Cryptocurrency News LIVE! – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dothereum, Craig Wright, & Much More Crypto News!

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Julian here and they've been sending him mad donations so if we go to his wallet that that's listed there on wikileaks and wikileaks by the way was banned by Visa PayPal people could not donate many different ways after the government started coming down hard on WikiLeaks for creating a platform for whistleblowers who were upset about what was happening in the background with governments deep state military documents being published on there so they stopped working with WikiLeaks they were not allowed to work with key leaks but people could still donate using Bitcoin and they continued to do so what they've received over twenty thousand dollars in just last 24 hours they have over thirty thousand dollars now 6.63 BTC in that account but as as bitch stole my koto said here on reddit the real story here insofar as our community is concerned is crypto working exactly like it should anybody here under the illusion that PayPal or Visa would be letting us donate to him we can donate to who we like and that's huge and that's thanks to crypto so another use for crypto people like oh you know I had a conversation my taxi driver try and explain Bitcoin to him and I couldn't I just couldn't what should I say this is one of the great points about it people get blacklisted from the you know some people consider him good for ousting things that maybe we do want to know about what's happening with the government and if we want to donate we should be able to and people have kept it coming toward mr. Assange here it's gonna take at least three years to resolve his asylum status it seems he's going to be fighting it so it's not over just yet of course but he is going against the full might it's that David and Goliath thing one guy against the state and it seems he's relishing that image is what people are saying I missed a troll the troll box you mean so much yeah I miss a troll box these little live streams allow us to have a temporary troll box together Yanis that's part of the reason I like doing these videos live so this was something going around the community so Peter mcCormick got a letter from well on behalf of client someone representing Craig right of course who claims he is Satoshi so this is what it said this is from SCA on ta it said attention Peter McCormick we act for dr. Craig right the computer scientist and businessman dr. Wright was part of the team that created Bitcoin he is the person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto they are strongly suggesting legal advice to delete all of these tweets that he's been doing for example is his campaign of harassment and libel on Twitter and that is Peter mcCormick against Satoshi or fake Toshi or Craig write whatever you want to call anyway under the the handle Peter mcCormick he was targeting campaigns on Twitter to harass and libel the client by posting highly defamatory and abusive tweets to over 50,000 followers things like I would like to formally state that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Craig Wright is a fraud and I hope as many people retweet as possible and that this is just the latest he's also said things like Craig Wright is not Satoshi one do I get sued hmm he also said Craig has started filing lawsuits against those falsely denying he is Satoshi they can all have a day in court to try to prove their fake case but I totally rule that Craig invented Bitcoin because he did he can prove it I guess that was someone else actually who had tweeted that and mr. mckormick had said in response yep dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto and bsv is the unarmed sorry this was the other one and bsv is the only real Bitcoin all others are attacking Craig to sell their dysfunctional snake-oil crypto products Craig has proven this to me directly in a number of blah blah blah and Peter McCormick's response was can I go first Craig Wright is not Satoshi Craig Wright is not Satoshi grigora is NASA to Shakira's now sorry Craig Wright is not Satoshi Craig Wright is not Satoshi anyway so this goes on it's apparently serious harm to their client and his reputation and it's falsifying stuff it's liable and so they're saying that um they want to make sure that Peter preserves all documents electronic messages article notes somewhere firstly so he has to take copies of everything secondly he has to delete everything delete all tweets and online or otherwise where he has alleged that Craig Wright is lying about being Satoshi and he is gonna vow number three that he vows not to do anything like this ever again and before he apologizes to to Craig right and he agrees in a joint statement in open court which he apologizes to the client and acknowledged it's a falsity of the allegations and he also has to agree to pay all the legal fees just from sending from having this letter sent he has to pay those fees to Craig right but they also say that if this is immediately a priority he does everything outlined in those five steps above Peter McCormack does that is then he does not have to pay the legal fees thank you and goodbye so anyway that was kind of crazy right so Peter went ahead and published that entire letter that he received to hire of so many different communities just arising so many different things and it was caught on by Bitcoin magazine who created this beautiful mosaic with with the cat I don't know if that's I don't know whose cat that is I'm gonna go ahead and assume that that is Julian Assange's cat who everybody's concerned for but anyway so it has pictures of different people within the Bitcoin community in it they reuse various images I did zoom in there for you guys to see but it's a it's a nice it's a nice thing so there you go so then what happens is people are responding to this oh boy my own cognitive dissonance on this one is terrible on one hand what Craig and Calvin are doing is deplorable and listing their coin gives them a platform talking about by Nance having listed BC HSV on the other hand I feel cz has too much power that's a si by Nance as a central source of authority the ability shut someone from a platform is very authoritarian I'm uncomfortable with that both party parties are doing what's within their lawful right to do both are ethically ethically questionable how anyone could be in support of any