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four big points of rebound as well as the price prediction
I see Bitcoin going to at the end of 2018 so this year we’re also gonna be
talking about a few other alt coins that you guys have been asking me about so
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jump right into this first thing now I’m just one piece of news I wanted to talk
about is that the Japanese find up a Japanese financial services provider
they’ve bought out 100% of coin check point check being one of the largest
Asian exchanges for cryptocurrency they’ve been bought out by a Japanese
financial service provider which i think is really really cool I think it shows
signs that people are looking at cryptocurrency as a good investment and
an exchange is honestly in my opinion if I had the money I would definitely look
into building an exchange I would look for something in the mix of you know
somebody in between bye Nance and coinbase where you can use fiat to buy
all coins but make it as simple as coinbase something like that I think
that is a huge huge business opportunity if you have the funds and the you know
it’s not the easiest thing to start so definitely I’m to go I think we’re gonna
see a lot more financial companies um look into buying some exchanges or
starting their own exchanges because they’re gonna see the possible rewards
from this and I think this is just the beginning of something very very big I
think we’re gonna see a big leap in exchanges as well coming out because
exchanges are something that there’s still a lot of room to grow
now that being the only article let’s take a look at the cryptocurrency market
cap really quick before we jump into the predictions and then at the end going to
be doing the Bitcoin prediction I know that’s what you guys are probably most
excited about here we’re just under two hundred fifty billion dollar market cap
with Bitcoin out of forty five percent dominance now everything is down today
again not gonna act like it’s surprise it’s a surprise to any of us things have
been not looking too great except one of the few coins that’s up is ontology and
that is one of the all coins I wanted to talk about today so a lot of you guys
have been asking how is ontology what is ontology and how is ontology doing well
when the market is not because if you guys check it out in the last week
ontology is up 34% right it’s up 7% today everything else is bleeding what
is going on so ontology is actually trying to oh if you guys want me to go
into more in depth and make like a full review of ontology and in depth someone
let me know down below I would you know be more than happy to do that that’s
something you guys are interested in but in short terms they’re trying to bridge
the they’re trying to break the barrier between blockchain and the business
sector meaning make it easier for businesses to integrate blockchain
technology because currently you have to have a very big understanding of
blockchain in order to implement it to your business so they’re trying to
bridge that so something that is outrageously important I think something
that is huge and that is one of the reasons I think you know given that they
have a great team a great project everything they aren’t all start all
coin in my opinion I think they’re gonna continue to go up and as much as I hate
buying coins on no in in the green I think it’s gonna see some very nice
movements when the Bulls come and when we do see that bounce and I don’t see
ontology falling too much anytime soon so maybe a good long term play for those
of you who are interested take a look at it it’s ranked 23rd 727 million dollar
market cap this is definitely something that by the end of the year I think
could be close to Neil’s market cap with right now which is currently at like a
three to four billion which would put this at maybe like ten to fifteen
dollars doing a solid for X so that’s something I think we should definitely
watch out for the this all point deathly has a lot of
potential and the more and more I research it the more and more I get
excited about it and a lot of you guys have been asking me about this because
it’s been doing crazy it’s actually it’s like one of the only all coins where you
would have actually been happy investing in if you bought into it in this market
currently so that’s kind of it let’s get this out of the way um second thing I
want to talk about is there’s been a new partnership with a light coin so a
company called Alliant Alliant Payment Systems they’re a leader in providing
small businesses and other companies with payment processors they’ve
officially partnered with light coin with the light coin foundation so this
is more news and a good news for light coin again like point I think is one of
those coins is gonna be around for a long time and I think it’s at a great
time to buy right now now why do I say this is because if you look at let’s
take a look at the one year it’s actually zoom in a little more make this
