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currency markets are dipping again we’re gonna take a closer look at Bitcoin when
I think Bitcoin is going to turn around and start rising that’s gonna cause the
whole market to rise because everything pretty much follows Bitcoin at this
point since it is by far the biggest cryptocurrency at the moment but before
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go into the markets and talk a little bit about what’s going on before we
start talking about the markets itself though I want to show you guys this
absolutely sad but you know it’s something we’re gonna have to start
getting used to so in the UK a crypto currency trader was robbed at gunpoint
and the amount stolen was unknown so I heard about this people were now you
know robbers thieves we’re now targeting cryptocurrency investors or people who
they knew invested in cryptocurrency I don’t know how you know someone invested
cryptocurrency but you know they were targeting them because since so much
money has been made in cryptocurrency they assume those guys have a lot of
money so that’s who they go after and also I guess is significantly easier to
steal someone’s cryptocurrency than money a lot harder to trace a lot a lot
harder to you know but still it’s sad the world we live in everywhere there’s
you know people making money there’s going to be bad people trying to take
your money hasn’t changed it has been the way the world works forever I’m not
saying it’s good but yeah it’s said it’s very sad but anyways with enough with
bad news there let’s talk about bad news and the cryptocurrency market currently
at five hundred and thirty billion dollars we were so close to him this
hundred billion dollar mark I guess that’s gonna be our resistance point
right now drop all the way back down to where we were roughly three days ago I
believe today is the 30th of January roughly around the 26th we were pretty
close to this point right here you guys can see we were pretty close the point
we are at right now in Bitcoin price and in overall market cap this is something
that you know if you guys know investments if you guys have invested in
the stock market you guys are early cryptocurrency investors you guys know
that December was a great period you know it was a great increase but not all
not every time are we going to be looking at those type of numbers
definitely definitely was needed a correction not just to weed
out the weak hands but also to you know stabilize the market the markets were
very unstable there was no support lines anywhere that you could draw in the
market for quite some time so when it dropped when it corrected it did correct
pretty hard and it dropped pretty hard now we’re seeing some sideways movement
here like I said seismic movements is always
good yeah we were roughly at the 500 you know 512 billion dollar market cap
roughly about 26 that is three or four days ago still early in the 30s so I
guess it’s like three three to four days we were back here so this is considered
the sideways movement we’re seeing some yeah we’re seeing some side with
sideways and movement man that’s hard to say we’re seeing some sideways movement
which usually means we are going to see either a turn upwards or another turn
downwards hopefully we’re gonna see the upward market you know I would love to
see the market turn back turn bullish again definitely definitely something
I’m looking for something I think February can bring I have a video out if
you guys haven’t checked let me actually show you guys which video it is you guys
can go check where I talk about why I think the cryptocurrencies markets
falling right now I’ve noticed a few youtubers have actually made very
similar videos not saying that they are copying just saying that you know then
the theory stands now let’s see if we can find it saving if I did this video
right here markets crashing when I’m buying I talk about why the markets are
crashing why I think the markets crashing what I’m what I’m buying at
this stage basically if you guys want the summary I’m buying every coin that I
like because days like this or we see everything down are the perfect time to
get into all of your favorite coins um there’s no especially if you think
they’re a good product I’m not gonna say every coin is gonna go up because
they’re gonna there’s gonna be some coins that are bad and they aren’t gonna
go up plain it’s simple but you see card on no down 10% I’m a fan of card ah no I
would definitely pick up some card on oh right now
you know bitcoin is down 7.5% I definitely would pick up some Bitcoin I
don’t think that’s going anywhere just about yet I know Bitcoin does have a lot
of fees in this transaction aren’t the fastest but you have to understand that
bitcoin is by far the biggest cryptocurrency right now it’s by far the
most known cryptocurrency right now it is not getting dethroned anytime soon
maybe it is the myspace of the you know blockchain where eventually it’s gonna
be overturned it probably is but that’s gonna have to happen down the line
because right now this is the name everyone knows and most all coins are
traded against Bitcoin and I know you have the option on bonanza trade against
aetherium or litecoin but most beginners will trade against Bitcoin which really
just makes you know the value of Bitcoin hold better so for now we’re not saying
that be dethroned I’ve seen in the comments a lot I know what you guys are
saying I understand I agree Bitcoin does have a lot of flaws
but it is the og right now it it’s not going away anytime soon for those of you
guys who are saying long term I commend you on your long term thinking but you
know short term bitcoins here and bitcoin is gonna be the one yeah at
