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hello dear crypto denizens and welcome back to kryptos news I hope you had an incredible weekend but we are here ready to fill you in on the rumors gossip deets news surrounding the cryptocurrency space so that you can stay informed I do some of the hard work of looking around see what the trending topics other they are just to share them with you guys so that you don't have to do that all yourselves unless you of course want to dig deeper into any sort of certain subject so I've gone ahead already and gathered some of the news to share with you guys and we're gonna be getting into it in just a moment but let me show you first my favorite cryptocurrency meme of all time it's actually not even a cryptocurrency made today I announce that tomorrow I will make an announcement man if that was not the entire tale of every single crypto company of like throughout last year it was insane it was like promises of things coming out in queue for q1 whatever and it's been many Q's and we've still not gotten many of the promises and it's beginning to impact the space a lot we're seeing which products were in fact being developed properly and which ones are being delayed to the point that they might not be able to finish in the bear market although I certainly hope they do with you guys so let's look at the markets first of all so if you look at the markets over here it's not super exciting frankly it's kind of at the flat line except for certain coins such as a dental corn that has managed to jump up here in the in the listings it's up about twenty-two point eighteen percent our chain actually had a good day to 26 point 33 percent these coins didn't pan out as some of the biggest winners but throughout last week that is but they have turned around a little bit today so let's go ahead and look at Bitcoin futures trading this is one of the announcements that came out from Kraken one of the exchanges out there one of the main Exchange's they've been around for a very long time CEO Jesse Powell they're launching Bitcoin Futures Trading so they allow you to actually get up to 50x leverage taking a bet on short-term or medium-term or whatever term crypto prices through different kinds of contracts they have perpetual contracts they have other kinds of contracts and they allow you to speculate now on Kraken without having to go to a different exchange if you use Kraken so some of these exchanges you know they don't they don't necessarily offer you the ability to go long or short but now Kraken is trying to drive more volume over to their exchange by offering this to traders unfortunately it's not available everywhere it's available in the UK because they are working with a company that they bought for a nine figure price which is at least a hundred million dollars what's up septum Castle Hierro it looks like I YouTube had a delay in notifying people about the stream but welcome guys it's nice to have you so we're talking about cracking and how they're integrating Bitcoin futures trading so actually crypto futures trading they offer other things besides just Bitcoin as you can see here they have Bitcoin USDF USD LTC USD Bitcoin cash USD XRP USD na Triple X er p and x RP BTC so if you want to be able to do that you won't be able to do that in the United States unfortunately they will notify people if that changes hope we have a great day at work Bitcoin Jake man good to have you here so Jesse Powell the CEO of Kraken with this news that they are launching this futures trading has kind of been quite popular in a world where Twitter for crypto has died off substantially so I'm hearing that engagement levels on social media specifically Twitter are down to 2014 levels I believe it was Murad who said this must stop Murad on Twitter who notified that the volumes of tweets about crypto are down a lot just like Google searches are down quite a bit which is a sign that we have definitely exhausted quite a bit but maybe there's not a lot of hype about buying what we's when we see more people searching for Bitcoin on Google and other cryptocurrencies you can probably be sure that the price is going along with it so we're definitely at pretty pretty low volumes so we'll see who the last toddlers of the hollers of last resort finally are right maybe it's you guys out here so Jesse Powell one of the more popular people a CEO of Kraken has been on Twitter right because he said we have thousands of wallet addresses known to belong to quadriga coin X and are investigating the bizarre and frankly unbelievable story of the founders death and lost keys I'm not normally calling for subpoenas but if the RCMP GRC police that's a mouthful are looking into this contact Kraken FX now we know that quadriga the biggest Canadian exchange the CEO died is the story while in India from Crohn's disease and he never gave access to the amount of Bitcoin valued at about 250 million u.s. dollars to anyone so no one knows where they are they've been trying to locate cold reserves and so on and frankly a lot of be poor a concern that maybe he didn't actually die I Spock spoke about this a little bit more in length on the last video oh shoot mark yeah I hope you got out of there in time good to see you creep crypto cliffnotes and welcome everyone joining us right now okay so you can see it's actually pretty easy to create a death certificate somebody actually commented here a video buying your own death certificate which is a video on scam City you should check it out I'm not a played here actually but it you'll be able to see on the Jesse Powell's Twitter account that he rockin a or at two Canadians had put up a video noted Hale for about four hundred and fifty dollar dollars a journalist was able to buy a death certificate in a kind of shady transaction but it's definitely not easy to do another many people have actually been investigating more for example you've probably already heard that the litecoin addresses are being found and the lie addresses that were linked to quadriga are actually moving like coin afterwards so people are beginning to find these addresses which have been searched for for a bit now and it's definitely strange that if it's true these are the right addresses which are linked through batching so quadriga did a great job actually above above this i'm sorry 0 0 nonsense also known as proof of research on twitter who really put out a lot of different a lot of information for you to actually verify yourself what is going on with some of the addresses related to bitcoins so they so in a nutshell of the things that quadriga found i mean that they found about quadriga here in this post was that it appears that there no there are actually no identifiable coldwell or reserves because we know quadriga said they had cold wallets