Cryptocurrency Market Update Mar 17th 2019 – Betting On Central Banks

hi guys thanks for tuning in to another episode of Nuggets news another big week for global and crypto markets we welcome another 600 new subscribers this week it's great to have so many new faces joining us and we did welcome 30 new members this week to our premium area head to Nuggets today you if you want to join us there guys a bit of housekeeping to start off with we are gonna be in Sydney and Ed Khan in April I hope to see you guys there and we also have a meet-up coming at the end of March in Melbourne so keep an eye on all our socials and the Nuggets news public Facebook page for those dates and times now to start off with guys our thoughts do go out to our friends across the ditch in New Zealand just a horrible story to come out of it and even more you know sad to hear is that this was funded in some way by by big connect so this is just shocking all around guys and our thoughts with our friends over in New Zealand in these tough times on this day in crypto history or 20 years since Google joined Facebook banned in crypto ads only two years since the theorem hit a new all-time high of $30 my target the time for a theorem was $100 and that was blown out of the water when we came well over a thousand three years since the theorem was added to beat Phoenix after their homestead release 2015 famously wise masters left Wall Street to work on Bitcoin in the industry 2014 was the mountain fallout continuing and in 2013 people began using Bitcoin to buy Amazon gift cards to the local economy now and the RBA have come out and started cheerleading that you know everything remains pretty good that the housing downturn is healthy it's not gonna affect the economy and wage growth will return and unemployment is gonna remain low is what they're saying and they just setting up for egg on their face as I spoke about months ago guys in the US the Federal Reserve is gonna flip-flop as soon as markets have a tantrum these central banks are practically lying and through their teeth and as soon as we start to get unemployment teacup and wage growth remains law I don't see why it would pick up all the sudden conditions are gonna deteriorate and obviously we'll continue to keep you up to date with our monthly economic and videos over to China now and although they've been pumping in all that liquidity there's still a shortage and some people are speculating on the size of their shadow banking system and no matter how much money they're pumping in trying to get liquidity into the system there's just so much debt and it just filters down into the economy central banks are finding themselves an increasingly difficult position with them in talking about raising rates and ending all this stimulus but they're just finding that the economy is just completely addicted to this free cheap easy money now in the US economy one of the leading indicators is semiconductor manufacturing and as we see here a leading indicator a number of years in the past and it's just taking a sharp downturn here and we're already in a downturn for manufacturing goes so we can expect manufacturing to slow even further in their coming months which is something we want to keep an eye on now US Treasuries have been dumped to the most in a decade as we see here so this is the international capital monthly flows of money in and out of u.s. bonds and this is as it says in the title guys some of the biggest flyers we've seen for a while now keep an eye on this I'm going to talk about bond yields further in just a second now US have sanctioned Russian bank over links to the venezuelan petrol and we start to see this interesting dynamic between countries that are starting to settle trade in crypto currencies and those that are obviously sanctioning because they're using crypto to get around other sanctions so this is another thing that can add to the tensions between countries in Venezuela this week we saw the power grid go down and the number of Bitcoin transactions had a sharp decrease because it's become so popular I mean there's no power he's obviously harder to buy sell and trade Bitcoin other ways around that and we'll see the free market create different measures if power remain scarce in Venezuela but launching a war drill to secure the power grid sees that they're just going through such a tough time in Venezuela at the moment and it's interesting to see that one of their leading economists has come out and said that cryptocurrency is good money and this is the dynamic between some central bank saying we're not even acknowledging crypto it's no good it's not money and here we see a country that has felt the full you know brink of hyperinflation and fiat money in the basement of their currency in this same will we believe cryptocurrency is a good money now the Fed this week started hinting at QE five as always it's going to be a little bit like Operation Twist where it has a slightly different feel to it but the premise is the same guys we've been saying this on the channel for probably a year now that the Fed aren't going to continue to raise interest rates and they're gonna have to go back to printing more money like all economies are at some stage and this week good Zero Hedge article if you want to read the details on QE 5 possibly coming now no chart shows this better than this historical bond yield so this is the ten-year US Treasury bond and back in the 80s when we had that run-up in inflation and was still on the gold standard their inflation gets to 16% ever since it has just been falling and the whole macro theme has been that yes interest rates had hit their record lows as we zoom in here when the Fed ended QA and money printing and whatnot interest rates were gonna start to rise get back to normal levels between you know 3 and 5% 7% traditionally but what we've seen just lately since the end of last year when markets have had that tantrum is the smartest money in the market the bond money the bond market money has started to turn down and predict our interest rates they don't believe that the economy can withstand high interest rates and there's been a rush back into Treasury