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Apple is banning cryptocurrency mining apps to protect its users I tear old reports Apple has set new rules for app developers which banned the creation of cryptocurrency mining apps on its mobile devices to protect iOS users Apple is moving to stop the practice of hackers using a portion of the CPU power from thousands of different I pass or iPhones to Mayan cryptocurrency apparently Apple has made several rule changes stating that any app including third-party advertisements may not run unrelated background processes such as cryptocurrency mining computer world reports that the cryptocurrency mining services thrash or CPU and drain your battery Computerworld also reports cryptocurrency services are known for spreading malware reportedly being one of the top offenders of doing so apparently cryptocurrency services use a small piece of JavaScript it installs on websites advertisements and then use the code to hijack part of the CPU power of the device to mine cryptocurrency this practice is known as crypto jackin IT World Report's crypto mining malware has been on the rise in the past year following the rise of cryptocurrency for now Apple is the only one to ban cryptocurrency mining apps however Google may soon join Apple in this decision stay tuned for more cryptocurrency stories Scottish hospital starts to treat cryptocurrency addiction a hospital in Scotland has begun treating people that are addicted to trading cryptocurrencies Castle Craig hospital is now using techniques used to treat gambling addictions and applying them to traders obsessed with the price of their Bitcoin aetherium or whatever new digital currency that just hit the market this week according to one of the hospital's gambling therapists Chris Byrne the high risk fluctuating crypto currency market appeals to the problem gambler it provides excitement and an escape from reality Bitcoin for example has been heavily traded and huge gains and losses were made it's a classic bubble situation so if you have an addictive personality enjoy seeing where the dice fall and don't mind losing your kids college fund cryptocurrency sounds like a good fit and don't worry if you get addicted they have hospitals for that now cryptocurrency using gold to attract Muslim investors cryptocurrency traders are now turning to gold in order to draw investors from Muslim nations many Gulf states don't consider crypto currencies like Bitcoin or aetherium as compliant with Shariah law which emphasizes economic activity based on physical assets to address this Dubai startup Wayne Graham has begun issuing a gold-backed cryptocurrency each unit has a corresponding gram of gold stored in a vault the company obtain approval from an Islamic advisory firm and a so far issued tens of millions of dollars worth of the currency only 60% of the plan amount of coins remains to be sold a similar gold backed crypto from hello gold was released in Malaysia last October after receiving permission from Islamic scholars in Kuala Lumpur guess it's a win-win for crypto traders and devout Muslims alike no go for crypto this is your weak blockchain weak in the Big Apple is in full swing as financial bigwigs tech whizzes and experts come together to talk shop no doubt the biggest among the dozens of events is consensus in Midtown a three day Bonanza hosted by twin desk the event features an impressive roster of speakers which include top twitter head Jack Dorsey st. Louis Federal Reserve Bank president James Bullard and FedEx CEO Frederick Smith rapper Snoop Dog's will also be making an appearance headlining the ripple after-party at a secret location in the Meatpacking District Snuka maybe visa Labatt blockchain week but he's not the only famous entertainer who's into them coins a number of celebs have started endorsing crypto startups there is Paris Hilton for a Lydian coin Jamie Foxx for a coffin hood and even Steven Seagal for a Bitcoin to Gen before authorities crack down on it over 4000 people are expected to show up for consensus a big step up from last year's 2,700 attendees but with each ticket currently priced between 1499 and $2,999 it's going to take a heck of a lot of commitment and maybe even temporary homelessness to get in Venezuela to enter crypto market with the petrol thinking about crypto currencies the Venezuelan president wants you to forget about Bitcoin and buy the petrol yeah right in Venezuela announced that it will enter the cryptocurrency market with its launch of the petro digital coin according to president Nicolas Maduro the Petra will be backed by oil gas gold and diamond reserves Maduro said the government will issue 100 million tokens each valued at the price of one barrel of Venezuelan crude that would value the petrol issuance at just over six billion US dollars the government said the cryptocurrency will help the cash-strapped nation make financial transactions and overcome US actions against the country Venezuela's actual currency the Bulevar is in freefall with the nation in need of basic necessities like food and medicine cryptocurrencies are so hot right now Bitcoin continues to barrel ahead at a blistering pace as analysts continue to predict that we could be looking at the greatest speculative bubble of all time virtual currencies continue to gain in value as Bitcoin hit another all-time high on Tuesday as investors now hope to break the twenty thousand dollar mark the interest in Bitcoin also helped litecoin and aetherium break new marks like coin gained more than 40 percent to three hundred and twelve dollars while aetherium hit six hundred a token dude who the huge surge in traffic crypto currency trading platform coinbase had to temporarily halt trading on litecoin and etherium coin bases status page showed both cryptocurrencies were experiencing major outages but as digital currencies continue to set new records many analysts are concerned that the speculative bubble will eventually burst clearly putting all your eggs in one basket and dumping everything into digital cash right now is the way to go what's the worst that could happen hackers using YouTube ads to crypto jack are you a crypto miner you might be without even knowing it hackers are using YouTube as a way to turn passive viewers into cryptocurrency miners the issue was brought to light over social media with complaints that YouTube ads were raising red flags and antivirus software a service called coin hive was apparently taking over a viewers CPU and using it to mine digital coins attackers used Google's double click at software for traffic distribution Japan France Taiwan Italy and Spain were affected by the malvert Aizen campaign Google confirmed that crypto jacking threat and eventually blocked the ads and remove the malicious actors from their platform

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