 99 bitcoins calm and their historical Bitcoin chart damn like if Bitcoin starts shooting up to 6 K right now and I was seeing this like I don't three weeks ago four weeks ago yeah the time flies right I don't want to be when those people who's just like super buzzing in my head and super freaking out and super excited and sitting around reading reddit and seeding and looking at Twitter and looking at the mainstream and trying to buy into the hype know I want to I want to be thinking about this in advance as ridiculous as it looks like that we might hit 6k Bitcoin right now when things aren't a huge bear market let me take tones advice into consideration because yeah I know despite the fact that he bite me mr. negative like T Walker here suggests maybe he's right and I think you have to always keep that in your head don't align with any one perspective but definitely entertain it don't just say no just entertain it what if right and I think that's a really healthy way to approach as an investor because as an investor you're a right headed you have to live in the right side of your brain it's very creative as opposed to just living like an accountant or a number person or super pragmatic conservative you have to absolutely be conservative and feed that side I'm not not conservative I'm sorry creative and feed that side of your brain so anyway let's say it actually six hits six K I'm thinking man well if he's actually right I'm gonna want to be selling the whole way up and it's gonna drop back down right I don't even want to be getting in now so many people are saying get in now Jeff Berwick of the dollar of agile on t-mike Novogratz doesn't think we're gonna drop any further even though he's been right right right and you're Craig right right anyway quick wrong wrong and so III always approach this from a level-headed perspective and I think you should absolutely should be doing that yourselves don't be buying into the into the emotions of everybody else around you because if you hit up reddit or Twitter it's gonna be freaking high fish if the price is going up and it's gonna be freakin hell if the price is going down so whenever the price I literally first open a block folio and if the price is moving down I'm like well I can expect everybody's gonna be bearish price is moving up every everybody's gonna be absolutely bullish so before I even open up social media I already come into it with that perspective and I keep a level head I'm like well I know where I'm at right now but I know what to expect and so I approach it a little bit I pragmatically I would say carefully and so like that's one target we hit 6k and then we drop back down move sideways and then we move back up so that's one perspective tone has to say I've heard a lot of people saying we have a lot of heavy resistance around $4,000 $4,200 especially $4,800 and this resistance could be troubling as far as pushing the price back up if we break through that fantastic right if I've heard of Bitcoin manages to break through $4,200 in the near term we are in the gold and that's why you have to be ready to change things because if that happens you have to be willing to change your perspective and I'm sure tone would as well but you also have to keep you have to zoom out and zoom in and look at as many perspectives you can read and and and and ingest as much as you can just like literally be starving for information what is gonna happen and and I think that's one of the things that kind of drove me when I started investing at the crypto is like is crypto really the right thing I'm hungry to know is it gonna be doing good for my portfolio is gonna be doing good bad for my portfolio and look at both puts both perspectives don't be one of those people who expects something to happen or want something to happen be it's gonna be better for them and then chooses to only find articles or research or ta that aligns with what they want that's what the normal person wants right normal person has a theory and they find things to back up what their theory is their hypothesis to draw conclusion do not do that just try to drop both sides that's why I never took aside as far as so many different coins or or so many different perspectives because I want to look at both sides who are still building this damn thing as we go through things so I just want to share some thoughts there guys in regards to that but let me let me get into some some other things so Vitalik some news there he gave out three thousand bucks at three different teams prismatic labs chain safe and Sigma prime these were teams would reached out on Twitter because he was saying they what for example the first team said prismatic labs well you know we might have to fire some employee we won't be able to build up more employees because those market sucks and I've heard that from some other theory I'm friends of mine the market is sucking it's hard to increase the cyber team or what you're trying to do right now even though you have this vision in your mind right now it's not easy to do right now so you have to play things based on what situation we're at right now and so Vitalik went ahead and said here's 1,000 if done a hundred thousand bucks and then he did the same thing to another team and then another team in order to help him build out a theory I'm 2.0 so I mean if italic is definitely doubling down with his own personal finance into aetherium 2.0 I mean he sees this thing happening I personally see this thing happening so why that lab where the etherium shirts every single day I'm like probably the biggest fear iam Bowl on YouTube no doubt I mean this channel used to be called aetherium news if you don't know you can actually go away back and watch all the logos back when a theorem was like eight bucks ten bucks and and I still have I have not floundered in my faith for aetherium and so I see so many people doubling down in their vision and so I'm super stoked about what a theorem is gonna be doing in the long term and I don't want to miss it