Cryptocurrency Market Update│BTC, NEO, ADEX, LTC, DGB

Haiden everyone my name’s I’m in and
back again with another cryptocurrency market update so today we’re gonna have
a look at a few coins I’m going to start off with Bitcoin go that go through neo
as well which are the two coins that I reviewed last time and they’re going to
have a look at some of the other coins guys but before you do that let’s take a
quick look at the coin market Capcom now when I was on here like this this
morning it was pretty much a red day we were like going through a bloodbath I
mean it still is pretty pretty red day I mean I would say it still maybe about 60
to 70% negative it was more in the in the daytime and yesterday as well we had
a bloodbath so very few coins kind of held their own yesterday and one of the
coins that I did that was actually Neil so I mean to be honest with you from
this is neo here Neil I am was expecting it to do really well and I still am but
obviously with with to kind of read days you know it kind of does have an impact
on the market overall most of the coins yesterday were read like 95% of them but
neo was still like pumping right and that’s just surely purely because of the
the amount of volume it delivers you know look right now we’re trading a you
know 9600 BTC on the Bitcoin exchange market in in Beatrix you know it’s
number one in the etherium market we can see over 10,000 aetherium on the theory
of market and that’s more than doubles second place you know so you know it’s
it’s almost trading as much as Bitcoin on the US you know USD my USD T market
so that’s pretty cool if you think about it you know it’s definitely neo you know
definitely you know has a huge amount of volume so anyway so let’s take a quick
look I think last time when I did the video
we were probably around in this section here I can’t remember exactly where we
were but we are having a kind of a nice pullback from the first wave up as you
can see here and I was saying how I am expecting it to you know in the long
term semi long time I’m expecting it to really push on and maybe reach at least
another all-time high or at least go very close right but saying that you
know I did say you know we’re gonna meet some resistance along the way and sure
enough we did so in the last video I think we got to around this this candle
hereness go over to the six-hour candles so this was the the high from the last
video and we had a nice kind of pull back down to the to the trendline here
and since then we kind of you know we we met the resistance of this previous high
obviously we can see the high I’m coming from the actual candles where the candle
ends not not the actual wick so yeah I mean this was the kind of the resistance
point here we had a little bounce off here and then eventually had a nice push
climbed back above it and had a nice push up and up to the next resistance
point which if you look at the 1-day candles I marked this out as the next
resistance point right a few days ago and you can see that it’s it’s clean it
literally just touched that resistance line and had a bounce off now admittedly
at that point we were kind of getting a bit exhausted in terms of the actual the
boys were getting a bit exhausted at that point right so you know we were
kind of jus do a pull back there as well I mean a lot of people would say okay
well you know we’ve we’ve had a nice pullback here but we need to you know we
want a longer a longer leg up here but I mean that’s not the way it works relief
if the market the chart is you know telling you that the buyers are getting
slightly sourced it here and there’s it’s meeting
you know an area of strong resistance here as well which obviously there’s
going to be a lot of sellers there’s literally watching the the the bit
tricks buy and sell orders here as we were approaching you and I was literally
just I could say you know there was like you know I mean here you can see this is
healthy because here you can see 16 and a half Bitcoin on page one this whole
page Thoth was sixteen and a half Bitcoin of buy orders on page one right
and this whole page here on on the sell orders equals one Bitcoin right that was
the opposite literally a few hours ago when we you know we reach this point
here it was very much the opposite I was like looking at like 1012 Bitcoin on
there on the sell orders and on the buy orders we were looking at like two or
three bitcoins so you know things are kind of turned around and you know
sometimes you need you need a sell off like that you need you need a sell off
you know it’s healthy to have a sell off like this I mean at this point here you
know where everyone is kind of expecting you know just to kind of keep pushing
keep pushing and then you know we have a kind of big reversal candle here and
then we have a Salafi a lot of people you know would have been you know
panicking and panic selling here you can see this big big candle this a big this
volume bar here and then this this second-biggest volume bar here in this
little range here that was where you know a lot of people got kind of a shook
out and just kind of got out of the market and now you know we found support
