Cryptocurrency News LIVE! Bitcoin, Bitgrail, Coinbase, Kroger, Gox Gossip, & More! (March 4th, 2019)

hello everyone and welcome back to Kryptos news here the show where we've been giving you the daily news gossip rumors sentiments what is going on in the cryptocurrency space since June 2016 on a nearly daily basis I'm stoked to keep you guys up to date and keep myself up to date with what is the trending topic of the day or topics because it's never really dull it's actually quite a quiet Monday surprisingly blue and I'm finding is that Tuesday's tend to be the wild day you know they throw us off expect a lot on Monday although some people found the the big drop that happened over the weekend to be newsworthy aw man we're starting another red week come on guys we finished our first green month in a long time and we had a few closing weeks of green so let's celebrate what we do have right while we await the good times and take advantage of the opportunities good to see you guys how you doing here what's up Adam what's going on Vic when Jake crypto mania zero zero zero flips hello there Adam Tsar war hello it's rusty bike space bird of course and Neil Karis I'm getting excited to start with you guys we're gonna look through some things but of course I start off with the meme of the day well this is one of the most trending memes going around on reddit right now Billy it's time you learn about money and the importance of being your own bank yeah go buy some Bitcoin as a Bitcoin ATM by the way you guys might remember that I talked to the people who were creating those Bitcoin ATMs they were putting up Bitcoin ATMs in various supermarket stores all around LA in Washington California and Texas and they're gonna actually be open they're already doing it opening up the ability for people to use Coinstar ATMs well they're not really ATMs to change your coin into cash and use a different button on that device to actually buy Bitcoin exposing bitcoins even more people allowing them to get access to it so it's it was really nice to talk to one of their team members actually at an article pouco or he disclosed to me that they were blowing they had a lot of new stores that we're opening this up on a nearly daily basis and just a little bit more info about that I remember hearing that for example they actually buy Bitcoin using an option system for those ATMs let me see if I can find one Coinstar ATM a little picture of one they actually use an auction system where they buy Bitcoin as necessary almost every hour so it's not like you know they're just buying a lot of excess Bitcoin there you go they're um they're powered by coin me here they buy what they need so I'm sure as demand grows that could be a really nice business for them and expose again a lot more people to crypto so props so that seem for continuing to do things just wanted to talk about that real quick Bitcoin ATMs on the rise no doubt man thanks mr. Ben what's going on brother thanks for the show please consider coming down to Texas charity crypto event thanks to El – love you both I wonder when that is you're you're being a part of that helping raise money using crypto for charity what kind of charity man feel free to like link something down there mr. Ben if you want so people can check that out I don't know enough this is one more meme that has just found to be so true I told them to buy Bitcoin and he said his financial adviser advised him not to dam see that one all the time look at elver they're working her magic with the lights yeah they're not just moving magically I don't have enough money right now to buy those rotating LED lights but it's elf do you want to say hi all on the camera you know you haven't made a cameo on the show in a long time you know she's still alive I swear there she is hi Wallace isn't having it he's not having he's happy with his rawhide all righty so uh what's yeah there's oh she lives thanks Ben so this is what's going on with the prices as we can see we had a little bit of a drop off over the last 24 hours notably either party had a good time as you can see here up 20% damn I sold all those coins bite ball that was a free token that was given out as part of an airdrop a real big reason you should be holding your private keys is to get air drops so when you're thinking about custodians keeping your money on coinbase you have to always factor in the fact that if you're not keeping it the private Keys yourself and I like I always say a hardware wall is a great way to do that you can support this channel using the link for the ledger down below and that would be a big help but if you're not doing that you might not get access to various air drops that can be valuable in the future if you're not holding your keys so that's a good reason to have that melon I guess that's melon port is that melon port they didn't do very well Walton chain didn't do well duck grin continues to go down and you know you might ask why am i using on chain effects instead of coin market cap I have not moved mister McLovin I'm in the process of moving so I'm trying to make this video quick but I'm already delaying too much so I should get through it why am I not using coin