Cryptocurrency Market Update Oct 14 2018 – Stock Market Plunges, WABI, 0x & More!

hi guys thanks for tuning in to another episode of Nuggets news a bloodbath across global stock markets this week in crypto eventually followed long I'm gonna talk about all that and all the headlines I had a very relaxing weekend down the human Valley in Tasmania and I'm gonna explain this photo that we snapped after a 1-hour bush walk into the middle of nowhere at the end of this presentation so stick around for that if you want first off on this day in history and I can't believe it's been four years since the medias jumped all over Dorian Nakamoto they thought they'd Vann Satoshi they found a gentleman that went by the same or similar name and he came out with plans to sue them they harassed him that much the news reporters constantly flying around and visiting he's home and so on so crazy stuff I can't believe that's been four years since that happened I've got another article on this day in history I mean it's high that into the news as we move through the presentation though another I guess on this day in history chuckles have been around for a couple of years now and I only had a thousand subscribers since I started watching their you know oil and gold analysis to help with my options trading a few easygoing here they are just two years later surpassing a hundred thousand these guys do so much for free and their premium community of traders so congratulations guys I know plenty of view of big fans of Dan and the charkh eyes as well into the news so as I said Wall Street huge fourteen hundred point two day plunge we saw a bit of advance towards the end of the week but there really is all this talk of trade fees rising interest rates I'm not going to go into it too much guys because I talked about this in so much detail during the week now you guys all have been loving these Wall Street manipulation history of money interviews that asks now going to show you this week I did a special edition about how rising interest rates will affect stock markets cryptocurrency credit card your mortgage the economy tied that all together and huh we had just so much great feedback so I do appreciate that guys interviewing this ceases right-hand-man I'm gonna talk about cz a little bit later on in this presentation as well and elasto so you guys have been asking me to cover that in my detailed fundamental analysis and that one jumped 20 percent the next day so well done too those that have been I guess dollar-cost averaging or might have bought some alas toes for the first time after that video compound interest is such a powerful thing so I really recommend you check out this video guys we got so many comments that can you really turn $10,000 into 1.2 million dollars in four years just by making ten percent or one ten percent rate a month and it's powerful stuff to the upside as well as to the downside I didn't want to be all doom and gloom but as I say guys I really recommend you check out those interviews and videos we did last week so I did tweet out this poll a couple of pages and on Twitter do you know how to short because I know it's all doom and gloom and I make these videos to try and cater for a wide audience of all experience levels but we've had a number of people that have been making tremendous amounts of money shorting on the downside and I really believe guys this is a life skill to learn about options and shorting and trading so interesting about 35% of people saying yes and that was the same across all places that I surveyed but I guess if you fall into this 65% you're you can only make money on the way up so you've already given yourself you know you're half out of the game you're only playing two out of four quarters however you want to think of it guys put yourself in that category to be making money on the way up and on the way down in crypto markets in traditional markets in options markets it really is lifelong financial education and again to get messages like this from someone like Chris who I know he won't mind me saying I reached out and said can I use this and show people because last year Chris got liquidated I'll be finished learning to trade on Marge and all that sort of thing and he messaged me saying you know 8.4 percent profit shorting aetherium recently he walked out of his biology exam and it just paid for his overseas holiday guys I loved getting these sort of messages so well done to Chris and the other guys that have been making money shorting lately I posted this as well during the week I spoke about those videos about when volatility everyone's panicking and there's bun in the streets there is so much you know money to be made in this premium in the options markets and a lot of messages about this tweet so where's the best place to learn options so tastytrade have a free youtube channel with a lot of good content out there guys and I speak about this to my members as well but you know I sold some some puts in in the gold ETF and 60% profit in one day if this is all a bit of a foreign language to you it is not scary stuff it's very easy to learn so tasty trade is a good place to start and as always guys join our group if you want to chat about this stuff 24/7 I want to move on to cz so a huge fan and there's not enough for these you know really genuinely good people in the space they care about crypto so cz wrote this idea of charity and contributions years ago everyone's jumping on board and wished me saying you know let's cz know that horizon state have what they need with their app and sure enough thank you to everyone that you know likes and retweets and supports it and cz you know followed me back sent me a message he reached out he was very keen obviously to check it out as he stated here publicly and I'm not gonna say too much else guys out