here on D if we look at the 12 hour candles you can see where we found
support here it’s at the top of these two 12 hour candles here and the wick
literally just touched touched this this line ed this support line and now it’s
kind of bounced off it nicely this we’ve created a Jessica 600 quickly guys on it
you see something yeah I mean we’re creating us a nice kind of reversal
candle here look at the four hour I can listen look at the one hour okay so this
is more like it so we can see here on the one-hour chart these are kind of two
bullish hammers here so after a kind of kind of small downtrend here now
whenever you see these two candles like this this is literally a classic bullish
hammer bullish tweezers I think yes oh these these are not bullish tweezers
right here okay so basically it’s a bullish sign right so and it’s actually
we’ve actually got confirmation the next candle here has has given us that
confirmation now that we’ve you know we come out of this whole kind of negative
zone here and we’re going to come out bullish now so we’re expecting to create
now higher highs and higher lows okay so we’ll create a high here and
hopefully the next low will not come below this low and then the next high
should be above this high here and then we can kind of expect to move forward so
so it just you know in the semi kind of long term or semi in the mid-range term
here I’ve drawn this rectangle here just kind of highlight this zone here that
we’re gonna we’re gonna have like a lot of resistance in in this zone here it’s
going to be quite choppy you know and we’ve we’ve experienced that already I
mean we when we first came up here we kind of bounced off the bottom of this
zone here and as we came back up you know
we’ve pretty much you know met met resistance as soon as we got into this
saw in we’ve briefly you know stepped back out and now we’re coming back up
and I’m expecting us to find more resistance just generally within within
this zone here so it’s gonna we’re gonna have some fluctuations unless we have a
huge amount of volume pouring and like I said with neo that’s not out of the
ordinary of where we’re approaching you know ten thousand Bitcoin just in their
Bitcoin exchange guys and bear in mind this is top in the other exchanges as
well right so that’s that’s a lot and considering China’s out of the game at
the moment as well with a lot their exchanges offline it’s pretty good
especially considering you know they call neo the Chinese aetherium right so
you know it’s holding its own definitely so yeah let’s just look at them moving
averages quickly looking healthy guys looking healthy we’re literally still
following this trend line up here we haven’t even come back to test it a
third time yet so I mean you know this these little Corrections they’re really
really healthy I mean realistically I can expect it to go up at some point and
come back down to test this trendline again and bounce
off this red line so that you know I’m totally expecting you know that to
happen right isn’t if we if we look at the RSI levels right so okay so if we
look at this RSI you can see the one-hour RSI we came back from over so
overbought zone here so we needed that that correction at least on the one-hour
chart the 4-hour chart you know that correction that we just saw was this
this one here okay so had a little correction on the 4-hour chart now we’re
heading back up this six hour you know this six hour look we we we were coming
up to the over so overbought area in the six hour and we needed that little
correction it’s kind of it’s almost like a refueling stop right so when you when
did the price is getting overextended and the buyers are getting worn out I
mean this is a clear indicator that you know things need to kind of reset a bit
you know but if we look at the MACD guys it’s still very very bullish you know
we’ve we’ve just recently had a a six hour bullish MACD cross so that’s
looking really really good guys on the 12 hour guys this is looking
really bullish really bullish and we crossed over the histogram here and
we’re just pointing up one there on the 12-hour MACD the 1-day MACD we’ve had a
bullish cross here back on the that was back a few days ago I think about a week
ago on the 23rd of September so yet around ten days ago now but you
know the fact that we’re you know we’re heading up now and we’re crossing this
histogram here it means basically the further up you go here especially on the
higher time frames the more momentum you’re you’re gonna have all right so
also let’s check out this stochastic RSI so the stochastic RSI is it’s an
oscillate is it’s very very useful in terms of you know when you’re expecting
the kind of next wave down or next wave up to come right so but it’s not you
can’t just rely just on this because you know a lot of the time okay you might
say okay we’re at the top here so we’re expecting to come down right but then
you know you could say we’re at the bottom here so you know at this point
you could say okay we’re expecting to go up but then you can see you know this
sellers will push it back down again so it’s not necessarily you can’t
necessarily say that oh you know just whizzing at the bottom it’s looking