market cap well I think it's important that we always look for different websites even if we really enjoy looking at coin market cap for a lot of our data or coin gecko or whatever you're doing it's always good to have different sources we're not centralized even in that regard for information right that's a big issue so that's what I'm happy to use on chain effects now one thing that's actually trending about coin market cap is that supposedly if you have disabled ads on coin market capcom like you disabled trackers and cookies and all of that and these ads on top maybe using the brave browser it turned out that coin market cap is suggesting that you like teaching you how to re-enable your ads because obviously a substantial amount of the revenue comes from ads and people disable ads they don't make that money now the other side of the argument is like while people are upset is they had advertisements for bit connect on coin market capcom they have advertisements that we're talking about bit connect right there in the banner even after the world's largest crypto Ponzi scheme went down so it's like you guys didn't care you guys didn't do your diligence on advertiser so we really shouldn't care about you guys making money and granted I'm sure that they've seen their own profit margins cut back a bit a coin market at crit yeah corn market Capcom because while they were trending and I believe the top 500 or top 100 websites of all time during the bull market of 2017 they've dropped off quite a bit so I'm sure they're hurting a little bit and that's why they're suggesting this kind of thing so I definitely want to know your guys's thoughts now I'm sure I wonder if they've actually made any statements about being we're diligent with their ads which haven't seemed as chilly people are also set up said that they were talking about polymath and all that although I think polymath is in fact not a scam they're trying to do what they can do right just because it isn't profitable in the long run doesn't mean that the company didn't try what they try to do it's just it's a tough space right this is a shirt that I got I think it was a free sure that I got at a conference this from clear oh yeah I got it on the coins Bank cruise clear I did an interview with them so they just gave me a shirt q le AR yeah yeah I just thought of a cool shirt delete see M ceases identity block delete see um see I mean yeah I'm trying to wean myself off CMC to I've really really enjoyed on chain effects I like what I've seen that they've stood for in this space mazar-e and so I'm supporting that for now for the time being course coin market cap is it still like deeply engrained in my head I did not mean to flick you off mastermind I apologize I really did it but I'm sure I did you know whatever I do weird stuff okay so another thing that's going on right now is here bit Grail you might remember this was the exchange that processed most of the payments and volume for nano currency it was by this guy named Fatah know the bomber something from francesco the bomber Ferranti anyway so Hirano is now in trouble with the court of fish like deep trouble in italy because he claimed that a lot of what went on with the hack that that happened 187 million dollars worth of crypto stolen off of the exchange he tried to blame it on the nano team the development team of that specific cryptocurrency and urged the cryptocurrency developers to fork that cryptocurrency so that the money doesn't disappear now a lot of people got really pissed off all my pleasure Robert thank you so much man na sincerely so a lot of people got really upset because he was displacing blame instead of taking blame for his exchanges fault because he allowed the requests to happen on the nodes he was awesome operating and to let these funds be siphoned out he tried to place blame on the community and around him now this was not seen very lightly by the courts either so now this guy has to pay that money back out of pocket personally the nano team is not being held responsible for this after the court has finally come to their consensus here they see this seize over a million dollars worth of assets already including cars so it's not looking good for firaon oh so the thing people are talking about on reddit and elsewhere is dude you know what he could just go somewhere else right you could just go to a different country but it's ignites your polls gonna probably find you right like you can't just run away well he could just go somewhere else you know like some other you know third-world country got it good go to Ethiopia emerging market I'm sorry so you go to go like Ethiopia or go somewhere else right and and then the problem with that is like language barrier the amount of costs to get over there will he be even able to leave the country without alerting authorities so it's not looking very good for this guy but I think the great thing here is like at least take personal responsibility because besides the fact that he looks like a blame displacing guy who can't accept that maybe he was the one in fault here and try to do that also he's got about two separate personal lawsuits against him so it's not looking like