maybe they actually didn't it was all hot if here's a quadriga as using the deposits from people who are depositing to enable the withdraws of people who were withdrawing so sometimes there were delays from people who were trying to withdraw funds from quadriga and this might have been because they actually didn't have the Bitcoin at all and they needed to kind of scrounge up the Bitcoin from deposits of putting together for the withdrawal so this could have led to some of the delays people were having it appears a number of bitcoins on the affidavit by Jennifer Robertson that we spoke about also last week it's not true they actually did not have that much Bitcoin in their possession which were about that $250,000 or so they were substantially less and and so this analysis would it the way that it did this is that they used wallet explore calm which is actually really cool let me see here I think I pulled it up somewhere you can do it yourself you can see all these different exchanges and see their balances so if you're interested in knowing how much bit Rick's calm has you might be able to to see the aggregate of addresses that are linked because now we know it is possible to even even if someone uses HD or higher or deterministic wallets which many of you as are aware of many of your wallets already do that and if you don't what it does is basically every time you create a transaction send it it or try to receive to an address it changes the address so a wallet can generate millions of addresses for one private key and this is great for security but there are many programs in a lot analyzing software they were able to put these pieces together to see who actually what is like the main wallet right how much are these different addresses that even though they've generated a bunch of different other addresses what is the real balance and so this was done for quadriga and hundreds and hundreds of addresses because of people who went out on reddit due to a post and and there were a question that's alike if anybody please could just even anonymously let us know some of the transactions that you were involved with quadriga that would be helpful in investigation against quadriga here to see what actually is going on to find the wallets and so many people who did come out and so we're seeing that it's not a lot of the things that we've heard surrounding this might in fact be fraudulent so I encourage you to check out the post I'll link to it later on below so you can do your own research if you'd like to do that but things are just getting shady and shady or and now even the crack and CEOs getting involved with many other people and I definitely wish the best for everyone to be getting their funds back and to get to the bottom of this because we need to see proof we need further proof out here let's of human I just noticed your donation humans from Earth thank you man you know it's funny humans from Earth I was actually watching an old stream of Ian ballina because the block crypto calm wrote out a an exclusive piece they say it's about the diary of a made man so Ian ballina who's known for having talked about icos and his spreadsheets about icos and supposedly getting hacked a lot of people don't believe he got hacked and lost like two million dollars so we went from having made like you know turned thirty-seven thousand dollars into millions of dollars many people actually did make millions but he was known as the dude who was like taking AI CEOs putting up spreadsheets getting people to invest in so on and supposedly during a stream last year he lost his crypto just like you know fluffy pony lost sitting a boating accident anyway so some people think it might be for tax reasons and evasion or otherwise or he might have actually lost it which definitely sucks and he's been trying to recoup it and so he's reached out to exchanges and said you know what you give me this amount of money like two million bucks plus you list every coin I talk about and then we could work together and then that got denied so there's another exchange that they're working with in fact it's just a whole thing anyway I saw in an old stream where supposedly he was hacked around there you were there humans from Earth L is interesting in that stream form around nine is up to three hundred sixty eath total now from zero while it's climbing for sure 100% community-driven let's lock up that eath yeah ii 'the getting locked up is good I suppose if people don't want to see as much supply out there and these smart contractors are definitely driving that thanks humans from Earth from the for the heads-up on that what's your opinion of shift card by coinbase thanks that's a great question septum one fifty and thank you for the donation I'll go ahead and answer I mean I've had the shift card for years I've been using it since twenty sixteen I think it's cool you can withdraw up to two hundred dollars from an ATM excluding I mean including the ATM fee so if you're paying a three dollar fee then you can withdraw like a hundred and ninety seven dollars and so on so it's pretty nice if you want to use a shift so I think the website is shift payments all confident you guys don't know you can sign up there I think it's ten dollars still for you to go ahead and grab a card you link it to your coin base they work with coin base and you can pay in Bitcoin basically Bitcoin they do the transfer for you and you'll be able to use it as a Visa card at pretty much any POS terminal that accepts Visa so it's pretty neat if you're just trying to cash out Bitcoin it was something I like to use when crypto was jumping up because I realized that was another way to take profit is to actually use the card because I don't think I it's always nice to take profits right that's why you sell when things are going up and you buy when things are going down that's how money is made so anyway I was using the card quite a lot but I became concerned when it came to tat when it came to taxes because you do have to pay for tax currently as far as most people know for pretty much everything since it is a conversion of fiat so I've really live my usage of the card since I began to investigate that because it could lead to further tax implications a penny how much you're using it it could it could come back to trouble you later on so on one hand it's great for getting quick access to your funds getting quick capital pretty negligible fees unless you're using a you know unless you're using you're losing your card and paying $10 a pop which happens to me about four times but yeah I think it's a pretty neat thing and I know you supposedly I haven't tried it myself if you get the app you can now switch to using litecoin ethers any of the other things on coin base in order to pay for things at store so that's pretty