Cryptocurrency News LIVE! – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Brave, Bitgo, & Much More Crypto! (February 27, 2019)

hello everyone and welcome back to the show here with your favorite cryptocurrency host crypto aka omar BAM where we talk about all the happenings and going ons here in the cryptocurrency space again another exciting show jam-packed with information that I think you're gonna find valuable as we move into this new era of web 3.0 good money hopefully for the first time and the various projects surrounding it they're helping to enhance all our lives all around the world whether you're a first world person third world person it's important that we get everyone involved and it's really an honor to be able to share this information with you guys who are on the bleeding edge of what's happening so welcome everybody here to the show hey Adam cryptology dolphin 8 yad 5-foot hound I love that name that's so funny picture of a dog I think if I get a dog I'm gonna name him Fudd I would be hilarious maybe Fudd hound that would be a great name maybe that's name your dog what's up life-size box rocket one is eath Fork we're gonna get into that in just a moment but everybody go ahead grab your craft coffee grab your drinks let's get into it so let's start off by looking at the market had a little bit of a sell-off from the nice highs that we had previously enjoyed as you can see here ether 135 bucks Bitcoin 8400 $44 near its resistance levels without 8003 thousand eight hundred dollars and if it breaks below that it could see down to three thousand two hundred dollars and might drag down the market what's really interesting and this was sudden something noted on reddit is that it seems at the end this election on the Bitcoin market subreddit it seems that the altcoin seemed to be leading pace here when the all coins pump like light coins started to do like aetherium did like even XRP did it seems that bitcoin is actually following suit so we're having a time now where bitcoin isn't the only lire when we're moving up it seems other coins seem like there place to be and might even be good signals if you're following the right named coins for leading this market it seems that they have to have a proper valuation but that's an interesting turn of a switch of the mind I guess you could call it when Bitcoin moves down though it seems everything else follows but when something else moves up even Bitcoin seems to follow even though it might not have kicked off the trend which is something interesting to note when you're looking around big events that happen in crypto and one thing that I'm following right now of course is the hard fork for ether that's expected around 12 p.m. noon tomorrow Pacific time depending where you're at at block 7 million 280,000 when we're gonna have two different network upgrades for the etherium ecosystem it's gonna fix some major problems it's gonna add four if the theory of major theorem improvement proposals something that most of us regular day to day users of the etherium Network will not notice but will help developers and miners one thing that we will notice is that there's going to be an issuance reward for the miners actually which could impact supply down the road so as you can see here there's a countdown on ambert data aisle I'll add a link down below later on you can see how many blocks are left the current block that we are on and when you should expect that so if you're gonna be trading this and I'll admit I have done a little bit of swing trading here myself I'm pretty much waiting I have my base ether that I don't sell or crypto I guess you could call it I have some crypto I just do not sell I am gonna wait see what happens with the hard fork as I'm sure many traders are doing and speculators in this market and the reason for that is because hard forks aren't always successful there are risks that come with hard forts and so people holding into the hard fork have a chance you know of getting a forked coins coin for example if something survives such as when Bitcoin forked into the Bitcoin cash chain and you have two different chains or the theorem into a theorem classic when that happens after the dal attack there were two different coins but if you held through the fork there was a chance you know a small chance something could have happened not something irreplaceable or irreparable likely but it is a risk that traders ignore and therefore it should have been anticipated that we would see a sell-off leading into the hard fork that I was playing it although I'm happy to start accumulating again for the long term after this quite significant hard that's gonna be happening what's going on guys cafe err bab and of course I want to know what you guys are doing to play through this hard fork if you're doing anything at all down below in the comments cough it thanks for the donation let me go ahead and entertain here the comment one do you think we will see useful and functioning gaps on eath or us I would go mainstream that's such a loaded and great question covet and as we know there are a lot of projects that are working on things as far as mainstream we have to have easier on ramps first for these taps to be functional things that are seamless allow you to sign up with Facebook or Google I think that would be something extremely useful and and again many people are working on that I think it's coming there are great projects like Universal wallet coming out for a theorem by what's-his-name alex van dis yeah van de sand and so I think it's it's gonna be happening meta mask still can be confusing to people and