oversold you know so you’re expecting it to to start going up again I wouldn’t
rely on the stochastic RSI to give you an oversold and overbought reading
that’s just my personal opinion I know there’s a lot of traders or
professional traders that actually do use this to give them an indication if
the mark is oversold or overbought personally I wouldn’t do that I would
use the normal or aside this one to tell you if something is overbought oversold
me personally I’ve just found that to be a lot more helpful than the the
stochastic RSI but the stochastic RSI what it does show you is oscillations in
price and nine times out of ten the good thing about the stochastic RSI is let me
just make this one bigger here the the most beneficial thing I found with the
stochastic RSI is divergence is to locate divergence right so if we let’s
have a look if I can find it an example for you six hours no I’ve not been able
to find an example for you there was an example here somewhere but
I’ve totally forgotten where where that was which which hour which timeframe
that was maybe I’ll come across it here but basically guys done what divergence
will tell you is hmm maybe it’s on the two-hour just just one second guys let
me have a look if I can find this for you I’m sick no I can’t find it all
right so I guess that you could call this a slight divergence I mean all
right so let’s say for example right on the chart we can say all right so this
is going downwards from this from this top actually not so I scrapped that it’s
you know when I find an example I’ll I’ll show you guys and I’ll remember to
to note it down but as for now I can’t find an example for you and I don’t want
this video to become really really long okay guys never mind I’m gonna scrap
that I’m gonna scrap that anyway so yeah the the RSI you can use all of those
indicates if the aim is to get contours the aim is to get more than one or two
things for telling you the same thing so if if the stochastic RSI if the RSI you
know if the MACD if the candle patterns if the if the chopper and all of these
things are telling you okay you know it’s going to be bullish this is gonna
turn out to be bullish you know if then more than likely there’s a millionaire
one traders out there all looking at the same thing and they’re all reading the
same readings and you know there’s going to be a lot more money pouring into the
market right so that’s the key thing to remember so anyway with
with neo guys just lastly I do believe this is the first wave of an Elliott
Wave okay if we look into it on a on a closer level all right so this first
wave up here and we can say that you should request we can say that we’ve had
five waves up all right so this is five ways up okay and then you always need a
healthy correction so it’s completely healthy
to have one of these ABC correction this is like just a classic this is just a
classic Elliott Wave here right so if I get rid of that and then zoom out and go
into the let’s say go into the two hour time frame right so what I’m expecting
from this is all right so I’m expecting now this whole move here to be one leg
this to be let me just get rid of that use the right one all right so this
whole leg up I’m expecting to be one leg up yeah and then we act we’ve had a
correction down okay and now we’re on the third leg up a third leg up I’m
expecting to maybe come up to around possibly up to around here somewhere
okay but as as you just saw we’re gonna get
their own weight like we’ve already had like a wave all right that resistance
points we just met and a correction that was like one wave right so we’re gonna
move up this in Elliot waves okay and then we’re gonna have a correction down
possibly down to around here okay so I mean if you if you want to sell at the
top of this wave I’m not saying that the price is going to be exactly here I
don’t know you have to kind of Judge it while you’re in it right
but you know I guess you could sell here and then rebuy on the way down here and
then go for the the the third way the the fifth wave up so the fifth way
though up you know we’ve got targets here we can either go here can either go
here at the time you just got to look at the price action you got to look at
these indicators and judge you know okay like where do I want to sell you know do
I feel that the market has got a lot of movement left in it is the volume really
really high you know is there a lot of fun we’re going on do are people just
jumping on it is there a lot of money pouring into the market or do we have
room left on these oscillators do we have a lot of room left to to move right
you know are we do a correction you know what the sell orders looking like here
you know other huge you know are they like a hundred BTC sell orders at this
level here you know if so so just before then right so there’s all of these
things you know you can look at you know but yeah like the best thing is is just
to kind of get positioned well like I did down here and just yeah and then
just kind of judge it as you go along you know you can if you’re good if you
know what you do you can’t buy here so here by again here so you make all of