neat thanks for the question something that's a great one super helpful for people who aren't aware of that meta block MedX cool shondrel I always thank you for the donation man I suppose that's a shout to a project I don't know anything about but cool thank you the donation man schizandra ly stole my mom's credit card Oh bumbaclot I see man shouldn't you be playing fortnight with the rest of the six year olds who are stealing mom's credit cards or candy crush right or going on Facebook applications and using their parents credit cards in order to buy stuff that the parents aren't aware of anyway thank you for doing it here and not for real sincerely Facebook is such a shady company huh I mean have you guys heard about Facebook research paying underage kids $20 to get access to everything literally everything routing kids phones using this private research Facebook app to track everything about them supposedly they can even get passwords and everything else for kids who you know even with their parents consent shouldn't be giving that information Jesus if Facebook ever says again that they care about our privacy I swear to god anyway we'll talk about them a little bit more dude died on December 9th who who died on December 9th oh yeah the quadriga x dude yeah for sure supposedly formal 3 d round round 9 is eternally hundred-percent committee driven by cryptocurrency large is the most active discord on the planet join us now I have tried FOMO 3 D I've actually talked about it before so it is kind of risky right I mean you buy keys using your eath and then you get the person to buy the last key gets the whole pot and every time somebody buys a key it resets the clock so it's like and it's actually being won by by people before and it's panned out pretty well no hacks has paid out smart contracts have worked they have a proof of hands 3d wait wait the bigger thing the long game or whatever were you know this company puts out more and more different of these kinds of apps and you can get a stake in them by staking this coin anyway it's I've kept like a very minimal amount they're just out of interest to see what's going on but I don't really use it as much anymore definitely advise you know reading a lot more watching more videos doing your research before getting involved with that stuff but thank you to the donation oh it's $20 for a shift card oh shoot September 150 they raised the price on that one bear market strikes again huh damn thank you very much Oscar I really do appreciate that comment but let me let me just go ahead and get back to the news and thanks Michael for my new people to hit that like it does help the algorithms and it's a nice way you can give back to the channel if you enjoy the content here so ok Jesse Powell right crazy quadriga research from proof of research on Twitter totally check that out lots of shady things going on here but let's move forward so one of the big stories here news a Bitcoin comm wrote about this in a nice way the mount Cox restitution process frozen due to one man 16 billion dollar claim so we know that mal Cox big exchange 70% or more of the Bitcoin volume back in 2013 when vamoosh a lot of people who are owed money are pissed especially since Bitcoin has been found supposedly found mark arpel is CEO is awaiting sentencing possibly in prison in Japan 99% of people who are under trial and Japan go to prison fun fact but anyway supposedly Bitcoin were found and it's a matter of getting people rehabilitated getting Bitcoin value of Bitcoin back to people who were owed Vic Bitcoin who kept Bitcoin on the exchange of the time back into their hands so all sorts of things around this because it could mean in the future that the courts sell all the Bitcoin that they have for cash which would be negative and then give cash to the creditors or maybe they give back the Bitcoin but not all of the Bitcoin just what bitcoin was valued at the time so it's just a lot a lot of drama but there is one thing holding back I haven't heard about BitFenix insolvency I would love to look into that I mean maybe I guess I have a fin relation to tether and all that drama but I haven't seen any confirmation yet my man but anyway so mal Cox here this rehabilitation might be slowed down even further due to high-powered attorney Daniel Kelman who is kind of being a hero here on behalf of all the creditors specifically in regards to this company called coin labs who is now claiming that they're owed 16 billion dollars of by the way I did the math of like the Bitcoin found that I think it was like was 200,000 300,000 Bitcoin that supposedly are going to be given back to people which is not very much money valued at what it was back then or even right now I mean you can do the math math yourself let's see right here let's pull up a calculator that should be fun so we do that let's say 200,000 Bitcoin times $3,400 per price would be 680 million dollars right so that's what's gonna be owed to people but this coin lab company is asking for 16 billion dollars with up be basically more than anyone else has tried to claim to get back after this mount GOx insolvency you can add up everything here on the right I just added up these four columns and you can see here that is 1669 billion one trillion 669 billion Japanese yen or about 15 billion dollars in u.s. just adding some of those columns so that's what coin Labs wants because of contract whereby when like back in November 2012 with mount Cox they made a deal with coin lab that lab would provide the the means for trading for the US and Canadians Canadian customers but they would have to get in a three-month period the licenses and the regulatory approvals to allow this they weren't able to do that in time so mount Cox you know didn't work with them afterwards and so on and so Cohn labs like you know what though you signed a contract here you breached it and it's just this whole drama going on out here and they're asking for all of this money well it's unbelievable the most is that marker fella is offered I think a five million dollar settlement to Coyne labs after all of this debacle to take away this lawsuit so people could get their money and they got no response to that at all from Coyne labs so it's it's really interesting Jesse Powell again on Twitter our hero of the week says unbelievable balls on this guy so Peter vasanas who was a head of coin labs unbelievable balls on this guy to hold up payout to thousands of victims for years with an entirely frivolous claim over a botched partnership attempt how could you think that your 16 billion dollar claim should be senior to the actual account holders how do you show your face I mean yeah you're dragging this on even further than it has to be while courts investigate this stuff it is really upsetting he continues on why is