while I don't think that we're ready I think we will be I think education on this front is gonna continue to happen people begin to understand we're gonna get into that a little bit the issues with crypto currencies for now it seems that a lot of these DAPs even some of that work that were built for the mainstream seem to be mostly geared toward crypto people one definitely what we want to do and see is more mainstream people adopting this stuff I'm really excited about the basic attention token actually that's one of the projects I'm most excited about to see succeed in the long term because of the way that they've been hitting development roblox here and I'll show you in just a moment what I mean by that I think they're out there but it just takes some digging through the rough to find those depths we want to see scalability we want to see education still happening and less friction and accessibility of these taps I don't think we're yet there but they're they're gonna come that's that's no doubt for now it remains within the ecosystem but the ecosystem continues to grow so thank you so much for the question god it's a great one and if anyone else has thoughts again let me know down below let us know here in Beach down below tinkering with music in the background for funsies from my soundcloud okay so brave this is really neat about the brave browser the brave browser is built off chromium so chromium is the same technology that fuels the Chrome browser and so it is growing in popularity it's one of the top app downloads in the App Store what's great is they have this basic attention token built into it which rewards you and will continue to reward in the future as they add more to the platform that they've been adding slowly allows you to earn tokens for viewing ads if you unable to view ads but by default this brave browser disables ads and you will not be able to see them so this actually has been shown today and this was posted on the brave browser blog or the brave blog this is actually on Sina com that I'm so exciting this news source well the Android version of the brave browser on your phone uses 35% less power than Google's Chrome on add heavy web sites of which which web sites aren't using cookies and trackers and ads write on tests loading 20 muse ok I'll I'll dim the music for now anyway let me know what you guys think about that in the future but it seems a little bit stacking for sure on tests loading 20 new sites on samsung galaxy s 9 phone Braves lower power consumption will let you browse the web for six point eight hours compared with four point four hours for Chrome before your battery died and this advantage is because of the fact that it natively disables ads and it also had a quite an advantage over Microsoft edge which is a little bit a high lighter weight I guess you could call it so that's really nice to see you know another thing is that that happened yesterday I didn't get to mention to you guys is the partnership that occurred with the tap network between brave software and the tap network which now allows you when you earn those basic attention tokens through your browser fight by viewing ads you'll be able to earn well redeem those for a war at over 250,000 tap network brand partners huge ones including Amazon Starbucks uber Apple you'd be able to contribute and I love this part of it directly to the Red Cross Habitat for Humanity the World Wildlife Fund and hundreds of other charitable causes so let me see here the quote from Brendan Eich both the user and advertiser lose in today's digital advertising landscape and with regulations like GDP are looming all over the world that's out of the UK this broken ecosystem simply cannot continue as we know it we're excited to welcome the tap network as a partner for ad platform that's built completely on privacy and together reward users for their attention while opening the doors for brands that are looking to connect ethically with new audience I would be so down to view an ad if I know I'd be rewarded rather than exploited if they if I'm able to opt in to that I'm a big voluntarist and in in a you know in a big fill-up philosophy behind my background and to me this is really exciting they continue to push forward here they continue to innovate and add slowly to their network onboard huge partners and I think this is one project that you really you know had quite a rocket yesterday the price of it but um you know look for pullbacks if it's something you're interested in doing it's not financial advice but for me personally this is one of those projects the longer-term I think is extremely exciting since advertising to play such a role in modern society and impacts all of us in so many ways and this new evolution of it of better providing rewards to publishers who publish content to advertisers and to the users who opt to view them is extremely exciting to me since I heard about basic attention token I've been intrigued and seeing their continued innovation even in this bear market not throwing the towel is extremely exciting so that's something I'm gonna continue to follow here this is something extremely bullish right if you haven't heard about this big NGO which provides they created the multi signature wallet solution they provide wallets and custody services now for institutions that are that need to park money on behalf of clients because if you're an institution in in the normal world you don't really hold the custody of the stocks for your customers who are trading on an exchange or something like that you park it somewhere safe there's all sorts of systems that are put in place