bonds to get that yield now if you had to pick one reason only to own Bitcoin it's that central banks are now openly talking about QE 5 money printing doesn't matter what country you're in and the ECB literally on Twitter this week bragging about how they can print money out of thin air to buy assets and imagine if we all had that same luxury and we similar vein of thought guys it was a piece tweeted by wale panda a couple of days ago saying ah I wanted to build off this that all essentially issued US dollar stable coins rely on fiat money being kept in a bank now we know if we deposit a million dollars their banks lend that out to everyone and keep a fraction of the reserves so by that very nature some of these stable coins you know even people speculating about tether whether it's backed or not we know that that money is not there if it's in a bank we know there's only a fraction of it there and just by that very metric stable coins in theory are only worth cents on the dollar if we had a run on the banks or any sort of liquidity crisis so for me I'm sticking with make our synthetics golbat coins anything that I know is fully or over collateralized no fractional reserves for me we've had a few different regulatory bodies getting discussions with industry this week and it was great to see this happen in Canada in the US they said they're gonna go out and have meetups with all sorts of leaders in the FinTech community over in Germany building out a task force for a legal framework and obviously this week I was lucky enough to speak to Treasury now for our premium members I did a deep dive into what we were sort of discussing and how I think this is all going to play out but it's good that they're collaborating with the industry professionals whether or not anything comes of it remains to be seen because there's probably a dozen three dozen countries now where you're better off if you've got a utility there's just more knowns a lot of these Australian projects are facing so many unknowns in terms of you know tax stability frameworks how they can do it compliantly it's really hard to get good advice and it's very expensive to get that advice if there even is anyone that knows what they're talking about now a similar vein of thought here the Basel Committee has come out and said that crypto currencies do pose a risk to banks as we just touched on interesting Venezuela saying this is great it's real money one of my pics for 2019 when our predictions was that central banks are gonna flip-flop from saying with Kryptos and nothing to really pay attention to to the b2b to ignore and this is the first time we've really seen this saying that they do pose a risk to banks and that is because as banks want to print more money central banks are gonna have to do another round of easing and this is the first time that crypto currency has been mainstreamed when they turn on the taps again and people say we don't want to be diluted lose our purchasing power we're gonna park our money in some cryptocurrency and I think that theme is just gonna continue forever now what we've seen this week in Australia was Ozzy school kids protesting climate change now put your you know personal thoughts on climate change aside I certainly think there's been some changes in the weather whether or not that is solely caused by our carbon emissions or part of a bigger natural cycle you know that's what is hotly debated I don't turn this into a political video but what I do want to say is that look at all these occurrences brings it Trump Occupy Wall Street the yellow vests people are unhappy and they know they can bring about change by taking to the streets and politicians aren't doing enough and this week the yellow vest protests heated up again now they've been relatively calm the last few weeks but setting banks on fire you know French have the high tax rates there and I believe that the sooner or later the politicians are gonna give in they can't have this continue for the local economy okay so into the crypto news and last night thanks to everyone that joined us for our ultimate old coin hangout we went over technical and fund them into analysis for a number of coins you guys asked me and thanks to meek who did do timestamps for everything we talked about if you guys want to check that out I have sent a bitty crypto their way now creepy-like tweeted that he was donating some finance to help that charity initiative and I said very happy to comply Nuggets news does do a little bit of work for care for Africa and I said that I'd still love to see finance collaborate with Horizon State because at one stage there they got into some initial talks and nothing really came of it but I think there's so much synergy there with charity initiative and it was great to see Caesar reach out and say let's do it so hopefully something comes of that we know horizon state have a Nemo in charge now rather than a Ren who was talking to cz last time so fingers crossed something comes there now there's been plenty of old coin news this week guys and we've been trying to cover at least ten items every second day the big op coin items that are often missed by other websites so daily 10 on nuggets do you you can't get these email to you as well guys the cosmos launched and this nearly did a hundred X return for those initial investors and it's an IOU token it's not even the real token for their main net yet which is super interesting to me that we're seeing projects launch at a hundred X in the middle of what's meant to be crypto winter now maked I got a lightning Network of sorts so you guys know that I think that the stable coin has got so many use cases and that died card is a second layer network that utilizes state channels so you can think of it as a lightning Network for stable claim payments beatrix announced there by tanks like token sail for Korean and game data now at the last minute we saw them pull out I'm going to talk about initial exchange offerings a little bit more but I think every exchange is about to heat up in that space and I did an emergency video for members in the middle of the week about how I see this playing out and what coins are going to