Cryptocurrency News LIVE! – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Silver, Stocks, & More Daily News! January 3rd, 2019

hello everybody and welcome back to Kryptos news it's really nice to be back with you guys had a really nice vacation went to Virginia to visit family drove up to actually note took an Amtrak up to New York which by the way if you hadn't written those trains there's so much cushier than riding in an airplane honestly a really nice experience very beautiful you should totally get the chance to do it but it's time to get back to Kryptos news here we give your daily dose of what is going on in the cryptocurrency space and things surrounding it so it's uh it's quite a bit going on today we're celebrating here the genesis of Bitcoin Bitcoin was born ten years ago the Genesis or coin based block being the first block was minted by Satoshi Nakamoto who was mining it on his CPU it turns out it took him almost six days after the first block to find the next one the first block having about 50 Bitcoin in it that will never move and just a momentous time to allow for financial inclusion for everybody without having to ask for permission to move your money in confiscate able money money that cannot be taken by anyone because they cannot freeze your assets they can't freeze your account and so it's quite it's quite a beautiful thing it's really opened up the doors to innovation that continues exponentially today and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to be here with you guys today on this very special day where we celebrate so much but before we get into things what's up Gaston good to see you man it's a pleasure man to be here with you always thanks for saying that I know you have a lot of options man and and I am sincerely humbled every someone says that and especially you guests on I appreciate the support my man so let's look at what's going on here coin market cap we're at a hundred and thirty 1 billion dollar market cap I believe the last time I did a video covering this we were around one hundred and twenty two billion it's been quite a nice run over the last week we're seeing a little bit of a pullback today but overall if you look at the seven-day chart things are looking positive we continue to hit these triangles and break up these little formations so maybe it's a sign that things have been changing a sign that maybe the Bears are out of control here maybe they don't have much crypto left to sell because regardless of the sentiment once people don't have crypto to sell the price isn't gonna go down if more people are willing to buy so with the new year here were you know over the last month in December perhaps people were selling off their crypto because they were trying to do something called tax loss harvesting where they were trying to realize the losses and therefore they went ahead and made their orders at the end of the last year and took that right but maybe now people are beginning to get back into this in a bigger way maybe institutions are taking their place as we talked about yesterday and really you want to be in your positions before they get involved because that's probably gonna be the next Network effect as I talked about with trace Mayer on an interview about three weeks ago was it or two weeks ago the next network effect is gonna be these big financial attunes try institutions trying to get a big piece of this pie to look good for their portfolios which have not been performing well when it comes to stocks we can see it right here Dow down again 660 points not much relief I have despite what others are saying you know by the dip including Donald Trump the president I don't know if that's even legal but I guess he's not in jail so that I guess that's okay but you should be careful taking advice right now at a time where we've seen stocks rally for one of the longest runs ever in history so may be a good time to be looking at other assets including crypto oh thanks Sam what's up man thanks for the $5.00 bro smash the like or get rekt thanks a lot and I'm good to see you here on the first day we're back after vacation ready to hammer down here in crypto land but we're looking at silver has been doing really well so silver has been one of those things that has just been running up as you can see here it's been undervalued for some time trading traditionally about at a price of 18 pieces for one piece of gold it's been trending to about 80 times less than the price of gold so if that corrects the historical values hits new all-time highs that could be a really good opportunity to get in to something right now if your concern about crypto and you obviously should be diversified and I don't mean just within your crypto portfolio but you want to have some safer assets outside of it of course just in case it's never a bad place to be mike maloney actually of gold silver here went ahead and made a great video today I encourage you guys to check out he uploaded let's go ahead and give him an upvote here and so he actually looked at the stock market here he talked about stocks he talked about silver and it's quite what's called why I believe 2019 will be the year for gold and silver he also covers crypto currencies slightly and so you can see here that if you use Fibonacci retracement levels Fibonacci is something that has been seen in nature you see it in nautilus shell you see it in the galaxy and see spiral fractal like formations and so when you apply Fibonacci retracements over to the stock market and the S&P we have been at quite like high levels levels you might want to be selling at for some time and he predicts that it's possible it could even go all the way down below even this blue line let's go ahead and take