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what's going on everybody this Jeff with Oakland bus they were gonna look at cryptocurrency news all coin news from around the world of crypto currencies sitting at a 333 billion dollar market cap with 43.8% Bitcoin dominant so far Bitcoin has been proving to be the safest store of value at the moment and we'll see if bitcoins dominance continues to rise against all coins now moving right into the news here we'll take a look at the first one here US cloud Act passes giving government's earlier access to private data storage by US tech companies so this is this is big because an oversight of the US government is looking to get more insight into your private storage data so this act here you can see by senator ron rand paul he's tweeted Congress should reject the cloud Act because it fails to protect human rights or Americans privacy gives up their constitutional role and gives far too much power to the Attorney General the Secretary of State the president and foreign governments so what do you guys think about this should the government be able to have this access to your private data force national security or do you feel as though it's an intrusion of privacy and this is where some of these decentralized cloud applications you have SIA coin you have in turn acts tea you know they look to you know they're on the blockchain doing the decentralized stuff so this is kind of where you might be interested in those projects moving right along here we're going to look at the Joint Economic Committee Congress of the United States here's the report so Congress is positive on crypto currency in a new major economic report extensively citing coin Center at work so this year on coin the Joint Economic Committee of the Congress has submitted its 2018 joint economic report for the first time the report includes a chapter on crypto currency so Congress now recognizing crypto currency digital currency and the PDF says we are pleased to see is hopeful and positive about the effect of these technologies could have on the US economy so if you wanted to drill this down here go on to coin Center org mm-hmm here on coin Telegraph again China filed the most blockchain patents in 2017 so that's interesting with an upcoming technology China is proving to be one of the most aggressive tech hubs for this technology a blockchain and you know considering the fact that they don't allow their citizens to actually buy into IC O's or exchange on exchanges yet their people are still the most aggressive in the space so most patent filings for blockchain technology to the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO in 2017 came from China according to the report on March 25th one drill this article down you can find it on coin Telegraph but yeah here's just some really interesting news from CCN Malta wants to become the blockchain Island the world's largest crypto currency exchange so you've seen this whereby Nance after the issues with Japan and so on and so forth you know that a news came out you can't blame people for just don't shoot the messenger guys but you know it came out of Japan and there was an issue about that and cz was tweeting about it and Malta is where they're now looking to establish themselves and set up set up shop so I'm in Singapore right now I just came from Hong Kong and another two cryptocurrency hubs so now I guess I got to go to malta and see what's going on over there but I'm really excited to be here in Singapore tonight I really enjoy this uh this island by the way Hong Kong is an island Singapore is an island and Malta is an island so these islands they're in an opport in a position to capitalize on this up-and-coming industry it's really exciting and here we go Irish reminds tax payers cryptocurrency income is taxable why do I put that out there well it's coming up on the end of tax season and they're sending out a nudge to you saying hey if you made some money we need to know about it right so I gotta spend too much time on that because no one likes to talk about that and if you don't know any know this guy I'm gonna recommend that you get to know him Jed McCaleb so Jed he co-founded ripple he also co-founded Mount GOx and he is the lead over at stellar so he has some very interesting comments here on CNBC about ripple not quite being decentralized enough and saying that basically stellar has a leg up on ripple so if you're looking to step into ripple or stellar you know maybe you take a take a good hard look at this stellar projects tower lumens currently sitting at 24% it's actually the only top-10 coin that's been in the green all week but get to know Jed McCaleb maybe maybe the more you find out about jet the more you'll appreciate stellar and maybe if you're if you like ripple but you don't like the fact that it's so centralized and you're looking for an alternative stellar might just be your solution so moving right along here guys Twitter we're always putting out information especially when I'm on the road it's easier to tweet than it is to put out videos because of uploading and all that so digital currency is more suitable for the technology age would you guys agree that digital currency being that it can be trained it's so much more efficient like there's I find myself in so many situations traveling around where I'm like oh my gosh if I just had cryptocurrency if I was able to transact cryptocurrency on a large scale that's just way more efficient in my opinion so from a use case I'm just speaking strictly from a use case not from being a fanboy from being an investor but from a use case I personally feel as though digital currency is far more efficient and way more logical to assume that it's the future of money than what we currently have right now with fiat and dollars okay that's just my opinion now are you bullish on cryptocurrency q 2 so Q 2 that's from what April till I want to say the end of June and then July to September will be Q 3 and then the last three months is Q 4 so what do you think or you bullish for Q 2 cryptocurrency or well let's see what you guys said why else would I be on Twitter all right because he's I guess people are using Twitter for cryptocurrency so it's cool not so sure it will be a slow adoption there as much going on at the moment what happens if this is the start of a recession interesting comments I think that's fair to you know be have a contingency in place right so this is just his comments and I'm I don't necessarily subscribe to what you guys have to think every time but I'll listen and we can conversate me it's just the way it is hugely so jws is Fiat gateway comes to eat those in queue to bull market will start for all coins it's going to be massive so you guys are optimistic for q2 it looks like as for me I tweeted out on blockchain J that's me okay hey everyone I will tell you this I'm not perfect I do make mistakes but I will say this my intention is to provide the most comprehensive analysis I can while upholding integrity with honest insight from how I see it thank you for the support and continued love as for me you know obviously we have other commentators on the channel and they're all doing an awesome job and we're hanging in there to do the best we can and I can speak for myself personally okay this is you know your brother he's your brother but you can't speak for him always right but as for me when you hear my voice I can tell you that those comments come from the heart okay and everyone on our team I know are very passionate and honest and have integrity and that's why they're there okay but I can speak for myself right because all coin buzz is much more than Jeff that's all model we are looking to make this a decentralized media platform what that means is Jeff is not the only thing that makes the decisions around the media okay that's my goal all right if I'm gonna participate in decentralize investments why not have a decentralized media model but there there comes a time where you have to someone has to get the ball rolling right I mean the house doesn't build itself so someone has to have the idea plant the seed but I'm slowly relinquishing control over all coin buzz I put that out there because hey the more you know and we'll see you all next time if you're new here you can subscribe and yeah turn on that Bell to get notified you can also turn on the Bell on Twitter all coin buzz I out i oh you know just click on that belt and on my profile of dependent upon what you want to hear and we'll see you guys