a little easier for you guys to for us to see in the charts so one thing I’m
looking at is that like wind is hitting the support line right here so this is a
big support for like coin and I don’t see like coin falling to much below this
now obviously the market where it where the market go is gonna depend a lot on
where the altcoins going where Bitcoin goes but this is a very strong support
and I think moving forward once we recover from these this you know crash I
saying potations in crypto currency in this correction this dip whatever you
want to call it I think like one’s gonna have a very bright future and something
I’ve been telling a lot of people is the top 10 crypto currencies are well
established they’re all pretty good most of them are pretty good of course
depending on which one you like and don’t like maybe like so maybe you don’t
like some bond I definitely look at the top 10 it’s safer investments in crypto
currency where I can buy in and be pretty confident that you know bitcoins
gonna be around for a long time like coin aetherium Cardno neo mineiro are
all coin stellar just basically all of them I don’t want to talk about bones I
don’t like in there but a lot of them are gonna be around I think in one year
time into your time in five years time so definitely something to keep an eye
out to you know invest in if you guys want a safer investment would be these
larger crypto currencies and like being one of them I think has a very
very bright future now I’m card on Oh as well a lot of you guys have been asking
me for four it’s kind of a review and I think card on Noah has hit the point
where I don’t see it falling too much as well that it does have a support right
here at roughly the ten eleven twelve thirteen cent mark depending on where
you put your cursor it really it varies between ten to fifteen cents and we’re
currently in that period so maybe we drop a few cents but overall I don’t
think we’re gonna be dropping too much more again disclaimer it depends on what
the market does also I’m not a financial advisor so this isn’t financial advice
this is just my opinion make sure to do your own research but Cardinals looking
really good right now and I think Cardinal is one of those long-term
projects as well which I think if everything goes to plan and obviously
being established already it’s one of those safer long-term plans as well you
know I as in like five years I think Cardinal
could be a very very very very very big player in the cryptocurrency space again
it already is at ranked number seventh but I think there’s so much potential in
it and so much still to come for Cardinal then it might be a good idea to
get in right now so these are some of the coins you guys have been asking me
about hopefully I cleared up some of my opinions and kind of where I see the
market overall where I see a good buying opportunity and stuff like that so now
let’s move on into the part you guys are probably excited about you guys clicked
on this video for I’m gonna be talking about the bounds for cryptocurrency when
I think the rebounds happening where I see the price of going so Tom Lee you
guys know Tom Lee’s the guy that predicted Bitcoin at ninety-one
ninety-two thousand dollars by the year 2020 he predicts a massive outflow of
crypto before tax day so tax day in the US is April 15th and he is predicting
leading up to that a lot of selling and you know this is something we’ve already
seen and this could be a very good explanation so the stuff we’ve already
seen um you know everything falling and this is because so much money so much so
many people made so much money before that people now need to pay taxes and
that could be both um in the wins and the losses you know a lot of people
report losses so however people are trying to play their cryptocurrency
strategy it’s very very important to keep in mind that people are gonna have
to pay taxes and say they invested and they lost a lot of money maybe they’re
now taking that money out in order to declare a loss maybe they’re you know
taking money out because they need that money to pay their taxes whatever it may
be but another huge article and another huge point that he made was that
exchanges you guys can see the quote right here we believe there is selling
pressure you know they’re selling pressure I think everywhere not just in
not just by crypto exchanges but they’re selling pressure by crypto exchanges who
are subject to income tax in u.s. jurisdictions many exchanges have net
income in 2017 of more than 1 billion dollars and keep working capital in
Bitcoin etherium not in US Dollars hence to meet these tax liabilities they’re
going to need to sell Bitcoin and etherium and that’s definitely something
that could be possible obviously I’m a I’m a big fan of Tom Lee I think he’s
very well educated on this because obviously he’s I thought he’s done his
research I do like to listen to what he has to say obviously again I do my own
research but I think he makes a very good point and he goes on to saying that