by regulators to make this happen but basically there needs to be a custodian that holds assets on behalf of the traders or the fund managers or whatever and this is where a lot of the big money is parked in these institutions so we haven't had good reputable custody services in the past for crypto because regulators just didn't understand it bit NGO has managed to secure insurance now which is important because if you're gonna be parking customers funds and you want them to be safe your customers to feel safe and you to comply with regulators before you park it this insurance plays a big role because big coves insurance is with Lloyds out of London is the name of the company that's providing this reputable insurance provider is gonna be covering up to a hundred million dollars worth of stolen funds thefts or destroyed private keys even if stolen from top-level executives of the CEO ghost India to open an orphanage and dies you can know that your funds are safe because they are covered by up to a hundred million dollars per accounts worth of insurance at a pretty low cost of only about one percent so this is a huge thing when it comes to institutions feeling like they're compliant and safe and parking capital on behalf of their clients significant capital and putting it into crypto to allow for the trading of this so this could be really massive news especially for institutions looking to put money into crypto Siskin bring a new influx of capital and it's one of the most exciting things that we've heard about recently as you can see here on this post which I'll linked it later on below if you'd like int look to look into a little bit more of the details you can see there 100 million dollar policy covers their assets where the private keys are held 100% by bit go Inc or be Co Trust Company in the event of third party hacks copying or theft of private keys insider theft to dishonor dishonest acts by big NGO employees or executives and loss of keys so even if you are gonna be parking capital on a custodian and you're concerned about losing your money right because we don't trust consortiums in this place but if you are gonna trust a custodian you want to make sure even as a retail person that your money is gonna be safe and so this is a really nice thing to happen with insurance broker Woodruff Sawyer over at Lloyds we can be helping provide this it's gonna be also for cold wallets so not just hot wallets as we've seen other companies who've gotten insurance do they only provide insurance for hot wallets that might only have five to ten million dollars at a time small amounts relative to their cold wallets that are supposedly safe but can and do get hacked all the time so this is a huge thing and I think we're gonna be hearing more about it in the future you like the music I'll keep that as a note for the next one anyway one person who got their account hacked was this user here on the cryptocurrency reddit who went into great detail about it and I'm gonna link it later down below and I'm gonna go through a whole thing but let me point out the crazy details of this this is just such a thing going on right now so coin no me wallet critical vulnerability made me lose my life savings he lost about sixty to seventy thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrency when he tried to move from the exodus wallet and copy his seed phrase all those random words that you used to back up your wallet or to import it into a different wallet he went ahead and got his Exodus desktop wallet passphrase and went to the coin Namie wallet which by the way or is it right here is a closed source base it's no longer open source and hasn't been open source since 2018 so he went ahead and did this lost money he upon transferring it he noted that a bunch of money was being sent out of his wallet and Hebrews really confusable it's super sad truth it's not even funny said mr. crypto comedian it's just really sad to hear about this so he went into detail about how it happened he realized that what Konerko enemy does when you put in your C phrase is it goes ahead and runs through a Google server spellcheck it sends each word as you put it unencrypted into a Google server that spell checks it and underlines what is wrong it seems that either an employee he's trying to say of like Google or someone helping with that spellcheck or running this this stuff was able to notice that all these words were a crypto backup phrase and stole them so it's it's really quite insane so here here's what's going on this was the last I'll read this to you Konami's final response via emails to warith all wah Mawali who had lost those funds he said I'm still waiting here for you guys it's been a long three days so far better not ignore me my questions no more so high worth and by the way he's both an investor and he's a computer programmer so he was able to find this exploit by doing his own research you'll read about later on if you're interested in looking into things so high waris's angelos from Konami we are definitely not ignoring you there has been constant documented correspondence these past days things would have been easier and faster if you would have disclosed a report on day one as requested multiple times onwards you have discovered a security issue in our desktop clients for which you are eligible for a bounty many such bounties have been paid over the years and there was also an occasion that one security researcher was actually employed by us after disclosing an issue the amount of the bounty is not predefined or fixed it will be decided by the management in due time taking of course under