he will be able to have much money for the rest of his life yeah anyway there you go that sucks for him I suppose but it also sucks for everybody else who lost money on the exchange so I feel for both sides what's up Rob thanks man I appreciate mr. Fox you demand – I love the picture by the way there – I always like looking at the different logos here cuz we all have our own different way of expressing it but that's a nice shot you got there okay let's see let's see yeah was it gonna go okay so this one of the biggest supermarket chain companies Kroger has announced that they're not accepting visa payments as of April 3rd at their Superman and there are many different supermarkets they've got across seven states it's insane 142 supermarket 108 fuel sensor locations across seven states are no longer gonna begin except no longer gonna accept Visa credit cards they're gonna accept other forms of payment including MasterCard American Express cheques but they're not gonna be accepting visa so what they said here on their blog is visa has been misusing its position and charging retailers excessive fees for a long time according to Mike schlattman Kroger's executive vice president and CFO they conceal from customers with Visa and it's Bank chart banks charge retailers to accept Visa credit cards at Smith's Visa credit card fees are higher than any other credit card brand that we accept visas excessive fees and unfairness cannot continue to go unchecked that's why starting April 3rd Smith's will accept all forms of payments except for Visa credit cards yes as they went on in the bottom there its grocery stores supermarkets this is a very competitive market and when you have you know most of us using our Visa cards many people including when I was younger I didn't realize you know I thought it was free to just swipe my Visa card it's not the merchant is taking it is paying for those costs I remember that I believe American Express used to have one of the highest fees interestingly but it seems visa has been misused abusing their status as the largest card network out there and perhaps slowly hiking fees and this supermarket company is not grocery company what our fuel company everything that they are is not gonna be accepting it anymore so that is super dope what's interesting also is that Anthony pompano of Morgan Creek digital known for his podcast for Twitter and all of that he actually spoke to a representative he reached out to them and he writes here on Twitter just finished up first call with someone on Kroger digital team world-class forward-thinking crew looks like things are progressing stay tuned so it seems that pomp went over there to talk about Bitcoin and perhaps even the Lightning Network with Kroger so maybe since it seems that they're putting up their own little fight against the bank's here they might be quite willing to accept this idea of something that has very low fees is censorship proof and more people are getting in their hands like Bitcoin or maybe other crypto currencies granted scalability is still an issue I'm sure that's something they're considering but according to his comment there it seems that they're quite positive and open-minded when it comes to maybe accepting Bitcoin in the future and we might be getting other supermarkets that follow suit I love this idea of merchants accepting though like to me it's such a big piece that people often have neglected during the speculative moon that we cycle that we had but it's such an important piece of this really being a money of the future and something trusted by more and more people thanks Danny man I appreciate it man we got shout out to our new sponsor here on YouTube right here during the live stream Dane Kenshin I really appreciate that man look forward to seeing your comments here thanks man okay so let's continue on here so you know how the neutrino drama was going out with coinbase I talked about it yesterday the whole delete' coinbase movement which is maybe what inspired the delete' CMC hashtag in the comment earlier but uh yeah so they they partner with this company neutrino that's doing forensic analysis on transactions to help safeguard customers funds on coinbase now hacking teams a company known for selling surveillance information on people serious like infiltration like over people's privacy Plus that company hacking team got hacked to himself so maybe they're not the best at this and there were huge dumps of data that had like crazy amounts of information on people that they had no business in having centralized like like that so coinbase is being scoffed for the amount of diligence that they did not provide as to why they started working with this company and the only thing coinbase could say was well it turns out our last provider was actually selling data that they shouldn't have been selling on the back end so you know by acquiring neutrino we're gonna have the best technology and surveillance that out there and you know something we needed to do now what you guys were selling are our data it was being sold it's it's it's crazy it's it's just the more that comes out the worse it looks for coinbase here and it's an it's definitely