he believes bitcoin he still believes bitcoin is gonna be 91 thousand by march
2020 which I think would be insane that would be awesome that would make a lot
of us very happy and very wealthy so again fingers crossed that that’s
something we can see and he thinks in this this year with such a big
correction how he expects the rebound to look like he thinks bitcoin could hit
25,000 by the end of 2018 and so I’m gonna go with a very similar prediction
and I’m gonna say 25,000 which is actually the exact same prediction but I
definitely think this is something we can see and that sounds crazy
given that bitcoins at six thousand six hundred dollars right now but keep in
mind we just had one of the biggest Corrections or dips whatever you want to
call again in the cryptocurrency space I think when we rebound and all the big
money starts coming in because again a lot of people aren’t invested so when we
get more new money more bigger money coming in I
think we’re gonna see a huge rise in that and you know I’ve seen a lot of
articles about billionaires miel mainly um maybe I forgot who it was but I’ve
read an article basically I don’t know I don’t have it open I should have it open
but of of a billionaire who’s now ready to invest in cryptocurrency and a
billionaire investing in cryptocurrency is a lot of money and it’s also gonna
lead to a lot of people who look up to the billionaire to also want to invest
in cryptocurrency and it’s just a flow like that I think that’s something where
to see a lot more of in 2018 don’t forget it’s only April it’s April what
six there’s so much time in 2018 look at what we did last year going from 6,000
in November to 20,000 basically and one month later so it only takes a little
bit there’s the end the literally it was like a month we went from 6,000 to
20,000 so it’s definitely possible don’t count it out 25,000 I think would be
awesome weed breaks of all time highs gain more confidence in the crypto
currency markets hopefully gain some smarter investors as well not so many
weekends people who actually understand what is going on so that’s definitely
again what I’m looking for in the prediction I see Bitcoin going to as for
the next few days though leading up to that so the bounce is I’m expecting
April 15th which is you know the official tax day around April 15 to
April 17th is when I’m hoping to see more Corrections also don’t forget tax
returns are also gonna happen so people are gonna get money back from the
government which they’re they’re then gonna look for they’re gonna look to
invest in somewhere where they can make money and you know cryptocurrencies at
these prices I think we’re gonna see a lot more money come in then too but
again just looking for the next few days now I think looking judging by where we
are I think we could see a Bitcoin down to 6,000 dollars I know a lot of people
that I’ve been talking to a lot of you know people who have been in
cryptocurrency for a while they all have by orders leading up to the 6,000 and
then if that breaks they have by orders very large buy orders at five in the
5,000 and in the for thousands and some of them even have humongous buy
orders in the three in the 2,000 just in case even though I haven’t talked to
anyone who actually thinks it’s gonna drop that up to that point I think what
we’re gonna see maximum drop I think we’re gonna see another 6,000 with two
which I think will bounce back up like we did here I don’t see us breaking
under that however again it’s fully possible in the cryptocurrency market
depending on what happens and yeah what Goes Down the news that comes out the
media really isn’t helping at all because I don’t think the media
understands cryptocurrency enough and so I think they’re just kind of reporting
headlines which is affecting the market a ton but again if it does drop below
this this provides good buying opportunities to everyone who’s looking
to get in some cheap cheap cryptocurrency and that’s the same thing
right now guys if imagine Bitcoin at 25,000 if you if you sleep on it and it
hits 25,000 and you didn’t pick up but you wanted to pick some up you’re going
to be you know kicking yourself in the back just just being upset at what
happens so make sure you guys keep that in mind
make sure you invest smart but make sure you do your research and you don’t hold
off investing on what you want to invest in waiting for something to happen again
I want to see us break the two of the 20-day moving average for an in order
for me to be confident that we’ve made a reversal but until then I’m buying in
pieces on the way down don’t forget buying in pieces when is what I preach
on this channel you know set your set your buy orders on the way down and as
it hits you will continuously buy more and it’ll be dollar cost averaging down
so when we do explode upwards you guys are making a ton of profit so hopefully
you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget 400 likes and we do a giveaway in
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