Cryptocurrency News LIVE! – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, & More Crypto News! (December 26th, 2018)

hello everybody and welcome back to Kryptos news I hope you've had an amazing Christmas if you're celebrating it's been really rewarding over here I really love what Gabriel got me my little brother this thing is called a stream deck so cool I broke it hopefully I didn't press any other weird buttons on it this thing just lets me like switch much easier than using my keyboard as you can see everything is seamless and smooth this is really nice device actually if you're gonna be streaming I'll actually put a link later on in the description if you guys want to pick it up awesome Christmas present but we're gonna go ahead and get into things here oh yeah and this work with OBS xsplit for your hotkeys on a screen I don't know this newfangled technology man this is insane I love it first time using it so buzz about in this steps but I hope you gotten some nice things and given out some nice gifts I'm going to be heading out to tomorrow to visit family I'm gonna go to New York actually Virginia and then riding up to New York and gonna be out there so I'll try to keep up with the news probably from my phone as I can so I hope you guys will be checking in but either way I there's never really a dull moment in the crypto sphere so I'm gonna try to keep you guys informed especially if something major happens so we're gonna get into some stuff today that I think you guys will find interesting how do I do this okay so um yes so let's go ahead and look at what's going on with the prices what's going on everybody good to have you lies Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad Santiago yeah I know I drop my new toy this thing is dirty though feels really sturdy okay so let me see okay how do we do this all right that should work okay so we're looking at prices here we're looking at a hundred and thirty billion dollar market cap for crypto currencies Bitcoin dominance 51.8% and it's just been kind of smooth there that really a big move we had over the last seven days we've had a lot of volatility we're hit me we're hitting seven-month highs actually for crypto trading prices so a lot of things picking up steam here on the spot markets one coin that's notable right now is Bitcoin private which isn't really down that much it's down only point 94% today but I think what's really interesting about Bitcoin private is the news that has been coming out and I wanted to make sure you guys are aware about what is going on because Bitcoin private is a combination of the people holding Bitcoin who held Bitcoin and the people who held Z classic when Bitcoin private was born so if you had some Bitcoin when this was born then you probably have some Bitcoin private somewhere and so the thing is it combines the privacy of Z cash without the mining pre mined rewards that went to Z cash when when it was founded that was the the Z classic formed out of Z cash right and it took away that founders reward and so Bitcoin private was trying to airdrop people who had Bitcoin and people who held Z classic into one combined set that would only ever have 21 million coins allowing for shield shielded privacy and a big community now there are some issues coming out I'm not sure if you guys are aware that have to do with the supply because apparently there are only supposed to be 21 million bitcoins private out there but it seems that there are about two million more there was a report that came out called don't trust verify a Bitcoin private case study here it's a fork mirja talks about some of the history of how it was born and then coin metrics did research and uncovered that there are about an additional two point zero four million units that were created at the time of the fork so they talked about how you know the team had said there were only gonna be 21 million but they've uncovered that there are more out there they thought maybe there's an you know with the way we're running nodes these are some of the things our note is not on the correct chain somehow it was someone is feeding our know garbage or there's a bug in there in the get transaction out set info code the minor award maybe maybe it changed since the publication of the white paper making their original estimate wrong maybe somebody has managed to figure out how to break ZK sinorix and zero knowledge proof which is the basis for Z cash and Z classic and someone is minting Bitcoin private in the shielded pool which is a hidden pool which people are excited about obviously for its privacy features or there was a hidden pre mine that was never disclosed so they went in and actually discussed this they they get into more details if you're trying to figure this out this is what was expected right this is the amount of coins that were supposed to be expected as it got imported into BTC P BTC but it seems this came out of BTC when suddenly there were more coins out there than should have been interestingly you know not that many people actually claim their Bitcoin private so now they're estimated that you know there are a bunch of coins that got moved into shielded addresses private addresses that are that have been selling it seems they've been moving coins since July of 2017 and so maybe a lot of the volume that is actually out there trading comes from these illegitimate coins and then this is putting a negative pressure obviously somebody was able