consideration the current and bad year for the cryptocurrency space in general during which most companies downsized and limited expenses so they're basically telling them here that they're not going to give them that much money because it's been rough times at the same time we'll be closely working with our partner chain alice's the top company for blockchain analysis that sermon the flow of your funds we saw that they were sent to a specific addresses often use only one or two hops and they are residing there untouched since the incident with your consent our partner will blacklist those addresses so no exchange globally will accept funds from them note that chain alysus is a very expensive service which we paid by coin ami in an effort to shed light to your case despite the fact that it is still unproven that the funds were hacked because of coin ami please allow the required time for processing all the above especially the chain alysus part as there is a big big backlog of hacks going on globally and since they are the only reputable company to deal with them they have huge volumes it looks like if you're trying to work for a crypto company you could go work for safe Santa chain alysus is a big back ok ok so in conclusion you are definitely eligible for the disclosure bounty this is guaranteed and this really this person does really not know how to spell definitely anyway ok maybe maybe they did it right anyway so he goes on to say warith in response I repeat myself as you were obviously keep running away from my question what is the bounty amount does it cover my full loss and yeah I would be really concerned if I want to use a new wallet and my funds were stolen too does does this bounce here saying for pointing out all the issues to which coin ami pretty quickly offered a fixed of do does that bounty cover my full losses all I want here is my souland assets they were stolen because of using your wallet if you don't decide now then I will go public which he did and to the authorities as well it's up to you to block the one who took it or trace and all I know I lost my life savings because of your security measures failures I will not accept anything below of my stolen assets value 17 Bitcoin when they were stolen it's your job to block and find him sue him or why even hire him oh I don't think he's gonna be working for coin Tommy and taking up that offer all I want is my money back in full FY I will actually cost me more money now to get my tokens as they were I have to go through exchanges and start all the buying process over again for instance I had a hundred K block port tokens can you get them back for me that's fair right like he's gonna have to go buy all these smaller token amounts that he had purchased on different exchanges and that could cost him money too this would be my final message either you decide and tell me we are paying that amounts haven't seen Bitcoin or believe me in a few hours you will offer me double the amount and I will not accept it I know how massive the report will spread and affect your company image so make your decision now you have two hours from now you send me anything that does not state that amount I will be refunded I will ignore it and process to fight for my money the other ways and you guys have forced me to choose the nasty way so he basically says you know it's up to them to get CH analysis he has nothing to do with that he wants his money back so essentially the criminal decided not to spend the crypto assets then it means I have to wait forever right because they said you know I want a angelos we want to clarify that based on your previous reply we will proceed with blacklisting the current addresses were the fund resides so that all these exchanges coinbase bit tricks by ants they know that those are stolen funds and they do not accept them and if they do accept them they report them because they are tainted globally although I'm sure they might be able to find some exchange to accept them although silly hackers have messed that one up in the past like the one we talked about yesterday efforts to do so result an immediate arrest warrant for the person involved this will be done in hope that the person involved will be forced to return the funds we've had great success with this in the past and so warith is also upset because he had put out some of the issues technically with digital signatures of their clients up on twitter and they had responded to his tweet saying apologies for the inconvenience we are uploading the digitally signed version of the windows installer and then they seems seem to have deleted that tweet response and worth was not very happy about that the company said that his company policy and that he must go through normal support tickets but doesn't that suck man somebody who's a program who obviously has a lot of money in crypto should know better than to be copying and pasting pass phrases on to desktop wallets there are numerous ways he could have gotten hacked realistically malware that a screen hacking keylogger so many various ways but he did look into it and does look like they're paying the google dictionary which is a rather silly way to be running your company after all so this is evolving on both sides troubling to both sides both the coin Ami's reputation here even though they offered the fix and it is hard to pay bounties when you're kind of broke and you have to pay also fortune alysus and all this stuff and for this user who lost his life savings in crypto with little recourse of getting it back so this is a big problem that's why I always heard you guys to be safe get