of respect and confidentiality but it's great and thank you to everyone that helped get I guess horizon state and their charity app on the radar of someone like cz and as important as buy enhance you know it'll be nothing better than if they end up using that app to help with their charity initiative that they launched during the week after reshaping their fear listening model I did put that to Facebook guys you can follow me I've already touched on that but yeah I guess when C Z follows 55 people in the world and to become the 56 I guess a bit of a proud proud moment and a bit of a brag there but moving on guys so tomorrow we are in Melbourne security tokens we get so many questions about those it's bit of a hot topic right now I definitely believe it's gonna be an important part of the future so we've got some big guest speakers there guys Rick clink has just come back from Malta where he was with cz of Bowness as well to launch the Malta Stock Exchange if I know about security tokens we'll try and record that as well you guys said you want us to come to Sydney as well next month because we have had you know hundreds of people say that they want to attend this event so free food and drink hopefully we'll see you guys tomorrow night now coinbase added their first aetherium token and 0x is a project that we first covered on YouTube with fundamental analysis when it was 30 cents and earlier earlier than that for members as well this is a great project great projects have good announcements guys we shouldn't be surprised if you follow my work you probably know what the next few tokens are that I believe that coinbase is going to list and again it's it's a tough time for markets I know when they're going sideways and down but we have stayed to see these little pockets you know I've got my YB hoodie on that was up a couple hundred percent this week coinbase adding 0x it has a big you know a big jump that day there is money to be made if you're picking the good coins if you're trading well so the more you put in the more you get out of it and that's what we want we don't want that situation where retail investors are just flying into one thing it goes up and you're requiring on more people just rushing in for the assets to go up I love the fact that people that are doing their research and fundamentals and learning the trading craft are the ones that are starting to make money so it's great to see and good to see Queen based own to list some good quality projects on the other side of this we did have one a coin base executives leave coin base and at the time you sort of think geez why would someone like Adam White leave one of the biggest companies in the world valued at eight billion dollars as this article says and it came out later that he was joining backed and this is the product that people are staying to talk about this it doesn't have that same excitement as the ETF and expectation but if you're leaving somewhere like coinbase to join back you must be pretty confident that they're doing something big and special and we also sort of had during the news this week that coinbase taking a step back from their institutional index fund product that they were offering now I don't if they jumped into that too soon and at the time there was a lot of demand from from you know that sort of institutional investor and they wanted to have you know cater for every sort of investor but I definitely have always seen coin bases that retail invest focus Bryan Armstrong said he's mission is to get mass adoption and more people in you know countries all over the world so for me to see them saying look we're not going in that path there wasn't a huge demand it doesn't mean that there's no demand from institutional investors per se them they might be going through Gemini or they don't want to be using something that's very publicly facing they all wanted or you know secretive behind closed doors OTC whatever that is but I think it's you know a good thing that coinbase can focus on what their real passion and what is and that's getting in these new wave of people with an easy using interface a nice friendly app onboarding process and so on next up we did have spanked chain one of my favorite projects funny name but they have been leading the way with technology with their version of the Lightning Network that allowed you to pay the actors workers whatever you want to call them the professionals and cut out that middleman which is the whole purpose of cryptocurrency now they did have a weakness in their Lightning Network or their state channels but the hacker actually returned the stolen funds and that's I guess there's a maybe he's an ethereal fan I don't know but you just don't see this too often so that's great to see they did give him a nine thousand dollar reward spank chain had already paid back anyone that was affected by the hack so the coming together of both sides of the communities a little bit unusual here but like the project name but I this was a a feel-good story I guess I wanted to share with you a theorems Constantinople upgrade did not go to plan so on the test net we obviously do the hard Forks first a theorems test net rob stern went to activate this network upgrade the hard fork at this block number and it stalled now beautified going around already guys all that happened was that this is a on a weekend there wasn't enough clients upgrade their software so you've got to run a node on the Rumson test network and so on and miners just didn't upgrade whether they were all away on the weekend there wasn't enough people supporting the network obviously but nothing that I'm too worried about a lot of people are gonna be saying that you know this means that theorems not going too hard for you know it's gonna be years away you know this is going to cause a bit of fight