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news articles that I found that I think are very important to the cryptocurrency
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coins that you guys want to buy so let’s take a look at the overall market today
it’s not looking as good as yesterday 408 a billion dollar market cap Bitcoin
is currently at 8500 so that’s not the best you know everything’s in red
basically see a red other than like coin and it was like I was saying guys
markets are overall red today we can see markets like I said I talked about this
yesterday yesterday I made a video we had gree we had a green market yesterday
everything looked great but I mentioned in yesterday’s video that I thought it
wasn’t going to last just yet I thought we were due for another pullback so this
might be it after this hopefully we start seeing again tomorrow more green
but this is the pullback that I expected it allows another opportunity for those
of you guys who missed out to go ahead and purchase coins so like I said before
by Nantz great place to purchase your all coins they have most of the big all
coins that’s where I buy all of my alt coins but yeah opportunities like this
don’t come around often in stocks or anything like that so
this is a great opportunity to pick up some coins and maybe tomorrow see a 30
40 percent gain like we’re seeing in vibe so vibe actually is up to 80 cents
right now it’s refresh the page maybe it’s up its up a little less so it’s up
to 77 cents right now and I talked about vibe back a little bit um I don’t
remember exactly when but it certainly wasn’t at this price and then it dipped
it dipped because of the crash obviously I went down to 42 cents and now it says
77 that’s basically like a 30 39 percent increase total says the last 24 hours
it’s a 35 percent increase 52 percent if you compare it to theory I’m and 47
percent comparing it to bitcoins so 35 percent is a great value to get back in
just a few days so vibe was one of my predictions that I said was going to
have a good February simply because of the Super Bowl I was gonna buy it just
until the Super Bowl which is today so today I’m going to be selling my vibe
I’m not interested in the project I’m not saying it’s a bad product if you
guys like vibe and you like the project stay with it but I personally don’t like
um not that I don’t like I don’t understand the project enough because
I’ve invested in so many other coins and those are the ones I’m focusing on I
don’t want to invest in too many and have to research too many and all that
so that’s why I’m choosing not to invest in vibe not because I don’t like the not
because I don’t like the project I don’t trust the project I thing like that just
because this was a short term play for me which I thought and I was right could
bring me money now the coins I am looking at however Cardinal down 11%
yesterday had a good pickup but it’s still nowhere near says a long long long
way to run up so that’s one Cardinal number two stellar I like stellar
long-term I loved the project it went down to 29 cents in February sales I
picked up some of this you guys already know I told you guys I was gonna be
picking up some pretty sure I told you that on February until you guys let me
pick it up some stellar so the fact that now it’s already at 40 you know it’s
another 35 percent increase on my coins so a great a great profit already on so
many coins and lastly a coin that I’m going to be looking to pick up actually
more right now is neo at $109 I don’t know where
see these prices again neo is a neo as a steel right now I think for under $100
for not under her job for a little over $100 it did dip to 93 I had a buy order
at a hundred so I did pick up a few at a hundred dollars not too many though
already I have a decent amount but now we’re at 109 so it’s already a nine
dollar profit per coin so guys these are the coins I’m looking at by I want to
know which coins you guys are looking at buying so leave a comment in the
description just let me know which coins you guys are interested in buying which
coins you guys are you know which guys quick coins you guys picked up on
February 2nd we had the biggest part of the dip which points you guys are pick
have picked up in which coins you are looking to pick up right now so leave
that in the description also let’s take a quick look at Bitcoin of course
bitcoins at 8500 let’s look at the chart a little differently uh here you go so
again you know we went to the all-time low here says 8000 but on coinbase we
saw 7500 it was for very short so again that might have just been a fluke and we
went all the way up to nine thousand one hundred nine thousand two hundred
yesterday but we’re back down to eight thousand five hundred so again picking
up one Bitcoin right now could result in when the market goes green for one day
it could result in a thousand dollars profit just off that one coin so it’s
definitely another coin I hold a lot of you guys know I have a lot of Bitcoin
going through February because it being at $8,500 and its all-time high being at
$20,000 I see a ton of potential and I think Bitcoin is honestly the least
risky play that you can make in today’s market just because it is the number one
coin another thing we can realize a Bitcoin went under 150 billion dollar
market kept still under 150 billion dollar market cap and we’re seeing coins
like aetherium which was what’s coming up close when it was a thousand dollars
it was coming up close but like I said I didn’t think Bikram etherion was going
to take over pass Bitcoin so it was gonna have to go down eventually so we
saw a significant decrease in aetherium compared to Bitcoin theorem was a like a
thousand one hundred then went down to seven hundred fifty eight hundred
significant drop-off for a coin that was only worth a thousand one hundred so
again now the distance is a good bit in between again Bitcoin
remains dominant 35% Bitcoin dominance pretty much where we’ve been at so far
