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the 2018 tax season has officially begun tax bit automates your entire tax filing process by linking up with your exchanges and wallets running your transactions through their tax engine and Auto generating all of your tax forms 2018 was a tough year for most crypto users tax bit will help you recoup some of your losses by producing the tax forms you need to claim your tax refund sign up today using the promo code crypto to receive a 10% discount and a 100% money back guarantee that your taxes will be taken care of this tax season what is going on everybody and welcome back to Kryptos news here we give you the deets on what is going on in the cryptocurrency space related to news gossip sentiment everything crypto related interviews all that fun stuff it's a pleasure to have you guys back I hope you're enjoying that meme of the day I thought it was quite appropriate it's good to see you guys yeah hopefully we got through this fine I'm really excited to share a bunch of crazy things that I put together here I think useful information for you guys that you'll find pertinent today through your cryptocurrency experience but I did not sleep super well this daylight savings thing is hitting me pretty hard plus like in the middle of the night by grateful I went to bed my neighbor has motion tracker next to his house over their house and it like lit up the lights it's pretty sensitive granted but so I just looked out my window and I saw like a shadow passed by the side of my house and I kind of freaked out that thought there might be somebody coming by for some reason music's kind of loud all over them and so um thanks for the heads up I just like was like what do I do if somebody tries to come in here so I try to find like the nearest weapon I could think of and remember all my karate karate skills because as it was I was bullied a lot growing up I was a small and frail kid with braces and glasses and I had to learn how to defend myself so I was trying to recall these crazy techniques and I lost some sleep luckily nobody tried anything funny so it all kind of worked out but let's get into the show guys you know you do have to think of our security obviously if you're gonna be in crypto there wouldn't be much for people to take if they came to try anything but you never know so anyway let's go ahead and get to into some stuff here I think it's a nice day because we're seeing that stocks have you know gone down relative to Kryptos as it should be the truth comes closer as stocks close about 200 points down it hasn't been a last good 5 days for them as you can see here on the Dow Jones Industrial Average while Kryptos have had a nice about two days some of the biggest winners today include einsteinium which I remember buying back in 2016 never held on to it raven coin 26% COO coin shares wax icon some of the ones that did not perform so well today including neck so block net edgeless puma pain spank chain two of those i believe lost money at least edge listed that's for sure I'm not sure if Spanky did during the parody stuck funds incident that happened so that might be playing a role in the money that they have during this tough tough bear market good times good times anyway so what do I think about Raven I don't know enough about Raven there's so many coins out there but I know a lot of people are into it right so one good piece of news today if you have an account on eToro you can now trade crypto in about 32 states they're all also going to be opening up an exchange called eToro X it's going to be more international overseas and all of that and right now they're featuring about what is it 13 unspecified crypto currencies according to this coin desk article for people to be begin trading and this says here also multi asset trading is scheduled for launch for the launch in q1 of next year so eToro has a social model where you can see what other traders are doing and possibly emulate them so you'd be able to do that with crypto here to figure out your own buying and selling decisions it seems that they also launched a multi sig wallet in the US at sports crypto six crypto currencies which include Bitcoin Bitcoin cash like coin ether x RP and xlm some of the most popular crypto currencies out there today so we can probably assume that these coins that they are a lot that they're they've launched on their crypto wallet are probably among the 13 unspecified crypto currencies available for trading on eToro now eToro you know i try to check out their blog to see if there was anything about this confirming all of this but i really couldn't find anything in their blog but obviously they're into crypto look at all these articles jesus christ they've been doing a lot of research into crypto and and that pretty much has filled their entire blog so I'm pretty sure they probably they are launching this platform but if you guys are interested in using it go ahead and let me know your thoughts down below and if you have an account that might be a value to you so I did wish to share it and also to give exposure to more opportunities for getting into crypto and out of crypto for people who maybe haven't done much with crypto as of yet obviously there's a lot of awareness coming toward crypto from all sorts of exchanges including old ones like eat or that have been around for a long time so I see this is quite a net positive although I'm seeing from the from the chat here might not be the most positive platform on some people's minds but anyway will continue so maker Dow had a an approval for a fee increase for the stability fee that is paid in maker tokens in order to close out loans you take out on the platform by locking up ether taking out this stable coin called die and then eventually you pay back the stable coin to get back your ether and if ether goes up in price you know you