14 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Market Review⚡ Bitcoin Price 15K USD | Boss of Bitcoin”

  1. We are seeing the ripple dump! This South Korea news is FUD! Buy the dip people! Tax returns are coming and will rebound this….

  2. Boss alert service is too spicy for me compared to other alert services which cost 500$ per year :'( Would be more inclined if patreon accepted btc

  3. If you never ever want to sell your bitcoin for dollars how will you pay bills, buy food etc.? I'm just very curious here

  4. What happens to your crypto if you die? Something to think about. Should everyone die with coins in their wallets their eventually will be none left. DIGIPULSE has the solution. You can buy it on cryptopia. Market cap still under 10 million Will get huge because there is a need for something like this.

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