guys but honestly I don't think this is anything too much to worry about the Cuban island using the coming days yo 'but had a pump and dump this week and this hit my email and i honestly thought it was a scam an email that must have been circulating and then thanks to JP who tagged me and this and a few other people on twitter saying you know you need to speak about this this is crazy that this is happening a somewhat reputable exchange deliberately doing a pump and dump and saying that we're gonna pump in bitcoin into a null point and you're not gonna know what it is and guys don't be part of this or as always I say vote with your money take your funds out of these exchanges you know stick to the reputable ones all that sort of thing because this is just yeah as I said pathetic I don't condone this in any way but it's shocking that this is happening and if if this happens in more exchanges just refuse to use them this comes back to that China factor that this the best friend or worst enemy I guess is the thing that I keep saying now I spoke about this a couple of weeks ago in our members group that I think China are definitely going down this path of possibly launching their own stable coin and then we saw these headlines come out this week maybe that's a coincidence who knows but central bank's saying that if they can get this stable coin I think that's far more likely that they then say okay we can now track everyone's you know crypto fiat so to speak and now we can open the floodgates to icos bring back exchanges but one thing I've always said is that China want to be in control they don't want to not know what's going on and have capital the money fleeing their country and and so on you know we saw it going to Australian housing in Vancouver New Zealand money was trying to get out of China and they want to clamp down on that they want to be in control if they issue their own stable coin a bit like the you know the petrol or whatnot state back coins you guys know that I don't believe in them but if it's just a little stable coin and that means that China is going to come back a big way maybe that's a good thing let me know what you think below unconfirmed these rumors coming out of China it's so hard to know what's true and what's not Tron is another one that some can be a little bit divisive in the community but rumors going around that Tron Tron may be partnering with Baidu who's the Google of China so let's see what come come up comes of that one thing I've always said about some of these projects that certainly got pushed or pumped very hard last year they've got large market caps I've had big are SEOs they've got a lot of money in the bank I've got a war chest so even if they're not rolling out you know constant developments new wallets or whatever it is now trying I've got my net so you know hats off to them you guys know that I'm not the biggest fan of them since they plagiarized their white paper I've got some big claims they're gonna be hundreds of times faster than a theorem and you know hundreds of times I can't remember if it was cheaper than heõs whatever it may be guys always a little bit cautious a little bit tongue-in-cheek here but if you've got a war chest you're gonna have the money to buy some beat partnerships and keep things going now whether or not that ends up attracting more people and it succeeds in the long run just be aware that I'd rather see technological development than necessarily just constantly buying partnerships South Korean regulators reaffirm their negative stance so we've been reading articles that they may be coming around and you know there's been certain ministers saying that we want to open the doors and rethink this and then they kind of come out and say no nothing's changed just yet now we've seen this in China before where they as I said they want to be in control they don't want any of these rumors to get out that it may be happening on may not they will get things on their terms and allow it they're happy to allow uncomfortable to allow when they're ready so until them don't be surprised that these countries come out and say no no nothing's changed we're very firm on our stance and then who knows if they flip-flop a couple of weeks later 350 million dollars to buy steak in Korea's largest exchange now I pronounce this one be thumb I've heard bit hum as always guys it stuffed that's pronounced these different exchanges but Queen base being valued at 8 billion you know we see all these companies with a lot of money you know finance coming over and supporting travel by beating Australia it's great to see these players moving around and confidence coming in and beat consortium of Singaporean businessman sort of coming in and backing these exchanges they're here for the long run they believe this is a good investment it should be a bit of a vote of confidence and everyone's sort of reshuffling behind the scenes you guys the that infrastructure that we keep talking about in preparation for their next bull run which it feels like it's been forever but it certainly all we can say is we're getting closer every day the big story this week has probably been more BitFenix rumors and they have been struggling a little bit with the banks now they came out and said look we haven't we're not insolvent you know everyone in history that's ever been in solvent has said they're not insolvent I actually don't believe BitFenix are insolvent I believe like all crypto businesses every day the businesses that we help and deal with tell us that their bank accounts get shut down and that puts delays and strains on that Fiat to crypto on-ramp off-ramp it doesn't affect crypto operations they publicly put out there cold wallet addresses to show you how much Bitcoin aetherium I believe else it was they've got those funds there guys it is