a listen or mini depression I think that this is entirely a possibility and the worst case scenario is this this would be what would happen if we really go into a full-blown crisis slash potentially depression because of all the manipulation that they did to this market now I want to get into this the gold silver ratio yeah and then he gets into gold and silver but absolutely manipulated markets that I've had been lolling people into a false sense of security you know your job invests for you into stocks and you think you're safe you think your retirements gonna be safe what was it yesterday the biggest scam has been Social Security because if he had put the six hundred sixty thousand dollars at this older individual Oh was retiring into something that per that performed at about 5% per year he would have so much money more than the 33 thousand ish that the government was gonna be giving him to retire if that's even available for many of us Millennials when we do retire so I mean you have to really be protecting yourself and I think precious metals and crypto are by far some of the best ways that you can do that these assets that have limited amounts out there that are better fair that can't easily be just taken away from you are gonna be playing I think an incredibly important role as we transition from a manipulated market and economy to one that you know when when the when the shore recedes we see who has been swimming naked and it seems it's been swimming naked for a long time and paper losses could be huge and I want you guys to do well obviously so as we mentioned today we are celebrating something very special it is the genesis of Bitcoin nice to see you guys here with me thanks Kim I'm glad you like the the cloak coin shirt and a special shout out to Josh who gave me this shirt on the cruise I love this shirt be your own bank truer words not spoken really appreciate that and so we head over to the genesis of Bitcoin this is this is these are the 50 Bitcoin that were minted in the first block that will never move no one's really sure why Satoshi decided to do this but maybe it's some sort of economic reason or something either way what we see here is people keep throwing money at this at this dressier that isn't gonna be moving any Bitcoin and it's got sixty six point ninety one Bitcoin in it it's pretty much like a wishing well you throw some money in there I guess for a good luck if you want to do well in crypto another notable thing that Satoshi has included inside of something called the coin base parameter inside of that first block was this special little bit over here on the right which if decrypted said The Times The Times in Britain on the third this was a trending news headline of that day on the 3rd of January 2009 Chancellor on the brink of second bailout for banks so it seems that he definitely knew that he was creating Bitcoin as an alternative to banks and at just the right time when there were big issues happening around 2008 and 2009 which I'm sure you're aware of and we might be coming to some similar times just a decade later and to see Bitcoin has grown so much a community has grown so much and it's inspired so many new ideas has been really rewarding and I'm sure he would be extremely proud and is proud of he's out there watching and this was actually the the front of that headline right here the front page Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks billions may be needed as lending squeeze tighten we see global debts government's o continuing to increase about a million times every five a million dollars in the United States every five minutes this increasing interest you have to be that has to be paid because of bonds means that inflation is absolutely going to be a thing that could be affecting consumer prices and so you have to protect yourselves and conserve your wealth away from these governments that have mismanaged money for such a long time bitcoin is one of the best opportunities without a doubt to to be able to do that this is Hal Finney the first guy that he ever sent Bitcoin to Satoshi Nakamoto he did this on January 10th 2009 and Hal Finney was running Bitcoin as well after that amazing good job how funny may be many people actually suspect that he is Satoshi Nakamoto it looks like Satoshi did send too many people on the fruit so several people actually on the first day but this seems to be one of the people that is most suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto for the fact that well actually there's certain there's a bunch of different reasons why it could be but he was the first person to receive Bitcoin and he is actually cryogenically frozen right now after having health complications around 2013 which is around when well actually he disappeared around when Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared and so it's possible the future he may come back to life and he is if he is Satoshi I wonder if he would move his Bitcoin anyway he he apparently left a lot to his family as well so maybe he'd be better off anyway knowing he he was mining it early I'm sure he has plenty of Bitcoin out there this was the white paper for Bitcoin let's go ahead and look at the introduction here I don't know how many of you guys have actually read the Bitcoin white paper has anybody read the Bitcoin white paper it's a really nice easy to read proof of work that could be enlightening and clarify some things for yourselves come commerce on the Internet has come to rely almost exclusively on financial institutions serving as trusted third parties to process electronic payments while the system works well enough for most transactions it still suffers from the inherent weaknesses of the trust based model decentralization