least till the end of 2018 this is one that’s down 25% rate blocks elem I’ve
recently started looking at the project I recently you know realize I I like the
project I realize I’ve recently started to like the project I guess I researched
it I’ve started to like it 25 percent haven’t made a video on it yet maybe
I’ll do that soon if you guys want me to make one because you guys are interested
in rating blocks leave a comment down below let me know what you guys want to
see that it’s the best way I know to make videos if is if you guys tell me
you want me to make certain certain topics and if I see that comment
enough you know that enough interest is there not just one person enough
interest is there then I will definitely look into making that video against
steam down 14% steams are pretty interesting coin pretty cool coin finest
coins down for eight and a half percent I was hoping yesterday was going to
start our bullish run we’re gonna start having an upward trend in the market
that didn’t happen though you guys can see everything’s crashed but as an
investor you have to look at this as a buying opportunity then buy all the dips
you know sell when everyone else is buying buy when everyone else is selling
so people are selling now is the time I’m looking to buy I’ve done plenty of
videos on what my favorite coins are none of its ever financial advice this
is a financial advice guys don’t forget this is a financial advice I have to say
that because you know some people are gonna turn around and blame me later
when the market doesn’t rise forever but still none of this financial advice the
other videos aren’t either but I have made other videos talking about which
coins I’m investing in which coins I’m picking up if you guys want to pick up
any coins though any of these all coins would make sure to head on over to buy
Nance I have a link in the description you guys can go pick up all these all
coins that’s the exchange I use by far my favorite exchange I have some big
ideas coming up with a bi Nance on this channel so you guys want to make sure
you at least have an account setup because they sometimes do block new
users when the markets start going bullish again and everyone’s gonna start
getting into cryptocurrency they’re probably gonna block new accounts simply
because they can’t handle the amount of accounts that are gonna try to be open
all at one time so yeah if you guys aren’t stood in Bitcoin as well I use
over here I’m using the Bitcoin to u.s. dollar on coin base value just because
coin base is by far the easiest and most beginner friendly way to buy a Bitcoin
so if you guys are interested in that I’ll leave a link to that in the
description as well you guys can head on over and buy some Bitcoin if you are
interested in it but let’s look let’s look at the overall chart I want to do a
more interactive chart because I can actually draw lines and you guys kind of
see the way I’m thinking so first I see a resistance right here is a downward
trend line we’re gonna have to break this trend line if we’re going to some
want to see it go into a bullish run currently a little bit far away but
we’re probably gonna test it and pretty soon here in the next coming
days I do have the one date candlesticks what I’m looking at right now though
this right here is a support line that we’ve recently set up right here we’ve
set up a support line at around the eleven thousand dollar mark we see today
has dipped but it’s important to see how the day ends not during the day it’s not
that big a deal right now I’m looking more towards the end of the day what are
the markets gonna look like what I think what I’m hoping to see markets look like
I just want to see a recovery from this I’m not saying we’re gonna be green none
of that I’m saying we’re gonna have recovered and we’re not gonna be down as
much as we are right now so I’m hoping the beginning of the day was the dip
we’re gonna bounce off and the rest of the day is going to be relatively better
so that’s what I’m looking at if we can end at roughly the $11,000 mark or maybe
a little higher that would be great if we can’t though and we do dip below the
support we’re looking at another support right here and around nine thousand
seven hundred eighty dollars I’m gonna make it easy and say roughly nine
thousand nine hundred dollars it is just a rough supply a support line we’re
looking at some form right here and if we do break that we’re looking at 8,000
and after that possibly six thousand so definitely don’t want to see us break
below this line I don’t want to see Bitcoin at eight thousand and I want to
see it at six thousand even unless I know it provides a great buying
opportunity but that is a huge dip not something that I want to see happen to
Bitcoin I love big point I don’t want to see that type of dip you know hurt its
reputation so much but yeah this is support line I’m mainly looking at these
two right here and then obviously when we turn around and we start moving
upwards I want to see us break this trend line what’s gonna have to happen
though February it has to be a big year big month for cryptocurrency you know it
usually is a big month in general um in previous cryptocurrency years we’ve seen
but also in other aspects you know if you guys sell on Amazon I don’t know if
any of you guys do but that’s how I started off making money was selling on
Amazon and January is usually the worst month after Christmas stocks same thing
of December’s usually pretty good towards the anti starts
January’s never really a great month but hopefully February starts providing you
know starts bringing in more people we can start turning around the overall
market start seeing as he hit six hundred billion then let’s maybe move up