to sell coins that they that the community did not know about and in quite a huge supply of it considering the amount of people that actually claimed these coins I think only about maybe three million of the coins were claimed that about three hundred and fifty thousand of the coins that were moving were illegitimate coins and so there there are issues in regards to discussing what to do right now amongst the community what's up Alvaro thanks for the donation my man thanks for the one two three I like that number man thanks a lot brother so so let me let me go ahead and show you guys here this was the official statement put out today by Bitcoin private oh I'm sorry the 24th buy Bitcoin private so they discussed the coin metrics report and they in fact shall have shown that it was true seems that there are a lot more coins in circulation then should have been it they said that they had no idea about this a team of developers they were not aware about this this was not something intentional or any sort of malfeasance on their behalf it looks like what happened was a bounty for a specific issue had been posted which you can find there on github a developer an anonymous developer seems accepted the bounty becoming a Bitcoin private developer and he was promoted to a contributor on github and which allowed him to merge different requests and to change the coder out so he completes the issue merges his own code and has sent the reward the bounty for completing the issue however one line of code is missing which allows the fork mine to be exploited basically this created a an issue and someone maybe the person created the code or maybe somebody else was able to take advantage of this issue to exploit things after collecting the bounty the developer in question stopped working on the Bitcoin private project so maybe this was their intention to actually do the contributing team has not heard from him since January of this year even though they've reached out for comments and during the publicly announced fork mine that's when the the bad actor exploited this creating the two million coins and it went unnoticed despite everything so coin metrics that you know made the research report they go into the history of it the contribution team that currently exists began its own investigation to uncover the bad act there and try to determine the best way forward some of the things that they're doing right now is asking that all exchanges immediately halt the trading for Bitcoin private pending the investigation they're also working with exchanges to try to figure out I think bit hum was the exchange that they're working with try to figure out where like who was moving these coins actually and so on so let's continue here so who did it because the fork mine was public anyone with fistic ated working knowledge of blockchain development could have exploited the code bug at the point view at this point the only thing we can be sure of is that the BTC peak contribution team did not know about the exploit until it was uncovered by coin metrics they've really gone out of their way to try to you know deflect this as well and say you know this was some other bad actor it definitely wasn't us we weren't aware about this maybe I guess it could have been somebody up at the team it really could have been anyone at this point they've caught no it there we go they've contacted contacted hit BTC the exchange about the situation are hopeful that the bad actor might be uncovered the coin metrics team has been included in the email for full transparency and they're gonna be trying to do blockchain forensics to figure out what can be done so this is these are the two options that they're having right now as far as what to do to proceed forward to help the struggling blockchain so coin metrics as stated they believe that less than twenty thousand legitimate Bitcoin private coins exist in shielded private addresses along with 1.7 to 1.8 million illegitimate coins so the team is favoring an option to hard fork the blockchain and remove all shielded coins from existence so every coin that is currently shielded boom gone vamoosh while this would cause the 20k legitimate coins to disappear we believe this is preferable to the alternative of leaving the 1.7 to 1.8 million illegitimate coins in circulation this would also fix an oversupply issue so what they're saying here is we basically bomb everybody who's holding a coin that they held maybe for privacy reasons maybe that's why they held Bitcoin private they wanted to keep it in shielded addresses and unfortunately they would have maybe even you so you have to be aware their coins vanished from existence in order to help the greater cause and fix a supply issue so I think that's extremely that's kind of a harsh thing to do to a blockchain I think you might agree it seems that that's the one that they're they're preferring right now the other thing that they say is we could perform a hard 4th to remove all unmov'd coins which we believe to be greater than 12 million Bitcoin private this would fix the supply issue but would not remove the illegitimate coins so they basically hard fork and remove all the coins that were never claimed or moved so this would basically lower the supply permanently of Bitcoin private there would still be some bad actors out there who are smiling and happy about this but it would lower the supply out there so that's that's kind of like being between a rock and a hard