completely non reversible transactions are not really possible since financial institutions cannot avoid mediating disputes the costs of mediation increases transaction costs limiting the minimum practical transaction size and cutting off the possibility for small casual transactions and there is a broader cost in the loss of ability to make non-reversible payments for non reversible services with the possibility of reversal the need for trust spreads merchants must be wary of their customers hassling them for more information than they would otherwise need a certain percentage of fraud is accepted as unavoidable these costs and payment uncertainties can be avoided in person by using physical currency but no mechanism exists make payments over a communications channel without a trusted party what is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof of instead of trust allowing any to unwilling parties to transact willing parties I'm sorry to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party transactions that are computationally impractical to reverse would protect sellers from fraud and routine escrow mechanisms could be easily implemented to protect buyers in this paper we propose a solution to the double spending problem using a peer-to-peer distributed timestamp server to generate computational proof of the chronological order of transactions the system is secure as long as honest nodes collectively control more CPU power than any cooperating group of attacker nodes which is gonna be more and more difficult as time passes is the first decade for any company any technology is the most trying and everyday that it survives is a testament that it'll probably be around just as long probably so this is gonna continue to grow I'm so happy to see more and more developers building on this legendary technology that could save us from the banks and the corruption and save money without having intermediaries in the middle there which is kind of what it's all about and so I'm very proud to have found this and so happy to have been a part of this with you guys and hopefully this goes on much much longer what's up crypto angels thank you for the donation caught a live one a good to have you live what's up what's up hope you're having a good New Year let's let's continue on here so so to honor this tres mayor who yet we had on the show again about two or three weeks ago first that morning made me aware of something called proof of Kees day which which which we got into in the video which was going to be happening today and is happening today whereby many people are encouraged everyone actually who's holding crypto is encouraged to take their crypto off of exchanges and take possession of it inside of their own controlled private keys and wallets and so we're seeing this take place today this is a shout out over here to crypto scam hub who created this nice picture we can see tres there in the front next to Max Keiser and other people in the crypto community here different companies that are getting involved that are involved exchanges like up it bitch Phoenix cracking finance coinbase Gemini will be bitstamp for being Prue who have to prove that they own the Bitcoin as people demand withdrawal off of this Bitcoin and as many companies are treat tweeting out in support this is a great thing if you don't own your keys you don't own your crypto and that's actually a trending hashtag people are using right now you don't don't own your keys don't own your Bitcoin take control of your keys proof of keys this was blockchain they run a wallet here so naturally you know wallets are gonna be supporting this as hopefully we'll be trusted exchanges and I hope that this continues to be a tradition that every year we go ahead and do this we take our crypto off of exchanges and demand possession to see who is swimming naked out here are you guys are you guys doing this have you guys taking your funds off of exchanges I know that we're seeing some trouble with people trying to get their money out of exchanges and not being able to because of the amount of transactions that have been taking place a lot of people demanding that that have been participating in this so we can go over to transaction highway here this is the nice website it shows Bitcoin cash versus Bitcoin transactions on the bottom this smaller two-lane highway here is the Bitcoin highway and then I'm on this one is the Bitcoin cash which has a lot more lanes highway right now Bitcoin cash doesn't seem to be very much in use but Bitcoin definitely is as people seem to be taking possession of it and have been having issues actually with with with getting their transactions on time because of people trying to get oh oh oh oh dang it I just we just missed it there was a car Oh a bunch of transactions just went through for Bitcoin cash ooh a trailer how cool I suppose that's a transaction with more outputs right there anyway um there are people who are having issues of course with withdrawing off of various exchanges you might have heard already we haven't talked about it here since I wasn't making videos but you might have heard about hit BTC and the people that have been having trouble with drawing their cryptocurrency from that exchange which has been criticized for being one of the ones that is involved with the most amount of fake trades washed trading to make it look like their exchange has a lot of value and therefore attract people looking for this liquidity and volume for trading so you can see here this is one in the video who had issues three days ago he wrote on reddit about how his funds were suddenly locked a couple of weeks ago and going nowhere with support has he been scammed he submitted all of his documentation