this extra and then sell again here and then bike in here in this elegant hey
you can do that or you know if you’re if you feel like you know you don’t know
risky and you just want to buy low and sell high you can also do that as well
right now but the key thing is is just to remember that the price is gonna go
up and it’s gonna come down it’s gonna go up and it’s gonna come down that’s
just the way it is right so cool stuff so let’s have a look at Bitcoin incase
bit weird i started with neo and no movement to Bitcoin we should really
start with Bitcoin alright so okay so alright so someone
actually told me someone on my youtube channel let me find the name of the
gentleman John region all right so John region
basically highlighted a couple of things in regards to Bitcoin and he said okay
well since since the you know since we had this big sell-off down here you know
around about the 20th or 19th of September
we’ve been going up but you if we look at the pattern it’s a kind of ascending
which a rising which and the rising wage you know is typically bearish which
means that a lot of people you know if in regards to the actual patent itself
you know the majority of times it resolves itself negatively it comes out
you know he should come out like that yeah so you know that’s that’s one thing
to keep an eye on now I personally think I just think bitcoin is just I don’t
know it’s just feeling too bullish at the moment I mean the last the last
video I did a highlight is this area and I’m going to highlight again for you now
just to show you what was what we’ve achieved and it’s this is this choppy
zone if this chop is on here okay
and we’ve I mean we’ve managed to get get above it okay and you know we we got
above it and you just leaves that turn of it and we’ve now found support we’ve
now found support above it okay which is a really positive sign because it means
that okay it took us a while to break through this choppy zone or what she
broke through and we come back down you know we’ve now found a level of support
here which means that that’s that’s like a grounding right and it’s a grounding
to know you know just kind of either consolidate here for a while or push off
right a few things to look at this this moving
average line is extending out of it and if we look at the mess up look at the Mac DS DS one hour Mac DS heading down
for our hit is heading down was kind of just consolidating there for a bit I
mean in all honesty I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a slice set off and
then just kind of you know fine fine support happened I sell off and then
just recharge the oscillators you know there are things like the the pecan what
the that there’s this indicator is the unbalanced volume right so the on
balance volume John was basically saying to me that look the the volume is is low
right if you look at the the one-day volume there is some I believe there is
some divergence here if you look at this volume down here okay
this volume is going down right because this volume down here is going down
right but this is going up yeah but we’ve we’ve come out of that soil we’ve
come out of that zone now you know we had a little silly off here I mean this
volumes going down and that was going up though we had that little sell-off here
you see we had that and it was salafiyyah so I guess you could say that
kind of resolved resolved itself there with this this sell-off
you know we went from 41 60 or you know 40 100 down to around you know 3500 all
right so we had that $600 sell-off right so I guess that this is divergence by
the way guys the thing that I was trying to explain to you before see that arrow
down there this volume indicate is going down but in that same area here the
chart is saying right but in that circumstance you need
to kind of realize that okay like the chart is telling me oh we’re going up
we’re going up and a lot of people there would just say okay let’s buy with less
buy it’s going to go up but if the volume like is saying that okay the
volume is dramatically decreasing here then you know eventually this is gonna
it’s gonna drop it this is lucky clear it’s lucky it’s almost like a reversal
candle right it’s um it’s a clear sign that things are gonna you know turn
around right so you got a you got to keep an eye out for that sort of thing
guys if you even like if the chart is going down here like this right but but
then anyway let’s get rid of that if they let’s say the char is going down
but the indicators are going up at the same time then you can pretty much
expect there to be a big kind of bounce or a big kind of trend change at the end
of it right so that’s something to to look at guys so anyway yeah big point is
looking solid I do feel we need a correction you look
at the stochastic RSI here you know I’m not gonna say this is over poor because
I don’t believe the stochastic RSI you can tell something’s overbought you
could just stay up here and keep going straight right the normal RSI is telling
me it’s not overbought so I don’t know I mean let’s let’s look at the 4-hour
chart okay so the 4-hour chart is heading it’s
kind of heading more towards the overboard zone but it’s not quite there