place you might agree oh and I notice another donation here let me take a moment to say thank you thank you very much Dennis for the two year old donation brother Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays man so this they go on to say the Bitcoin private team we intend to proceed with coding option number one immediately if they see consensus from the community moving forward with this option and the hard fork will be coordinated and initiated as soon as possible so they're really working on number one primarily so you should be absolutely cautious if you're using Bitcoin private in general at all right now we also suggest that all users proceed with caution now when moving coins since they might have to roll back the blockchain to a certain point depending you know if now that they're discussing this issue people holding Bitcoin private in shielded addresses maybe you maybe even more specifically the bad actors they might try to move those coins out of shield that addresses in order to protect themselves so there is a possibility that they would have to hard fork to prevent something like this so basically if you're moving Bitcoin private around now that might not be a final confirmation in the future since things might be rolled back but I did want to update you guys there on the situation I don't know what it is III don't think perhaps that the Bitcoin private team did intentionally try to do this it was definitely seems like maybe one or two bad actors or a group who try to take advantage of the situation but this is another issue I think when we have hard Forks they did you know publish reports that allowed people and code to allow people to actually verify UTX OHS and where the coins were coming where they were moving during the fork but it seems it never actually checked for special blocks and there was something like a hundred and two special blocks with four hundred outputs in them a 50 Bitcoin that were generated generating this – what 2 million extra coins that should not have been exists of existence but nobody actually verified so this goes again you know like like the title says do not trust to verify and be extremely cautious cautious always when you're getting out there and this is important because even though it's an air-dropped coin a lot of people like to trade and coins and and they could be losing money in this situation I don't want to see you guys do bad so just be very cautious continue to follow this if you're holding Bitcoin private and if you're planning on moving at any time soon just don't let me see what some of the comments are be tcp very bad coin left a carpet die off mad picnic d vault b tcp may not be intentional but if not intentional then its incompetence block chains are not easy to do i mean that's a good way to put it there are not many competent blockchain developers out there which is why they were being paid huge amounts of money to get hired by teams good developers are extremely hard to find especially when we don't have block chains that have been around for a very long time so that's why i tend to trust the the block chains that have been around for a long time and not like quick forex in all of this kind of thing okay so let me continue on here with some of the news guys that's like the main one but there's definitely more out here so GMO GMO is a major Chinese tech company media company and it looks like they're getting out of the mining game this was published yesterday out there and they're in China it looks like the Board of Directors have met up to talk about what is going on and because they have had huge losses over the last year they got into the mining game for producing mining equipment mining themself and trying to release take a stake in the whole blockchain mining field even though they had bigger and bigger hash power and influence on these networks they had losses of over 320 million dollars last year so the team has decided to sell to a private company all the development and like mining devices that they have on the side that they were gonna sell for an undisclosed confidential agreement amount and they're gonna continue to mine it seems in-house as long as they can keep revenues above electrical costs seems like they're fine for now but they definitely had issues over the last year because of the lowering of the price is what they're saying and this less demand has made it unprofitable for them to continue these operations you know they came out in December 2017 like hard time they trying to be the biggest and baddest miners out there and now you know just a year later you know they got at the worst time it wasn't retail investors only who got in at inappropriate moments towards the end of last year in the beginning of this year even big companies big chunk at tech companies have taken quite the hit so they're gonna they're gonna be stopping operations it's pretty much over as they say here how okay so they just talk about their considerable losses extraordinary losses actually so they're gonna be throwing in the towel it seems here and this is kind of shame as well they were talking about creating this tiny seven nanometer chip mining devices we talked about it here on this channel and that doesn't seem to seem like it'll be proceeding forward anymore it's funny when you know people start buying Mayan devices from a new mining company who's coming out that they pre-order the months in advance and we can see how quick