to the exchange all his personal information and evidence and you know after something like a bunch of different I think was like 40 different emails back and forth he's still locked out of his account they were fast to respond initially but after getting information they did not continue responding this is also the major one here oh yeah after months of sending 40-plus emails this is pet access two days ago hit BTC finally unfroze his account and he immediately would drew most of his funds left a little bit to trade over time he began putting a little bit more crypto into it and he did this because hit BTC I promised that after he had been verified no further automated restrictions would be applied from the system they actually sent him an email here and said you know we kindly asked you to update all the reddit posts including those in the other sub reddits with a note that this issue has been resolved and they apologized for the inconvenience but unfortunately this person did get another automated response here they broke their promise and applied another automated restriction withdrawals are temporary disable temporarily disabled as you can see in this picture here he posted to enable it contact us and they have not been getting back to him in a timely manner it seems although they did respond on reddit so maybe hit BTC is another one of those exchanges that is in trouble out here and has been giving people a hard time they're known for giving people a hard time though I mean I know hit BTC has some of the biggest withdrawal fees why should you have to pay such a big fee to take your own money out it really should just be whatever fee the network has it's not like you're running an ATM out here you know people should be able get access to their funds one when they need their funds you make enough on your trading and so that's absolutely a big issue I think so in response to this tres Mayer who initiated this whole thing added a failure section to the website he created when he started this movement called proof of keys calm so he added a failure section and is urging anybody who is having issues with getting their money off of exchange to report this to him and provide proof with a screenshot so he can add it to the website and so he did create a section if we go to the website you can see it there on the bottom over here there's a lot of information about proof of keys if you're interested in learning more maybe finding out good wallets to withdraw to maybe you have never tried to take possession this could be a great resource for you so failures during proof of keys there are notable ones here that he put on the website I don't know why he put the proof of Roger I Mountain GOx video or Roger Vere was promising mount GOx had the funds back before they went under but he did add that to the section just a kind jab I guess there but um you know he talks about hit BTC here BitFenix had two issues today but seems they went up today within an hour or so so they did fix some issues that they were having with withdrawals and and their system and their exchange they are gonna be having some down time on the seventh on Monday so you should be aware of that as they migrate to new servers and fix some issues and upgrade their systems Polonia axe has been having issues they also resolve some purse that I Oh seems to have had some issues coinbase had to halt trading today because something strange happened on the USD see USD Circle pair and Bitcoin pair but everything seems to be going normally right now for coinbase so I haven't seen any updates yet that he's been adding that's been there for a while tres mayor but uh definitely reach out to him on Twitter at tres mayor if you're having issues getting your funds and taking possession of them so that we can keep these exchanges accountable let us continue on here so John McAfee actually has been waging war against these crypto exchanges for some time as you can see here on June 28th 2018 when he wrote on Twitter the crypto exchanges have become the thing that we have originally fought against their power is immense hit BTC for example has increased suffering for millions of people who cannot afford the minimum buy-in since it is greater than their monthly income boycott them it really does suck when their withdrawal limits are so big and you're trying to get your funds out but you need to go deposit some other coin in order to trade for some coin that you already traded out of but you can't get all of it out and they end up end up keeping spare change and all this extra crypto on their exchange it's just such a strange thing and it it's something we should be holding these exchanges accountable for and let them know we're not gonna do we're gonna demand better and we will use other exchanges if they're not gonna be looking out for us it is capitalism right and so I urge you guys to be very cautious of hit BTC I prefer not to use that exchange whenever possible I know I've had to in the past but I don't anymore okay so this is something really really cool and hopefully you're in the world somewhere where you can utilize this nice service that I saw written about that is gonna be launching also on the 7th the same day BitFenix is gonna be upgrading their services and so this was written about here on news dot Bitcoin calm it's about DX exchange a regulated European platform based in Estonia that is launched trading on the tokenized stocks of some of the world's biggest public companies including Google Facebook and Amazon accepting deposits in Bitcoin cash Bitcoin aetherium us DT – LTC and XRP through an agreement with MPs marketplace securities Ltd where they're gonna issue smart contracts and tokens on these smart contracts that