Cryptocurrency mainstream adoption

, right 3 to 1 and we are alive Monday evening 10:00 PM
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in the S. Kahn the big screen , now that now been nervous I
know about their reign of a, and
the big screen , the tse we got here let me of
me shoot over to car excerpt the
tip of , we love talking about and
using the excerpt the tip of it
provides seamless transfer of
digital asset from person to person and it’s
instantaneous whoops and Ku works if all you get it
to work, it’s not working when I
want to work here ago I sew and
were to do is tight in its C and a mean to Joe are you are teeming crypto excerpt the array there we go and it’s a as I hit it, there’s
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yield is always some great
comments coming through and
there were s over the past couple days I mean
it’s just it’s just amazing,
just absolutely outstanding for
the space and and really you
know , this whole face book libre
thing is bent you know if it the
very least it’s bringing
complete focusing attention on
to the a c at it and it’s doing it and edit
and an exponential, rate and
face at this point to know where
is it we talk about adoption we
t all we talk about all the key
elements that are needed within
the space whether it’s for , rebel or if it’s for you know
other of digital assets in the
space whatever means you know it
teaches we’re in this utility ph and little by little people are
awakening to the point, that the
dual assets are a thing that the whom the
digital assets are of you know
are are are really not just you
know here for the short term but
de and all for four months now
we’ve been talking about, the
token taxonomy and we’ve been
talking about regulatory clarity we’ve been
units on about how we get the
word out on the street know how
we make sure of that we that we
real and on I think it’s it’s just so
poignant you know to focus on
that whenever unfolds with a
face book lever: and I and I
believe that the phase book lever: is
going to key is going to move
forward it’s gonna progress of
these only so much you know in
even n a no opinions knocking a factor
in to the court of law you know
it’s gonna be based off of fact
and when you’re creating you no a lever: whether its centralized
essential eyes whether to real
digital asset are not know it’s
been identified as one of a what anno four to just you’ll come
together and owing to just sit
just gonna happen and a date in
how far off today really be now
wit I think is is what’s most
important and also again in on I
mention this of the other day we
talked about yesterday as well
but i you know to the point where it’s
going to allow for nudges
mainstream identification of the
space of mainstream adoption
within that regulation is a key factor
for normalcy within the space
and also if that’s if that’s the
point and all of these things
are that just seems very well to
hand out you know it doesn’t
seem to be happenstance now get
enough able to look the token
taxonomy and at this point where we stand
today not only does it have a much
better chance of clearing the
hurdles of the Financial
Services committee all but it
deftly, you kn we know where Donald trump you
present romp stands on it is
well on so it into his desk in
ether said it you know it almost
seem on and that is exciting and also
so again us so many great things
and then as we go through and
you wanna sit and on really tear was well summed up a buyout by
Bragg Arlene else so I’m
appalled that sweet I think
d’azur edit on earlier all but
lets you know on and and get a little bit more
of an understanding of how a
bread darling else you know, if
identified the space but what I
th and so one of the key up points
here while terminology of that scale to take the
outcome is this this level level of the
playing field are leveling the
playing field and we’re trump say it and we
heard a Presley say the other
night all we heard on the nation
say it and it’s gonna keep
coming u which is this leveling the
playing fields and we’ve talked
about it is well into what that
really means you know by giving
every again in Dana if we focus in on
you know some of this some of
the ski language you know that
is the one thing that we have to
ha an owl one of the points of that
that the admonitions and did
also identified is that’s on the weather in aid
is a payment provider you know
whether it’s a bank and whether
to digital payment solution they he alluded to that you know in a
lot of these things you know
I’ve really been coming out so
you know so this is really are
real so that the birthday said it’s
not my birthday of some of the , turn over Jeff another Jeff and
the stream your ball so tightly that might chat is
frozen and can even making a move the
chap or Leah, it’s no good it’s not fun you can scroll up
comedies my phone two will
scroll through this chap so
light so what were to get into
also on tha Tyson say that thank you very
much for the upper the super
chat on the tse would come in
here Peter Shipp is annoying and
could are noting that so little button
do his thing, and everyone else
and move on with history to all of it as the phone, so
let’s say so 11 of the other
view no key points here of they
came out and as was this was an article this
is the IMF on and I think it’ll come if you
know falls into place again to