have to pay back less when it's denominated and die if it goes down you might have to pay more if you don't get liquidated by this smart contract automated ding platform so the stability fee was approved there were about it went up from 1.5 percent to 3.5% it seems voted about 4% of the total supply or 40 mm dish maker tokens voted maker is a separate token than the dice table coin and it is used for governance is one of the first major things I've seen it used for governance for which is increasing the stability fee in order to hopefully decrease amount of died out in circulation the amount of people taken out loans a lot of people are taking out loans because they're expecting we are at a bottom and it's now locked up about 2% of the entire ether supply and we've seen that on exchange is like coinbase most centralized exchanges the price of dye has dropped below $1 actually it's been like 97 cents now it's around 98 cents on coin based Pro between the USD circle pair and dye pair how most people in the u.s. can trade for dye using coin base and so you know I it's interesting to think about this right so they can raise the interest rate which means more maker is going to be burned in the future which is a net positive for maker token holders which some have argued is from a game theory perspective wanting them to increase the stability fee because that would technically you know due to supply and demand increase the price of makers so they have an incentive to increase the stability fee but granted if dye is losing its value because of random things even though on the smart contract platform itself it always trades for a dollar for a Fiat dollar people would want dye even on centralized exchanges to be around a dollar especially maker token holders and dye holders and so on because it would be a strengthening reinforcing thing for the platform lending a credence for its stable coin which is to make main feature one of the main features absolutely of it so it's it's interesting I don't think it's anything crazy we could see future hike increases it doesn't pan out and there's a lot of talk about whether this is going to impact things in the future of course but I saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of arbitrage because it's another way that dye can remain around for example I put this tweet out earlier when I woke up an easy way to fix a die price and stability and profit yourselves out of it I haven't done it myself but theoretically this totally should work is since died trades at a discount on many exchanges you could use die I mean your eath that you have let's let's say you take 50% of your eath you lock it up in and I'm not giving financial advice just wanna say I haven't tested this myself definitely do more research before you try this out yourselves but you would take some your eath lock it up create a loan and then you have these dye tokens right there right they have to be paid back to take out your money so what you would do is for example once you've created this loan go and on coinbase take advantage of the price being lower than a dollar by up with a separate amount of eath or whatever tokens you want to sell for USD see trade that for dye and then you have died then you go back and repay your loan and you're getting a discount on paying back your loan so you've taken dye off the market in a way and then you've paid back your loan and you've profited off this and you could get about a 2% if you're creating limit orders here which is the only way you can actually trade on coinbase Pro taking advantage of these opportunities for arbitrage which is you can buy at a better price and sell at a better price to profit across various exchanges or ways that you can accumulate this crypto so I don't know if any of you guys have tried this but this is something interesting that you might want to be thinking about of course okay so continuing on here another another stable coin that I've talked about in the past that many of you have been asking me to update you on is steamed back dollar because steam back dollar flew you know it's supposed to be a stable coin and it flew to about $13 per steam back dollar during the heights of the bull market and since crashed below a dollar and so people are saying you know you've always used this crypto as a way to tell whether we're overvalued or as a way to tell whether we're undervalued and now you know we've like we started dropping hard it went like it was an immediate during the during the bear market where steam back dollars went back to $1.00 in fact they slowly descended along with the ball along with the bear market eventually the price of the steam back dollar draw below $1 which is an opportunity to buy it low again just like with maker and sell it at a better price on the steam platform and so it looks like we're around to sitting around $1.00 right now this is the price of steam which you can use to trade for steam back dollars on steam it calm and you can see steam back dollars are now around $1 so it does beg the question are we fairly valued in this market right now and not either too bearish or bullish which seems to be the general sentiment right now and maybe we're in that accumulation zone and so if you actually click the if you go to your steam account you go to your steam wallet and you go to steam back dollars and you click buy or sell takes you to this block trades page where you can go ahead and sell steam for example for steam back dollars and you should be getting always one you know $1 worth of steam and steam should always be $1 on this platform here and so this is another way you can value things and one way I've been looking at the market so this could be a way to tell that maybe we are fairly valued right now I want to know what you guys think about that and if that's worked out for you guys as well it's one metric I