man I am wondering for myself what's gonna happen right okay so maybe we do hit six K by January 24th what would drop the price maybe we do not get you know back doesn't come out right maybe backed this investment account that's gonna be offering futures daily deliver a bit different deliverable but the rubbish Bitcoin they don't they delay they don't come out on that day or maybe just like when futures came out which everybody expect expected to push the price up for a CBOE and see me on me Chicago Mirta Mercantile Exchange last year right when they released the price dropped so maybe the price for Bitcoin drop so maybe that's something to keep in mind as far as that date but maybe we keep moving up to but I definitely think until like we hit 6k maybe four k 6k depends maybe right now we're living in a buy the dip mentality so while you're freaking out because the prices are dropping a little bit today you're still in a range where you're still buying between 3,000 and 5,000 dollar Bitcoin when so many people expect Bitcoin to be hitting 100k 500k 1 million dollars within 10 years it's like really like you're still doing so well so like don't really care that much but if you are gonna be buying the day trading game perhaps we're in a buy the dip mentality right now where we weren't in the past and that would be something personally like I'm looking at right now which would be buying the dip of course I'll have to assess as we move along the way another thing is a coin base so they had apparently put in a patent for this biddle thing build it was a Bui LD which means build right which is something used in reference developers build something build an application build a company whatever it is build something useful and so they had put application with the US Patent Office back in early December and they rescinded took back with with them with an express take back of their filing for an application for a patent today December 19th so it's interesting because there was this individual Balaji I believe his name is and Balaji works for coin bet base and he had been the one to apparently first coined the term Biddle and he says you know he thinks this is a hundred percent a defensive move by coin base when they when they went ahead and patented this what do I think a proof of keys are rafterman I'm I'll after that I'll answer this right now my man thanks so much for the donation bro so you look high I'm not high there's no marijuana nothing inside of me I'm not so they took back their patent and decided to deny it and and and what what did Balaji mean by this well it looks like coinbase was trying to build some sort of feature for coin base that had the worm the worm the word Biddle as far as its title perhaps and when they first filed this patent the community on Twitter and elsewhere was in an uproar in regards to their filing of this patent because Biddle is something the community has been using its really become ubiquitous now amongst the space people like to use a term and so it's been seen as a centralized company trying to take control of terminology that's used by everybody for their own efforts or needs so it seems like perhaps you know what they were trying to do is just build this feature they weren't gonna be trying to censor people or you know go against the the average person who was using this term but maybe another company that was trying to use Biddle as far as creating their own features but they've since rescinded this application so that's what's up with that Oh another fun fact and before I get into that yeah what do I think about proof of keys I think proof of keys is an interesting concept obviously I talked with tres Mayer about this last week and he is the one that owns the website and he has really been talking about this idea of everybody taking their coins off of exchanges on January 3rd in order to see whether these exchanges are legit to reset the way that these exchanges orders are and prove that we have ownership over these coins and I think adding on to that it's a great way to educate ourselves it's a great way to educate ourselves if we haven't learned how to store our coins maybe we've never understood what a private key is we've never understood what it means to actually take possession of these coins and there are so many amazing ways to take possession of our coins right now such as dye now it's been added to coin base it's a stable coin why do we have so much money in the bank that could shut down tomorrow and stop getting us access to more money when we can hold our money in a stable coin that nobody can restrict inside of our aetherium wallet it's ridiculous anyway so proof of keys we all take our money off of exchanges reset everything see what's legit and take ownership of our coins I think it's an awesome idea I support it man I think I think everybody should actually be doing it I keep very little of my money on exchanges already because I prefer if I'm gonna have crypto to keep my crypto that's what it's all about it's about sovereignty it's about running your own node if possible or at least taking possession within your private key of these coins and so I'm super huge about that man so um yeah there were a bunch of coins that moved last walls it last month last week I don't know again I lose track of time but a recently coinbase had moved something like was 66 660,000 and Bitcoin around they were moving and people were saying who is moving these coins who is moving all of this Bitcoin so coinbase today said well we actually moved by percent of all the Bitcoin 8% of all the ether and 25% of all the like like coin in existence existence because they were trying to upgrade the security so they actually moved into cold storage some of these coins they did it on the regulators and auditors and they did it in a very careful technique in order to make sure that coins were safe but it is crazy right because you have this singular company holding such a huge percentage of all the coins out there in existence and it's like