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a 20-18 tax season has officially begun tax bit automates your entire tax filing process by linking up with your exchanges and wallets running your transactions through their tax engine and Auto generating all of your tax forms 2018 was a tough year for most crypto users tax bit will help you recoup some of your losses by producing the tax forms you need to claim your tax refund sign up today using the promo code crypto to receive a 10% discount and a 100% money back guarantee that your taxes will be taken care of this tax season hello everyone welcome back to Kryptos news here where we give you the deets on what is going on in the cryptocurrency space so you can position yourself where you need to be doing the hard work of what is going on today to keep you up to date and inform the welcome everybody it's my name I'm Omar welcome it's good to have you guys welcome everybody who's here live I have quite the show for you guys I'm so excited I'm so happy to have mr. cotton here because we're definitely going to be covering more about his adventures or post adventures I guess you could call them in this show so stay tuned to find out how you could have printed yourself a ton of Zee cash maybe you can't today anymore maybe you can anyway we're gonna get into all sorts of stuff but it's a really nice treat to have you guys here joining me live so let's go ahead and Richard Hart and the Bitcoin hex project I don't know man I don't know if I should have Richard Hart over he talked a little bit about it I think when we did our last interview vaguely he's been talking about that for a while yeah I know he is doing his airdrop so if you're holding Bitcoin and you register or refer people then you might get a share of that I've heard people refer to it like a Ponzi it's it's a whole mess I'm not gonna get into right now but I'll maybe covered if you guys are interested in hearing more about it but let's go ahead and look at what's going on here so markets nothing too exciting today again it's a kind of another dull period for the market we are seeing is a really nice nice post here on the etherium reddit that I found for you guys mine and me knew a trader here put out his predictions for why we might be hitting a hundred and seventeen to $119 eath token in the short term it actually looks pretty realistic here lining up with the resistance that we've been facing throughout pretty much a whole bear market here that's a zoomed out view and you can see here toward the end it looks like we might have some room to the upside before maybe continuing a downtrend unless we have some sort of more major breakout this is zoomed in right here you can see that we're around this this price level here we're expected to go up maybe two hundred seventeen hundred eighteen dollars this fine bloke on reddit was saying before however you know what I I do expect it to continue down we are in a bear market after all for the short term I'm expecting a little bit of upside but I'm hesitant to do anything but short this and then he kind of went around that and and said okay may decided to take a long at a hundred and fifteen dot forty so we might have a little bit of room to the upside free traders who are trying to do some scalping personally I'm just a dip buyer right now that's where I'm at personally so Manero network this is an article that was on hacker noon showing signs of an imminent attack is what they wrote and the reason for this is because monaro isn't currently very profitable to mine compared to other coins yet it's not very profitable you would expect more people to have be shutting down their miners not powering them on so this is leading to some concern that perhaps there's some sort of centralization around someone who has managed to who to who is actually acquiring substantial hasshu rate power whether through new ASIC chips or otherwise there's a whole thread going around on the Monaro reddit here all about that so this prediction is it's either FPGAs which can easily be tweaked to implement new changes that might be coming to the protocol because we know that Manero has hard fourth five six times to try to stave off ASIC mining specialized chips that will get ahead everyone else is mining a monaro currently by developing more efficient ways of mining and therefore making it more profitable for one person so uh there are fears now that perhaps some entity some group is accruing substantial hash rate and this could make Manero prone to a 51% attack in the future we have not seen anything like that yet so far yes rage tastes the rage tester mini rockers forever that's another theory that people have which is that we had we have all this malware from Manero mining on more and more website springing up every single day you might have already been told by your antivirus software that some website tried a mine Monaro pervert convert covertly without you realizing it and so maybe the latest version of this malware has come out after the latest hard fork from an arrow they were rendered pretty much null but perhaps they have figured out how to beat the the newest protocol implementations and are going ahead in mining again on more websites which means that they're using more and more people's mining power in order to accrue more Manero and sell that for themselves but either way turd a lot of people are keeping track of this GPU hoarder is seeing is seen as a possible suspect for their PG fpga inventory perhaps they've been testing some of their mining but then at the same time if you're creating these chips you want to go ahead and mine for as long as you can before you start selling these things telling people we develop them outright I mean sell the inventory you've been mining with so likely whoever these people are if they're not doing this for completely materials reasons they're gonna try to take as much money as they can out of here so I wanna give you guys a heads up on a situation that could impact you if you are a Manero XMR folder here another