yet in all honesty you know the 4-hour chart can go really over for if it wants
to be if there is enough volume there you see it has the past gone very very
overbought before but you know we’re kind of we’re nowhere near that so we
got ways to go I wouldn’t be surprised if we start you know heading up towards
you know 4500 and maybe find some resistance that have 4,500 who knows we
we shall see but I mean for me I remain I remain bullish
on Bitcoin I mean I’m already positioned in Bitcoin from before anyway so it’s
not like I’m not saying you should buy Bitcoin here I’m not saying you should
buy a Bitcoin here by the way right when I say I’m bullish on Bitcoin and some
people might misinterpret that as you know you should buy Bitcoin here no
that’s not that’s not what I’m recommending you know if you haven’t
bought Bitcoin yet and you you know it’s good we’re expecting a pullback at some
point right so you know it can’t just continue going up it’s going to meet
resistance at some point and then have a pullback right so especially you know I
I would always wait for it to pull back down to a resistance level and then buy
there you know it’s just much safer on a risk to reward basis right so that’s
that let’s look at some other coins let’s see what’s been happening okay one
coin I want to speak about is his addicts because addicts was like really
booming like a few days ago it was like you know he was like going up like a
hundred percent or something right but since then all right okay so we can see
here you know we’ve got a typical kind of Elliott Wave going on here 1 2 3 4 5
ok that’s an Elliott Wave right there ok and we’ve had the correction like we’ve
had the correction yet always we’re still we’re still correcting let’s have
a look at the indicators so the stochastic RSI is telling us that we’re
we’re still on the way down all right but it can it can just kind of start
turning you can see is just starting to turn here on the 4-hour on the 4-hour
we’re at the bottom yeah so I guess it may be a good time to
buy let’s see the support zones okay so it found support right there found
support so have a look yeah so this zone right here with this
candle meets this candle this is the zone okay so that’s the first support
zone and then I mean this is a clear I mean this this this top here with this
for for our candles here it’s a clear support so and safe if drawers blow here
I’ll probably buy here you know so yeah but the the thing I want to show you
about the about addicts is let’s take a look at the I think it’s a six-hour job
there was a clear example here that I could have shown you all right okay so
this is a this is a clear example so as you can see there was a clear sign for
me anyway that this is on its way down and I knew
this here how did I know this like how did I know this so you can clearly see
here you can clearly see that okay although we’re heading up here my
stochastic RSI on that same level we can see it’s the same level here is clearly
hitting lower right clearly hitting lower so this high this top here is
represented here this top here is represented here
so although the the actual chart is telling me okay we’re going up we’re
going up and a lot of people were probably buying it look there’s a low by
volume here a lot of people are buying but they chart the trade is the traders
are saying we’re selling here because we’re coming down right so that’s the
end of this little Elliott Wave cycle here alright so now what we’re looking
for is the ABC correction and I don’t know if this has fully corrected yet or
if I mean I feel it can come down some more to be too
I do feel that we need to slightly neo right we just need to just come down
that little bit more you know we could possibly come down here who knows but
yeah I don’t know but basically now we’ve had that that wave up and we can’t
you know we’re having the correction now in addicts and you know you can’t buy
here because you know I feel that you know maybe we’re starting a new kind of
cycle here you can see we’ve had one cycle to two cycles here we had a we’ve
had a nice long drawn-out correction here you know how long was that you know
from the top here you know really and truly we’re looking at you know 36 days
you know so it’s a nice you know crypt island for a new coin that’s that’s a
very long time so you know we’ve had a nice kind of drawn-out correction here
okay one thing I would be kind of weary of though is okay so if we look at the
one-hour chart here and have a look at the trend that we were on so this this
trend here okay this trend was clearly broken here okay
so we’re no longer on that trend we’ve had our five ways up from that trend
okay I’m counting this as one wave and we broke the trend and then bounced back
up and bounced off the bottom of the trendline here so I don’t know I mean
usually from what from what I see when that happens you know we need a bit you
know we need a bit more deeper of a correction before we you know find
support again and start moving back up I’m not buying a decks now maybe if I if
it comes down more here I might buy some at extent but at the moment I’m not but
do you feel in the long-term this this is you know heading up the the volumes