they're the Federal Reserve right now I remember when I was first mining big not Bitcoin etherium there was this one exchange that had the threat I think it was too early 2016 of holding 30% of the hash power and the whole community came together to make sure that this pool did not have such influence over the network and that people move their money was dwarf pool I think it was move their money out of there and things have changed now since then there was such a huge call to action from the community and people stopped buying so much that pool and chose other mining pools in order to get involved with them to make sure that one singular agent did not have so much influence over the market and it's in even though I support coin base and I think they're doing amazing work within the industry I think even they would agree it's troubling that one company could have so much influence over everything yeah just thinking about that man that that's that's super troubling so if we did something like the January 3rd proof of keys thing I think that would be actually a great boon to the economy that we should all absolutely think about and you should absolutely be thinking about let me see what else so yeah the Fed the Fed raised interest rates today it had been changing because everyone was expecting the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by by 25 basins basis points today and then it started wavering over the last two weeks I sir I heard everybody saying you know stocks have been selling off maybe they shouldn't raise interest rates right now including Trump like on Twitter the President and and I thought you know maybe things would change maybe they wouldn't raise interest rates and this would be great for stocks sort of stocks would rise and boom and and now I'm just glad I sold my Roth IRA like I said on Twitter last week I sold all of it so now I hit literally have one share of Dollar Tree because Dollar Tree is known to do well during recessions because people when they're broke want to shop at dollar stores unfortunately even though most of these items are known to contain 82 percent carcinogens inside of them according to some research that did and so it's like I'm holding one share of Dollar Tree and I definitely anticipate a kind of bear market for these markets that have done really well over the last 10 years but I don't think they're gonna be doing so hot in the near future but anyway stocks continue to dip off today and then we're hearing you know not that we're gonna stop interest rates obviously they can't be doing that they are going to be hiking you know it seems they're on target for two times next year maybe three times stock the stock market doesn't like this but it really if the Federal Reserve is independent of politics and the stock market and all these things like they say is that exactly what they need to be doing in order to have some ammo in the reserve to lower interest rates and boost things up during the next recession or possibly the Great Depression great great greatest depression coming up very soon and this is billing it's been super award to see Kryptos do really well I think they're gonna do well I'm on that side of the things you guys can think whatever you want but I am a big believer that with the tiny market cap of all crypto currencies and the massive inflated market cap of those regular markets that exists we can choose what we think are gonna be the winners in the future based on like again team let's think about team and cryptocurrency best most brilliant minds in finance economics politics socio Atomics like everything you can think about psychology right don't you have to have good psychology skills to be involved in crypto even internally and externally so let's look a team that's a good long term vision a system that has rewarded people who gamble with interest rates being extremely low gives free and cheap easy money to businesses that might have no potential gives basically free housing to people who don't deserve it or at least real estate really because I think the average person might deserve it but they have not been educated due to schooling and due to opportunities for such a long time but let's talk about like the 1% right the people who buy the most real estate commercial real estate out there they have been rewarded the most and things are about to change as that whole system crumbles and changes and so I know where my money is that I want to know what you guys think your money is that I'm gonna check out some of these comments later on when I check out this video and I and I would love to see you guys in the future but I'm gonna finish up here some of the thoughts that I had just buzzing my head I have so much going on and I and I love the opportunity to share with you guys constantly so I hope you'll be back to hear more in the future and I would love to know what you guys think because so many of you guys are way more brilliant than me and then me and and like they say keep people who are way smarter than you around hire people who are way smarter than you around and I think you're gonna do for yourself so take care guys much love thanks for making it out always knew Jonathan everyone else who's been here the chat Milton what's up Chuck and it's always like it's not it's a sincere pleasure happy holidays of this last video watch take care what's my opinion Yong Yong Chun thank you on XRP troubling man lots of court battles going on ripple possibly making a security I don't like banks this is just personal man might do well for you I'm not saying it won't do well like I've said for years you could very well make mad gains on ripple mineral ripple was less than a penny and I could have bought it but I I stick to my own morals in that regard so I think things are changing and so I choose to be on the leading edge not on the not on the you know on the back end if you know what I'm saying on the back burner here so I'll leave it at that take care of guys much love and stay cryptic peace