there not more outrage over this if this isn't criminal it should be plaintiffs lawyers should be sanctioned yeah so he's really bringing this to light that's the Senna's right himself right out here so Peter vasanas hasn't been posting on Twitter because I wanted to see if I could see more of his side of the story here don't want to be one-sided but he hasn't been posting on Twitter it looks like since really a what is this 2018 just talking about some random stuff here and a retweet in 2017 so it's been a while since he's been active on Twitter but here's Daniel Kelman the attorney who's going after him Peter this is 2017 trying to grab 70 75 million which is what it was the time of Mount GOx funds refused to debate me he challenged them to a debate at the world blockchain forum in London invitation still stands so he never got a response from Peter there to show up yeah definitely like some sort of an Iran scenario here no doubt Satoshi now analysis so here's our attorney friend Daniel Kelman who's on a warpath for justice his target freeing the remaining mount GOx funds writes bits online and stopping those who are trying to snatch him commons aim is to set things right so he was somebody who actually had money on Mongkok says well so he's trying to get back his money for himself and for everybody else for sure there's actually some video there I'll try to link that later on you can see his talk at world blotching forum about the entire kind of story that went on there yeah I'll try to link this later to mark our peláez open letter to coin Lab looks to set a lawsuit for five million dollars denied anyway here's Peter vasanas so this is his About section on his website he's definitely somebody super influential and who understands this space really well so it's kind of sucks that he's being kind of in a way hostile to the whole space the people who are owed money people who supposedly circumstances around him on reddit I've said that he said that mostly are a bunch of drug users who were using Bitcoin back then off of the Silk Road and whatever and so you know they're upset because they're not getting their money or whatever it's just so strange but anyway he found the coin lab the first venture-backed Bitcoin company the first company to deliver a 65 nanometer Bitcoin mining chips at scale hat that's big these days he was also co-founder of the Bitcoin foundation serves as serving as its first executive director and chairman and he holds a patent for D and minimizing transactions in a distributed ledger so he's been giving this information you know he's worked with the FBI he's worked with the US Treasury Department he might not be your best friend in that regard for whatever reason he's silly uh actually no this is big he was the one who would first written the paper that pointed out the exploits for the Dow on aetherium so he really understands things and once he putted and pointed out that exploit people actually took advantage of that whoever that might be so now he's working on new alchemy so new alchemy writes smart contracts for people you can see here what they do token design token issuance platforms capital and so on so they've worked with fun fair bit tricks huge names here metronome wings token card he's on the white paper of token card but interestingly also if you go to their blog nothing here since September 25th 2018 where there was a blog post about securities tokens in q4 so Peter where are you man what is going on Peter yeah we want to hear more from your side but this isn't really helping if you're trying not to be the the enemy of crypto which more and more he's kind of becoming the new enemy of the crypto space for holding up all of this litigation people want to know what's going on finally they want this matter settled and until this lawsuit is settled withdrawn or otherwise it's gonna be difficult for this to not happen for this to happen with haste so I would love to hear more input from him I'm reaching out to him personally from here what's up Peter let us know what's going on if you want to share that let me know we'll talk about it here on the channel we can arrange and ask me anything but it doesn't seem like your voice is getting heard very much and maybe that's for a specific reason but we would like to know what's going on Thank You schisandra again for the donation baby can't you see I'm calling a guy like you should wear a warning it's dangerous I'm falling is that a is that a lyric is that a lyric schisandra is that like a crypto lyric I guess it can stand for crypto too anyway for the Bitcoin price song anyway we'll continue on here Peter what's up man so Facebook has reported to cheddar well cheddar found out that Facebook has hired it's it's made its first kind of acquisition they hired four out of five employees from a company called chain space who is a small blockchain startup from University of College London so they were working on building decentralized smart contracts just like everybody else that could facilitate payments and other services through blockchain technology if I haven't heard that once in this space incredible but anyway the company had apparently been trying to raise about for less than four million dollars in seed round funding so Facebook likely didn't pay much more than that so that's quite a little bit of money for Facebook to be investing into the crypto space however it's not the the first time they've invested they have a team now a small team led by David Markus who used to head up their messaging app and is quite influential in the tech space as well so he's kind of in charge of the blockchain team but their team has definitely grown as they are expected to launch a native stable coin for whatsapp that's what the speculation is for there what's that messaging app which they bought what's that for I don't know how many billion dollars a few years ago it looks like they're gonna be trying to build a stable coin for that so maybe that's what's gonna be involved here perhaps it's gonna be something bigger utilizing these decentralized smart contracts rather than hopefully a centralized stable coin can't we just pay with you know like coin ether Jesus I'll take even some of those smaller coins right why don't we actually use a decentralized coin that exists out there oh but it's not decentralized enough it's I mean it's not scalable enough we need oh it's so sad so sad anyway whatever okay so that that's what's up by the way you guys if you don't know about cheddar they do some great pieces on Finance on news on many topics and if you're using the brave browser they recently made a partnership I think it was last week I didn't cover it here where you can get access to cheder premium for by by using the brave browser by being a brave user so pretty cool to know that