just these holdups and delays where they interfacing with the banking system so at the moment I'm not too worried tether is trading at a discount to a dollar I spoke about that in more detail during the week but I'll touch on that as well during the price and analysis just shortly guys but I think that the difference is going to be arbitrage Dawei so if tethers training for 97 cents I think on different exchanges even if it's not be Phoenix we're gonna see that you know the whether it's bots or traders continue to bring that back I believe because I just don't think that bean she's gonna explode like some of these conspiracy theories are saying as always though it's not a good idea to have a large amount of funds on these exchanges anyway whatever you're comfortable to trade within that's all you should have on them cryptocurrency will make the web look like a cute experiment so this is the circle CEO we've seen circle take a bullish stance on crypto this year and I just wanted to introduce a couple of these articles this week because for every we'll talk to pan Nouriel Roubini just surely but for every person that's slamming crypto and the Jamie diamonds the world we've got these big you know bullish price predictions or CEOs that have that vested interest and it's one by one we'll see more people that have that vested interest that have a large amount of crypto they're happy with what they got and then we start pushing out these headlines and stories and so on Goldman Sachs Gary Cohen late sorry he has left goldman sachs former president but more and more of this movement that we see we spoke about this with crypto recruit the other day that this pulling a lot of people from high-paying bank jobs and from wall street and putting them into these blockchain startups that need that their business brains and so on and it depends how you feel about the banking system and goldman sachs whether or not do you think this is a good a good thing that these types of individuals are coming into the space or not and I guess this leads into the the next story I wanted to talk about so this is the launch of the liquid network now liquid network is again similar to the light network in some ways it's a second-last solution so it's a way for a side chain I guess you can think of it as a side network for run by block stream for the same people behind lining Network and it's a way for all these exchanges to send crypto to each other without going through you know the Bitcoin network itself as it were the decentralized network so I'll be honest I'm not really a fan of this style and I don't mind the Lightning Network if we get a lot of nodes and decentralization and we can increase the amounts that we get put through it and all that sort of thing I don't want it to be centralized that too of a hub-and-spoke model and i certainly don't want it to be you know only privately run nodes as is in the liquid network where they are the beneficiaries for all these exchanges this isn't what bitcoin was envisioned to be and this is the on the this day in history that i want you guys to realize this is an article from 2015 block stream and launching their first sidechain for Bitcoin exchanges the liquid network and obviously guys it didn't take off so they're trying this again so the first time it's happened that we've seen these headlines I'm we need Bitcoin to scale in that decentralized fashion where it's still it's still the community's coin it can't be you know censored if a bank rings up or a government rings up block stream and liquid says how shut down those funds you know that is not what Bitcoin in cryptocurrency is really all about so let me know what you think about that below do you buy into the theory that block stream is trying to destroy cryptocurrency I think as long as we have thousands of nodes across the world and lightning network is I guess optional and we have lots of decentralization of the Lightning Network that's okay in my books but I'm certainly been an open-minded guys I'll try and give you unbiased information wherever possible because the the Bitcoin cash crowd are the ones that tend to give me a pretty hard time and certainly let you know about it if you're not agreeing with them I guess is the right way to put it so beat tweet storm back and forward Rubina here Nouriel Roubini coming out Doctor Doom and just giving crypto and absolute smashing and the crypto crowd the influences white supremacist paranoid you know I'm not even gonna read outs of these stuff guys it's actually a fancy some of the things he said he tweeted about Bitcoin in the past but look in summary if you haven't read these guys kryptos the mother of all scams and a now burst bubble blockchain most overhyped technology ever no better than a spreadsheet or a database and he testified to Congress with all this a number of people says saying we'll get out there and let's get undressed to you know have a debate or at least what's the word I'm looking for he goes man the debates sorry mind blank in the comments below let me know that word that's escaping me here guys but I like that on dressers come out here and said that he's you know this is a waste of time opinions won't determine the outcome this is all about ego people have got plenty of sources to decide and it really is people like andreas and cz that the really good people the we don't have enough of and I hate when we see these Jimmy song verse Roger and all these sort of stuff back and forward it doesn't help anyone if anything it puts people off joining the space so let me know your thoughts on all that below yeah and I don't want to see that debate happened between Vitaly to be honest and I've seen crypto Twitter wasted way too much energy on a guy who passed at fifty dollar Bitcoin he was tweeting and laughing and Bitcoin of $50 guys