of them is beyond me thankfully I find all above parties to be undesirable and tend to give them very little my time letting the egos play their game and moving on is the best approach here so I mean this is in response to this here that was tweeted out again by by cz by Nance where he had said Craig Wright is not Satoshi any more of this Sh exclamation T we D list and I suppose he's talking about D listing vc h sv so not necessarily just banning Craig Wright from using the place but straight up D listening an entire coin that has a community outside of just Craig Wright in it so it's definitely upset people very much including cz who has publicly now gone on the record to say you know what I'm not scared of Craig Wright he can come at me with lawsuits and take me to court cuz I have money all to fight it and for sure he does so it's interesting that he's not like he's also on that bad way get bandwagon against Craig Wright who is out to ban block and sue everybody who says he is not Satoshi I don't know one would think that ten years ago Satoshi had better things to do than you know with technology than just be upset at Twitter anyway that it's quite interesting to me but it might seem unprofessional for sure I might I might have to agree there with you Cincinnati Jack to delist the coin right after listening it solely because of one person attached to it though he was obviously a central figure in its out out set and promotion sorry about that I might be getting sick I'm getting like a runny nose here I'm sorry okay so another thing that's kind of in the headlines right now let me take a quick sip here let me see what you guys are saying earth is flat apparently SpaceX just launched another rocket yesterday and Israel had some sort of thing that was supposed to land on the moon on it and it managed to orbit the moon and then it lost communication and engine had engine failure with Israel who you know didn't manage to become one of the only three countries to land on moon I thought that was interesting but you know the earth is flat so I don't know go either way I try to look everything objectively oh maybe it is May but maybe it's not I don't know there's a lot of people working hard to try to get rockets carrying 120,000 plus pounds worth of crap up into the space I would like to think that they're not just doing it for fun but whatever I don't know I don't know how their Jesus oh yeah you're right it might be allergies consciousness and puppies we've had terrible wind here in LA and it's just throwing pollen everywhere yeah anyway okay so let me continue on here this is Eric Connor so this is all about something called da theorem or dot hiriam whatever you want to call it it is uh it got started here with Eric Connor said so a free has already launched an aetherium competitor doth areum he went ahead and pointed to a reddit paste paste post here a new subreddit called da theorem so it seems that parody who was one of the main developers for aetherium technology who has now gone ahead and started building polka dot which is built of different kind of side chains you can imagine called para chains that would connect and be scalable and allow big on-ramps to not just a theorem to but to multiple block chains kind of next-level stuff here so polka dot um apparently is gonna be forking aetherium so they're gonna do some sort of state it seems this is speculation they haven't been super clear about it state snapshot they're gonna look at all the balances of aetherium addresses everybody gets darian tokens in addition to you know keeping the theorem tokens that they had just a regular snapshot so why would they be doing this has been and now something that's deeply being debated and discussed here and and why is it a free so you might remember a free showed in being a developer who kind of raged recently on Twitter I'm allergic to flat earth he he raged on Twitter he got upset that the community didn't appreciate his comments that were that was pitting polka-dot against aetherium when parody oh man oh man are we good can you guys see me can you guys see me let me let me know if you guys can see me I did keep talking I just if you guys can hear me I totally was still talking we lost connection there for some reason I just kept talking dude I went through like ten more minutes worth not maybe not 10 more minutes worth of news before I realized it but I'm thanks Bitcoin Jake I'm glad we're all back so I'm gonna try to pick up where I was let's see put my pants back on you can see me oh you know how many of you guys think I'm wearing pants I'm kidding during these videos I don't wear pants I'm not wearing any pants okay I'm trying to I'm trying to get back to where I was so I was talking about should probably put this back on okay so the so a free show it in probably him probably him so then we get another response from or is it here from DC investor I have to scroll back down I think know what was it all right here out and and DC investor goes I waiting for the data on what they're actually doing but if death areum is in a theorem state for con so a polka para chain I think that's ill-advised short-sighted and stupid it will have absolutely no chance of competing with the real aetherium maybe a free money fork but it won't be a community fork in the slightest but anyone who is welcome to try and fork if they're I'm at any time and no one can really stop them I mean it's part of this whole movement it's part of how all this works it just seems like a dumb move by web 3 and poke without to promote that all the way have informally blessed funding as far as I know given likely backlash then again being disingenuous and PR stupid appeared to be a hundred percent consistent with the web 3 foundation modus operandi the good luck to these fine folks in their attempts to create a durable polkadot community out of such consistently shitty behavior once their chain launches I believe you'll see that engineering and throwing money at community building definitely ain't everything will the real aetherium please stand up whoa insane right DC as investors and happy a lot of the etherium community just isn't happy about this again they're just seeing it as a way for marketing for polka-dot to get free marketing for them to get some extra money back from the from the bailout especially if they can get some sort of community built up around it but they do have to get a little bit more traction than theory and probably