because it’s this terminology
it’s this topic, but the IMF
which so this article appeared on CNBC and the title is all that the
IMF warrants banks to evolve or be left behind on the
competition from big tech firms
so obviously you know they’re
pointing out the fact that view
of what’s , you know it’s all in emphasis,
what’s happening with digital of
digital asset digital currency digital money you know whenever
that for a you know how are you
want a phrase that on a lot of
the focus again is on what’s
happ tanks do and be held in the same
regulation in the span the same
exact license requirements yelling and
that’s and that’s the bottom
line in on the IMF saying the
exact same thing but it’s
interestin we know what their identified
here and help his son M are a took a you know what what their
identify and anno at this point
is really on the EO is tight at this track because a
stupid Poppel pitched this came
up and nine, type things up here
it with at the point is is that
t if you want a void been swept
into the dustbin of history and you need to develop new
strategies you need to adapt
onto this current trend that’s
moving digital was not his
digitize Ing up and into digital asset
there’s a whole dynamic shifts
and the IMF sees it and the IMF
is giving this warning this
caution rig to banks and I believe this
whole conversation that we’ve been hearing whether
it’s from trial or whether it’s
from you know, whether was from
a Maxine waters of the other day or I am a Presley or what were
to see happen tomorrow all when
they drag face booking from a
senate or were to see on
Wednesday you know if it’s all that’s all
you know it’s all relative it’s
all related to oh and I wanna
say you know what’s up to a few
pe and that seized upon all use
around here somewhere up I saw,
DN I pop into the stream near
little bit ago always some comments, denied a
great stream again tonight, it’s
a weird I saw another great,
near from of Miyagi a CE breaded
me a New Mission did say level
playing field a, keywords kid mean common
interest so that keeps coming up
and in eight that’s it’s very
important as we have to look and
iden what they’re using and you what
they’re using those words you
know for essentially on the
Times’ again repeated again the terminology really can
make and and break you nothing
so, let’s see here, Mr.
Believer: will go down as a
crypto sacri , Mr. Bian I really wanna see
exactly you know how things really do
one full well that and I’m not sure they were to
really see up the office book
retreat, and they’ve yet to show
that they’re willing to one
backed I think that they’re gonna shift
on their already planning on
setting up the libra outside the
United States, can the U.S. then leaves the U.S. of and I think
they’re knocking have did the
same of control over all over
what they’re doing but at the
same Po , now there’s always president being
said and I think there’s another
court case that we have to be very cognizant of not really a
court case but, then SEC case of
let’s call it all where you have
a can, which is been you pulled the SEC II know I pull this
article appear somewhere, and maybe it didn’t get into my
notes, see here and I put it
somewhere , I see a bit and it all year is
so can and kick, let’s see the
article and I think this is this
as important as is more of an
opinion piece as a popped up on
not o , let’s see here are sick and
also to create easy ads so this
was an article written by the
black chain association , and that the title and this is
really important because what’s
good for one you know has to be
relatively good for the other n is kick it mean to the payment
space not really but you know
they did develop can as a
payment sort of a solution upon
their soc on an overall concept, but here
it says all what the SEC Kay
complaint didn’t cover and why
this is good news for the crypto
com now what I thought was
interesting here you’ll as we saw on and they
they highlight hear that in june
the SEC filed a complaint
against cake, alleging that all
they fai that initially that could’ve
been considered a security where it no longer is today and
also that means ache your dates
defect but the point being is
that there was a breach at 1. , Like with the theory on there
was a breach when it could’ve
been identified as a as a breach of eye and
could’ve been identified as a
security on again where it is in
now now the same exact conversation and discussion is
going on with cake and there
can, in their there can not , digital asset now here it says would see in this
article so I looked it dubbed
SEC originally looked ahead of
cake interactive and making
foundati however when the complaint was a
shoot it only th up focused on
the offering of kin in September
2017 on not can in the ecosyste investigated it can foundation
but decided not to pursue a
complaint is good news for
developers a platforms and
others in the e because it separates the
question of the token sale from
the activities in the ecosystem
since then , and then you goes on to, this
would then a theory on so you
know they’re just trying to show
that there’s a similar pattern I is that if this is happening yet
with kin, and kick you know
what’s gonna happen with face
book is the SEC then going to
change a size of company and also I
think that that could be of you
know that can be very important,