things change here that company might not even be around in a little while so again just a rough time and hard to pick the winners here oh we got a new sponsor here let me see let me see who was it who was it was Dennis Oh Dennis thanks man you you donation and sponsor I can't thank you enough NARS mining we've already discussed bit by no I'm sorry not blind ants or is it bait main so bit main has confirmed that layoffs are happening there was a version of linked in that's called me may in China and on December 17th an individual anonymously posted on their a thread asking for insider information on the possible layoffs that are happening on the biggest mining manufacturer in not just China but in the entire world since everyone has been talking about layoffs happening there they closed down their Israel office and now it seems like it will even be affecting their main China office as they try to restructure and refocus and you know get rid of the other perhaps lines the company was trying to do the division that have to do with you know other blockchain products or even AI as they try to double down on just mining and reducing redundancies and lowering costs there so it seems that you know they got there were over 200 different responses on this LinkedIn like maymay websites post including from some verified supposedly by Nance employees who confirmed that it looks like the layoffs were beginning on December 24th Merry Christmas they celebrate Christmas that much in China I don't know I don't know but that would be a kind of shitty present unless you really didn't like working for bit inane maybe your those people are bound for better things but anyway so it seems like they're gonna be getting rid of a lot a lot of the of the company perhaps 50% they had last year in January 2017 1000 employees which is pretty big and then we've come all the way to now when they have 3,100 employees not counting who's ever getting laid off right now which is hundreds more than when they filed for their IPO earlier this year and so the company has just been booming and it got a little bit ahead of itself it seems just like with consensus another company that's downsized quite a bit but this is an even bigger company as laying off even more people trying to stay you know relevant into the future and to trade try to stay a force so it looks like perhaps a smart move it looks like their IPO is definitely dead in the water and it's unfortunate for people who've had to lose their jobs who probably they don't work there for very long as it was but it did it does seem to be concerned confirmed by the company themselves when they say there has been some adjustment to our staff this year as we continue to build a long-term sustainable and scalable business a part of that is having to really focus on things that are core to that mission and not things that are auxiliary some departments apparently have to be let go entirely was one of the responses to the threat it's hard to pinpoint exactly how many people are being laid off it's being noted by employees because some whole divisions are being cut off so right now there's no way to really figure this out entirely but definitely it looks like scale backs are being done within the company what's up Julio did you discuss Charlie Li's retweet from 2016 no can you link it here for me I would love to to check out what what that is in fact let's go ahead and take a quick trip to Twitter and do that ourselves let me see if you just bear with me one moment we will go ahead and visit Charlie Li's and for those of you guys who don't know he is the founder of litecoin used to work for coinbase got out of the crypto markets at just the right time you know people hate the guy but if you would have listened and then like he was like yeah I'm president predicting a 90% drop in the markets and got out when he did you would have been so happy what is this okay from 2016 our retweets well there's a lot of retweets here tomorrow is going to be a good day is that the one we'll see did he tweet that today okay I don't know is that the one I mean let me go check let me go check I don't see it here yet I'll just wait a second Seaview response charlie Lee what it what a character so this is an interesting article that talks about the OTC markets it seems that there's this company called skew cryptocurrency options market trader and they're talking about the prices that happen on exchanges like coinbase and on coin base you have prices that can be up to ten percent to buy some Bitcoin and buyers do not want to pay big buyers who are trying to buy substantial amounts of Bitcoin do not want to pay a ten percent premium for Bitcoin so what they do is they go to over-the-counter markets OTC markets on the side and these exchanges don't directly affect the price of Bitcoin that we see on coin market cap which takes a look at the exchanges that most of us trade on right and these are done on separate orders between buyers and sellers who privately negotiate a price so it seems that these off the record to write this off the record trading has perhaps two to three times the volume that we see on coin market caps so huge amounts of Bitcoin you might see four billion dollars traded for crypto on coin market cap or these exchanges but if you go to the OTC market tab group the research they've done in the interviews that they've done have found they found that perhaps two to three times that amount is what happens