represent one-for-one stocks that they're gonna be holding for users they're gonna be trading on this exchange it is regulated it holds operating license from the Estonian financial intelligence unit and reports and reports employees will enter and they're reportedly employees over 70 developers in an R&D center in Israel it's built on Nasdaq's financial information exchange the fix a vendor neutral standard message protocol that defines an electronic message exchange for communicating securities transactions between two parties and it's also notable here that they support API which means it can be easily like if you have an account there you can easily have another program or manager or bot or whatever or hedge fund trade for you by giving them access to your API key so that's something nice as well to see if we go over there to their website unfortunately it's not available to the United States citizens here because the SEC doesn't have jurisdiction with the licenses that they're operating under and so if they ever do open it up they're gonna have to gain approval from the SEC it would be nice to see this available for the US but the US has been pretty strict when it comes s EC specifically when it comes to trading of securities even though they haven't been extremely clear on what is a security or not but the ability to have access to trading stocks 24/7 on markets that are ran by crypto specifically on the etherium network which doesn't shut down I mean the stock market shuts down every every day it's only available between 10 o'clock and and 4:00 p.m. New York time Eastern Eastern Time and it's not available in the weekends holidays when they decide that the markets are operating in strange behaviors and they cause circuit breakers and and they decide to shut it down who should decide what we trade right when we decide to trade we should be able to get access to that and crypto could provide new venues and opportunities for that and so I commend DX exchange for giving us the opportunity to do this well for those of you who do get access to this I did try to register and it didn't let me because I'm in the United States but hopefully that is something you can t use to your advantage of it is something available to you when they launched on January 7th and you can let me know how that goes for you commendable and hopefully we get other options like that here of course they're probably gonna try to launch that on the New York Stock Exchange tokenized coins and ETFs and all that as we move toward that that's why we have backed ice all these institutions getting on board they're gonna want they're gonna want to have their own products not some other company doing this so they want to be first and probably control a monopoly over this so can't say I'm extremely surprised but it is quite unfortunate if you're one who believes in freedom to do what you want with your money and to speculate on different assets I'm sure these assets might even trade at a premium to the normal stock price because of well if they have enough liquidity especially over time because of the fact that you do get access to 24/7 markets and and it's on the blockchain so we can see where it's moving who's actually holding things even though exchange holds the actual certificates it seems here so that's pretty much the show I wanted to have with you guys again it's it's just crazy to be back with you guys another year here in crypto I cannot wait to see what 2019 brings I have a really good feeling I'm extremely excited about all the new things being developed and all the new people who are involved so continue to create the conversation talk to those you love around you and people you don't even love about Krypton and help those to be informed and to take the time to to really study what's going on here because we have been presented a crazy opportunity maybe once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved with some something that could really change things in the biggest way since the Internet can level the playing field for genders for demographics for for it for removing borders and for giving us all this is so much freedom because money with money can come freedom and so I understand there's absolutely a need for money but it hasn't been evolving very much especially to the benefit of people we have been suffering for such a long time because of mismanagement of it and not been allowed access to opportunities that have been given to the increasing increasingly small or 1% who holds most of the money out there it shouldn't be this way and now you guys can get involved and a point where you get a bigger piece of the pie if you get ahead of them so I know I'm happy to have my positions and I hope you are and you'll you'll probably see some crazy changes over the next decade if you around to see it and you're gonna be so grateful that you were studying this and following this today and and I'm happy to see that so many of you are gonna do well but I would like to see many more so please continue talking about this as much as you can so here's a quote life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage Anais Nin who is who was a French writer but she was born to Cuban parents and musician and I think that's a really nice one here you have to be brave here you have to take risks because sometimes the most conservative person can still walk down the street and get hit by a car so I've always been someone who's been you know quite a risky person I've lived my life and I encourage people to do the same be bold to take risks do something new and don't hold yourself back don't be your biggest enemy throughout 2019 have a nice day guys

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