benefit from that and whatnot and breakthrough for aetherium we saw that a POS a theorem interoperability bank or we're starting to see all these different cross chain mechanisms functioning and it's fantastic to see Chinese insurance giant pink Eng partners with decentralized a start up a high startup singularity net now this was one that was highly speculative that we covered I think we were the first video on YouTube to do fundamental analysis on singularity net and they're starting to gain traction they've been on Joe Rogan getting some good partnerships this is what I absolutely love to see you guys and we did a lot of time and research before we chose to put any project on the channel we've never done paid promotions hopefully a lot of these projects are coming out now they've been busy building in the crypto Winter iota has leptin to decentralization you guys know the one thing I've been saying is I only needs to remove that coordinator system that has very much control over what transactions are taking place similar to how a US has these elected nodes that can choose to freeze funds or reverse transactions that's what a coordinator is in that tangle iota system so I've introduced Z net a hell of a lot more check out this article on kryptonian easy but very promising for iota and there hasn't been a lot of movement in price this is certainly one that we are watching for a trade in our premium members area now maker dye continues to remain a lot below a dollar and when we look at the actual maker system when we're minting diet he's always worth a dollar so what you can do at the moment guys if it's trading for 96 cents on exchanges you can pick it up and sell it for a dollar and this is an arbitrage opportunity that I know a few of our more advanced traders have been taking advantage of over to ripple and some good news for ripple holders and launching this hundred million dollar fund for game developers and ripples is probably a good use case for gaming with their you know centralization the way it works it's got fast transactions but what I am a little bit worried about here was this uncovered uncovering of the massive army and some people have said that they don't think this is real guys they've discovered thousands and thousands of accounts through analysis and I know that whenever I put out a tweet there's just BOTS with except in their name or people just common EXR pay you're not saying anything else it's pretty frustrating I don't know I'll be interested to hear what do you people hold us think about this is this being blown out of proportions or have you noticed this being an issue as well here's just a list of some of the accounts that have been uncovered but the last thing I want to talk about is ripple as a means for cross-border payments and other banks coming out we saw JP Morgan coin came out I said a while ago that every bank is going to have their own and now we see IBM hinting at their own stable point for cross-border payments so every single bank is gonna have their own I don't think they're gonna buy up tokens of someone else's and pay a lot of money when they can create their own for free and if anything make money off other people using theirs and charging clients fees so again I feel like I'm always sort of talking about the headwinds for report there's already banks signed on to use their system X rapid whether or not that leads to the next IP token being used let me know your thoughts in the comments below now coin based Pro have listed stellar lumens this is one that we've sort of been waiting for it's finally come to fruition these guys have branched out and chased other use cases rather than just into bank payments and that's again it's probably why it's good to see ripple try to give the gaming industry and diversify because of those headwinds that we just mentioned a good news for Bank horas which is a project that we covered a while ago they came to Australia we had Greg on the channel it is one that I've personally invested in in the sto field these guys have joined one of the big Accords in the sto space but getting in the investment from t0 subsidiary overstock is a big vote of confidence in Medici ventures there these guys are trying to build an only one you know platform to raise money on trade security tokens banking licenses they want it all hopefully they can get all those licenses throughout China throughout Europe and that is going to be hopefully a very successful sto project now as I mentioned before beatrix had the first Launchpad projects ready to go and they pulled out last minute and this is a scramble as I tweeted there's been absolutely mayhem behind the scenes in the world of exchanges because Finance Launchpad has been so popular every other exchange now wants to bring out their own launch pad and this one almost slipped through the cracks of projects that project that was not that great and they were rushing to launch it and the last minute they worked out that everything's not right here we're gonna have to pull out some of the partners they'd promised turned out to be invalid and guys you've always gonna do your own due diligence just because it's on the exchange in a launchpad doesn't mean it's a good project and as I've said before the some of these projects are selling five to ten percent of the tokens there's ninety percent overhang that he's gonna come into the market in the coming months and years and put downward pressure on the price ends of the theorem use now so that'd be contestant is getting pretty close to launch some of the developers say now a lot of people aren't aware that a theorem is about to launch an entirely new chain and I'll be making a video about that for you guys this week some of these changes that you gotta bring about up to two hundred seventy thousand transactions per second in phase one of that proof of stake beacon chain I don't go into this too much as a settled or detailed video this week but in the meantime we're gonna have to implement this change to the program proof of work because asacs have become responsible for so much a hash power on the network and now last week we saw manera implement that hard fork to get