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  2. Malta is great. beautiful weather, nice people, great government, not so good public transport andwith the advantage of also being part of the EU !

  3. Most certainly Jeff. Wife and I went out to eat with a gift card and I wanted to tip my waitress But I had no cash. (I was going to tip in XRP, Dodge, LTC or BTC, but the waitress had no Idea what i was talking about.) So we had to go way out of our way to bring her back $5 bucks, so the use of Crypto being at your fingertips and fully accessible and transferable makes sense.

    Don't forget most transactions under a certain amount are not free, the machines that process them charge you a processing fee. We get charged for having less that $1,500 in a Bank of America account and get charged when I use an outside network teller of up to $5. So crypto is where we need to go, the people need it. you get full access to your accounts and have lower fees.

  4. Hi The Consensus Event coming up mid may in New York check out the crypto sponsors who will be there and look at the big companies who will be attending the events. The markets will be jumping up then i think too. thanks

  5. I have invested over $8k since last December on crypt and have not make any withdrawal from my investment. Do I have file a tax for my crpto?

  6. It's an intrusion of privacy, it should have been rejected. I hate when they hide stuff in with other stuff. They shouldn't be able to do that.

  7. No government should not have access to data unless they get a search warrant and storage is in the USA. If it's not in the country then they should get that countries equivalent of a warrant.

  8. At Berlin meetup yesterday @TrinityProtocol $TNC announced that it will work on scalability not only for $NEO, but also for $ETH and @Zilliqa $ZIL. It will also be possible to swap TNC between ERC-20 and #NEP-5.

    REALLY GOOD news for ETH. Already gaining some momentum. They will rise quickly.

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