on OTC markets so actually about eight billion to twelve billion dollars as institutional clients try to get the best price obviously so a lot of what's happening right now well thank you very much Marcel excited for 2019 I want crypto will bring us thank you for the hard work I'm super excited to Marcel thinks the hard work will keep the community alive oh yeah me and you bruh happy holidays from the Netherlands oh man I can't wait to go back to it's so lucky to be there thank you very much so we're we're at a point where there's been a lot of selling and so we have to speculate right so obviously people want the best price so these institutions are going to OTC markets while they try to accumulate and take their positions which probably aren't huge positions right now you could probably argue as they wait to see what happens wait to see how that part of the portfolio perform for investors etc and so we've had selling but probably on these OTC markets who's selling who's holding the most Bitcoin probably OG whales people who've been around for a long time and people who have been mining and holding for a long time selling throughout the last year and the institutions picking that up on the OTC markets that we don't see so when that narrative changes and that's probably coming soon once reach the bottom right there probably gonna be less selling that happens huge amounts of selling from even the OG whales who are probably gonna be getting back into their positions but the institutions as the that part of their portfolio performs better are going to be trying to accumulate more and then on the OTC markets there's not gonna be enough sellers and there's gonna be a lot of buyers so I suspect they'll probably have to either wait or hit services that are better than four institutions that are coming on board or they're gonna have to buy them on the spot market most of which are gonna be I think extremely bullish for the price where we've seen things a little bit more bearish well quite a bit more bearish recently so what I'm trying to say is you know the trend is your friend again right we've seen the trend go south but when it switches to go up the next boom could be really the biggest boom as liquidity for the selling side dries up so less selling happening from bigger orders and buying trying to happen everywhere then I was trying to buy a book for my stepfather for Christmas right and I want to target and I try to look for books for investing and I went to different websites trying to find books for investing I wanted a hardcover book and every other book it seemed was crypto investing for dust and dummies there blotching investing or crypto this or crypto finance I'm like wow this is something that is absolutely trending in people's minds this is a these are books that are not sitting on their bookshelves but in you know 20 years it seems they will be so I'm sure that the demand is gonna skyrocket even more with everything so I I'm absolutely excited to see this happen let's see what else oh yeah so there was another story that was about by Nance likewise by Nance exchange and if you didn't hear by Nance exchange is going to be written renaming the etherium trading pairs to alt pairs and they're gonna be listing pairs for ripple main trading pairs for Forex RP I apologize for 0 coin and for Tron I believe yeah yeah I think though anyway so this was seen as a hit against the etherium community and so you have to ask yourself why would finance do this and it's because they're probably working on their own blockchain they're gonna be really leasing the test in that january also just you know within the next month probably for people to begin using and testing and it's going to allow for one second confirmation they're saying and transaction finality and so that's gonna be real quick for the trading applications that they hope will serve use cases that haven't been explored before so it looks like they're really trying to kind of push their own blockchain right now and make that a leader in order to have a blockchain that they can more easily control and pay less fees since the theory emerges them quite a bit it's like merchants who well I guess they probably offload those fees to consumers so I don't know anyway yeah I just thinking out loud here maybe they offload some of those fees but I'm sure they do incur fees because of the gas cost but anyway the point is that are trying to reduce costs in that kind of field while making themselves leader in the blockchain space in addition to just the exchange space so perhaps that's a reason for the move which I'm still trying to figure out exactly what's going on with that so I'll continue to follow that with you anyway I hope you guys are doing well if you did hold onto your stocks or you even bought yesterday you're probably more two days ago you're probably really happy because whereas two days ago we had the biggest single point drop in the stock market like ever I believe the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped two point seven percent which is way more than the previous records of about 1% that dropped off in December 1933 so the biggest drop on december ever and then today we had the biggest rally ever in the stock markets like a thousand and eighty six points so wow talk about volatility was it the stock was it the plunge protection team who comes in and buys stuff on the market in order to keep things stable maybe maybe the