CryptoCurrency Mining Facility in Iceland Documentary Extended Ver. (Eng. Subtitle)

For a fact that through time,
there’s Innovation… We have witnessed how man survived by hunting food (Society 1.0), then we started Agriculture by breeding Animals and Plants in order to sustain and enhance life (Society 2.0), Then we started Industry by Processing, Mining, Farming and Logging to provide Manufacturing and Services of all kinds (Society 3.0) and after that, comes Society 4.0 We have Information Technology through Computers and Telecommunications Technology started to change the world And now, we are facing a new society… we have Economic Advancement A System that highly integrates Cyberspace and Physical space That is what we call, Society 5.0 which is happening now All these we integrate our Society to a paperless society replacing physical money by an electronic system We are creating our own central bank using cryptocurrency protected by a digital ledger now known as The Blockchain This is how BITCOIN was born.. I, Micky Eguillos Suzuki sharing this experience of a lifetime… Let us always remember No matter how hard it is in life
We have no choice but to go with the flow.. change is inevitable.. “The FUTURE IS NOW” So don’t get left behind.. Maraming Salamat Po (Thank you very much)

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