started to come in here that’s another thing guys if I am if we look at the
volume here yeah as soon as you see this volume you see the by volume as soon as
you see this volume just head down here you know and it starts to get really low
like you can see down here the volume is really low you can see stunk to get
really loan out the volume but as soon as it starts just let’s say this say as
soon as it starts like averaging just around this line or below this line then
you know okay the sellers are worn out the sellers are warning and we’re start
to get there now if we have you know one or two bars you know on the hourly
candles maybe you know two or three bars that are like below this line here then
you know the sellers are worn out and you know it’s that you know one one push
from from her green candle and it’s going to start start a big wave up again
so that’s something to look at like I said guys confluence you know you need
you need more than one thing telling you buy you know um you know and the same
thing we’ve we’ve sell you know sometimes you know you could be on a
winning you could be holding a kind of giving you really great returns it’s
going up but you know you can get emotionally attached to it you know like
with nearer for example is going up you know you could you know you could miss
your chance to sell you know there could be a lot of things selling you okay it’s
time to sell now but because you’re emotionally attached and you are no it’s
just gonna go up it’s gonna go up you’re just gonna believe what you want to
believe right and it’s not gonna work out good for you if you do that right so
anyway so let’s have a look at Cohen Marty up this is a new coin a dot it’s
just been dropped on the exchange so we’ll see how that goes
once he kind of finds a price a nice price and it just kind of settles down
and consolidates I think I might buy some of this and just wait for it to
pump boy it looks like it may maybe have started it’s pumped now yeah
like it’s my style but I don’t know I’m not really too high in it to be honest
with you let’s see what else there is I’m gonna go through litecoin as well
guys because I just want to kind of show you well actually someone requested like
coin from the past video so I will go through like coin as well did she buy
less look at did you bike quickly because it had a pump and a lot of
people were like oh this is like the you know beginning of the huge dgy pump but
I just want to kind of make something clear to you that to me was very clear
that it’s it’s not the beginning of the poem even though we had huge volume
coming with that huge volume coming here we’ve had big volume come in here big
volume and very big volume coming here as well which is like definitely
positive science because when the volumes coming in for digi fight is
coming in big right so as positive science but we are kind of we’re kind of
we’re not kind of going down basically put it that way we’re kind of trading
sideways and every now and then we’re having a pump you know we’ve got like a
clear kind of Elliott Wave going on here the ABC correction here but this pump
here you know I knew that look we’re still pretty much within this kind of
downtrend zone right I’m not growing the trend light from the top here because
it’s just irrelevant now you know it’s just gonna break every trend if you
drove from there but yet this is the last kind of trend line that I’m drawing
like the last downward resistance line that I’m drawing for digi buy right and
you know I do feel that you know yeah I mean if you don’t mind how long you hold
a coin for then fair enough you could buy here and just hold but for me
personally I would rather one second guys where’s my itchy mocha cloud me
let me put that back on there all right there you go that’s better so for me I
would rather wait till we actually break this downward resistance and start
showing positive science I have no doubt that didja bite is going to draw in a
lot of volume once it’s you know once we break this resistance in I do believe
it’s a coin that can can and most probably will just start pumping like
crazy and a lot of people are just gonna foam over this coin I can already see
the foam like there’s a lot of people like it’s just ready as soon as there’s
any sort of pump on Digi right there’s there’s people ready to kind of buy it
you know but at the same time look look look at the sell-off here you know we
had a pump this almost like a pump and dump this little pump here because he
came back all the way back almost two you know almost 100% right if you if you
look at the you see it’s almost a hundred percent retrace so you know I
don’t know I think there was some fundamental news on the first of October
for did you buy I can’t remember exactly what it was but you know that may have
caused a lot of people just to buy in and then it may have caused a lot of
other holders here buying up here to take that opportunity to sell their
there will be a lot of kind of selling you know even if it breaks this
resistance and I started moving up there will be a lot of people that just
holding did you bite back holding it from up here they’re just waiting for