yourselves a hardware wallet like the ledger wallet and as who was it that let me know on Twitter guys update your ledger nan OS firm firmware if you have a ledger nano s and you haven't updated it since December you need to take care of that because it was a serious critical vulnerability that was pointed out by a mycelium wallet company employee and you need to get that taken care of so make sure you update your firmware for the ledger 9ls ASAP and that's very important but that's usually one of the best ways to store your crypto is inside of one of these hardware wallets I don't really recommend storing significant funds on your phone on your desktop wallet whatever it is it's too easy for it to get stolen or use engine wallet right and there they have some pretty good security on there too and it looks like it's gonna be on the samsung galaxy s s ten officially huh engine wallet kind of confirmed there with different coins pretty neat pretty neat okay so let's continue on here so hua b is going to be allowing will be exchanged if you trade on that exchange you might be happy to know that they are going to add pairs for the etherium based tether that's been out since about January of last year and you'll be able to trade that against various pairs for a faster smoother variants of the Omni Bitcoin version of tether serving institutional investors rather effectively cool stuff there shout out there so coin hive this is a company that has created software that mines Manero primarily and it's one of the things that has fueled malware Manero mining on various websites in the background so you log in to a website such as Pirate Bay and they are mining Manero using your computer whether you're aware of it or not in the background and there are many variants of coin hive software it seems that coin hi is going out of business however as it says here on their blog some of you might have anticipated this some of you will be surprised the decision has been made we will discontinue our service on March 8th 2019 it has been a blast working on the spreads people the past eighteen months but to be completely honest it isn't economically viable anymore the drop in hash rate over 50% after the last mayor of hard fork hit us hard so did the crash of the cryptocurrency market with the value of Manero depreciating over 85% within a year this and the announced hard fork an algorithm update of the número network on march 9th has led us to the conclusion that we need to discontinue hive thus mining will not be operable anymore after March 8th 2019 your dashboard will still be accessible until April 30 of 2019 so you will be able to initiate your payouts if your balance is above the minimum payout threshold thank you all for the great time we had together so several things here on one hand it's really good that they're not gonna be creating software that allows material to be easily mine in the background that's gonna be not be as easy although there are all alternatives that spring up out there that are out there and the internet other than Kony hive producing this kind of software on the other hand you know it's another company that's going down during this cold crypto winter we have people like Joseph Lubin of consensus however they're saying that we have turned now we're no longer in that winter they did with that company needed to do in order to stay afloat and sustainable with their layoffs that you might have heard about consensus with Hawaii and now the spring is ahead of us as we rounded the corner according to him but on the same note it could be a while before we begin moving up seriously even though this might be capitulation who really knows and it seems you know he has some friends so maybe this is a good point to accumulate but anyway point is and said not a company going down we've had layoffs from all sorts of companies from shapeshift it's a bit Maine to hosho my shift debit card that I used to link to my coin base in order to swipe it at any visa terminal is going out of service as well after a good run of you know about two years maybe over two years so it's it's an interesting time it's a switch in dynamics everything is changing there'll be newly coming up and all we can do is position ourselves in the best place to be here and I wish those who are losing jobs for whatever reason you know just stay good I wish them the best for sure so let's continue on here it seems maker has been having a good period two percent of all ether in existence is locked up in maker Dow creating Dai tokens that are backed by one dollar I'm not gonna get too much into it but this is another coin I'm a long-term holder of I always talked about this it was the first ICO I got into it allows you to basically take your either and lock it up get about 150% of whatever you want to get out then you create your own loan you literally take out a stable coin that's worth a dollar and pretty much has always been a dollar and you just have to pay back those Dai tokens over time right you pay them back or you can pay them all at once or whatever it is if the ether price goes up you have to pay back less of those die if the ether price goes down you have to pay back more if you don't get liquidated automatically by the smart contracts but this is finding more and more utility among other people such as Mariano Conte who works for maker and he Argentinian we actually did an interview a while back if you want a Google Mariano Conti co and TI maker and crypto and you'll find an interview to learn more about him if you're interested what he did was he took out a loan from his self he came he became his