there I wanted to give you a heads up on that one if you weren't aware so it's been tough first even some of the bigger names in the cryptocurrency space I'm sure you've heard that few times but this is another one a big one for sure circle so circle who recently bought Polonia axe they are known for the USD circle stable coin which they released they first announced last year at consensus and they recently released and it's on many many major exchanges now as an option backed by Goldman Sachs one of the biggest investors in circle but it seems like you know there's this private platform that people use called shares post and they trade private shares of a company unlike the public shares on regular stock exchanges so it looks like in May when they have their Series II fundraiser so again another huge fundraiser the shares of circle will worth sixteen point twenty three dollars a piece and a look at a valuation of three billion dollars now those shares are purchasable for only about three dollars and eighty cents so Wow did investors kind of lose quite a bit of money if they've kind of held their through the bear market it's worth about a quarter of what it was at the peak a share of circle so that's insane their volumes on Polonia acts it says here have pretty much collapsed quite a bit since they acquired them today it sees less than seven million dollars worth of crypto trade hands each day meanwhile by Nantz sees approximately five hundred and twenty million dollars in twenty four-hour trading volumes Wow insane whereas coin based Pro sees thirty seven million dollars in daily trading volumes hopefully none of those exchanges are doing wash trading don't don't wash trade guys we don't want to see that stuff we know that it's kind of a rampant thing usually in the smaller exchanges other than their bigger ones I don't think buy Nance needs to engage perhaps in as much watch trading I'm pretty sure you're familiar with buy Nance and a lot of people use buy Nance and it's kind of become the name for trading so I'm sure they don't have to do as much as other exchanges and probably not coinbase as well the super ultra regulatory surveilled coin base who seems to follow things by the book as much as possible and Polonius now with you know Goldman Sachs involved well not like the banks never are involved with money laundering fraud and other crimes white-collar crimes so whatever anyway I guess they're washed trading I guess we can leave it at that anyway point is they're not doing very well even if they are washed trading here it seems what's saving circle the most is their OTC trading business which does have a lot of volume OTC being for bigger trades I don't I don't think I need to do the educational stuff as much with you guys who are still around watching this stuff but if you somehow are new to the cryptocurrency space I don't want to left leave people behind at this point and I think we'll have a big influx once we actually are confirmed the bottom let's begin moving up it'll be like 2015 2016 and there will be slowly and influx influx of new people and if you are new to crypto please let me know actually in the comments I would love to know like if you got in this year into crypto or even towards the end of last year some let me know down below and I'd be super interested to know what kind of new traction we're getting in crypto but mostly it's just hanging on to people who've been around so OTC trading desks usually for trades that are two hundred two hundred fifty thousand dollars each moving around so we've seen a lot of trading move off of spot regular exchanges over to these OTC desks which are kind of closed opaque exchanges and so circle has been the beneficiary of some of this trading volume and that's kind of what's kept their price from tanking as much as some of these crypto coins I suppose in their private share prices thanks Flat Earth crypto what's going on man I see you're involved here have to read what's going on there in a bit okay so this is something interesting here so this this is crazy man because we know that crypto was created by Satoshi Nakamoto to kind of circumvent banks to disintermediate things to remove trusted third parties it's literally in the white paper to remove third parties and sell out people to interact on a one-by-one basis mano-a-mano and it's funny how the space has become so much about instead of the the original kind of anarchic vision people had about a future where people were freed from crazy regulations and stifled by taxes and and and stifled by the ability to trade with funds ability and privacy without having any censorship borderless nests and everything else and access to all these distributed platforms that have that has come on through the work of Nick Szabo smart contract researchers and so on things have definitely changed as people try to work with the regulators and try to not be accountable obviously as people demand transparency and so if you're building a company you kind of have to be transparent about the team unlike Satoshi when he came out or they came out or she came out or so on so the space has definitely moved more toward compliance and so on for better for worse it's just we can only adapt right we have to keep up with everything but it's definitely changed the narrative for the mainstream quite a lot but I you can begin to see some of the problems that exist for people around the world because of this new narrative that we do have for example this person who was impacted in Iran so two days ago he put out a post on reddit I lost my house in an earthquake and I'm and also on my crip all my crypto on bit tricks exchange he writes because the US government sanctioned normal Iranian citizens or Iranian citizens Persian citizens whatever you want to call it like me and now I'm homeless so for those of you who might say you shouldn't have held your book one or an American yeah so anybody anybody came out and started they started lambasted this guy on reddit saying well you know you should have kept your money off of an exchange and so on which is absolutely true I don't think you should be keeping your life savings which was almost three thousand dollars which is a lot in Iranian money I think that what is it reals I believe it's reals so it was a lot of money for him there was a devastating earthquake that hit his town then around the same time Tricks came out and locked him out of his account despite proof he had that in the terms of service it didn't say Iranian citizens couldn't deposit and trade on their and in fact he had a buddy from Iran message support in bit tricks and they told him you can actually trade here it's fine so he kind of got gypped here which sucks Lee froze his funds and he's locked out of his count account completely disabled and while