followed since 2016 that has worked pretty well but of course I would like to continue with the news so this is very interesting the city of Denver is piloting a program with a blockchain startup called votes that's backed by overstock which was one of the first major retailers that was accepting Bitcoin on the Internet super bullish about blockchain and Bitcoin in the future it could present here and so votes who is backed by overstock has been working with over 30 successful pilots that a cat that have cast over 15,000 votes for voting and this one is for the city of Denver Colorado where it's going to be a pilot program that is going to allow overseas voters active-duty military personnel and other eligible participants to vote using a blockchain base smartphone app buy votes and so this is very interesting because this technology blockchain technology that is is a great way of actually counting votes accurately since oftentimes voting is looked at because of the fraud because of fake votes in all of this and so you'll be able to get you know your vote your your participation eligibility verified so you have to basically file it says here an absentee ballot request and complete an authentication process through the votes mobile app and if approved they will submit their Val Val at people who can vote between March 23rd and May 7th on Denver's Denver's election period I guess you could say here not day so this is quite an interesting finish that they have here so this public-private partnership coat showcases how promoting innovative technologies such as blockchain based mobile voting protects against cyber attacks that negatively impact our world the application of blockchain in our election system provides for secure auditable transparent and accurate counting of ballots and the increased integrity of our election system granted I mean I'm sure there will be you know more centralized aspects of this but it goes to show how how this could be adopted on bigger scales as we become more and more decentralized in the future and I commend Denver for being a leader in this space and hopefully it sends a message to other cities countries around the world and using blockchain based voting so that we can more trust our elections and elective elected representatives anyway continuing on here so by Nats put together a really cool tutorial and I did appreciate that about stochastic RSI I know many of you do enjoy trading or learning more about trading and this was a good way of looking at something I hadn't really explored too much which is stochastic our size so let's take a look at this article and learn together so stochastic RSI or simply stock RSI is a technical analysis indicator used to determine whether or not an asset is overbought or oversold identify identify current market rents and as the name suggests the stock our size is derivative meaning it comes from you can get information from and build off of the standard relative strength index or the RSI and as such is considered an indicator of an indicator it is the type of oscillator so how does it work is generated from an ordinary RSI by applying the stochastic oscillator formula result is a numerical rating that swings around a center line so for example 0.5 within the zero to one range how so you know like one being overbought and point one being oversold and point five being right in the center however there are modified versions of the stock RSI indicator that multiply the results by a hundred so instead of for example having 0.5 or 0.1 to 1 you would have 0 200 to be able to tell it is also common to see a 3-day simple moving average along with the stock RSI line which acts as a signal line is meant to reduce the risks of trading on false signals so you know the most common time setting used for the stock RSI is 14 periods which is the default on trading view which we'll look at in a moment the 14 period involved in the stock Arcite calculation are based on the chart time frame so while a daily chart would consider the past 14 days and so if for example you have a you set it to daily it would consider the past 14 days if you set it to out early on these charts an hourly stochastic RSI it will tell you based on the last 14 hours rather than days periods could be set to days hours or even minutes in their use of air varies significantly from traitor – traitor according to their profile and strategy the number of periods can also be adjusted up or down so I didn't fight longer or short-term trends so on and so on and so on and so on okay so I'll link to that below if you'd like to read more this is kind of what it looks like if I look at the the RSI here over the bitcoins price throughout this kind of bear market and if we're looking at this properly here on trading view we can see that it's around a point 3 right now so slightly below the center line the RSI which I did down here if you want to know how to do that on trading you just click indicators after you set a time frame and then you just search for stochastic RSI and then it places this down here you can adjust settings by clicking the gear icon you can adjust the times you can layer over thing all all sorts of things over it so it's interesting because this is if I'm looking at this accurate it looks like we're a little bit oversold and we might have more room to the upside right now and this is something that tends to be quite near-term you don't use this to to trade to do too much swing trading I would say tends to work best for shorter term trends so you can see can't have to follow it very closely on the Bison selves this could easily move to over Seoul or overbought tomorrow so just wanted to share a little bit about that thanks iceberg I'm glad you appreciate that and thanks Robert K for becoming a member man finally Robert gets to be a member here on YouTube you've done so much for this