41 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Guide – Ethereum + Siacoin”

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  3. What's about tri miner vosco coin!! What will give greater return this one or tri miner vosco coin keeping in mind the cost and return ratio???

  4. The conclusion of this video is "do your research". Well, wasn't this type of a video meant to be created for exactly this purpose?

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  6. Cryptocurrency trading has taken over the financial world in the last few years. Do you know where cryptocurrencies come from? Well, unlike paper money where a government decides to print and distribute the money, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins or Ethereum do not have a central government.

    They are transferred between peers after which they are verified, confirmed and added to a public ledger known as a blockchain. This process is known as mining. For you to participate and succeed in mining; you must have the right mining hardware.

    Crypto mining is complex and competitive, but with a good crypto mining hardware, you will be on your way to breaking even and maximizing your return on investment in no time.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

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  9. Alt coins make most sense these days. I am surprised I can still mine Verge with my GTX1060 and get 10-12 coins a day with Begrip Miner. Not sure how long this will last though.

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  12. Hi could you do a review on the new NAGA wallet now it’s been released? Is it the best wallet available ? I’d love to hear your take on it

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  16. Recently I found a coin that you can do the mining with a normal CPU the coin is $Zoi (Zoi) have you hear about this project?

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