has right now but it's interesting and it seems that it's not gonna be something coming out for at least 12 to 18 months and if we actually head over to their website this is a I was gonna show you something else later let me see let me see if I can open this up here so we're gonna go to da theory I'm dotnet D whoops and it's it's nothing all it does is linked to the reddit to the DA theorem reddit that does not have enough going on yet and that Twitter account right here i retweeted something there and they even retweeted at Eric Conners post which is how I found it so it very well could be a free and he's kind of proud behind this or somebody else but dot theory I'm seems serious a permissionless general purpose smart contract Parrish Shan just like a theorem but built on the polka dot network from Berlin which is where parody is headquartered so looks like we'll be looking forward to another Fork at the very least in the future and definitely more drama to be looking into I can't keep up with all this stuff so much but I did try to make my own mosaic like later like we saw earlier so this took me an unreasonable amount of time not really it only took me like five minutes here you go so I made this I took a bunch of pictures news headshots that I had on my computer and random crap to make that it's actually quite easy to make a mosaic if you find the right website just saying because I thought they were I have to figure there was an algorithm that could make those things pretty quickly anyway uh this is just a shout out to bat so basic and oaken they have la x now as a verified publisher there's now a verified brave browser publisher and they are Alexa rank 1595 the Los Angeles Times so the more people that sign up for this the more people kind of have an incentive for the price of the coin to go up or for you know basic attention token to do well at the very least they're becoming interested in this new advertising model and will share that with peers so I think that's one of the things that isn't discussed enough is that peer effect is I'm enjoying something so I tell at least to another person and if they enjoy it they might tell at least another person and so on and so forth and it's just self reinforcing and almost exponential in this kind of way when a good idea gets going it can get going really fast so I'm really exciting about that partnership there that is not a fraud I still get basic attention token thanks to a donations people share on this channel and allocate here it's definitely not a fraud and yeah the guy who made it made Mozilla Firefox which was absolutely my favorite browser and he's huge on privacy so props there I want to thank everybody who continues to upload my podcast on iTunes I just take these videos and rip the audio and upload them for people who don't have access to enough data or just want to save data or don't even watch the videos while they're driving and prefer to listen to them or download them or whatever so I'm just giving away for free on iTunes and SoundCloud so the I got still you guys have given some more ratings and I want to thank flim-flam Flum who says I've been listening to Omar's working crypto for about a year he had strim end this value of this space as he informs his viewers listeners with all the majors new news and just such nice comments and I read the whole thing but thank you so much and wall as well another nice comment his voice is soothing I'm gonna have to just try to be a little bit more smoothing soothing feel like when I get comments like this they just reinforce what I should be doing his viewpoints are boring oh well you know I have to try do that his interests aren't for sale that's true I'm just too lazy his eyes are wide okay engage yourself I love that thanks awhile and and I've already thanked the other guys how you really appreciate that guys no pants and a smooth voice stop it guys I'm trying to keep this podcast for the general public and not explicit content you know so we can't talk about everything here anyway I want to finish up with a nice quote as we often actually before I do the quote this is something to keep in mind here I found this a while back I always save little things I find to share with you guys and and notice again what I've said before is something you've seen in traditional markets even though we have more volatility in this market that's mostly because it's a very NASA market market the crypto market even though people scream manipulation left and right it doesn't have enough liquidity yet to be manipulated to the levels you see in most mainstream markets with trillions and trillions of dollars and paper contracts and derivatives and control that can be and dark pools and money that really are used to manipulate that if you do your research but anyway we do see one thing happen also with crypto which is that bear markets are shorter than bull markets depending on how you look at this but let's take a look 153 week uptrend before 2018 and now we're in a 52 week bear market maybe and this could signal another uptrend it's something that we see in the past where bull markets are always longer than bear markets so just keep that in mind we've definitely been around for a while now if you guys still have been watching this and we could either be in that point now or it's like what I'm saying accumulation but I don't know I can't see it dropping much further and even if it does I think that the bull market is coming up very soon considering all the happening stuff we look at so let's take a look at Erik Voorhees common here by holding Dali dollars you are ultimately trusting politicians by holding Bitcoin you are ultimately trusting open source code trust in politicians tends to fall over time trust an open source code tends to rise over time and so with time which system likely advances damn and like words the ethos is speaking to this guy love that quote and I just wanted to share that with you guys so I hope you enjoyed the show I have to go put on some pants now but I will let you go I appreciate you guys making it out making it to Friday congratulations hope you have the best weekend and I will catch you soon if nothing happens today then I'll catch you the next time if not I'll make another video later something crazy happens but we'll have to see you never know in crypto but I'll be here for you guys take care much love and stay cryptic please

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