in terms of looking at it from
tha and see Steve mentioned
moneygram van den and I saw that
is well on their talk about that
on the Zeus I’m a little bit
behind on , get a day that was interesting
that you mention moneygram on
and you also saw a lot of a parallel you know between the
conversation of the information
that he was providing and then
even when we heard I am Presley
s was odyssey well thought out
well articulated all but it’s also an argument
that and Cayenne argument of a
case that we’ve heard you know
many times over all when the day
tha are hitting you know he’s a
committees of education are
forming and their inner training
people we also know the war
davidson’s very active, in the educating
other a staff members and other
of other congressmen and other a
congressional representatives now that I was to go outside the
border to see you know from a
new Shannon hearing to level of
education that he has now in
unde been odyssey of the
counterbalance to that which is
the Sherman eder all which is
creeping up on the other side
trying to yell p and write notes in draft format
you know it’s not really getting
ladies and all but they’re
putting for this legislation
that to a face book at this point and
near point the that’s what it’s
all about bits that’s their only
focus they don’t they don’t see
t , crypto poco said I don’t think
libra will ever actually launch
it’s a distraction to bring of
the masses to digital assets tha , Mitzi of excerpt he getting license in
Switzerland is going to turn out
to be a key in my thinking all I believe things are
happening internationally, are
really you know worse are
surpassing what’s happening here
in the United teal and on maintaining the
growth within the black chain
space in the U.S. Cannot allow are not force of
these companies overseas on to
get some sort of normalcy and
and and clarity on in another
country and where Dino Switzerland is
already you know well ahead of
of where all and where we are
here in the U.S. so , see face book will be broken
up I think you know things are
kinda moving in that direction
anno between the thing you know
wit and cool and Amazon and you
tried it you change things apple
will be interesting to see how
the how they decide to do that
you k , and whether not they try to do
that before all of the 2020
election on no one knows when
knows what they’re gonna try to
do no and sea of sea and new laws soul, its ear of K, krypton popo and excerpt the
audit excerpt he doesn’t get on the move by next month and add to change the venue of
the West Coast excerpting into a
trailer park to in the desert to
or Denice that’s funny array, ski going to catch up to
your check as Harare, face book
is not trustworthy, sucker heard
not trustworthy why would any s , a lot of like good up and
points with all of that you none
that I think that anno that that’s interesting you
know it in the in the grander
scheme of things, you know so it’s it’s it’s a tough call
really is and really is a tough
call when it comes to one and it
comes a face book so let’s see
here , skies are clear , N A that’s a te Spanish fly what’s going on
good to see one, Boe snipes year
ago if caught up now, to toss
some type the president rumps
new , tse Tung Judy Shulman AG supporting the use a digital
asset alongside god that that’s
that’s great alike that
statement and we need to dig
into that a fiat that’s awesome so they sincerely George good to
see one the glad you made it
here and of the night of of its
year ago knisley array so it’s of its move on
here smoke through this a little
bit more of its C array so one of the other points
that I did one to bring up, and
I thought that this was
interesting mainly because you
were sta with with all of this talking
know it and sometimes bulls are
bouquets or looking at what’s
happening from a government,
regulat and talked about them all when
it comes to a logistics
transport, and and so another
area that seems to be growing up
now within I use of black chain technology
all where we’re going to see you
and implementation on in need, for the digital
asset, but it comes to you and
we’ve seen this before with
collectibles, but brand brand
product so if you top on Amazon you shop
anywhere and they’re still
concerned if you’re buying
online if you’re not buying from
the store o like Amazon a U.S. suspicion
that the product is fake or if
you go to these outlet stores
where they are selling our late
brande and also one of the key concerns
is is in making sure that the
product is authentic toe being
able to implement up a warm of
all to lee from beginning what’s in
the factory even tracking of the
the of the textile it goes into the
product or do they come from which
countries do they come from which factors do they come from
what’s the methodology of
transport that the that they
arrived and Owen so as you track
the prog all of this information can
easily easily be a collected in
the black chain and oh so for a
product that to maintain its
authent to be able to then backtrack all
of these different elements that
go into the making of the
product to be very significant
to ma , a fake somehow to the product so if you think about young
women’s purses or choose or
clothing whenever might be to
any type of all product the ivar
on the ho , and so I think that that could
be you know very important now