rid of the acid miners and I think that hash rate dropped by around sixty percent so it's gonna be interesting to see how much a theorems has rate does drop if they implement this change making the algorithm resistant to Hassocks and tool we're fully switched over to the new aetherium chain now this week we saw a Bitcoin ATM double spend attack and this was one of the reasons that I stated I saw a lot of headwinds for any ATM company coming out the way that a team's work some of them allow you to we draw money with what we call zero confirmation so you don't have to wait around for an ally to get money out for your Bitcoin transaction to confirm with the ten minute blocks so what these guys do it sends you Bitcoin to the ATM machine its speech your money out and then you send the same transaction with a higher fee and it gets included in the next block before your other transaction and they defrauded this ATM now whether or not this is fraud because you are using the rules of the blockchain but these guys got away with I think it was around two hundred thousand dollars here by using the double spend and this is the problem with zero confirmation transactions at this stage now news this week that the SIBO have pulled the pin on their Bitcoin futures and here we see this arrow where Bitcoin futures launched it's been all downhill the last contract is going to trade in June or July the majority of Bitcoin futures volume happens on the CME markets I'm not too worried about SIBO closing their contract I don't think Bitcoin really has a place on the futures market becoming trades 24 hours a day at some stage it's gonna break that system that only trades a few hours a day you know a few days a week it just doesn't fit that Bitcoin mold see you may have come out and said that they have no change to change their futures trading as I said they've got the majority of volume there so if you're a futures trade out you can still speculate on the Bitcoin price they cash-settled not back buy Bitcoin not my theme bitfury bringing lightning payments to us payment gateway hade pay so now we have Lightning Network up and running I think we passed a thousand a thousand nodes this week a thousand Bitcoin capacity sorry up 53% in a month this continues to grow at a ridiculous pace now we need companies and individuals to start using it and that just frees up the maintenance even more we've got plenty of transactions happening on the Bitcoin network and fees are a hundred times lower than last time the network was had this much throughput when fees got to $50 they're now less than 50 cents for the average transaction it's great to see the network growing and maturing heading in the right direction now I've used to be a Bitcoin maximalist and I was really hard for me to look at any other altcoins seriously into a theorem came along in 2015-2016 and I still believe Bitcoin is king you guys know I believe that everyone should have a large percentage of their portfolio in Bitcoin and a lot of people said to me how can you say no no I'm saying projects will fail there's only two thousand coins on coin market cap well guys there's more like at least ten thousand projects out there now and I do believe there's only going to really be a hundred maybe 200 that be really successful and there's a lot of innovation happening in the space there's so many good projects out there a couple of hundred isn't a small number but being disrespectful to every other individual and start up in this business just saying no it's Bitcoin or it's the highway everything else is crap I just think that's me disrespectful when you're telling them everyone that they're wasting their time and that you know better than them so that's my thoughts on Bitcoin maximalism let me know yours in the comments below into the technical analysis now litecoins been leading the way we've said that litecoin hopefully is going to continue to lead the way as it reaches its having event long before Bitcoin so you'll see here like points tested its 200-day moving average come back and retest it again continues to power higher using these exponential moving averages a lot of you traders have been getting in here and just riding this up and it's a little bit more extended than Bitcoin in etherium I think everything is coming up to a time or it's gonna have a little breather before we really test some higher levels in the coming weeks so if we have a look at a theorem you'll see it's still well under its 200-day moving average $165 is the next key level we're targeting and we can get a bit of a push up here from this cycle bracket in the coming days but it's Bitcoin that all eyes are still really on and we're watching this inverse Head & Shoulders pattern it's still very much on the cards we're riding those moving averages if we lose these odds take yourself or Dohee guys if we lose these we're looking down here at the 50-day moving average but at the moment you'd have to say we're forming higher lows there's been some ok volume coming in if this inverse Head and Shoulders pattern plays out obviously our target is up here around four and a half thousand dollars which would be a big vote of confidence for everyone that's been waiting and watching and this is a bottoming pattern so we're still in that bear market it's six thousand dollars way overhead that is the real resistance that's gonna get more people excited and put a final end to that bear market so one step at a time guys we do have our cycle brackets pushing down into the 23rd of March so a perfect if we're gonna continue for the next few days would be coming back to retest this level that's been resistance to active support around 4100 if we do turn over now we're hoping that it's not too deep it's online of volume and then we get another push up around the 24th of March so thanks for tuning in guys I hope to see more review members over in our premium area it's been fantastic lately everyone is enjoying themselves and educating in a bear market so many new people coming into the space is really exciting to see smash that like button subscribe if you haven't already share these videos around and thanks for tuning in guys Cheers

