Cryptocurrency News 25th of October 2018

welcome everyone it's Philip here in today's video I'd like to talk a bit about the most important things that happened in a crypto world in recent days before we gonna start just bear in mind that everything gonna here in this video is just my private opinion and is not a financial advice okay didn't so the current market cap is a two hundred nine billion dollars and bitcoin costs six thousand four hundred eighty one dollars and it's currently zero point twenty four percent down in last 24 hours if we have a look on the top cryptocurrencies according to market cap we can clearly see that in the last seven days most of the project is down the biggest loser is drawn with four point seventy eight percent loss cryptocurrency market capitalization is quite stable we were starting last week with two hundred nine billion dollars market cap and right now market cap is on the exactly same level India's largest Bitcoin exchange Zep a real case to Malta set by India's largest cryptocurrency exchange is heading for Malta following in the footsteps of major platforms and by nuns and okx the exchange has had no choice but to move its operations to blockchain Ireland amid strict regulations in India so this is another cryptocurrency exchange that will be paying taxes in Malta United States are negotiating with Swift to remove iron from the network this might be a golden opportunity for kryptos and blockchain according to the latest reports United States Treasury secretary Stephen managing said the Treasury is in negotiations with the Belgian based Swift the financial messaging service company that basically facilitates a good chunk of the world's cross-border payments is being pressured by Washington to cut its ties with Iran and remove the country from the network so basically United States wants iron to be completely removed from the Swift system so they won't be able to trade internationally a few weeks ago I've told you guys about few countries that has got exactly the same problem united states are blocking them and for this reason they've started using cryptocurrencies so iron might be the next that will be forced to use cryptocurrencies because of this ban United States might see 100,000 in new cryptocurrency ATMs in 2019 Bitcoin ATM from Liberty X and regular ATM manufacturer Gen mega have forged a partnership which will make it possible to purchase Bitcoin using a debit card at the up to 100,000 locations in United States so this is a great great news the United States will have 100,000 places where we will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies directly by using our credit and debit cards comenzar that few months ago said that cryptocurrencies are bad and has no future announced multi-million dollar investment in crypto platform for institutional investors Goldman Sachs says it's investing millions in a venture designed to bring Wall Street investors with deep pockets into cryptocurrency market goldman sachs and crypto venture film galaxy digital are investing a combined 15 million into bid go a fully regulated cryptocurrency custodian that securely purchase a storage digital assets on behalf of institutional investors this is another great news for our cryptocurrency market if institutional investors will start investing in cryptocurrencies in my opinion Bitcoin price will explode coinbase and circle are launching new stable coin called USD see a digital dollar the new USD see stable coin is fully collateralized by US Dollars and supported by coin basis and circle as Co founding members of the center consortium and if you are talking about stable coins third largest crypto currency exchange Wahby opens deposits for new stable coins solution h USD set to go live from friday the project known as hedge USD will consist of hobbies unstable coin asset which investors can use as a go-between to interact with for USD bucks coins currently listed on the exchange specifically Wahby will accept a store taxes standard through USD USD coin and in Gemini dollar giving users a balance in H USD as a kind of aggregator of all for according to hobbies post users can then cash out the same stable coin they've deposited or select from any of the other three H USD will also be tradable against other cryptocurrencies beginning with controversial stable coin feather USD T following by Bitcoin and etherium in my opinion this is a great solution for the tether fad that we've got currently vivix is launching a decentralized exchange on its masternode network few months ago i've told you guys about the decentralized exchange that felix is trying to launch and it's going to happen actually in seven days so as we gonna go on coin market cap we can clearly see that price of p weeks already gained nearly 100% because of this decentralized exchange lounge so in my opinion hype already started and this is opportunity for a few people to earn some money we've got some great news for mana o holders few days ago we had hardwork called bulletproof and bulletproof heart fork reduced monarus transaction fees by over 95% manaro the number one privacy coin with the market cap of 1.7 billion dollars has implemented bulletproof bulletproof are a scalability solution which drastically reduced the size of monitor transactions the transactions fee for Manero has dropped from an average range of 50 up to 70 cents to 2 cents a more than 95 percent decrease this is a great great news for mana o holders from now on we will be paying 2 cents per transaction litecoin is trying to achieve exactly the same thing so litecoin is trying to slash fees 90 sent the silver the bitcoins gold is about to get even cheaper to send the leading development group for a light coin the seventh most valuable cryptocurrency has announced that its next release were lower Network faced by a factor of 10 reducing the average transaction fee to around half a cent and last news for today backed Bitcoin BTC futures to launch on December 12 the Intercontinental exchange one of the household names behind back has just confirmed that the startups Bitcoin futures contracts will officially launch on December 12 just a short 50 days away this is obviously very good information for us as thanks to backed institutional investors will easily be able to invest in cryptocurrencies and in my opinion Bitcoin volume will go massively up and probably price of Bitcoin will also go up thanks to this backed platform lounge December 12 so that's it guys thank you very much if you enjoyed this video please give me thumbs up and leave any comment this motivates me a lot so thank you very much once again and ASEA in the next video bye

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  1. Hey Phil when you get a chance you should really look into the "Webchain network"…
    Its massively undervalued because there was No ICO so it literally started from nothing.
    100 percent ETH compatible except way faster. Been mooning all week.

  2. Cześć Phil, nie zmieniłeś czasem nazwy kanału ?

  3. Oyster prl już 400 procent w kilka tygodni czy ktoś go zauważy dopiero jak będzie w top 50? I cena będzie kosmiczna

  4. no świetnie by było jak by się bitcoin w grudniu ruszył, w dodatku projekt UniFox jest bardzo podobny do przedstawionego przez ciebie w filmie LibertyX.
    Z tym że UniFox to iCO, przedsprzedaż ruszy 28 pazdziernika. mój link Twitter @PrzemekOstry

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