interesting to wonder how the reputation is going to move forward from here because people in crypto do not forget and they get you know they get really riled up when money is involved here instant privacy obviously too so it's not looking very good for coin base right now I mean maybe yeah I don't know how much they paid for this company but maybe say like goodbye guys and you're something else out because it's not looking good for them granted they have a lot of features people still enjoy they like using coinbase Pro for the low fees they like the way it works with your bank they like having somebody to call on the phone even though half the time you can't actually reach anybody at least when I tried to and then they just keep like I was trying to get my mom's account like figured out some sort of issue with her account and I as her son with her next to me and she didn't know how to speak to them could not speak to the representative because my mom had to speak to them but she prefers to speak in Spanish and she doesn't understand a lot of the technical limbo and they wouldn't like it was just anyway that's that's my own personal qualms here anyway so crack and CEO Jesse Powell the founder another exchange definitely a rival oh another man Thank You dahveed Ryoka I'm sorry to intrude guys but I got to thank David Formica here thank you for the donation for the ten bucks man it's a pleasure to do this and I'm appreciative that you're appreciating the time that I took out and I appreciate your time for taking time like your day to come out here I really got to get some packing boxes but I've got to get through just a few more things here guys and crypto shrugged man you guys got to check out the crypto shrugged the book it's so good just just google it by jelly Porter and at daija and you will find a really engaging novel all about crypto and from the other side from the government side of things it's it's super cool definitely work and obviously he knows what he's talking about he's here in the chat he's following the news he's follow crypto even following crypto for a long time and he's a freedom fighter so thank you crypto Sharad Arthur here and check out that book if you're interested and thanks for being a new sponsor here so Jesse Powell of Kraken put out this assessment because it turns out they were looking at different companies that were doing block beam analysis just like coinbase was doing shopping around and they had put together this assessment this program assessment slash road map sheet and they blurred out a lot of this it looks like they were looking at a company called neutrino I'm sorry neutrino the one that coinbase it out of Italy they were looking at cipher trace elliptic forensics a bit Fury crystal and chain alysus which a lot of people use but they're known for being expensive and they do have competitors now so they just put together this sheet here so you can see here some of the things that they had written so when they were trying to integrate the API from nutrients said they had some trouble communicating our requirement in general terms for API integration possibly to language barrier received general sense that neutrino has not yet fleshed this functionality out part of its roadmap so problems there at the bottom interesting they wrote neutrinos founder as far as possible risks is also the founder of hacking team on Italian cybersecurity firm that is known to pass information with Kaspersky Lab Group IB and other Russian firms closely linked with the FSB so did it like coinbase really think this this was just gonna fly without anybody realizing it obviously they had done research just like kraken was doing and there's probably a reason that kraken didn't go forth maybe they're still shopping around but I don't think neutrino has a very positive future with exchanges that want to remain more at beetle doing coin based in that regard so I just wanted to share that with you guys here okay so this is just some kind of an interesting post that I found on reddit and I'm gonna read it to you guys it's about it well this is the title I'll just read it and let you guys make up your own minds and I would like to know your opinions on it it's uh I know Brock Pierce Pierce personally and here's his plan huge scam incoming hmm okay so this is posted by you soft bit four hours ago well actually no it says two hours ago here it's cross posted okay alright anyway throwaway for obvious reasons so he created an account just to share this on our Bitcoin I know Brock Pierce I've known him for years his running over people it's gonna cost him now I know his plan and here it is he is posting news articles everywhere that are false in order to get the court of public opinion on his side he wants to apply pressure from low end outlets CCN calm for example which recently stated that Brock owns mount Cox and use that pressure as a list of sources get published on CCN comm I'm sorry on and other more reputable sources he then wants to able to use those numerous news sources as evidence a site in the upcoming court his plans to create a concession point by stating that all proceeds from his new ownership will go to pay back prior