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  2. I can see IBM creating a private blockchain token/coin that will only be available to banksters. So while banks settle differences with private crypto citizen users will be shut out and relegated to fiat. It is highly likely it will be adopted since IBM is involved in SWIFT already. This will unlikely have any positive or negative impact on XLM.

  3. Love your stuff, but there's no hot debate about climate change. Virtually every expert in the field agrees on what's happening (and that's not to mention all the other evidence from many, many fields of science that also support the theory). You may as well talk about the 'hot debate' on whether the Earth is flat. You are intelligent and you have a brand new child, hopefully you look at the evidence around CC and start to take it seriously as it will likely be the biggest threat your child faces in his life.

  4. Time to buy! Everyday people put there money in to earn over 0.001% for a year, aside bank charges which is still very funny to me because 2017 bitcoin was worth about $200 and to today its worth over $3500 to $4100. imagine if you kept your money in a bitcoin wallet alone with no mining you probably would have tripled your investment. Mr Ben helps me invest my BTC in mining with his amazing software.Despite how busy he is a family man, he brought good time to listen. he made me about $15000 my first week..which has brought a very big change in my life; his email [email protected] com for people who are tired of wrong price update or BTC moon prediction

  5. Hey Nugs, can you elaborate what you mean by banks will use their own stable coin rather then buy XRP.

    The point of XRP is not for banks to buy it. The point of XRP is to be a bridge so that bank of america and bank of india (for example) do not need to hold each others stable coin in a nostro vostro to be able to do buisness. Creating stable coins doesn't change how x border transactions work. There still needs to be a bridge that can do it cheaper.

    Uber is another example of an XRP usecase. A customer from Australia can go to Japan and use their AUD to pay. In the backround it will filter through AUD > XRP > XRP > JPY and pay Uber ( or which ever currency they want to filter it into) That's the idea behind XRP not for banks to buy and hold. It's designed to be a stable medium of exchange between 2 currencies, assets, or commodities. For that reason banks can use it without having to worry about the price of XRP as their exposure will be less then 10 seconds. They just send the money to a market maker (exchange) who does all the exchanging.

