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here where is the FUD there’s recent recently the last few last one or two
weeks we haven’t really been having a lot of fun which is awesome them this
could be for a few reasons obviously there are talks about cryptocurrency
they’re you know discussing and trying to look for regulations and all this is
you know the government’s but there hasn’t been too much fun hasn’t been or
at all that I can think of there hasn’t been a lot of negative news it also
hasn’t been to much positive but there hasn’t been a lot of negative news which
leads us to rain bitcoins been in the 8 to 9 thousand dollar range which is a
steady it’s a steady rain you guys can see the last seven days we had the
little bit of an increase here and we’ve held a steady so the last five days have
been relatively sideways movement that’s the same for a lot of coins aetherium
around about the same Bitcoin cash evens been leveled out right here cardano’s
pretty level had one pump and back down so try to it tried to enter a
bull market on its own but it couldn’t it couldn’t break the resistance its
back down and it’s a level right here you guys can see the same like I said
for a ton of coins a lot of em moving sideways and this is a good indicator
that we’re building up strong support for when we do start pumping and the
whole market does start mooning this is going to be a good support line and
we’ve you know we’re as establishing strength so it’s good to move up in
markets in steps if you guys don’t know that it’s good to move up in steps let
me show you what I mean also check it out market is at it’s
gonna refresh to see 426 a billion dollars awesome awesome awesome
so if I just zoom into the one year you guys will be see what I’m talking about
so if we run up like this right if we have this type of run-up then a little
first of all let’s start over here so we ran up here and we started a little bit
of sideways movement on this period which was roughly one to two weeks worth
one and a half weeks we start a little bit of side moves so what happens after
that is if we have another pump and a correction this is the first line of
support so you guys can see we bounced around right here again now obviously
due to several reasons we did end up dipping even further however had we not
had this line of support what would it probably happen and we just went
straight from here to here without this line of support right I’m gonna have to
zoom back out then what it probably happened is we would have crashed just
as fast what’s going oh one year huh okay well what happened is that we would
have oh it’s on the Y’s a non-decision oh my god that white that’s why it looks
so weird okay what would happen if we had gone
straight from here to here is that we were to probably gone straight from here
to here in much less time and it would have been a lot more chaotic for the
overall market so if we’re looking for steady growth this right here
seeing you know a scene support being built is a great thing now on the way up
we’re probably gonna see resistance at this level because this is a stable
point it’s a point the market is comfortable at so we’re going to see
some resistance when we start hitting this
level again I’ve mentioned in previous videos we’re not gonna have a steady
climb up it’s going to be full of you know sell orders triggered along the way
for people breaking even the weak hands we’re trying to sell but again I think
we’re going to be able to move upwards we’re gonna hit right here around the
five to six hundred billion dollar range and we’re gonna be steady for a little
bit face some resistance and when we do break that however once we break this
again that is what I think we’re gonna be testing the all-time high so I don’t
want to go too much into predictions on the market cuz that was yesterday’s
video make sure you go check that out if you guys have not already should be too
big I think I uploaded two videos yesterday so it should be the first one
yesterday so two videos before this one basically so that’s basically where the
market is looking at right now it’s looking very good a lot of people are
saying not a lot happening that’s a good thing you see most of the coins here are
in the green yeah everything’s in the green you cash is still up one hundred
and fifty three percent we were joking about this in the group before guys I
wouldn’t recommend jumping into you cash right now does not sound like a good
idea you know the coin that went up a
thousand percent in one that on one day or a few hours is a coin that I’m gonna
stay away from just for safety reasons safety precautions from previous from
the previous things I’ve seen in this space but guys moving sideways right now
is a good thing the more we built support for when we do start entering a
bullish market the better now I think right now like I said I think the
markets have found a comfortable spot so I think we were way too high way too
fast in December / early no in mid December
we were up way too much and so we had the correction a lot of people a lot of
weekend sold a lot of people panic but we were up way too high we had grown way
too much way too fast so a correction was definitely do and we were you know
if you were if you understand the world of investing or you had been in kryptos
or stocks or whatever it is you understand that that is 100% normal and
that’s basically what happened we corrected now we are looking to build
some support for our next run-up and this looks like a very comfortable
