Cryptocurrency madness: Stories about digital currencies and blockchain technology – Compilation

Tomoe news presents cryptocurrency madness Bitcoin etherium and now Ripple with everyone crazy about Bitcoin once unknown cryptocurrencies are being thrust into the limelight the latest being Ripple currently second on the market ripple is both a payment Network and a cryptocurrency it uses blockchain technology but is differentiated from other platforms by its ties with legitimate financial institutions cripples currency is known as XRP and is not mined by users the company has control initially creating 100 billion coins with 38 billion currently in circulation the rest of the coins will reportedly be released into the market gradually up to a billion XRP tokens a month other cryptocurrencies have a stored value and can be used to buy goods and services but XR pees mainly cover transaction fees as an anti-spam measure and are destroyed soon after ripples main purpose is to facilitate global money transfers banks take three to five days to process cross-border payments but transactions on the ripple network are cleared in only four seconds the platform also boasts low fees and can handle up to 1,500 transactions per second compared to only seven on Bitcoin by and large the core function of ripple is markedly different from other cryptocurrencies available on the market whether or not it's a good investment is another thing entirely dogecoin well new cryptocurrency reached the moon Bitcoin bubble has given rise to a host of imitators hoping to cash in on the quick wave currency craze this gave Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer an idea they started dogecoin in december as a joke and did it take it seriously but the out coin quickly found a following on reddit dogecoin supporters see the currency as a force for social good they've raised funds to send athletes to the Winter Games the cryptocurrency is worth just a fraction of one u.s. cent perhaps because of this dogecoin has surpassed Bitcoin and daily transaction volume but will L coin investors bulk at dogecoins built an inflation rate of about five percent per year or will discouraging hoarding help dogecoin reach the moon leave your thoughts in the comments along with your dogecoin address and we'll tip you $100 Wow such currency such comments the playmates want in on the crypto playboys jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon and will soon be accepting virtual currency in exchange for their services the company is creating a digital wallet that supports the vice industry token and other crypto payments for people eager to plot down a premium on adult content customers can stop worrying about credit card statements revealing their illicit online activities since anonymity is the name of the crypto game device token even takes it a step further with a rewards program users get paid to access content while advertisers find out exactly how to hit their audiences sweet spot when when Playboy's digital wallet is set to be available before the end of the year and might even be integrated into their gaming AR and VR initiatives cryptocurrency and adult entertainment may seem like a match made in heaven but the industry hasn't been all that into it but would playboy breaking the ice that might change soon enough Venezuela to enter crypto market with the petrol thinking about crypto currencies the mez waylynn president wants you to forget about Bitcoin and buy the petrol yeah right in Venezuela announced that it will enter the cryptocurrency market with its launch of the petro digital coin according to president Nicolas Maduro the Petra will be backed by oil gas gold and diamond reserves Maduro said the government will issue 100 million tokens each valued at the price of one barrel of Venezuelan crude that would value the petrol issuance at just over six billion u.s. dollars the government said the cryptocurrency will help the cash-strapped nation make financial transactions and overcome US actions against the country Venezuela's actual currency the Bulevar is in free fall with the nation in need of basic necessities like food and medicine chin did it someone managed to pull off the world's biggest cryptocurrency heist last month and surprise surprise the North Koreans might be involved On January 26th 530 million u.s. dollars worth of virtual xcm coins were stolen from Tokyo crypto currency exchange coin check affecting 260,000 customers South Korea's national intelligence agency told lawmakers on Monday that it's possible North Korean hackers are behind the theft it probably isn't the reclusive regime first crypto crime either as they're believed to have masterminded quite a number of attacks in recent years UN sanctions blocking the north exports have led to a trade deficit and experts believe the pariah state is turning to cryptocurrency to get cash pyongyang hackers had previously targeted the South's crypto currency exchanges in 2017 reportedly stealing 26 billion won through malicious codes and emails and bogus forms South Korea currently has no evidence to prove the North's involvement but is now working with international authorities to look into the incident the bubble is bursting cryptocurrency Bitcoin swelled to 11,000 US dollars per coin on Wednesday prompting intense speculation about the latest bubble and how and why it could soon pop developers divided on how to upgrade the Bitcoin network have led to fragmentation of the original currency in two different versions too much of which could be a problem bitcoins history of being used to buy illicit materials from the dark web it means regulators are watching and could crack down anytime especially if it grows big enough to impact a nation's monetary policy as an intangible asset bitcoins have previously been targeted by hackers and may again fall victim to digital theft though the value of Bitcoin is volatile at the moment it's at an all-time high but because the supply is virtually limitless there is a risk of collapsing value if demand should ever go down experts have likened the Bitcoin craze to the dot-com bubble tulip mania and other economic levels all of which burst spectacularly if they're to be believed too bitcoins downward spiral is only a matter of time Samsung is now making crypto mining chips Samsung is betting big on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by jumping into the chip mining business Samsung is manufacturing an