own personal bank because he wanted to purchase a car so what he did is he put up 300% collateral worth of eath to take out a basically put in $30,000 worth of eath to take out $10,000 worth of dye just so he doesn't get liquidated the price drops too soon he was able to pay back that loan without having to rely on a bank and do so with generally lower interest rates this is the kind of stuff that crypto is already good for it's insane to me that you can do this especially since you can use and die on places like coin base and more and more exchanges to exchange even for fiat so this is a radical stuff and as I've said before if there's one DAP that is already usable for the mainstream if they're able to figure this out and definitely usable usable for people who want to wrap or hand their head around the whole concept maker is it and soon they're gonna be coming out with the ability for you to have died and earn interest on it they're creating synthetic tokens or maybe in the future allowing you to trade even stocks on it it's a it's a wild multi-asset collateral I'm super excited about that project and that usage of it in particular was nice since I had talked about you know how you could even use this to take out a down payment for your house and basically get it for free if the price of eath goes up because you do it at the right time so props there to Mariano who shared that story of what he did with that so the indexes I haven't mentioned this Nasdaq has launched two indexes they have launched the bitcoin liquid index and they theorem liquid index so these are prices that are gathered as it says here each is designed to provide a real-time spot or reference rate for the price of one Bitcoin and 1/8 respectively quoted quoted in USD and based on the most liquid ends of the market both indices are indices or calculated using using a methodology that has been independently audited against key iOS co-principals the BLX is one of the most widely referenced BTC indices among crypto tape traders and has been calculated back to 2010 likewise the elx has been calculated back to 2014 so if you want to go ahead and check out those prices they're already on trading view the brave new coin liquid index here it doesn't have too much going yet too much eyes on it but I'm sure that's gonna grow as you can see here and the price is quite similar to the real spot price of Bitcoin I guess you know your definition of real right so coin market cap you're saying Bitcoin 8003 thousand eight hundred forty-four and they're on the BLX it's three thousand eight hundred and fifteen so not too far off and the reason is probably higher on coin market cap is because they take note of bit Phoenix's prices which tend to be higher and then in other exchanges so it's gonna slowly be probably an index that's used by more institutional and companies and people building those new financial layers over Bitcoin and aetherium and I think this is both a good and a bad thing in that in a sense it could be a bad thing because how they gather these indices is likely to be manipulated into the future they could change how these indices figure out the price and so it might not be the price we pay on these other exchanges it might be the Wall Street price I think in the long term that would be more prone to manipulation depending how they get these sources but we'll have to see for now it seems to be quite accurate but there could be some funny business going on in the background there yeah I hear that ethos to crash about 2/3 from where it's at right now in order for maker to have an emergency shutdown situation and consider we've already had that and survived it seems quite unlikely for now but there are risks with maker that you need to be looking into right now and there was a tweet that I had put out last I think it was like two days ago and it or two or three days ago on Twitter and it had pointed to an article that Illustrated the by the burn mechanic for maker and how maker works there's only a million tokens that are being burned almost 600 in 600,000 plus a year dollars worth and it could continue to grow so that should push up the price as well and to the point that eventually if you're the last maker holder theoretically the plur the price could be 35 quadrillion dollars but to me what's fascinating is that this is a new kind of monetary system that is not that it's not centralized it lives on smart contracts we can trust the code it's automated I don't have to ask for permission to get a loan and I can get lower interest rates to me this is absolutely already what future is stuff we're in the future already because of that a coven no problem man thanks for the donation of course I'll answer another question when are you back at crypto space in San Pedro I would love to be there again sometime soon I've just been caught up with the move so I've been holed up just researching crypto getting the content out while working on the move in the background but I will like to return probably around April let's look out for April and I would like to come back there's also a new kind of crypto space opening up can't remember the name of it it's gonna be opening up in Englewood next month so it's gonna be really close to me so I'm excited to attend that launch maybe you can contact Ernesto Huerta at crypto space and he should be able to tell you the name of that company since I think they're working together as well but maybe I'll check that out on their launch so check out their launch day it can't recall off the top of my head and I'll probably be there and that's early next month I think ok thanks again