government's trying to buy everything maybe they're gonna own every company in stock as we moved to a dystopian future or maybe maybe maybe just maybe blockchain will save us one can dream anyway I'm an optimist I'm gonna turn all optimist I think people would choose decide with free money rather than governments and so that's what we're gonna push for here that's what we're gonna be discussing on this channel that's what we follow we follow the fight for freedom the fight for for transparency and truth less corruption and political bribery but I mean that happens in crypto too as we can see with XRP in finance just kidding maybe tanks RP ripple probably paid it finance probably anyway we'll finish up there guys hope you have an amazing Christmas thank you for taking the time to check out the stream and join me here it's always a pleasure to be with you I cannot wait to be back here but I'm gonna be in New York as I said and I will update you as important things progress through here through this through this next week's and I'll definitely be following closely to update you guys and stay informed so I hope you will too let me know what I missed out in the comments that you found important and be very cautious if you're gonna be moving Bitcoin private or participating in that in those shenanigans right now but great job to coin metrics and their research team this is what we need to see people going back and reviewing coins and seeing what's going on our supplies in line what we're being told or what we were told was gonna happen or have things inflated have things changed we need to remember to analyze reanalyze and you know verify and over verify so we need to happen we need that to happen for every coin so you guys can can prosper in this space can trust her the best way so I appreciate that also Trump told people to buy the dip don't forget that sir that is very true deal I do not and thank you for the donation mr. trice he did say to buy the dip yesterday and I know people were saying well why would he say buy the dip does he know something that we don't know we know that Treasury secretary minutiae n– and that's crazy right this is the Treasury secretary tweeted out saying that he was a meeting with the CEOs of the six biggest banks JP Morgan Wells Fargo Jamie yeah Jamie Dimon obviously and they all met up behind closed doors and then the Treasury secretary had to say yeah I know the economy is great banks are perfectly solvent everything is good but nobody was really questioning that except for us of course and so it's like why are you talking about a fire that nobody knew existed so that was an interesting turn of events it happened last week and then Trump saying by the tip yesterday I don't know there are some ominous things being said here to the to the to the to the flocks of people to the it's the dumb heard that I I we have to look a little bit deeper and they're signaling things that could be really troubling in the future so we'll continue to follow that and monitor that as well but it's crazy when people say that the stock market again is linked to the price of crypt or crypt those are linked to the price of stock markets because stock market boom today cryptos still flat and then stock markets crashed and stocks were moving up so III just don't see any correlation here and I think that'll become more and more obvious even though it'll look like a correlation when that whole system comes down probably and crypto shoot up so can't wait for that and I'll be here with you guys take care of much love and stay cryptic Perris what's the button they're going to hit

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  2. Great news Omar… aaaaand this is EXACTLY why an auditable supply/coinflow is extremely important (like #cloakcoin has 😉 ). A trustless system needs to be transparent or FUD settles in. Their research into the issue is appreciated, but nuking all shielded coins is extreme.

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  4. If you think about it, the value of bitcoin and many other cryptos don't matter against their use cases as a cryptocurrency. OK maybe it's a gamble as far as investing, but no less useful as the intended purpose, as efficient, peer to peer currencies, held in wallets that cannot be simply seized?

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  7. I remember Charlie getting out to distance himself from conflict of interest accusations that he saw coming. Not because his magic 8 ball said a 90% correction is coming. #badomar

  8. I think that Elgato deck stream can be programmed too. Maybe you can program one of the buttons to open a crypto wallet or something. Also did you already do the Dash interview or is that still coming up?

  9. Hi, I just discovered this website. Looks like I can keep track of the ever increasing Network Capacity. Is the goal to get to 21 million?

  10. Regarding Trump and the Stock Market: I believe The Qanon team has taken over the stock market. Remember back on July 4th of 2017, multiple tech stocks "glitched" to $123.47? No one could explain why. Guess what those numbers add up to? 1+2+3+4+7 That's right, 17! 17=Q. I think it was the Q team leaving their calling card saying, "we are in control now". That is why Trump went from saying we are in a big fat bubble, to completely owning the stock market numbers. And what better day than July 4th? Independence day!!

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