application-specific integrated circuit which is a custom-designed processor with the single task of mining for cryptocurrency mining refers to the solving of complex mathematical equations as a way to verify cryptocurrency transactions people who use their computers to mine are given digital points in exchange according to Korean media Samsung began mass-producing the ASI see chips earlier this month Korean reports also claimed Samsung made the move as a joint venture with an unnamed Chinese distribution firm look who's jumping in on the blockchain bandwagon once dismal kodak shares are now soaring after the company announced plans to get into the cryptocurrency business during the 2018 CES tech event in Las Vegas Kodak is launching an image rights platform with its own blockchain photographers register their images and instantly get paid per use with Kodak coins the company's own virtual currency to guard against copyright infringement kodak software will continuously search the web for violations and take care of licensing the company is set to host an initial coin offering On January 31st codex other initiative is the cash miner a Bitcoin mining rig box equipped with processors and a fan that uses the same amount of electricity as a continuously running hairdryer the machines will be rented out to customers for two years with an upfront payment of three thousand four hundred dollars plus 50% of all proceeds generated by the machine from mining Bitcoin according to the company customers should be able to earn more than three hundred dollars a month or nine thousand overall still many are skeptical some critics believe Kodak is merely getting into cryptocurrency to raise stock prices whether that really is the case guests will soon find out internet-connected devices at risk for crypto cash hacking is your smart fridge running a crypto mining program internet connected devices like smartphones and tvs could be at risk from hijacking by hackers and used to mine cryptocurrencies according to a vast cyber security firm 15,000 Internet connected devices could be used to mine $1,000 worth of Manero digital cash in four days a theoretical attack would start with hackers taking over a network of devices and then using that combined computing power to mine digital currency unlike Bitcoin which require substantial computing power to mine Manero can be mined using a network of Internet connected devices Manero has grown in popularity among criminals as it advertises itself as being one of the most anonymous digital coins available Tesla targeted by crypto jackers researchers at a cloud monitoring firm discovered that cyber criminals had access Tesla's account and were using it to mine cryptocurrency an identified hackers accessed an unprotected kubernetes console owned by Tesla and obtained login credentials to the company's Amazon Web Services cloud they gained entry to the account using the login credentials in the process exposing sensitive data stored inside about Tesla's test cars the hackers then installed crypto mining software which ran scripts that allowed them to mine crypto currency in order to avoid detection the intruders deliberately reduced CPU usage and masked their IP addresses read lock the firm that discovered the breach notified Tesla of the breach On January 30th Tesla has since resolved the issue and reportedly found to no indication that customer privacy or vehicle safety and security were compromised the North has been busy the Hermit Kingdom has found a way to rake in the dough despite intense global pressure over its nuclear capabilities the US will be imposing sanctions on 28 ships 27 companies and one person believed to be helping North Korea in a bid to pressure the regime to give up on developing weapons but a new report now says the North is earning millions through cryptocurrency and maybe turning it into cash or goods to fund their nuclear and ballistic missiles program the North Koreans reportedly obtained 11,000 bitcoins through mining and hacking in 2017 which is valued between one hundred and twenty dollars to two hundred and ten million dollars evidence suggests they have cyber operations set up in several foreign locations including China India and Southeast Asia the reclusive nation is believed to be behind multiple cyber attacks in recent years like the wanna cry ransomware the Bank of Bangladesh theft and a South Korean crypto currency heist with the North Koreans capitalizing on the anonymity of cryptocurrency experts believe more international regulation is crucial in blocking their shadowy activities hackers using fake crypto apps to steal money and personal data hold on to your wallet you are a digital wallet that is Internet security firm risk IQ looked at more than 18,000 apps to find ones blacklisted by cyber security vendors and detected 661 blacklisted crypto apps across 20 app stores being used by hackers to steal money and personal data Google Play offered the highest number of malicious apps with 272 available for download hackers used phrases like Bitcoin exchange Bitcoin wallet and cryptocurrency to trick potential victims the report suggests that investors thoroughly research possible exchangers and wallet apps before using them people should check the developers name user reviews and number of app downloads with digital currencies like Bitcoin gaining interest cyber security has become a real big concern cryptocurrencies are so hot right now Bitcoin continues to barrel ahead at a blistering pace as analysts continue to predict that we could be looking at the greatest speculative bubble of all time virtual currencies continue to gain in value as Bitcoin hit another all-time high on Tuesday as investors now hope to break the $20,000 mark the interest in Bitcoin also helped litecoin and aetherium break Newmark's like coin gained more than 40 percent to three hundred and twelve dollars while aetherium hit six hundred a token due to the huge surge in traffic crypto currency trading platform coinbase had to temporarily halt trading on litecoin and etherium coin faces status page showed both crypto currencies were experiencing major outages but as digital currencies continue to set new records many analysts are concerned that the speculative bubble will eventually burst clearly putting all your eggs in one basket and dumping everything into digital cash right now is the way to go what's the worst that could happen

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