comfortable spot for the market at Bitcoin roughly between eight to nine
thousand dollars and the overall market cap in though you know low 404 hundred
billions and maybe the high three hundred billion so looks like a stable
spot a great place like I said again build some support to hopefully see a
run-up very soon in the coming you know week slash months I think we’re
definitely gonna have a period of fantastic growth for cryptocurrency and
again moving towards the end of the new that we’re moving towards the end of the
year is when we’re gonna see the peak period again I think that’s the cycle
cryptocurrency is looking to have which it does make sense it does lined up very
well with certain dates now guys also yeah basically were talking about before
there’s no fun right now which is the great part I’m very happy about that now
you guys might be wondering how I’m preparing for the bullish run and I’m
gonna show you guys right now a few of the things that I’m doing to prepare for
you know when we do have a bullish run so first off I haven’t made a hash that
update in a while I’m very due to do this but I am mining crypto mining
Bitcoin mainly a very little bit of other coins but I’m mainly mining
Bitcoin which is brings me to the point that I’m trying to huddle I’m trying to
hold as much of the big crypto currencies as I can so if you think of
crypto currencies in the top five you know Bitcoin aetherium litecoin a lot
like ones number six I think but still count putting in the top five like boy
like Cardinal even the top ten those top 15 even yeah
top 15 I’m trying to pick up as much as I can because those coins are gonna see
some significant growth mainly Bitcoin things gonna be one of the biggest
growers in the beginning of the bullish market especially because that’s where
everyone flocks to first that’s where all the new investors flock to first so
definitely keep an eye on Bitcoin so I’m just holding as much as I can investing
in something called hash Fleur currently I don’t recommend buying a hash their
contract with Bitcoin it just doesn’t make sense what I do or what I would do
if I was in the position of buying a new contract or making my first investment I
would definitely look at buy with a credit card now it does pose a little
more complication they have to contact your bank and whatnot but in the long
run it could certainly pay out because your fee
currency isn’t going to change in value so if you buy a contract right now in
Bitcoin shoots up in price that just means the Bitcoin you’ve been mining is
now worth significantly more as long as you didn’t cash out so that’s currently
why I’m mining with hash Flair I’ll leave a link down below for you guys to
check out as well but i was saying before i also went picking up a ton of
other coins including nano right now i picked some up these things yesterday
they had a huge um there was a huge hack of big Grail and nano plummeted because
one hundred and seventy million dollars worth of nano was stolen nano you guys
know is the rebranded version of rey blocks it’s currently at nine point six
dollars that is a huge steal from its all-time high Nana was looking like it
it was looking good when we were over here I picked them up for $13 I believe
it was no increase my investment but then when I saw it hit under $8 yeah I
screwed I think I managed to get it for was it six point nine seven dollars I
managed to pick some up there and now I’m so happy because I cannot wait to
see this you know 10x in value I believe nano very much has the potential to 10x
in value in the coming future I think it could definitely be a twelve billion
dollar coin the the idea is there you reach out to you know get more adoption
in the market itself has to grow overall but I think when we do see the market
start entering the bullish run I think Nano is going to pump hard you guys can
see it’s already up ten percent after what happened yesterday I will see
yesterday it wasn’t believed it was yesterday
or it was they did before don’t quote me on that but I do quote me on the fact
that a hundred seven million dollar store and news like that that’s I guess
it’s not fun it’s facts but that will impact the price of the coin just like
it would in the stock market if you know bad news comes out for some reason
something’s bad and something negative about a stock that’s going to cause the
stock price to decrease but as long as it’s a good cryptocurrency as long as a
good company as long as it’s a good stock whatever you guys want to talk
about but we’re going to see it go back to its original price because that is
what it is worth so guys keep that in mind if you
wanna pick up nano as well finance again link down blow you guys can go check out
buy that’s where I buy all my all coins they do have nano on they’re super easy
to buy if I get none of what I say is financial advice
I’m not financial advisor I’m just giving out information for information
purposes for entertainment purposes have to say that in every video I’m not
telling you to buy Nano I’m saying if you are interested in buying nano now
might be a pretty good time so guys thank you so much for watching this
video again leave a comment down below if you guys do want to enter to win the
giveaway leave a comment something about this video we’ve talked about a lot of
things it can be about Nano it can be about fun can be about the
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watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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