the chance to sell so it’s going to cause a lot of resistance on the way up
but for me personally not buying this now because I don’t want to kind of hold
it I don’t know how the coin for like months and months and months rather kind
of wait for it to break out you know starts move and then kind of get get a
nice position wait for it to retrace and then you know ride it on the you know
one or two waves up right so that’s pretty cool and let’s look scratched strut has just been going down
guys strut in all honesty guys I think Lucas Trace just unbelievable this is
having a unbelievable sell-off I think underneath it’s a good I mean it’s just
it hasn’t been this low since May right so is this it’s just selling off guys I
think I don’t know I think it might find support right here guys but like who
knows I can’t really just look at the one day to actually and might be clearer
all right so yeah I think around about here it’s coming up to the point where
it’s gonna find start finding support but as you can see the so much selling
volume here the selling volume hasn’t calmed down for for stress it’s
continuing to you know until like I see the selling volume just go down and
decrease its there’s no there’s no point really you know it could it could even
come even below like around the 63 thousand sixty four thousand range but I
think you just got to keep an eye on it once it gets down here and then you know
the thing is a lot of these coins when they sell off really sharply like this
and then they come to a key key area then they have like a bounce right and
those bounces you can make like a hundred percent of the bounce right so
sometimes it’s you know like a ripple had a nice bounce right when it kind of
sold sold off so that’s something to keep an eye on if it does have that
balance you know I’m not saying he’s gonna start a new market so I go from
there bounce it probably just bounce and then sell off again you know he could
bounce their safety comes down down to around here and then the bus is up to
this cloud you know that’s a hundred and one hundred and forty percent or so
right so this is crazy all right so what let’s have a look at light point guys
so this is for Daniel and I would TC alright I’m gonna look at the I’m the
better look at the Bitcoin chart as well as the the u.s. tether alright so here’s
the thing I mean with like coin and any coins you got out for me the thing that
really matters is how is it performing against Bitcoin that’s if Bitcoin is in
a bull market if Bitcoin is going up right which in general it has been going
up right then how is the coin performing against Bitcoin because at the end of
the day if it’s underperforming Bitcoin then you’d rather being Vic one you’d
rather just be you know you need a Bitcoin to trade this right so the
question is if it’s underperforming Bitcoin then why would you buy this with
your Bitcoin if it’s underperforming it doesn’t make any sense right so area so
let’s let’s take a look alright so we can see basically this zone here is
clear for everyone to see that where we’ve been kind of trading sideways no
dead there admittedly they’re very big waves right but yeah just generally okay
no okay so you know we had a nice kind of push up around march/april time it
had its kind of Segway or whatever and you know we had a nice kind of push off
from there and since then we’ve just kind of just been trading like up and
down within this zone it’s almost like a giant flag right but more recently
bearing in mind alright so let’s take since the beginning of September right
since the beginning of September we have basically been underperforming Bitcoin
see these are one-day candles right you know and to be honest with you I mean I
don’t know I don’t really see a huge kind of it’s not really a coin that I’m
you know I’m gonna be holding long-term to be honest with you a lot of people
are a lot of people you know are really kind of bullish on like going a few like
a month ago so people are saying our eyes going to auto timeline which it did
in a dollar sense it did reach all-time high in the dollars nest which I’ll show
you in a sec but and that was this pump here
I think this it was this pump up here you can see he pumped up here and in
regards to the dollar price it would reach all-time high but that’s because
bitcoin was our upper like 5000 or whatever right
but against Bitcoin he didn’t write it didn’t reach all-time high but the good
thing is it was outperforming Bitcoin at that point as well right but since there
was just been having a sharp drop now the key thing you know you can look out
for here is if we move this up and give the others a bit more space is here on
the stock app on the on the RFI here on the 12 hour chart guys where we’re
coming up to an oversold zone here as soon as you come up to an oversold so
it’s based on the 12-hour chart you can expect like a big pump up right so you
can see look this was that this was an oversold zone here and we just started
to pump from there right so that’s something to look at maybe let’s look at
the other choice quickly the one day yeah I mean the one days almost another
another couple of days or so and we will be coming up to the oversold zone I mean