channel Robert and you've done so many donations and I can't believe you still keep sending so much love this way and I'm super humbled man thank thanks Robert for that and shout out to the rest of the patreon sponsors huge sponsors you guys keep me doing this and all the comments saying you know you do appreciate this and of course all the likes go back to sleep Wallace Wallace go back to sleep I love you okay anyway so yeah let me know what you guys think you guys used to cast a car aside what else do might be useful for people to know would be great to know so since I didn't make a video one of the trending topics over the last two days that is a news video was that Jack Dorsey supposedly is buying 10k in Bitcoin a week Jack Dorsey is the founder of the square cash app which he says is how they're apt to move money and he also founded Twitter which is what he said is an app to move words I love that anyway so Jack Dorsey who says you know try to perfect every single detail and limit the number of details is somebody who's been quite bullish about Bitcoin with the Lightning torch he's been gotten talking about possibly you know a lot of talk about him implementing lightning into Square cash app the fact that he seems to only own Bitcoin that he says that's the only Bitcoin cryptocurrency that he owns well he he was recently on a podcast hills from the Crypt an excellent pasca podcast you guys should check out and we'll hear his word right now in just a moment directly about his purchases so we can get the facts here rather than the news that everybody just keeps saying in the end hype which doesn't seem exactly accurate in reference saying how he might say that he's buying 10k in Bitcoin a week but it seems to be a little bit different his words okay what's up bone man thanks for the donation I gotta thank you first I look into Elliot waves – cool mostly all assets and they're ABC corrective wave on these cycles where are Fibonacci inverses of each other consider why it's accumulation we have a flip in the oscillation manifest cool man so looking at that it seems that you're pretty bullish – we'll have to cover that in the future and I hope Finance keeps putting out these tutorials I'd love to learn more and I definitely don't know enough about Elliot waves and if it were not she and Fibonacci sequences but I'm striving to learn as much as I can and as I'm sure you guys are thanks for that thanks for the donation brother and tip blowing man eh I thank you you feel free to share something you've created on trading view in the comments or something down below later on and I'm sure people will check that out to see what you have to say okay so here we go let's go ahead and listen to Tales from the Crypt episode number 61 with Jack Dorsey this is a segment where he talks about that accumulation of bitcoin 10k coups play please play please okay after refresh the site and it was around in the using Bitcoin and if going back to the rolled out in the last year in particular it's a favorite favorite app of the Tales from the Crypt freaks out there we started to sack stacking sat Saturday using everybody buying twenty five dollars worth of it I saw that I saw that on Twitter all the iron shots I thought that was awesome I would have I would have participated but I already exceeded my limit so I couldn't I couldn't purchase anymore it's always tomorrow we're gonna be doing it tomorrow again tomorrow I probably can I think I think we have a limit that rotates every week or so there we go so stepping back and talking about like Bitcoin so so if what we can get from that is that you know Tales from the Crypt started this thing about stacking sets Saturday where everyone buys twenty five dollars worth of Bitcoin or was urged to buy twenty five dollars worth of bitcoins participating every single week and Jack Dorsey said you know he saw the tweets he saw pictures and he wanted to participate but he had already maxed out his purchases on his own app on cash shop where you can buy Bitcoin so the max purchases you can do is ten thousand dollars a week so what he says is that over the last week not necessarily all weeks since when he has since that last week before he'd recorded this podcast he had maxed out and bought 10k and Bitcoin he's not saying he's buying Bitcoin every single week but definitely somebody who's stacking some Bitcoin who is quite influential and wealthy in this space and it's probably positioning himself to be a leader by acquiring this definitely a voice in the space who's getting a lot more clouds so I guess that's the facts here that he has at least that much Bitcoin or last week and surely more but I don't know about him buying every single week maybe he'll participate in twenty five dollars a week at the least which is something that I actually did every single week since I started accumulating Bitcoin in 2015 just buying twenty five dollars a week on coin base where you can set instant buys so I found that nice of course the fees will kill you I suppose since you can just buy it on coin based Pro and create a limit order and do it for free so takes a little bit more diligence that way yeah I know lucky gotta be spending 10k we yeah he was someone who also said as success is not accidental I mean it takes a lot of work he's somebody else who wakes up at 5:00 a in the morning he says to run six miles jog after meditating so I mean these are some good habits to be having if you're gonna try to be you know successful in the future for sure so definitely uh you know some work went into it but III feel you Junior be nice to have that much money to throw into crypto and maybe we're near a bottom okay so um I wanted to share guys that I'm gonna be doing an interview and I'll share that now because we have 341 people it seems watching around that number I know you sharing an interview coming up with aggro'd from