it's it's too it's it's quick to point a finger and and say you should have been responsible and diligent which is absolutely true III think it it's it's also outline outline antara both at these exchanges can do in regards to seizing things on behalf of concerns right I'm concerned that the US is gonna come after me because I'm holding Iranian cash when US customers should not be allowed to hold anything related to Iran know where people who live in Iran or anything like that right so this is this is our fellow here it's it's really kind of a touching story 7.3 magnitude earthquake in kermanshah Iran he's living in a tent now the earthquake was devastating and structurally damaging to the house not safe to be there so him and many other people are living in tents oh there was two hundred two thousand four hundred twenty seven dollars completely locked out he got this access denied thing so he tried accessing it from a VPN then it says his account was disabled for whatever reason he reached out to support open support tickets along with other people in Iran they were basically saying it was an aggressive automated thing that disabled a bunch of accounts it included ID included American and Canadian accounts as well as Iranian account so this ball was being super aggressive for sure he was completely verified had given all the information had never done anything illegal he says I mean like he was just one of the good people in Iran who was suffering because of these sanctions from the US which Trump said it's not meant to hurt harm innocent like civilians in Iran but definitely is and this is a good example of how it's doing that locking out of their money super I mean that sucks for sure so the admins were saying you know we'll figure this out they responded to US and Canadian citizens quickly and got them opened up but it seems the Iranian people were not able to get access to their accounts and so on it goes on urselves bit tricks apparently has a fake address as their main address in Vegas somebody actually drove by the house they said on reddit I believe and said like in fact no it's true there's there's like nothing there they don't have their headquarters this person can't get any legal help because they're they're broke now all their money was in crypto and now it's locked by bit tricks and they have no recourse at all the tricks doesn't want to give it back for whatever reason but realistically you know if somehow they were able to firstly accept deposits from Iranian account what they should be able to refund it at least lock the account is the way I see it lock the account and give back the money just you know wipe yourselves clean clean of it I would say that would be the best thing to do in this matter but I think that's super I think it's wrong personally absolutely wrong so it seems like this is continued for sure slack of course giving issues many countries are obviously trying to comply with these sanctions so yeah he's having a go fund me account I guess if you want to donate you can go ahead and do that here I think he hasn't raid raised even a dollar yet I mean 75 thousand seems like it's you know kind of aiming for the moon here but surely he should have at least said it for the amount that he had on the exchange so if he hears this maybe you should like dial it back a little bit and if anybody wants to give him health help then you are welcome to do that I suppose I can't see anything here that shows me that he's trying to scam people I'm usually pretty good about reading this that stuff so if you also want to find another way to help for my birthday I put this on Facebook I am doing a fundraiser to help abandoned pets this is a not-for-profit all the money goes to this not-for-profit Facebook doesn't take any so if you're on Facebook please help me to help abandon animals who need medical help we need to find a home to get adopted I wanted to be to be a vet before I wanted to be anything growing up because I want to help animals and this is one way I can definitely do that hopefully you guys will help me I already got $145 thank you to those you guys who've already donate Adrianna Mendez to Zac Daniels and David Adams who you know David just gave five bucks and then I got 20 and 25 respectively I'm sorry 20 dollars from Zach and 24 Mariana I already put in a hundred bucks but it would be nice if by my birthday February 15th we can raise a thousand bucks I don't think that's crazy to do and that would be really really nice you can you can see the website here if you would like to learn more about abandoned pet project so you can follow me on Twitter if you have it and I already retweeted the link there if you'd like to donate and help out with that and I'll finish here with a quote which is the greatest gift you can give someone is your time because when you give your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back so thank you guys so much for all the time that you've done supporting this channel you've given so much and so I'm always looking for ways to give to you guys and help you guys however I can I'll continue to try to do that I wake up and say how can I give you guys something good today so today I chose to give to my patreon and YouTube sponsors something so if you are a sponsor check out your page because I put a link there there should be on the community tab if you're a youtube sponsor and on patreon you should just see it if you had to cryptos news it's a video from a growth hacker called VIN Clancy who I saw speak last year you know what a what a long time ago July no what two years ago July 2017 and this guy gave some incredibly insightful tips if you're interested in growing your business growth hacking some of it is quite dirty it's he's got some dirty tactics in there some of you will probably be more comfortable doing some of that stuff I'm not I don't really feel like doing some of it but there are some great tip it's in there pretty much all of the stuff he talks about there is free the one thing that one thing that I did do that he spoke about was for example starting a Facebook group to get traction I remember my Facebook group grew to over a hundred thousand members and Facebook shut down my account which you know I've looked past started a new account but anyway so that helped definitely we're getting the word out about what I was trying to do and so VIN Clancy's just full of these great ideas so hopefully you guys will find that insightful and useful and I hope you enjoy that I'm always trying to give back to you guys too and I don't think I've done enough so there you go help it's crappy video quality it's only about 18 minutes even though the talk was longer than that but that that was some of the more important stuff right on there so enjoy okay guys so let me see what's