Cryptocurrency Makes Paying Taxes More Enjoyable – Dagcoin

In what countries do you think Dagcoin will make the most impact
and can be adopted into the economic frameworks
of the countries, the easiest? The easiest? That’s a tough one because you know,
in the regulations there are so many changes, There are countries that say we support
cryptocurrencies, we don’t support. Now we support again, no, we don’t support it.
We’re thinking about what to do. I believe it’s just a game, you know. how I see the situation right now is that
there is a group of crypto enthusiasts who see that crypto is something
where we can hide everything we do, where we can do things anonymously. I don’t think it’s the right approach because
what is really needed is full transparency. Transparency is needed from our side,
the users and also from the government side. So what we actually want to do
is we want to create a system where all the transactions are transparent, you know, what the users do, what
the businesses do, what the merchants do the same way what governments do. Because, when I’ve been talking with different,
I would say entrepreneurs in various countries, also government
people, government officials, on different levels. What I’ve found out is that a lot of
people are not fond of paying taxes. And the reason for that is that there is no trust. They see that, yeah, we pay the taxes,
but what is the tax money used for the politicians promise that
it’s used for this and that. But actually it’s not used for those things.
There is no improvement in those areas. And this is the place where I see that proper
cryptocurrency can actually come in the game. What is important for the governments
is that they see what their people do, what is important for criminals
that nobody sees what they do. You know, cash is very easy to use for crime Right now, a lot of cryptocurrencies
are also very easy to use for crime. But if the system is built in a way, that there is
full transparency through the chain explorer, then, this is something that governments
would be a much more prone to accept because why governments
are playing right now? you know, first we support, and then
we don’t support. They’re trying to win time, everybody knows that
that crypto is the direction where to go to. There are so many benefits over
fiat money. Every government knows that the challenge is to make sure
that cryptocurrency is not used for crime. And, if we manage
to build up a system in a way that that the regular people all can
have access to cryptocurrency, all of the transactions
are transparent, all of them are visible, that the government can see that.
I don’t need to see what you do Mark. And you don’t need to see what I do. But there is an authority that actually needs
to know that we are not doing any crime. Makes sense? The same way, you know,
I don’t need to see exactly that, that government department
is gathering that much money and now they’re using for that and
that and that, but there has to be an authority that we can trust that can have
access to all of those reports which are recorded on the chain. That means they are true. And if we know that that kind of authority exists, we can trust that whatever we pay for taxes,
it actually goes for the right thing. And this is something that can actually
bring out a lot of black business and turn it into white. governments will have
a lot of tax money coming in. And what we feel is that, you know,
healthcare is getting better. Educational system is getting better,
the whole infrastructure is getting better. This is the result. This is actually the approach
that every cryptocurrency should have. This is the approach that we are that we have and that we follow. And I believe this is something that
actually governments can really work with because it is an improvement, it’s not a hole where criminal things can be moving. You said the, it’s like creating an authority that is able to see all of this information. Obviously I can’t see your transactions.
I can’t maybe see what the different government transactions are, but you know, what kind
of authority would be created? Would it be a new government department? Would it be an independent kind of non-profit or organisation? How would it be done? Would it be done on a national level?
Would it be done on an international level? How would that actually work?
And also how would I know Oh, you know, that the tax that you
went, you obviously paid, went to, let’s say it went to the education department.
How would you know where that money then went? So it can be many ways. It can be a government department. It can be an independent auditing authority. The important thing is that
whatever information there is, it is stored in a chain,
is it blockchain, is it dagchain I believe all of different distributed
ledgers, they can and they will coexist. It’s not that the blockchain
is bad and dagchain is good or dagchain is bad and blockchain is good, different ledgers have their own purposes and some is better for a certain area and some other thing is better for another area. So all of this information, all of these transactions, transaction is also exchange of information, for example. all of them there stored, and we don’t need
to trust anybody, we don’t need to trust, other people, we don’t need
to trust any organisation. But everything is stored and we just know that the technology’s built up in
a way that it is correct, that it is true.

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