cobby so this I'll finish up here with some nice comments from the creator of Apple one of the founders of Apple Steve Wozniak who did all the tech stuff behind Apple when they founded the company him and Steve Jobs let's see what he has to say about Bitcoin I only think of how do we make a product and what will it do that's good for society well let's pick up on the on the tech angle you've said in the past that you believe the Bitcoin is going to be the world's single currency or you hope that is is going to be the world's single currency we see massive value destruction in Bitcoin are you still a believer in that is still is that still a workable model for you I'm not sure I can buy that we've seen massive value destruction I think we've seen massive value creation there was I think a period of time psychology will often Drive like stock market dips in that oh my gosh got to get out now get a get out now in the psychology factors kind of a fear thing and there was this idea that my gosh Bitcoin might go up to $40,000 and went to 20,000 I had a lot of Bitcoin like some Bitcoin but I did never as an investor I only had Bitcoin to experiment with and find out how to buy and sell things around the world how to travel how to find restaurants that would accept Bitcoin that sort of thing and so when it went up high I said whoa wait a minute I do not want to be one of these people I've never and I don't invest any stocks I've never used Apple stock app I don't want to be one these people watching the price of Bitcoin so I sold out and I don't know where it is now but wherever it is it's way over what I bought and I still experiment with it on new Bitcoin devices and all we've seen tech leadership across them yeah that's a that's a good talk they also got into AI and they got into talking about Mark Zuckerberg I'll put a link later on down below if you guys want to check out that and interview for yourself is Gaston here what's up Gaston crypto blockchain plug in Englewood thank you so much that's the name of the new spot opening up crypto blockchain plug in Englewood LA California March 9th 12 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. I'm going to do my best to stop by that day at some point I'll probably update you guys more as it get close to that and I'm happy to see more spaces come out work spaces for people to hang out and talk crypto and host events and whatever maybe even I'll do a meet-up there or at the crypto space at some point so thanks again guys for making it out I'll finish up here with the cheesiest picture I guess you could say of a quote of the day when you can't find the sunshine be the sunshine I remember going to a talk here in LA and those days dude that was dressed crazy just absolutely crazy but he was a growth hacker I had posted that for the patreon supporters if you guys remember that video there guy was dressed in the most ridiculous outfit and asked him why he did it and he said because he always likes to stand out you know he's not a afraid of being his own personality and I think when you are somebody positive when everybody else is negative you tend to stand out and it's a great way to do things you know and to change people's light I prefer that you know maybe were the sunshine when people are being dark and grim that's what I try to do here on the channel because the long term I couldn't be more optimistic about all this so to me honestly it's organic it comes from within I'm not forcing it I'm not trying to just lie you guys so I hope that shows but either way when all this negativity is out there just look for the other side of things it's too easy to get into that vacuum tunnel of negative people that you're following who are doing that to you but remember there's always another side and there are always people positive and oftentimes as people who've been here a little bit longer so mine I suppose who you follow on Twitter and things like that and always keep the positive side of things on your head as much as the negative and look at both sides so take care guys much love thanks for taking time to come out to the channel and supporting this I can't thank you enough sincerely every single day it gives me a reason to wake up and it's it's a real blessing to be able to do this I wish you guys the best and happy rest of your day or evening

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  5. Omar, its great to see you still posting your content on Steem. It would be awesome to see you interview Ned Scott @ned on Steem about how the Steem blockchain can be an alternative to YouTube and Facebook platforms

  6. On the coinomi “hack” – the “victim” could have just as easily been subject to any random plugin on his browser scanning and using his seed words. People need to realize that every extension you install can fully read anything you type into any page in that browser. If you do crypto in a browser, you need to use a bare, pristine browser without any extensions.

  7. using brave Browser for a while now and have to say its very smooth and fast. Download from here :

  8. Thanks mate. What about teaching us how to use Nano S or any recommendation of any links about it? Cheers !!!

  9. The Regulated Australian Exchange called Independent Reserve also has Lloyds of London Insurance. Has had for a while now.

  10. Can you please update the description to add our official statement regarding Warith Al Maawali’s findings? Thank you.

  11. Hey Omar how r u playing the ether hard fork? Buying to get the fork coins or just waiting to buy lower after the fork?

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