to seven hundred billion and start working our way up into a bullish market
that’s obviously going to going to get more people into cryptocurrency and
usually bitcoins where people go first so the value of Bitcoin would increase
I’m looking though I’m not saying it’s gonna happen the beginning of February
I’m thinking the mid to end mid to end that’s where I want to see us start
moving upwards gear like a solid upward movement I think it’ll start a little
earlier gonna start seeing price slowly increase but towards the end I think is
when we are going to see the most you know the biggest increase in price so if
you guys do have cryptocurrency don’t forget none of what I say is financial
advice ever I don’t ever tell you guys what to do I
make a point of not telling you guys what to do I just share on this channel
what I’m doing what I think and what you know what’s working for me so far none
of its ever guaranteed I just want to make that clear so I see a lot of
cryptocurrency youtubers sometimes get hey sim just because they gave their
opinion and then their opinion was wrong obviously I can’t tell you guys if I’m
right or wrong I wish I could if I could tell you guys always happening in the
future I honestly would that would make you know I would probably be at a
million subscribers right if I can tell the future but I can’t I’m telling you
guys know I’m looking mid to end February to see the price you know start
actually entering a bullish market early February hopefully will start picking up
some traction cuz right now markets have you know the wheat like I said there’s a
downward trend there’s a downward trend line right here which is our resistance
for Bitcoin which means overall market itself is it you know the graph isn’t
too far different from Bitcoin when Bitcoin goes up markets go up Bitcoin
goes down market goes down you guys know how it is but like I was saying so we’re
at the one-day candlesticks or each candlestick right here represents one
day we’ve had a week basically of sideways movement nothing to cry me I
know we went up a little big here went up to almost the 13,000 mark and then
our we’re back that I know that’s you know
not the smallest of moves but overall the market has been moving pretty
sideways so I’m looking to see us start you know picking a direction and start
heading that way we could move upwards or we could move downwards like I was
saying before but bitcoins gonna be the first the biggest indicator because the
markets move with them with Bitcoin so again and the mid to end febri I’m
looking at see things pick up if you guys are holding if I if I’m saying guys
what I’m doing I’m not selling any of my cryptocurrency none of them – now my
game plan right now is to pick up as much cryptocurrency as I can at these
prices and then when the market starts you know when we start seeing a bullish
market again all of it is gonna go up in value I do you know sometimes mess
around with short-term trades here and there I haven’t really shown that too
much on channel maybe I’ll start doing a series on that but overall I’m just
trying to pick up some of the bigger coins and just hold them to watch the
value increase and the other thing is that these this is the perfect moment to
show why I like to invest in platforms like hash flare and Genesis mining you
guys know most of my mining is on Genesis mining but they ran out of
contracts this is why I choose to invest in places like this because I make at
least 100 dollars every single day from Bitcoin mining then with evaluation of
Bitcoin goes up – this is gonna be worth significantly more so it’s one thing to
keep in mind I’m not telling you guys you guys have to invest do not take this
as you have to invest I’m just saying if you guys are interested and you guys
want to check it out I have a link to hash flow in the description you guys
don’t have to use my link but it helps out the channel support the channel if
you guys do I like it though you guys can see I have ten point six eight air
hash cost me like two thousand two thousand five hundred dollars and then I
have another like eight thousand dollars invested in and genesis mining making me
a little bit over a hundred dollars every single day at the bitcoin price
right now so when the price increases we’re gonna be looking at making
hopefully closer to like two hundred dollars every single day which would be
pretty pretty sweet but yeah guys if you guys did enjoy this video don’t forget
smash that thumbs up and subscribe to channel if you guys are new and you have
not subscribed yet we’re all set 9000 subscribers probably going to hate it
while while I’m in class probably be super
while I’m in class but yeah guys let me know in the comments what you guys think
when we’re gonna see the markets go on what coins you’re holding when do you
think what price do you think bitcoin is going to reach to by the end of February
that probably be an interesting game what price do you guys think bitcoin is
gonna reach by the end of February you know a lot of things can happen it’s a
whole month it’s 30 days guys look at what happened this is the one day chart
look at what happened right here the price increase so who knows maybe bigger
one Bitcoin will be fifty thousand dollars by the end of February that’d be
insane but yeah let me know in the comments what you guys think guys thank
you so much for watching also hopefully we gonna have more news there really
wasn’t a lot of news today I decided to talk about the overall market there was
no crazy news that came out but yeah guys again thanks so much for watching
I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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