thing you should be following is okay sorry about that I was opened my own tab in the background so if yeah sorry about that is so ethereal is having a difficulty increase this is a native feature of the theorem protocol if cerium goes ahead and ramps up the difficulty natively on the blockchain to make it harder to mine eath tokens over time eventually exponentially increasing difficulty over time to the point that you can't even mine one eighth token to force a hard fork and a change so we've had the hard fork the latest hard fork for consent ennoble already delayed what is it two times if not more actually factoring everything so this has led the difficulty bomb time bomb freeze time bomb to begin to take a serious take on a theorem inflation and slowing it down so this is expected to increase up to the hard fork to the point that inflation is going to be even less than what is expected after the hard fork does the third inning for etherium and makes it so that one third less aetherium tokens are being produced by miners per block so expect less inflation but once the actual hard fork happens it should theoretically go back up to levels that it's expected to go quite low into so this could also impact the price since there will be less supply out there of course it won't be there for a very long time okay so let's let's see here so this theorem hash rate actually has remained stable so the hash rate the amount of miners it's going up a little bit if not has been around flat it has dropped off quite a bit obviously since the peak but we're still seeing difficulty climb as they are uncoupled which is not something that we really see on Manero which is why we need to keep tabs on this so yeah there you go so this is a Manero hash rate look at this this is crazy so in since around January first denturri second we have doubled the hash rate from a more than doubled the hash rate for Manero it was around what is a 319 back at that period and now it's at 770 so that's a crazy increase in a very short amount of time and definitely it looks like there's some new mining equipment out there in a time when more more and more smaller-scale miners wouldn't be wanting to mine this because it wouldn't be profitable someone is probably making some money off of this hopefully you don't do anything bad thank thank you guys welcome everyone live again apologies about the issues I'm glad you like this shirt I'm such a long-term bowl and a believer in escaping from the corrupt system that of money that is built I was listening to a really nice episode you might want to check out from this YouTube channel called ColdFusion TV I believe he's based in the UK when he did a great video explaining how money works also a great refresher on how the monetary system works not only here in the United States but how that impacts everywhere else and it's a big reason I'm in cryptos right now so if you need another reminder why I should be holding crypto besides getting rich in Yolo and Lambos please check out that video by ColdFusion TV I'll put a link down below and he quotes some mike maloney in there for you fans so hoby won't be exchange one of the biggest exchanges definitely one of the biggest in China 17th largest exchange out there by volume on coin market cap you can see here they trade quite substantially in even these rough times and they've announced that they've opened US dollar trading for three different pairs they both open pairs for Bitcoin / USD eath / here is D and teather / USD due to a new partnership with a Nevada based custodian for crypto and Fiat named prime prime trust and so you will get 20 free USD tethered dollars if you open an account which you're gonna Rick which is gonna require kyc you're gonna have to do all that information on Prime's website or whatever it is before you can go ahead and get white listed for this it is owned open only for people in the United States and the People's Republic of China cheese my god it's just like that Instagram post let me see if I can pull it up that I put up today finally actually we got a little bit of good news as opposed as far as you know new utility for crypto in the United States when it seems like we get nothing that's that's what I created today every time I hear about a fancy new sto ico seed around or futures market but I live in the most free country the United States it seems like we get everything last today Wallace is breathing he's okay he's actually blinking Wallace are you okay Matt he's good they just wanted to make sure good guy good guy okay so let us continue on here at the knees hacker one so this is a web site you can see all the bounties that block one had has paid out in regards to bounties for people who have found critical vulnerabilities in the EOS platform and software so they've rewarded already a lot this year and they were one of the biggest rewards if not the biggest reward errs of bounties people who found bugs inside a software last year so they've continued that trend which is nice to see people get rewarded so if you are able to find bugs in the software you can get up to ten thousand dollars for the most critical of vulnerabilities and there was a day about four if not five of these yeah four of these got $10,000 bounties got paid out in one day in the next day another ten thousand dollar bounty so if you are a developer if you're following this and you want an extra way to make some extra cash then maybe not a bad way to do it it is nice to see them supporting the health of that blockchain which in a report by China's government CCID the global public chain technology okay I'm sorry China's electronic and information industry Development Research Institute or the CC ID I released their ninth CCID global public chain technology on January 24th and this index valuates various crypto currencies based on these different metrics of basic technology applicability and creativity to measure things in AOS is actually the number one coin their theorem has second place despite the delays and we have Bitcoin down