going on here with the chat let me see Oh much gratitude to you mark let me see let me see let me see oh you're thinking about Engine flattered with crypto you thinking about that engine Burning Man Vegas 2019 one two week parties news soon groups live life ignoring dumb haters I don't know there's gonna be a Burning Man in Vegas let me see let me see what else you can't beat the matrix Satoshi is like V for Vendetta it's all just a story I think so Man III I think we that Satoshi was a time traveler I think he came from the future with a gift just at the right time before disappearing a Johnny Goya thanks for the valuable information thanks Jenny was good to see you here when Finance goes Dex they they should be launching that soon I believe in the first quarter they said they were gonna be testing their deck so that should be coming up shortly and it's not meant to replace the the sex okay centralized exchange kicks and we'll say that better next time ah the decks but it will be nice to have alternatives they'll keep both running for sure and trying to innovate on blow up both platforms finance has been doing a good job it can't fault them I cannot fault them apparently the the BTT token I see oh that they had that token is up over six times what it sold for on the ICO so maybe we're the dumb ones since you know speculation has played quite the role in crypto right there's definitely the part about investing in what you believe in and then there's the part and speculative right I want to hold a coin that's gonna do well so I can put to take the profit from that and put it into what I actually believe is gonna be sustainable for the long term oh man well token he just say 6x a B TT the BitTorrent token which by Nan's had an IC o—- 4 on their launch pad last week they sold out in 15 minutes ha ha good stuff man the host of channel smart guy very good to listen to and learn from Big Ups the hosts Wallace yeah he's so smart you know they say the smarter you get the less you have to talk and say because it's just all going on in here and Wallace hey Wallace what's up man you want to say hi to everybody you're the host and you don't say anything hey Wallace you want to show them your tricks eh speak I have to have a treat and then he'll actually speak and do all the tricks do I use a VPN centralized or decentralized I've used a VPN I actually don't use it on a daily basis maybe I should right um I don't use it very much I think there's a lot of people who know a lot already about me who were probably tracking me on every single device that I have in this house I'm screwed anyway if it comes to that kind of thing whatever it's funny because in a way they worry more about I don't know I don't know what I worry about I worry about a lot privacy is super huge this one of those things that keeps me up at night just thinking about it that Facebook research thing really bothers me and I think in a way that we have it scares me mags I think we're not gonna have too much recourse from these corporations who have so much power and so much control they're in a way above governments because just like the Federal Reserve is above governments you know they don't answer to politics their politic agnostic they do not answer to the government I think I don't think most people realize that when they go and they vote for their favorite politicians they don't Federal Reserve who controls a money supply and therefore is more influential in a way than the government they loan money to the government dado dancers private shareholders they don't answer they answer the banks to like the the leaders of all these banks who are for-profit companies that's what they answer to not to the American government or the citizens so when you believe in free democracy something if you don't understand how the banking system works and you haven't done enough research and I think that haunts me probably the most ya technocracy I I think crypto is really one of the only ways to save us in a way from some of these dystopian futures that I've seen and thought about for such a long time that's one of the reasons I'm really behind this because I see it as really one of the only ways to save humanity from possible exploitation and we don't even realize it man we live on social media which have become echo chambers of our own likes things we like get pushed back on to us and we keep hearing the same stuff we want to hear without even realizing we ended up just stuck in our own mindset and and social media is playing a huge problem with that just to sell us crap that we don't need it's it's crazy man we can do better and I think crypto really is for those companies actually doing what the promises are one of the only ways you can possibly get out of this for sure governance governance research why do you think some of the more brilliant minds in the world are just obsessed with governance and governments try it ties into money and into money in such a big way I mean that's why I've italic is obsessed with this stuff Vlad's a fear and alright guys so I'm gonna i'ma leave it here I want to know I mean I I am positive ill I'm the thing is I'm positive people get concerned about crypto you know we'll the bank's LED crypto succeed good luck trying not to yeah good luck trying to take control of it Andres Antonopoulos talks about this at length on his YouTube channel I mean okay so you want to take away all of the amazing benefits of cryptocurrency you want to take away censorship resistance you want to grant access to people through kyc at the end of the day they're making a database of financial transactions which is absolutely boring he said in the last video that I heard it's true it's absolutely boring that can be done a centralized database can absolutely be done what's super interesting about Bitcoin is the fact that it's censorship resistant not completely censorship resistance as we know because dresses can be blacklisted but that's why we have privacy coins so I'm rooting for them just as much and privacy features DK snarks on aetherium huge I it's just gonna take time you guys are lucky to be here at the beginning of it and to watch this but you definitely have a responsibility to educate those around you about why this is important beyond the price it's much bigger than that so I'll finish up there guys thanks Gaston hello good sir and good bye good sir I'll see you guys tomorrow hopefully I hope you found this video enjoyable feel free to share it with or any section of it with anybody who might find it interesting hit the like if you'd like to do something nice for this channel help other people find it and I'll keep doing this a lot for this foreseeable future with you guys it gives me a reason to wake up so thank you guys for making it out much love and stay cryptic peace

