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Samsung is now making crypto mining chips Samsung is betting big on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by jumping into the chip mining business Samsung is manufacturing an application-specific integrated circuit which is a custom-designed processor with the single task of mining for cryptocurrency mining refers to the solving of complex mathematical equations as a way to verify cryptocurrency transactions people who use their computers to mine are given digital coins in exchange according to Korean media Samsung began mass-producing the ASI see chips earlier this month Korean reports also claimed Samsung made the move as a joint venture with an unnamed a Chinese distribution firm let me hold a dollar hackers using fake crypto apps to steal money and personal data hold on to your wallet you are a digital wallet that is Internet security firm risk iq looked at more than 18,000 apps to find ones blacklisted by cyber security vendors and detected 651 blacklisted crypto apps across 20 app stores being used by hackers to steal money and personal data Google Play offered the highest number of malicious apps with 272 available for download hackers used phrases like Bitcoin exchange Bitcoin wallet and cryptocurrency to trick potential victims the report suggests that investors thoroughly research possible exchanges and wallet apps before using them people should check the developers name user reviews and number of app downloads with digital currencies like Bitcoin gaining interest cyber security has become a real big concern fiddy forgot he had Bitcoin now it's worth eight million dollars while everyone was going bananas for Bitcoin at the end of last year 50-cent apparently had 700 bitcoins he totally forgot about back in 2014 he released animal ambition and became the first artist to accept a Bitcoin as payment from the deal he received more than 700 bitcoins those coins are now worth 70 to 80 dollars for now Bitcoin is currently valued at around eleven thousand two hundred dollars but still remains highly volatile not bad from a kid from Southside I'm so proud of me thirty cent wrote on Instagram at least someone is tricking of how proud fit he would have been of himself if he's sold when the price was at twenty grand looks like City had 21 questions but Bitcoin wasn't one poof the cryptocurrency mining marketplace nice hash has been hacked for around 68 million u.s. dollars in Bitcoin after multiple reports of users complaining about emptied nice hash wallets and a twelve hour service outage for maintenance nice hash was nice enough to announce that there had been a security breach involving nice hashes website the company didn't disclose how much was stolen however a wallet address passed around by nine cache users suggests as many as four thousand seven hundred thirty six point four two BTC were checked that's 68 mil in change gone the nice hash team urged users to change all their passwords what's great advice nice hash is currently working with authorities but the chance people who lost money will get any of it back are slim to none shout out to mount cox the market cap for bitcoin is currently worth over 225 billion US dollars the crypto currency has been skyrocketing all year with a price currently sitting around fourteen thousand three hundred Bitcoin going bonkers but when will it burst bitcoin has been on an absolute tear this year after passing 9,000 and is currently closing in on the ten grand mark analysts say the Chicago Mercantile exchanges decision to launch Bitcoin futures has filled buying in December the value of the 16.7 million Bitcoin units in circulation now exceeds 150 billion US dollars which means the digital currencies market cap is greater than IBM Disney or Mickey D's the cryptocurrency shows no signs of slowing not only our retail investors jumping in but hedge funds have even started including Bitcoin in their portfolios many also warned that bitcoins meteoric rise will soon come to an abrupt end and pop like many other speculative bubbles before it sure but when

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  1. Nicehash is paying back miners who lost more then a few dollars. Get your facts straight dont become CNN.

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