there on the 15th spot surpassed by coins including steam Liske stellar iota bitshares nulls GX chain ontology is number three so if you want to know which coins China is a fan of that's a nice list to be looking at right there so definitely I mean there are fans of it when it comes to the basic thing but not technology EOS it is one of the fastest block chains I've used it for adapts myself we've talked about it here and no fees besides we use the stake at the beginning which you can get back it's it's really feels quite revolutionary but definitely when it comes to applicability the amount of people actually building products currently if theorem is by far the leader when it comes to recognition there I wonder why they put 15th place for Bitcoin I guess they're not fans of anonymous developers and people having you know sovereign money that's based on just money interesting I guess if actors could play a role in there maybe block sizes maybe fees centralization in different regards and so on even though people usually point at China when it comes to centralization of mining or whatever but um and resident innopolis had a good point about that as well where he talked about how in the imeem that that's a problem right now centralization maybe in mining when it comes to chips that are developed out in asia so maybe that's why we have less mining elsewhere it's cheaper to produce the stuff out there but now that we're getting to us to the limits of nanometer chips sizes you can expect this development and engineering of these chips to expand globally and this will democratize access to Bitcoin development and mining in the future so an interesting thing to speculate so he's not really concerned about Chinese centralization and I guess China really isn't either oh maybe they are they put it a 15th place so Z cache a vulnerability that was discovered in March 2018 by a member of the team of the Z cache team the zero coin elect coin company had found this exploit that was going to make it possible for someone to print as much Z cash as they possibly could with is insanity this was not something that implant that is known to impact privacy at all so your holdings are safe but it was possible that it could have created coins out of thin air if somebody took advantage of this the team doesn't expect that any of this was actually exploited they were very careful when it came to disclosing the vulnerability which is why you haven't really heard about it until now which makes me wonder how many other of these vulnerabilities are being found by teams who aren't disclosing this out there but they felt it best to not let everyone know even you know their own engineers in many cases were not aware of the exploit they don't expect that counterfeiting did happen for these reasons it's called discovery of the vulnerability would required some really high level of technical and cryptographic sophistication that very few people possess it's true I mean you've often heard that only a handful of cryptographers out there really deeply understand this elliptic curve technology that powers ek snarks the vulnerability apparently had existed for years but no one had found it including various auditors and engineers who were great at what they do nobody had found it supposedly until this point maybe they did in private but there's no evidence actually that of counterfeiting when you look at the blockchain and the addresses on there and so on they studied the blockchain for evidence of exploitation and they figured an attacker might leave a footprint and there's no evidence of this out there so this has been found and patched privately on the Z cache sapling hard fork which we covered here it was implemented in there without people really I guess being aware too much of the fix that was going on but it has since been fixed and it's something that can be affecting other coins such as horizon formerly known as Zen cache who implement the same thing Forks of Z cache so they should and they have said that they're also looking into the vulnerability themselves I'm not sure if they've gone ahead and fixed in this issue themselves but you should be aware about that issue if you are an investor of any of these tokens as far as e-cash I mean one of the biggest believers in Z cash is gray scale investments ran by Barry Silbert DCG the the Mafia right they have lovers they have haters and they're known for their gbtc trust which is basically their own native etf product for investors they are big fans of decentraland theorem classic and there are big fans of Z cash so I will link later on down below you'll be able to find the Z cash investment thesis which is really nice if you should want to learn a little bit more about Z cash but in here they outline the reasons why Z cash could be reaching by their measures over sixty thousand dollars by the year 2025 because of the need for private money the the need the increasing need for that in global trade due to many different factors I mean we talked about sanctions people don't want to be blacklisted as far as a country citizens want to be blacklisted as far as a country from being able to access trade which is increasing over time so I mean the monetary base the inflation rate for Z cash has been huge since a little after when it first came out when inflation was actually really really low remember mining at the first day and getting basically nothing out of the very minimal amount of Z cash that were out in circulation and Z cash soared beyond the prices people who have ever would would have expected but that was just for portions of Z cash that that you were able to get when mining it but anyway the inflation has picked up since then and it's expected to dip off when you're gonna have 90% of the coins out in circulation there it's only gonna be 21 million just by Bitcoin about 90 percent by the Year 2032 which is definitely nice as well it's got all the features of scarcity the visibility you can you can just like with most kryptos right you can divide this by many different