mount GOx users however there is a catch which is the scam ok so I mean the in and if you don't know the thing yes he's claiming that there was a letter of intent that he was going to buy from marker fellows who used to run mount he's he now owns mount GOx after buying it from mark carp Ellis although this is still something mark carp Ellis is arguing and he bought it from him for the low low price of one Bitcoin and he plans to relaunch it and for example give equity to people who had mount GOx accounts equity inside of GOx rising the new exchange so let's continue on here the scam two parts those users will be paid back in the prior value of Bitcoin not the current value of Bitcoin for example around the time when Hmong went down and people lost their funds it was Bitcoin was worth six hundred dollars or so currently it's worth thirty three hundred or so so we figured two hundred bitcoins than Barak will net a 540 million dollar profit bch hard fork the 200k bitcoins hard forth into bitcoin is worth about twenty four million dollars that brock will keep himself this means brock will profit 560 million u.s. dollars Breck has stated over and over again that he will pay back users but don't be mislead also let us be clear brock never owned mount cox it was never an asset sale or a company sale there is no document to prove this nothing Brock says he has a letter of intent however even if he did have this that has nothing to do with selling Mount on intent contract is not an asset sale contract also Brock has retained the services of the correct the net systems this means astroturfing of Reddit Twitter etc are well underway be aware of the Perot Brock army it is fully paid and not real and is only meant to sway public opinion the big plan the reason why Brock is doing these public campaigns is because he wants a vote to be done via mount Cox customers he wants to build a vote list and bring this to court he wants to state five thousand four hundred twenty nine customers and mount Cox are in support of me owning it and this is actually a value of viable strategy he is misleading users he wants people to think oh I must vote yes or no or I will or yes or I will not get the money and Brock promised me money as its and now Brock might win so be active the communities to come together to apply pressure email news outlets talk on Twitter raise awareness and when this and if and when this comes to court get involved testify that you reject that Brock owns Bangkok's even if it costs you some money that you would get reject it now I take everything of course with salt because I know Brock Pierce has as many a turret at ordering fans and just as many people who hate him so this is not of course certain I'll take this as much with as much faith as I would any sort of 4chan biz thing that comes out about crypto but it is something interesting that we should all be considering since it is something I read today people get mad at you when you understand incentive gun governments do not like when you understand incentive so incentive is a big part of it right we have to you know maybe listening people saying they're being altruistic but always wonder about the money in the back end so I just wanted to bring that up so you guys can join the discussion if you're interested or if you have something to contribute I'll hear to that and that's all I'm trying to do always is create conversation around this space and I'm happy to share that with you guys whatever I didn't lose any money amount but I'm sure many of you do care about that anyway so here we go the end of the show it sounds so sad it's like here we go away from this show it's so slow it's so sad I can't speak anyway so I guess it's best we cut it off here they're telling me to cut it off my the the the angel on my shoulder anyway I'll finish off with a proper quote of the day here as we often do life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it Charles our swindle as you can see you're on this very low res image that I found from brainy quote but yes it's true it's the same thing as attitude and all of that you know stuff happens but it's how you learn from your mistakes and move forward afterwards or how you even are aware about what you're thinking that is super important so just something to think about we always need reminders and I'm sure you've heard that one before but there it is reminder all right guys you can see how Omar's mood is different depending on price action I think it depends on the amount of coffee the the amount of nootropics it depends on my sleep it depends on the little exercise I've probably been getting recently totally my bad here anyway I think it depends on a lot more but sure we can all read into it I'm gonna deny anything you guys can say what you want it's your prerogative anyway I'll leave you guys there take care guys I wish you the best I'm gonna go pack some boxes I hope you fantastic starts a week and we'll see what happens tomorrow like I said Tuesday's tends to be a crazy day so I'm sure I'm gonna have plenty to talk about take care much love and stay cryptic thanks for making it out pues

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