there’s a product, out of of
tary of the missing were that
artic I thought this was this was
great, so this is a good article appeared in the
Korea Times, and it’s it was an
opinion piece taste off of all of this concept , black chain technology is
transforming the fashion
industry to because ramat
perspective like a set of
rethink all of that I j you’ll be able to track it on
and being able to Mana you know
really on at that point also
monetize so if you can often
give you and us as you travel around the
world and you see in a product
for sale and you wanna make sure
that again that it’s a real now are willing to shop online a
special with next day delivery
and you willing to buy Food
Products, off of upon online a
portal se it’s been packaged up that day
and brought over from whole
foods and food that’s actually
being housed and some warehouse
that i now you wanna make sure that the
food you wanna make sure that
the of eye demands that the new
just a nickel’s and even as you
g of being able to track you know
all of the pharmaceuticals know where they came from I’d
distribution points where
they’ve gone and a minute that
point you can also expand upon
that and s it’s just say it’s exploding
with ideas and oded if you
really think through all what
black chain really means outside
of the pa of the payment spaces and so
critical to be able to move all of these products around the
world, and be able to notch as
you know a sign up in track and
because been shipped a why not a a watched the payment history of
our product of a good and you’re
able to track of the location of
where these cuts are coming f and that’s reality that’s
utility on and that’s where this spaces
is so by the lee important in
that it takes into that necks
point of going back to
everything we on that is leveling the playing
field on to an extent where now the smaller producers anywhere
in the world are able to be part of this
process, and they’re able to
monetize this process take advantage of this process
and be part of the global
economy whereas before they may have
been taking advantage of all by the local you know they
have their local influence we
talk about this before all but
this is opening up you know
people t see we got , who will your ego of them come back
through all via all the comments here , your ego what 10 year old Chinese kid
made it right Corel it’s a it’s
it’s a good point it’s a good
point a crit those with your
real wor its either you know those are
the real world use cases right
there and then Wal-Mart, with
the raw patents to one implants
are i , when one for gigabit that real
world use queso ball off
Wal-Mart so , tse and a eyes been developed up and
on, as constant supply chain uses is
Primeau, yet Bhutan safety all
of that yup, see and keep going down see I was CD
chain is working on that
solution for tracking products
are beginning to end of the
curly work tell, they’ll be on Fridays rock
in less thereon and Lester up
implanted in your arm by
Wal-Mart right you like that the
Wal-Mar tell you go to Wal-Mart go
shopping and on the way out to
implant UNR by the chip and in
your arm and should be good to
because tell a right that sit on a staff and we
discover that a no win by fast
of that site and 88 minutes
cover the Thomas tough talked about that, those are all
my main points and I wanted to
bring up for tonight, let’s see
if you guys have any other of an test yet the penny to your
credit score done to your help
run record to know whenever
whenever it is a mad you go in now you go to Wal-Mart and
you’re often are applied the Ide
ship tracks that you bought yellow box a 20 key is you
bought a six pack, and you
bought some chips and then
you’re all your health score was
the was I decr to Miller to the Chinese social
media scores and IE upheld
scored its being tracked by
Wilma hard to sell ideas you
don’t shop a so to a a a hit right below its funny
total areas to a tee of appreciate that no pixel
Asia and I got my Internet
fixed, it was up multiple times
of a Comcast a coming out here
and in , it was on an external reissue
of the day warnick knowledge and
it took a little while to get
them to resolve it so of a prescient that Jeff , tse of there’s no way in the
world any god fearing lived,
libertarian Woodall ounce of to
be Arab ID tags yeah, I’d all nobody allows them sell to
be are by the tact and think
that be a net negative of a cell
and a little like that idea how
to to tighten up the still sell
Twinkies, and a yeti are biting now he’s
saying of you have a yeti are
Friday that’s that’s completely
different and deftly need a yeti
Ar on Getty is is the canning so on
getting cloying yeti security
any Arab ID on a yeti is I is
all good to a cell all right this is been
night as the grade II wanted to
look here, we see I saw this
popup, I see bits and appreciate
the a , to a number that done, 14 on
that we now know anybody if you
guys getting into the stream of
thing a pretty much recognizer
one , Jan your way out on and you
know will be streaming again a
Wednesday evening on make sure you guys tune in on
to ship ship will be on tomorrow
night on 8:10 PM on Tuesday and
ship is back so Tuesdays and T of me know if you wanna be on a
reached out to a few people
already on and try to get a
couple people on all of the
stream for a

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