decimals something you can do with I don't know of any fiat government-issued currency that allows you to do this or even with the ease that crypto allows you to do this relative to gold or precious metal as far as a regular person that's one of the biggest reasons I think crypto has a potential to do really well and skyrocket it's it's easier for you to get a piece I think that's what average people don't realize you can get a small piece of a coin you don't have to buy the whole thing so when people say you know that coin is very expensive bitcoin is already at this price it's like you can't just look at the singular price of Bitcoin you you're better off looking at the market cap of crypto which is the supply times the current trading price and valuing the market cap relative to other even just currencies or GDPs or other things out there and the amount of capital that hasn't even begun to look at crypto maybe they're looking but definitely not a super exposed to it is huge and massive I've heard quotes of between you know hundreds of trillions to even upwards of quadrillion dollars out there if you're looking at all of the different derivatives that exists the biggest market so this can be very huge and once this gets rolling I really really would be looking at cryptocurrency above any other asset class if and I have to disclose this not financial adviser not an expert don't just go off what I'm saying here what the only thing I'm saying here is please do the diligence don't overlook this because the prices are going down people who have less and left unfortunately and just wrote this off I I almost feel for them you know they probably have their chance here and I don't want you guys to miss it so definitely continue to share what's going on with crypto and knowledge about it with those around you but Z cash is one of those privacy coins that definitely has been a leader in that space no doubt the visibility it has portability funds ability my unit of Z cash is the same as yours unit of Z cash that's something you don't necessarily get even with Bitcoin because if because of blacklisted addresses you can't touch that address because it has been tampered with by terrorists who are known terrorists for whatever reason and you can't use that Bitcoin anymore you might get in trouble so coinbase can't use that account can't accept deposits withdrawals from to that account etc might not be the case when you're using Z transactions on Zeke on sea cash it's really nice verifiability recognizability digitalization mutability at adaptive adaptability be adaptability a Swiss bank account in your pocket yeah the dream that bitcoin is and was supposed to be right so that yes they're expecting if ten percent of offshore wealth hits Z cash possible I suppose by 2025 you could see a sixty two thousand eight hundred ninety three dollars e cash which is many multiples of the price highs that we've seen in the past I would have to say that I don't necessarily agree with all of grayscales investment thesis –is but this is one I definitely am a fan of so good on Z cash for finding this this exploit and hopefully fixing it before anybody was able to take advantage of it by keeping it quite private good stuff so let's go look at this fine gerrae Gerald cotton this fine gentlemen that's cotton with an e by the way according to his to his late wife Walt it to his wife his widow now his widow her wife his widowed wife anybody nice bright looking fellow but he died right he died in India from Crohn's disease that's what we're hearing and there was a pivotal court trial that took place today and CBA Canada had a journalist go out there and tweet five trillion tweets minute by minute following this whole thing Jack Julian if you're interested in hearing more about how all this went down definitely do check out jack Julian on Twitter he's been on a tweet storm but it's it's it's really nice to get this transparency from what's going on those of us who couldn't show up interestingly the wife of mr. cotton didn't show up for security concerns I guess she was worried for her life I mean it's true kidnappings do happen we remember the big connect husband the the leader of Australia his wife got kidnapped it seems and disappeared so I can totally understand her his hesitancy to show up a lawyer on behalf of a company of quadriga exchange did show up to assess and figure out what's going on he suggested for example while they get the money back they have apparently have found some of the money they set up another website for creditors who are owed money to go ahead and interact with them while this gets figured out looks like it's gonna be something that's similar to Mount handled over years so don't get too excited unfortunately about getting that money back right now the laptop that is holding all of the money that the private keys to or the encryption keys to have not been discovered because only Gerald cotton had access to them well the laptop looks like it's gonna be turned over to a court-appointed lawyer now and they're trying to figure out how to get the laptop to the lawyer because you can't just hand over a laptop we're 250 million US dollars you can't just go the regular route of mail right like this has to be handled properly so they're figuring out kind of all the details going on right now in regards to that of course the community is just ablaze people are upset about the way all this going is going down but I did want to show you the most notable picture that has been tweeted by jack julian during the court trial today art earshot of the quadriga financial stove red candle remains unexplained so this is apparently bank statements on top of a stove next to a lit flame people aren't happy to know that this company was ran so half hazard Li a company that they were putting a lot of money in there was a quote from the trial which is like I mean some creditors might be owed $500 some might be owed five million dollars there's like no way to know the amounts of it it's just so varied right fortunately