steam monsters it's one of the most popular decentralized applications out there we can see it here on state of the – comm slash rankings you can see the most popular adapts here across various block chains you can see steam it on top you can see drug wars which has been getting a lot of traction back token maker Dow which we talked about and then steam monsters here which is the number five which is a collectible trading card game which allows you to acquire these cards these non fungible tokens which are very unique and allow you to battle they just launched tournaments and all of that and I talked about steam monsters with agroed who helped develop this along with his talks about steam key chain and steam engine which will allow you to create your own token already and they'll help you with some of the regulation obligations you might have an advisement in the background so it was fascinating I won't be up uploading that interview very soon and I want to announce that if you watch that interview please leave your email yeah leave your email down in the comments below I think that's the best way to stop too many people from getting more than they can but I'm gonna be giving away a hundred starter packs for steam monsters so if you want to go ahead and test that out you know they could be worth something today today and you can even combine worthless monsters and two other ones too to make them stronger and all of that so it's a popular app for a reason surely so if you'd like to learn more about that do be sure to check out that interview and if you want to get started with a steam monster then do leave your email down below and I've acquired with the help of a groat 100 free starter packs for you guys so I'll put that together and choose a the top 100 people and send out some codes for you guys to get started there so let's continue on here okay so yeah this was a controversial tweet I guess that I that I had put up on Twitter which was not the one where I talked about the most overrated things in crypto which is the last one because I was trying to just trigger people I don't know I think it's funny how like everybody just kind of echo chambers themselves and to saying the same thing everybody else says but I think I'm a big believer in thinking for yourself and you know I've had my experiences so I share all sorts of crap on Twitter probably more in objectively than I do here on YouTube where I prefer to stay more objective but I did share this where I talked about the coins that I'm holding this isn't not all of my coins I have various amounts of these in different places this is just what I have on a black folio which is more or less the majority of what I have there's some other names on the bottom of here like 0x and basic attention token that I've hold smaller amounts of and other amounts of these tools that I have on other platforms then I've listed here on black folio but anyway this is a good gauge of kind of where I've been at recently of course this changes all the time so you know I put up eath is my top holding followed by like coin maker steam link iOS and z cache which you know everybody had some input on because I said rate my portfolio and I got all sorts of responses about it and there's a reason I'm not holding a Bitcoin because I don't think it performs the best in a bull market I just historically it doesn't even if it hits like the top price that's only you know for like 5x from where we're at right now I think these some of these other coins could do much better than Bitcoin could from that perspective there are many reasons why I'm not holding Bitcoin for the hardcore but I am holding some Bitcoin because I earn it like for example when you guys purchase a ledger to help support the channel they pay me in Bitcoin so I hold that Bitcoin I don't sell it unless I need to spend it on something which is actually pretty rare due to taxes and I pay Michael who does my time stamps from that Bitcoin so I hold on to it to pay Michael pretty much my only employee so I like to use Bitcoin as a currency it's the first reason I got into crypto is using Bitcoin as a currency and it's one of the big things that I'm happy about Bitcoin but um there are some other names here that I should have more of there's some names I really like to add I would like to say that but these are some of the ones I'm quite excited about as well for the the near to medium term including eath like coins as I said before for various reasons so let me know your thoughts on that down in the YouTube comments down below since I would like to know your thoughts in addition to the thoughts I got on Instagram and on Twitter and be sure to follow me there for more ridiculous banter outside of here just on YouTube okay Omar sole greed is so greedy I do not hold Bitcoin either hundred percent coins 100 percent coins my man 100 percent coins yeah anyway I think that there is an exciting reason to be holding Bitcoin perhaps in the near term and the reason for that has to do with an update we actually got today from fidelity who is in the process of creating their fidelity digital assets platform they've launched for a select number of institutional participants including pension fund managers and other kinds of fund managers for helping to cost it either crypto and they did announce an update which says you know they are working already their initial climate clients are important part of the final testing and process refinement periods which will eventually enable us to provide these services through a broader set of eligible institutions that could be bringing in big money they're currently serving a select set of eligible clients as we could Lucian's they say we've established a robust set of technical and operational standards at a level and institutions have come to expect from fidelity so they're continuing to push forward here