you guys know the markets follow bitcoins actions so the fact that we’ve
been steady at 35 I don’t think that’s changing anytime soon so the markets do
overall increase I do expect Bitcoin to overall increase as well meaning when
the market gets to want trillion dollars Bitcoin should be three hundred and
fifty billion dollars making it valued at pretty much you know twenty thousand
dollars again and I do think we’re gonna see a trillion dollar market cap by the
end of this year hopefully so again that’s just gonna show Bitcoin is going
to be at least at least at twenty thousand dollars by the end of the year
that’s my prediction but according to this guy CNBC’s Ryan nooner I don’t know
how to pronounce his last name he says Bitcoin is gonna end 2018 at
fifty thousand dollars making it again one of my most profitable investments
right now that’s why I hold so much bitcoins that in this market where we’re
seeing crypto currencies rise and you know a ton of profit I think the most
sustainable one the most the safest option obviously invest in all coins as
well it’s a great time to invest in all coins they can make a lot of money
really fast but your safest bet is investing in Bitcoin and that’s sort of
like I’m not saying this is I’m not saying Bitcoin is you know the digital
gold but it’s sort of like investing in stocks versus investing and gold gold is
a safer investment stocks can go up and down so that’s something to keep an eye
out on but yeah so don’t want to go too much into the article but $50,000
predicted by someone else you guys know I just made a video talking about my
Bitcoin prediction $50,000 definitely possible again definitely possible
market caps gonna have to increase you know buy a good amount we’re gonna have
to be we’re gonna have to be up a lot on Bitcoin and the whole overall market as
well of course it’s gonna have to increase because yeah it’s just gonna
have to eat not because because it’s gonna have to increase and I think it’s
going to I think it’s going to in 2018 so I’m not counting out the fact that he
said fifty thousand dollars now could it have been a clickbait title just to get
more people to click search but you know that doesn’t mean that he
doesn’t think the point is going to increase in value because it definitely
definitely should be increasing in value in the coming months now another one
this was unconfirmed but again if you believe in you know buy the rumor sell
the news circles and talks to acquire crypto exchange pallone e^x so pulling X
not one of the biggest exchanges it’s not like finance it’s not like bit
tricks it’s not like coin base but the fact that a company circle which deals
with money transactions is thinking of buying Apollonia X could you know create
another opportunity for more people to jump into cryptocurrency and have the
opportunity to buy Bitcoin and other altcoins
and it’s also going to make bologna acts a safer cryptocurrency exchange I think
a lot of people going to jump on it if that is what happens simply because a
lot of exchanges right now are you know worrisome there are exchanges out there
that will steal your money that’s why I try and promote just the ones I use and
I like such as finance and you know if Polonia X gets acquired by a circle
definitely Polonius is gonna make the list as it’s 100% safe exchange because
plot a circle is a big company it’s a big American based company I believe and
they’re they’re not gonna buy into something that is a scam and they’re not
going to continue running it as a scam right so just something to keep in mind
and lastly JPMorgan Chase bans buying cryptocurrency with credit cards so
again I’m not sure if this is a move to try and manipulate the market and bring
fear into the market but apparently JPMorgan Chase they ban buying Bitcoin
or crypto currencies with credit cards two ways to look at this one way oh my
god the world’s over second way that’s gonna limit the amount of people that
can get into Bitcoin but it’s going to increase the amount of people who want
to get into Bitcoin because when you tell someone they can’t have it they’re
going to want to have it even more so just by the fact they say oh you can’t
buy it with your card chase hold chase card holders now are going to be sat
there like men now I kind of want to buy some Bitcoin and then they’re gonna find
a way to do it again this could mean a significant loss of business for
JPMorgan Chase as well if the more adoption we get with cryptocurrency
you know if they don’t allow buying it then a lot of people are gonna be
swerving away from using their type of credit cards their credit cards so some
just something to keep in mind like I said before guys let me know in the
comments which coins you guys are buying during this correction right now again
how long do you think the Corrections gonna last
anything about you let me know in the comments down below guys don’t forget to
smash this thumbs up button if you guys did enjoy the video subscribe for your
new and hit the bell icon guys I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


  1. Which coins are you buying during this dip?
    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

  2. Sick vid man I want to buy NEO but im falling short and im down alot off my other coins, but in april I may sell when everything rises and maybe wait and buy in again 👊🏾👊🏾

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  5. Until some new buyers come into Bitcoin I worry that it is going to stay low and the traders will manipulate it up and down between 8k and 9k

  6. According to a well known insider who actually has connections with the US government things will not start to turn around until late March or April. And then after US government regulations are sorted out the big institutional investors will start bringing in the billions of dollars. He said the best coins to invest for upward gain are EOS Stellar and Euthetium as these have the best ratings from the Weiss rating company.

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