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    19:23  Price Targets (Tone Vays)
    23:35  Confirmation Bias

    24:58  Vitalik Just Gave $300K in Crypto to Three Ethereum Startups
    26:47  Bear Case (Bakkt / CME Repeat)
    28:28  Coinbase Has Dropped Its Bid to Trademark 'BUIDL'
    31:10  Proof Of Keys
    35:36  Effects of Fed Hiking Rates
    40:16  Ripple (XRP) Thoughts

  2. Omar have you realized since that first big fall on 10/10/2018(economist magazine) it’s been lower lows! Just check it out. Would be a sweet video to show every one the charts. Markets had their first big drop from the peak that day.

  3. PPT is my favorite token. They have built a monster of a platform and its is the only company of its type doing well right now

  4. I would check out Arbitraging ARB they have been my best investment in 2018 and have huge plans for 2019! Already over 150x on ETH value!

  5. Fan of the channel, man. But stay in behind of the computer, or edit in some news screenshots, charts, etc. Something. I 100% avoid your floating head videos because it's just your face for 40(!) minutes. Not a fan. Same with those, "Hey look I'm driving in my car crypto updates." (It's not just you. I avoid these types of "lazy" production videos from others too).

  6. Why you knocking accountants bro! lol

    Been buying like crazy and presenting to all my clients at my first Crypto Seminar at my office in 2019.

    Outside our crypto bubble, most people have no clue. We need to start spreading the blockchain gospel

  7. Omar, in your last video you stated that you have watched hidden secrets of money. And have even had dinner with Mike Maloney. So why do you still refer to cryptocurrencies as money, when they clearly aren't? They haven't preved to be a long term store if value and have ZERO intrinsic value like gold or oil. Multiple times in this video you referred to cryptocurrencies as money, when they are clearly more of a hybrid tech stock/currency. Cryptocurrencies can never be money, money has real physical use other than 1's and 0's.

  8. Omar love you man but can we stop referring to Dash as a Privacy coin? Samouri BTC wallet with coinjoin mixing provides better privacy than Dash.

  9. Hey Omar you help a lot of people with this channel, and i think its a really nice thing you are doing here.
    Happy holidays buddy 😀

  10. I would never take Tone Vays ideas as anything the guy is a idiot and let you know he doesn't even trade. he never shows his trades because he cant. But let me tell you we are far from a bottom far from the bottom you buy the pump your a idiot. after this rally we will have another big draw down. this next rumble when the market starts to crash people will shit them selves. and that = capitulation

  11. OMAR here they are: CHX, UBT, Endor Protocol, GARD, LND and ADK ( )


    Lightpaycoin + coinlogiq spreading ATMS in Venezuella as we speak
    i think its good for the country, the ATM also have paper wallet option. amazing. so its for the people
    peace have a good day. help the people. because we are the people

  13. The interest rates are still too low.. I think you understand asset pricing theory right? Low rates inflate asset prices… ( opportunity cost)

  14. I think CYFM – it's an 11 year old company that did no ICO with users already on its app which is expanding into Africa Asia and South America very soon and pre-emptively build its plan before trump signed the music and modernisation act into law so have first mover advantage and was self funded all these years so doesn't need to rely on the price at all – also it is building its own performance writes organisation with MFTU ❤️ cyberhugsnstuff ?

  15. Apollo Currency APL great team working hard hitting all roadmap targets, 2 second transactions, private, deploying ATMs and mini "banks", smart contract support, all wallets available, implementing hard coins/notes for non tech savys etc etc. take a look.

  16. I like Xrp but my concern is ..How will the people benefit from this coin,? To me it's more prone to banks..Any thoughts

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