they said they are going to be adding other coins in the future they know that Bitcoin isn't the first digital cash but it does present something absolutely transformative and there are other quotes out there going around for example here from mr. Jessup of fidelity Tom Jessup the president of fidelity digital assets actually who said that you know they are going to be adding crypto currencies by basically a market cap basis so there you go from like a top five and down they did express interest in the past from adding up to I believe the top ten to twelve crypto currencies over time but they're gonna start off with bitcoins so Bitcoin will be the first one to really gain from a lot of this institutional custody although I'm sure some of these funds would like exposure to other cryptocurrency so they'll probably add this over time another thing that was expressed in regards to atheria I'm one of the examples something that they'd have to look at closely before adding it and without delay would be aetherium because of the hard Forks that are coming for a theorem that they have to more closely monitor and see how successful they are for they act can add a theorem the next major heart for core theorem for example is scheduled in October in stat Instanbul and of course the theorem is eventually going to be migrating to Casper and that's gonna be kind of a significant change for a theorem and so that's something that's gonna be looked at in addition to everything else that they're monitoring for adding these coins so a Bitcoin could be a big winner here when fidelity does launch which is expected later on this year after testing but they're continuing to onboard more clients and have urged people that if they are running funds they can reach out to see how they can possibly become eligible for the platform personally I'm just like I don't care if you guys want to add a heart fork or not I don't care about custody too much if I'm just a personal user because I like holding my private keys I like getting air drops I like keeping both versions of a hard fork without having to wait to see if somebody custody my crypto is gonna give it to me or not there's a lot of empowerment that comes from actually holding your keys so I understand the need for institutions with which they're already managing they said single digit millions up to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of institutional money here on fidelity and I'm sure that's gonna continue to grow as they continue to onboard and update people on their happenings but personally you know I think that's great for the price it's great for institutional funds people who don't want to manage it on crypto and manage other people's funds and need to have custody so that's positive in that regard but from no sovereign basis I think holding your own keys is the thing to be doing if you want to benefit the most out of this without having to wait to get your Bitcoin Diamond in Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin coin bit coin black and Bitcoin big I don't know pick one music is there a Bitcoin music there should be anyway so that's kind of the some of the main topics that I wanted to share with you guys today I want to know your thoughts on everything I'll finish here with a quote from the hero and martyr Edward Snowden of the WikiLeaks fame people don't realize how hard it is to speak the truth to a world full of people that don't realize they're living a lie that applies in so many different ways the true measure of freedom is the ability to tell people what they don't want to hear as well so if you haven't learned much about Edward Snowden and the great work he's done for exposing how how we're being surveilled pretty hard check out the citizen for documentary a 2014 documentary and you'll get to see it like the whole thing of him outing what was going on with surveillance by the NSA which he was working with and he had to kind of run and seek asylum and he's someone being chased for sharing the truth in a place that's supposed to allow us to express freedom so this really changed my outlook on things and it's a must-watch citizen for please if you haven't watched it you need to watch it anyway um thank you guys so much for making it out one last time here let me see what's going on here the smart money isn't smart enough for crypto reminds me of that meme of the beginning Damion absolutely my pleasure g2 I always I look forward to delivering this news there wasn't that much yesterday in regards to news in the last two days it was just a lot of price pumping which to me isn't the most exciting thing to talk about I think it's a lot of the technical things and controversies us around this there that I think are more fascinating and debates which I really enjoy I love to be criticized too but my pleasure man hey Omar listening to you on my weight on the way from Cali to New York on a road trip New Jersey on a road trip whoa thanks crypto lounge holy crap that's gonna be such an awesome road trip the one from Miami when we moved here to LA was amazing stopped in New Orleans we stopped in Flagstaff which I never knew about until we stopped there and I was like damn this place is awesome and so I looked at the real-estate prices it's like a ski town so cool and we stopped in Roswell New Mexico for way too short of a stay road trips are so cool you guys should if you haven't considered doing one it's a really illuminating experience I got to do one soon um let me see here yeah there was a lot of oh thanks beau I appreciate the tip man I appreciate that a lot of Samsung ten only support ether i I think that's not confirmed and I meant to talk about that from my understanding it's not confirmed that it only supports ether although it looks like some of the leaks people have been showing looks that way that it only supports ether maybe it's because