  6. If he had used funds from working a 9-5 job would that company have been reported as the source of terrorism funds? or was the source of funds just reported because the author wanted to somehow link a dead crypto company to terrorism to further reinforce the publics negative misconception that crypto is only used for bad stuff?

  7. I also think that BTC is King but from there you need to look for somebody with or an ico/homegrown crypto , with a solid and understandable goal.
    For instance
    BAT … wants to make a browser is that's not garbage to use. Won't track you and has incentives to actually watch ads.
    DASH… Solid gold of wanting to become cash, and doing everything they can to make crypto easier for the little guy.
    XRP… A banker's coin but the same time they know how to position themselves to meet the ends that they are setting out for .
    Digibyte… Wishes to make more use cases for the blockchain proper. And is currently one of the most solid blockchain that you simply mine.

    In the crypto space if you're a first-timer A good rule of thumb don't touch anything for at least a year unless you know how to invest weather short-term or long-term don't touch anything just read a lot. Pay attention to good faith crypto YouTubers. With a mix of news technical analysis fundamental analysis, or project update channels weatherby ico or pure blockchain proof of stake excetera.

    When you find a hyper guy run all the way to the other side of the world because you do not want to listen too much to hide guys. Last but not least make sure you do things at your own pace, if you're not exactly wealthy like me just spider time dollar cost average or ask a financial advisor how to dollar cost average.dip your toes in other finance spaces so that you could get the gist of certain Aspects of the market. Try to learn money management from day traders and for swing traders.

    And most importantly of all don't believe everything you hear even from me your due diligence is your only weapon against bankruptcy and rent…

    Something I learned as of late haven't quite utilized yet, for those new at money management .

    Give segments of your money or goal.
    Whether it be 5% back rent or debt
    60% rent depending on your situation.likely 70% in a high-cost area

    10% before phone bill and other bills
    15% the rest
    You get the idea like I said I'm not quite fluid that this is well any suggestions even for me please make a video on this nuggets news….

    most of what you have at rent proper everyone knows where I prices suck in New York, Australia guess as well.

    Last make sure your wallets download or USB types cold storage or medium storage are preferable. I personally tend to use exodus wallet and atomic wallet for now.

    this is just words of a fan that is not amazing at money management but is trying to learn himself and some tips that he learned himself…hopefully and maybe when I get to news will make a video similar to this very Messy message of trying to help… Which would lead to the question so why don't you have a money manager my retort is haha I don't have enough money for a money manager… That are working poor buddy screeeeeeaaaammmmmmmmm!!!

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    Technical Analysis
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    24:30 Nuggets News Premium Membership

    Your Welcome 😉

  9. Turkey in recession, Italy in recession, Germany close to recession, French Rioting, Venezuela fucked, Australian and Canadian house prices crashing.

  10. If I'm correct, IBM Cross border payments will use lumens for the utility cost of the transactions, but the banks will use either their own currency, or lumens.

  11. If we had a run on tether, does that not mean by definition that it would be easier for them to cover what's left? Given that it is all just 1's and zero's anyway, it won't matter. Surely none of the other stable coins are covered either. Maybe only a few such as Stronghold are actually backed one to one.
    Either way, all of this just makes bicoin's finality all the more impressive.

  12. *According to Tether’s website, Tether’s reserves “include traditional currency and cash equivalents” and “from time to time, may include other assets and receivables from loans made by Tether to third parties, which may include affiliated entities.” * (See article link below.) This means that Tether (i.e. Bitfinex) is engaged in fractional reserve banking just like every other evil and monopolistic central and private bank. It is basing its Tether value on loans and that puts all of crypto in serious danger. People need to stop using Tether immediately so that the entire market is no longer sitting on its incredibly hazardous foundation.

  13. Don't you know, not to believe any thing that the media post! Where is the proof that it was funded by Bitconnect? I just see this as spreading more Fud!

  14. Again, completely different coordinators and elected block producers. Your market commentary is great but you really need to get the technical details right.

    I get that's it's not obvious for non technical people, so best to stear clear of it and mayber point to technical resources

    With beacon and tps, so many details behind that statement…

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