Cryptocurrency News Ethereum Price Prediction October 2017 Eth Market Technical Analysis Forecast

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guys Ethereum price prediction and technical analysis it’s coming up right
now so let’s get quickly started with coin market cap website over here we see
everything is in green that’s what you always wanted to see so that looks
really nice everything is going good especially Wow OMG is doing good right
now today q10 is doing good everything is going hi z cash is going hi helium
Bitcoin that’s really nice so we are seeing an uptrend for now if I look
quickly on a Tyrian website on this I can see that we have seen around 3% of
24 hours increased right now we are ranging on to 93
dollars the volume average is around around 500 million dollars in last 24
hours the cap is around 28 billion towards and if I look on all the
exchanges that we have we will see that most of the ranges that from the top
from 286 which is has the volume of around 17 percent is ranging all the way
towards $300 likely around three to 99 or something so seems like we are still
seeing in a print channel but I have if I look at my trend chart that I’ve
created I’ve used several different tools for that I’m using creating vidcom
and using coinbase with one day of every Kendal’s representing all the way from
july all the way today’s date of 25th of september so before going to everything
on detail for all the new subscribers when here into my channel I would highly
recommend you guys to subscribe and ask me any question if you have anything for
me and I hope that you guys enjoy and learn from my trading chart today so
let’s get quickly started what I mean when I have this child which is showing
different kind of lines there’s blue lines and with different
lines they are talking about exponential moving average the reason I’m using EMA
now and since it’s very all the tiny industry this idiom that EMA will
definitely gonna help us in telling us about the long print channel and a short
trend channel how what we can expect and we always know that all these details
are not 100% correct so I’m just trying to analyze the data and expect what we
can expect in the next few days and next in the next month and if you guys are
following my rest of my video seems like I’ve been on point when I’m trying to
give you analysis but I’m just not trying to give you like I know
everything so that’s why I’m trying to give you an idea what kind of the mark
and how you can do your own kraid’s so all the information is just very
formative purpose and for the rest of your trades if you want to do it seek
your financial advisers and that’s what the disclaimer from my side
so let’s guys start right now all right so if you look at this blue line in the
red line for all those new people who we don’t know what is e EMA is and how it
works just lets make you guys summarize everything if you look at this red
channel which is going downwards if you see that it gonna say that the blue line
is gonna travel to the town words and if you see this green line shows that the
blue line Center on the top right now and going upward and the important thing
for this is whenever the blue line is on top and the red line is going down you
will see that as soon as it coincide over here that that’s the point that the
the trend gonna change from downwards to uptrend that’s how it works so always
keep remember when you’re going down trains and then for moving up to the
uptrend we need to consign it because you’ve got to show some some consistency
that’s what I want to show you over here if you look at this chart you will see
two yellow circles over here these two yellow circles suggest some kind of a
similar crime over here I’m sorry for that so these two challenge is gonna
show some consistency over here what do I mean when I say consistency it’s you
will see that all the lines that we see in different EMA that I’m trying to
range a 20-person 25% 30% 15% if you go down you will learn more about EMA
online so what this tells us there whenever we try to converge over here
when try to converge at the same point what’s gonna happen you’re gonna start
to change the turning point from where you start to show an uptrend
so similarly over here if you look at this downtrend channel you start to see
downtrend over here and all the way we start to see that all the lines are
trying to converge at a point and this converging might gonna help us to break
this downtrend and we’ll go to another uptrend
that’s another chart for you guys now this train gonna contain more
statistical – but what I’m using is RSI as well as MACD if I say check it if I
check our site tool you will realize that this more than 70 is talk about
overbought and this one talk about if it goes below 30 it means over Seoul so
that’s simple if it goes up it means that people have bought it more and now
it’s time to go down I’m just trying to make it in a simple word so there are
all those no new people who don’t know what it’s RSI they can learn it really
quickly they don’t need to navigate somewhere else in order to learn these
things all right so if I go down all the way it’s sealed over so it seems like
after getting to this point we will meant go up that’s what happened we went
up if you locate over here and now it’s trying to maintain over here so right
now it’s not even under soul not even overbought so the more chance there
either it will go up or either we go around now in order to learn what will
happen we have to look at the MMSE D level so what does MSA D level is
telling me right now if you look at this MACD level you will realize when there