so some of these people have given the worst advice in history they couldn't have been more wrong as I said economists in general they're the only professionals that are wrong more than the weatherman and yet we give them these boxes to stand on and we give them too much airtime I believe so let's move on I don't want to waste more energy on that one as well so crypto let's have a look at these markets so frustrating for me that we had that huge red day in stock markets and crypto held up for 10 hours before he'd also fell off a cliff but the good news is guys we're still in this timing range so I've now got the coin based price and BitFenix which is trading it around a hundred and forty dollar premium the course of that tether difference so because bitcoin is priced in in tether on BitFenix you're now dividing by 99 cents 98 cents whatever it is it's under $1 so you're giving Bitcoin what looks to be a higher value but that is because of that premium that we're currently seeing in tether so nothing has changed a lot since last week guys we're stealing this tightening pattern it's going to come to a head in the week or two as we've said a number of times the date that we're looking for a boost is the 21st of October for our cycle brackets aetherium hasn't had a jump just in the past couple of hours like Bitcoin has up a couple hundred dollars like coin had some good news in the week getting added to Gemini you guys know that I believe this is gonna have a lot of value long term but look for the little the little pockets of strength as I said something like Wahby here I can't find any particular good announcement other that they're having a new community chat where they're going to be openly discussing founders and updates instead of having all the bots in telegram but this is one that we really recommended at 12 cents again recently in cover for you guys and to see it's back up it's a 30 cents and to see it breaking the trend you guys know that nothing excites me more than when we see good coins moving independently whether it's a las dos y be the list goes on 0 X this week listing on coinbase so that's one thing that excites me guys hopefully we can continue to our fundamental analysis and find those coins that are gonna move independently of a Bitcoin sideways or even bear market I still believe that the best time to buy guys in dollar cost average is during these big Corrections learn how to short in case we go lower if you can make a bit more money and then put that back in your favorite coins at a lower price it's a win-win so the best projects are easily gonna do a thousand percent from these lows not a thousand X guys a thousand percent and that's pretty you know I think that's very under balling if anything I think you guys know that some of the best projects could even do ten thousand percent or more from where we are particularly if we have another leg lower so that's it for the way the news guys I am gonna tell that story for those of you that are interested and as always check out Nuggets today you for for more information let's move on to this photo so we were in the human beautiful part of the world a a couple of hours drive from where I live about half an hour an hour how about a friend and I said let's go on a bush walk beautiful day one of the mates I was with we've been walking for an hour up this hill very steep very thick bush like he does not see any snakes to be honest and we ran into a nice old fellow and he said look up the road there's a beautiful view you're almost there to the summit my my daughter lives there with their husband and they've got seven daughters and well sounding a little bit weird to be different at this stage we were in the middle of nowhere as you can see from this photo and sure enough there you know a really nice family living sustainably off the grid I know char team and Dan would love this one very friendly you see the dog there you see that the youngest daughter running around in the bush happy to show us around she told us she'd had actually trodden on a snake a couple of days earlier but to meet those people that's living completely off the grid self sustainable solid power growing their own fruit and vegetables breath of fresh air you guys know that I love that that side of things to get away from the crypto markets for 48 hours to take in nature there really is nothing better guys and it puts it all into perspective and you know that night we had a fire and friends xxx that lives down this way and talking to people you know different trades farmers and so on that hadn't heard of Bitcoin and telling them about telling them about Bitcoin and yeah the first thing I guess they get excited about is when they hear how much the price has gone up but the message I really wanted to get across guys is like money has never been the aim for myself it's not you know money doesn't buy your happiness you know it's the relationships you form in life it's getting out there enjoying nature meditation is certainly something that changed my life meeting people getting out of your comfort zone the friend I was with Jarrod certainly pushed me to keep going when we'd walk past three or four no trespassing signs and you know we thought we'd seen a few snakes and whatever and it is it's just good to get out of that comfort zone so I'll certainly be exploring Tazzy and getting away more you've got to spend some time away from the screen to keep you sandi so i hope you've enjoyed that little story guys we all got out of there alive we met a great family in the middle of nowhere and made it back to safety to tell the story and got a few good photos along the way so hit that like button subscribe if you haven't already share these videos around and thanks for tuning in guys Cheers

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