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    16:55 CoinLab Revises Claim on Mt.Gox, Sues Exchange for $16 billion
    26:30 Facebook Acquires Blockchain Startup Specializing in Smart Contracts
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  2. If CoinLabs did not preform the stipulated action requirements placed upon it in the time-frame of the contract then they're theoretically in breach and the contract is null and void.

  3. XRP was originally referred to as Ripple Credits. Calling it Ripple is valid. Regardless of what the company says.

  4. Dude – love ya, love your channel, but I believe I may have been locked into a commercial which made me now dislike "Killing in the Name of" – just saying…

    One ad… all the time… not your fault but wtf man. LOL.

    You'll never read my stuff, and I have shuffled out for a good buy in – a lot of people should hold btw, agreed. Overall Crypto feeling – great. Your channel – great.

    Hope you are still alive brother.

  5. A great metric for newcomers is YouTube subscribes and Reddit subscribes growing. Crypt0 has not moved up from 118k for a while.

  6. Hello OMAR.Can you check THETA ??? They will have Mainnet on March 15. Samsung and Sony invest in it. Interesting

  7. Bittrex is preying on the weak. There's no legal way for people outside the developed world to defend themselves against injustices like that. People who need financial inclusion the most are the most vulnerable to fraud and malpractice as well.

    He is Iranian? Just freeze his account and take his money, what can he do? Corporations are corporations even if they are crypto related.

  8. Everyone writes that bitcoin is not interesting to invest in a short period of time. It is more interesting to invest for a short time in other cryptocurrencies! Where is it convenient to exchange or buy other cryptocurrencies?

  9. Hey Crypt0! Check out this awesome scene in Decentraland, the Magic Tree!

  10. Satoshi is the NWO… these fucks have been 3 steps ahead of the game for way too long… get in now.. wash with monero.. and get out… …Wallace knows…

  11. @Crypt0
    Love the broadcast today omar! Love the part espeially about the unknowledged individuals on monetary fundamentals, history, and actions within out world.
    Its scary.

    You can tell a person straight up that a dollar is printed out of thin air and thats its even printed on the dollar; they'll call you a liar and back it up with nothing

  12. I believe Satoshi was Hal Finney along with another few individuals. They built on some ideas that had been already circulating in the cryptographic community. There was a paper written by the NSA back in 1996 called "How To Make A Mint: The Cryptography of Anonymous Electronic Cash" that discusses many of the skeletal structures that were later implemented in Bitcoin's code (you can google it and read the whole thing). These principles along with the contributions from other programmers in the community helped to create what Bitcoin eventually became in late 2008- early 2009.

    Strange things that make me think Hal was Satoshi or personally knew him:
    1) Hal received the very first Bitcoin transaction from Satoshi himself as a test transaction. On January 12, 2009 Hal received 10 BTC nine days after the first block was mined, but he was also mining BTC as he claimed to have "mined block 70-something" in an interview. If I were testing a new system I would send myself the first transaction.
    2) He coincidentally live very close to a man with the name Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto and may have known him and drawn off his name for inspiration.
    3) Hal died in 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona and said in one of his last public posts "My bitcoins are stored in our safe deposit box, and my son and daughter are tech savvy. I think they're safe enough. I'm comfortable with my legacy."

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  14. Chron's disease is a terrible miserable problem, but except for suicide, I have never heard of anyone dying from it.


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