was an downtrend channel blue line was sorry for that again so when you look
over here when you were seeing the downtrend channel the blue line was
below the zero level but even though it was trying to maintain and trying to go
up you will see over here if I move it over here you will see as it tried to go
up that’s the point that it started to maintain over here from the downwards
channel and as soon as it’s crosses this blue line to the red line you start to
see another uptrend so seeing this uptrend channel since it was below zero
it was trying to maintain over here and as soon as it is crosses the zero going
up trend you start to see another uptrend and then over here is sad to see
maintain that’s the turning point over here and then start to go back up again
all the way to the top and then what happened as soon as I went to the top it
start to go back down and that’s what happened is
back down the blue line was below this the red line that shows that everything
was going down now if you look at right now what is the current status you will
be surprised and will be happy that all of my charts I’m gonna gonna make sense
when I just put everything together so if you look at over here is just conside
over here that’s the turning point we have seen it so what I’ve seen it has
just crossed there gonna be a chances that since it is below the zero line we
will it still go on a continue showing this consistency ranging from 300 to 275
that’s gonna be the maintenance before it crosses the zero you will is still
gonna see some consistency over here man as soon as it continues this blue line
and uptrend and red line below this blue line we will see and that uptrend and
that gonna start making us another up trying to another a height and because
of this RSL level is in a very good zone this MACD level shows the blue line is
going up and it’s below zero so seems like we will continue to core the picker
on right now and also what I show you dot that EMA is showing us that we are
consigning at the same level over here all these three points and with other
statical too that I use on the back I wanna make it a small video that’s why
I’m not showing it right now that kind of proof that this is the turning point
that we are coming towards with and we’re gonna expect and there are prints
soon so I’m using this Fibonacci chart and on this fibonacci chart gonna tell
me that what gonna uptrend we can see so as soon as it crosses this $300.00
around to $96 which is showing right now you will start to see from 298 we will
start to see ended up trend all the way from to 316 and from 316 we will we will
end up going uptrend to 3 and 20 so that’s not a main point for me right now
the main point right now from the last few videos that I made was already
showing all the down friends and I was also far ahead of with that downtrend
but now I can see that after that time we are started to see this consistency
and we are continuously seeing this constancy that is helping us to grow
another uptrend the point is either we’re gonna start to see this uptrend or
we might gonna go down a little bit before I start to seeing at that uptrend
my take right now we might gonna see that we love touch
300 it might gonna go down as we have seen in the past as soon as it touched
300 in them there were so many people who put 300 as a limit zone before
selling it out and they usually we have seen as soon as it touched 300 it goes
back to around 280 something so that cannot be the case it might gonna come
back down a bit or maybe because of that people get frightened as people start to
sell more and we’ll go around to 70s before it start to take back another
round to go up so my point is it will can gonna continue this consistency from
– 70s all the way to 300 before it will start to see another uptrend and from
there as for RSI and Esper MACD we will gonna see a big uptrend right now and
we’re gonna hope that it will grow bigger lastly what I want to see if
someone want to ask me if there’s a buy time or a sell time I cannot tell you on
your behalf but me personally I’ll be I’ll be buying right now and I’m not
gonna sell right now because I believe we’re gonna expect an uptrend in future
weeks not only because this market trend is doing good but also because of the
news is the good news is that we are having metropolis is gonna come in
October all the bad news the food that we have for the China and everything is
going down we are seeing a lot of opportunities coming up since we have
already seen the market cap has gone so high last time when we take touched 395
dollars the market cap was more than 35 38 billion dollars so I’m expecting
right now where we are around 27 billion so we have a still run of around 10
billion dollars that we can expect that it will start to shoot a big run right
now and we might gonna cross 500 I’m not a speculation
I’m not giving your prediction right now this is just a market analysis that I’m
seeing and on that basis I’m telling you this hope you guys you enjoyed this
video and if you like this video please give me a thumbs up and if you don’t
like it give me give me this down try and let me know what are your covets and
what do you guys think is the market gonna go down or it will go up and what
are your expectations about this aetherium and how do you see this as a
future I’ll be waiting for your reply guy
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next video peace

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  1. lol.. this is exactly what i told you in the last video. You were predicting a downtrend in your previous video. But glad to see you revised your opinion. lol

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