30 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Market Update May 26th 2019 – Binance Breaks Record Highs”

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  2. No mention of Binance paying BNB to everyone who pumped at least 1BTC of trade volume by 18th May following their "hack"? The follow on from that is the main reason BNB & Matic pumped so hard, lots of people will be left holding bags.

  3. Binance breaks hights after the hack, Bitfinex almost winning the court in NY, I can't understand what is going on. Magic 😀

  4. Please make a review of Bitfinex LEO Unus Sed architecture, they said they based on both Ethereum and EOS blockchains, how is that possible and why.

  5. .Dent is on the way up, 43% increase the last 7 days!

    https://www.binance.com/?ref=18312310 sign up and invest

  6. force China to push prices up? at a point yes, not now, prices go up, US stops buying, unemployment goes up, 100mill protesters on the streets of China, Chinese government doesnt want that, so they absorb the tariffs, Trump is extorting them.

  7. Storm is a cryptocurrency with a huge and solid project. I have no doubt that it will be one of those that will explode upwards.

  8. BSv pumping is hilarious. I do feel bad for the people falling for their lies. People gonna fomo on the chart and get burned :-/

  9. Sorry I don't do Facebook ,I'll just have 2 miss out on the 2 videos that your Facebook followers get .shame coz I love watching your videos ,maybe we non fb peeps could see them a week later ???

  10. Bit more to the whole Teresa May resigning i feel.
    The timing of it and a few things i've read since could just be a coincidence but most things aren't

  11. I think the Liberals getting in meant that people weren't afraid of getting shafted by Shorten & Co on their capital gains! That was a ridiculous policy!

  12. Rare earth mining is a thing as the environmental pollution and fallout from mining is so bad no one else will do it. I was in South Korea last year and the amount of pollution being blown across from China is disgusting, caused me to have asthma attacks.

  13. I keep hearing in your YouTube videos that you mentioned calls or things you have discussed previously before with multi-collateral Dai that there will be three other coins that will benefit greatly from this. These "call" videos so to speak are in your members area. So specifically, I sign up to be a member then I will get exclusive access to this video area within the membership where you discuss things like this or other calls you believe will happen, etc?

  14. Brexit is polarising because you can't argue with love, or xenophobia, which drives a chunk of the Brexit vote. I hasten to say not nearly all Brexiters as there is a 'take back control' argument, which although a bit daft (aka the world is interconnected) is well-intentioned. Its a perfect storm for all sorts of reasons. There is lack of ethics in politics and society here which runs so deep you see liars everywhere and you know a liar will get elected with the electorate all knowing they are a liar. Politics is run by big machines and we've had enough. The UK is going through a nihilistic introverted phase as it faces its own looming irrelevance, caused by its out-dated institutions and poor governance, but we will bounce back. The UK's Victorian imperial past has given it the wrong values for the 21st Century (e.g. food banks?? WTF??). Germany has bothered to face down its past and is better for it. Thanks for inviting me to get that off my chest! The First Past The Post electoral system here encourages egoism and retrenchment in government, but many Brits just can't see it as they have 'adapted' to that cultural environment and schools don't 'do' political education. Fixing things could take a while. Most of my favourite Brits are the children of immigrants. I like the way they see things differently! Love the show.

  15. i'm afraid you are so far off on Teresa May…I would stay away from it…stick to what you know…which is generally a lot more than me on most subjects…like the show…

  16. Brexit is an embarrassing mess. One vote turned into 9 Parliament votes, with no end in sight.
    I just hope whomever comes in, is young, vibrant and strong. I don't vote Labour, but they had their chance a few years ago when the two Milliband brothers went head to head. They chose the wrong one imo. I may have been swayed.
    Either way, we will now have a General election to contend with….just to add into the mix. ??

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