they work with the theorem Enterprise Alliance and they have a lot of partners around either I think ethers infrastructures really overlooked that's why it's one of my biggest holding I think a lot of people don't realize how big ether is for people average people and their empowerment as well as many companies who like having the option of building on public and private blockchain to possibly having the option to move their private stuff onto the public blockchain as this gets tested and all of that and begin understanding this I think it's it's like the community aspect of ether is really overlooked and people compare it to other platforms but you know another thing that was going around was engine coin was pumping a lot and I'm not trying to knock engine I'm just trying to illuminate about this because people were buying engine because engine was gonna be along with Cosme token one of the only coins that is gonna be listed on the new Samsung Galaxy S 10 when they launched their their phone they're supposed to have a crypto Enclave on there and a speculation that it's gonna launch with these but specifically the engine wallet already installed and now we're finding out rumors again this is all just rumors nothing confirmed from engine although there was this whole debacle because on the engine subreddit apparently there have been a lot of tweets deleted that have been calling out how it doesn't look like that will be a native app right when you get the phone it looks like you it'll be on the Galaxy Store so that'll be like feature the engine wallet but it's not gonna be already installed and so people who are pointing this out supposedly had their post deleted and I'm strictly against censorship like people swear I delete comments here like I don't delete any comments here unless it's racist like extremely prejudiced sexist something like that or spammy or or like fold were filled referral accounts like these are the things I delete sometimes YouTube mistakenly mark stuff as spammy or whatever and I have to manually go in there and unflagged some comments so I do that all the time but I'm a big believer in just speaking like and saying whatever you want to say and whether I like it or not I'm just gonna leave it there so I I don't agree with that but I just wanted to share support there if you're still trying to buy some engine I'm not trying to knock engine or anything I think that's a great project that we said in the past I love their wallet I love what they're doing with coins I love that they have now launched on the unity on the unity development side so any developer building on the unity engine which is probably the most popular game engine can now integrate the ability to build engine assets and non fungible assets and transferable between game assets right on there I think that's great but I think if you're buying engines solely because of that rumor just be cautious is all I'm saying if you're gonna be trading that and not hardly long term and you believe in it anyway so uh man Richard Hart is gone was he ever even here anyway I'll let you guys go and I wish you guys the best thanks Gaston for making it out bro hopefully I'll see you a Saturday in fact it what is it Friday Saturday I think it's Saturday whatever I think might be tomorrow anyway I'll see you later I see everybody else later and I'll catch you next time take care of much love and stay cryptic booze

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  1. Raven coin looks really cool . Fork of bitcoin which they pay homage to in the white paper . No ico. No pre mine . Tokenizing assets like land or car titles , stocks etc is really cool and price is way cheap it’s tempting to be honest .. good vid thanks

  2. Reminder! Next 'round' of Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 – continues into 2020 – mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. Last 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 price surge!""

  3. The three main trading indicators that I use on a daily basis are Bollinger Bands (which show high and low ranges as well as the average price), Stochastic RSI (to indicated overbought or oversold conditions) and the MACD (which indicates moving averages and general trend). Occasionally I will overlay a Fibonacci Retracement on a major move to see where we should bounce back to.

    It is important to understand where psychological resistance and support levels lie as well since these are very important in crypto trading.

  4. It suprised you that somebody who stands to make sick money from bitcoin is buying 10k per week bitcoin?

  5. Jack Dorsey in a power Trip limited Mithril Ore Token's Twitter… Just like that Crypt0s Facebook. These socials are ridiculous! See y'all on PeepEth

  6. Introduction
    00:56 Meme of the Day #1
    01:34 Lack of Sleep and Self-Defense
    02:45 Stocks Down
    03:00 Market Overview

    Main News
    03:44 Social Trading Giant eToro Adds Crypto Buying and Selling in 32 US States
    05:51 MakerDAO Token Holders Approve Fee Increase for Ethereum Stablecoin
    10:01 The Steem Backed Dollar (SBD) Metric
    12:03 City of Denver to Pilot Blockchain Voting App in Coming Elections
    14:21 Stochastic RSI Explained
    18:26 Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Spends $10K /Week on Bitcoin
    20:54 Jack Dorsey On Tales From The Crypt
    23:32 Upcoming Steem Monsters Interview
    25:31 Omar's Portfolio
    28:15 Fidelity Digital Assets Update

    32:19 Quote of the Day!
    33:54 Comment Section (Roatrips, Enjin, Samsung Galaxy S10)

  7. Please check out Synthetix – Another Decentralized Stablecoin project – Has no Stability fee and instead rewards SNX holders for minting sUSD. Liquidity is starting to pick up on uniswap for them making it easier to get in and out of. Highly recommended

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