it's definitely affecting some people more than others keep your money off of an exchange I'm just gonna keep saying that till the day I die the reddit account is ablaze you if you want to follow this in more detail go to quadriga CX on their subreddit account on reddit comm and you'll be able to learn a little bit more here coin desk did publish a death certificate everyone wanted to see this death certificate prove that he in fact died on December 9th as was said interestingly here it says date of death of death it says September 12 when oh I guess it's backward right it was okay I get it I'm in the United States and we flipped those numbers okay so yes heed this he died on December 9th it says here and he died at Fordyce escorts Hospital in Jaipur India where he was supposedly building an orphanage and it's what of note here though from the government this is from the government of Rajasthan directorate of economics and statistics this this death certificate doesn't have his name spelled properly that's why I said cotton with an with an e because it spells cotton here with an A which is wrong so you think on a death certificate it would be spelled properly so something else is subreddit is upset about as well it's like that's pretty much what you can get for a cheap death certificate that you can buy in India and if it's not a fraudulent piece of paper from the government then it's quite easy also to bribe government officials in India is another thing so this definitely doesn't confirm anything people want to see the body they want an autopsy the hospital for tests could not be reached by coin desk when they try to reach out and see maybe get more information and verifiability about what was going on with him when he was supposedly dying of Crohn's disease so again it's spelled check situation this is supposed to be a government form it is supposed to be an official form you should not be putting typos on this so this doesn't give credence this kind of reminds me of the letter to tether that they had all the audits right basically like from themselves and for themselves it doesn't doesn't doesn't prove anything yet so I can understand why people are quite upset another thing that had people confused elated surprise canoe confounded was by Nance today in regards to nano deposits previously known as Rey blocks so nano people were depositing they had deposits into by net right and then they were getting their deposits doubled it was strange you can see various people talking about what went on today so I received eighty nano for free I sent eighteen a no to by Nance wallet in November just today somebody sent another 80 nano to my wallet is that a possible double spending session a no wallet issue / by Nance issue or just a coincidence nano deposits are as far as I've last seen still suspended we did hear from the CEO who said there was an issue with nano network upgraded to 17.1 about two hours ago he said this at 8:33 a.m. so about I guess five hours ago the Nano team and us got in touch right away it's under control it doesn't seem like it was anything like double spending people are freaked out after the issues that happen with Fatah know the bomber on the bit Grail exchange the late Italian big Grill exchange which is in deep hot water so people are just kind of anxious about what's going on with nano right now but it seems like it was more of an issue with updating finances nodes on their end and maybe not updating their own private Ledger's and updating receipts on there and so people might have gotten in fact some free nano nano if they would ruin time if it's still there that might be corrected so I'm not sure about that situation I don't know what to do with those funds definitely be careful you don't want to open it yourself up to some sort of litigation although I'm sure by Nantz probably wouldn't be doing that because of an error on there and but I know in China I believe Hong Kong it is illegal to pick up pick up money that you just find the even spare change off of the street so I guess this would be something like that although it's probably closer to an airdrop crypto currencies so confusing when it comes to regulation because they require their own built-in regulation but still we try we'll see how that develops right now but I really don't think it's anything too terrible and we know that by Nance has a Saifu fund for any sort of issues that happen on their exchange so I'm sure this probably didn't effect too much of their money and things should be fine calm down Wallace someone said this was a the the reddit account you know this is the kind of wonderful people that they have on nano currency you should consider the facts knowing more than one person reported double repository at no one has reported double repositories change the double deposits occurred shortly after finance upgraded their nodes and your mother is a whore wonderful characters on there I love it I love it ok so I want to pretty much finish up here with a quarter of the day as you often do on the channel when you can't change the direction of the wind adjust your sails that definitely has been something that a lot of crypto companies are moving toward while they try to stay both financially solvent and relevant in these tough crypto times but I think those that are taking the steps to ensure a long term sustainability they'll be pretty happy if they're doing things in the best way so I think that can apply to so many different other areas of our own life just remember to be plastic stay malleable stay flexible keep learning and hopefully earning don't burn earn and grow right as our good buddy who's not here in the chat oftentimes says mister Wally take care guys I appreciate you guys making it out I want to know your thoughts on anything how do you spell cotton is it with an O is it with an E is it with an A I think that's what we should probably be having a trial about at this point in time take care guys much love and stay cryptic peace

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