we’ve got to kind of just keep an eye out and look how you know how how big
the sell-off is you know if it if it sells off a lot then you know you’ve
probably come down here but just keep an eye on this RSI if it starts getting
really oversold here then it’s time to buy especially on the
one-day chart I see if it gets over sold on the one-day chart you’ve got you know
you can expect some to big performance against the gays Bickle and maybe a
50/50 percent move you know at least off to this one day cloud I’ll think or
maybe even past it but yeah that’s that’s the way it’s looking for like
unless take a look at a like win against the dollar now here’s here’s the
difference guys you’ll see against the dollar is not doing too bad
so guys yeah and this is like win against the dollar on on coinbase
and you can see here that clearly you know on the one day chart you know we’ve
just been going on a nice kind of uptrend with we’ve with like coins I
mean we haven’t really you know I mean it’s more recently we’ve had a big
correction here which is fine you know I guess this is the level here this is the
level of support here we found here $45 so it’s looking like $45 is a nice base
for it but you see it’s completely different to the Bitcoin chart you know
if you just look take the the the US dollar chart then you know you’ll think
that you know I mean he is fantastic or how because you’re getting more money
but you know against Bitcoin is it’s not quite the same as it’s been yeah over
the last few months he’s being kind of just you know trading sideways you know
up and down that little zone there so you know personally I would rather be
trading coins that are performing better against Bitcoin right this was a nice
pump up here and it did reach his all-time high at almost $100 you know
but since then you know had it pull back all the way down this week came all the
way down to 34 dollars right so that was huge as a huge pullback so that’s about
it guys let me just see something else BCC Bitcoin Bitcoin
not really – we’re interested in that let see BCC against BTC yeah maybe he’s
gonna yes don’t look up the yeah I think maybe soon we can see start
seeing some pumps on Bitcoin cash but don’t hold me to that don’t hold me to
that it’s finding support right here could we go see that confirm you could
sell down further so you know just got away with Bitcoin cash wait wait until
we you know you have confirmation and it starts to looks like it’s starting to
create a new market cycle what else do you have here did you write yeah
OMG yeah I’m cheese just having a a nice kind of sell-off
right here I mean it’s clearly made a nice kind of hidden shoulders pattern
here so that’s the hidden shoulders pan and I think in my sell-off more to be
honestly I wouldn’t want to be looking to buy I’ll be looking to buy oMG right
now maybe wait for it to sell off more than one day cha sik there’s no finding
support it’s finding support here right there got a way for it to play out I
mean if the volume the cell body really starts to decrease then we should look
at it because I I do think oMG was probably gonna go up like you know 30
$40 very very soon but when that will be I don’t know exactly you know we’ve had
this massive massive move up here right so there’s gonna be a lot of bag holders
as well you know waiting to sell as well so I don’t know I think this this could
bleed out a lot more so maybe I don’t know maybe come down to around here who
knows this if we check out the FIB you know at Lee’s come down to the 50% range
here I would say more there 60 1.8 range here so we’ve got our way and see what
happens you can see it’s clearly finding support here on the 38.2% range but I
personally would wait for it to at least come down to the 50% range before we
start buying all right so that’s army now just lastly I want to do the
comparison with that you know I just mentioned about litecoin against BTC and
litecoin against the US dollar I want to do that same thing with neon so with neo
like we just saw the while ago it’s generally you know case had its
market cycles come back down generally now it’s performing well
against big against Bitcoin started a new cycle here right so but if we see
the comparison against the dollar so this is against the dollar okay it’s
looking similar it’s looking similar okay but it’s not like you know it’s not
like it’s not looking to two different – to the Bitcoin job it’s looking very
very similar which means as Bitcoin is going up as Bitcoin is going up neo is
going up against Bitcoin right you see is generally it’s genuinely going up
right so that’s what you want guys you don’t want to be in a coin you know just
because it’s just because it’s going up against the US dollar you don’t know you
know being it if it’s going down against Bitcoin right because doesn’t make any
sense you’d rather just be holding Bitcoin alright so anyway that’s it for
today guys hope you enjoyed that let me know if there’s any coins you wanted to
look at and don’t forget to like comment subscribe if you haven’t already and
I’ll see you on the next one adios

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