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welcome to the cryptocurrency literacy program thanks for joining us for this presentation we'll be going here for you know 15 to 30 minutes giving a full breakdown on what cryptocurrency is hi everybody my name is Charles Moyne and I'm gonna be teaching you cryptocurrency the new digital internet money and it really is the future here's a little picture of me so you know who's talking to you and let's just get right into it to first understand cryptocurrency you have to understand money and what the function of currency is and function currency is a medium of exchange so if I've got like this laptop here and I want to buy it I exchange dollars maybe eight hundred dollars gets you a new laptop it's you know very simple you trade dollars for items currency is also a store of value so if you're like a tuna fisherman you go out and fish all these tuna on it you can't just hold the to know they'll go rotten it'll stink but if you trade your tuna for dollar bills then you'll have the dollars and it's a good store of value well the best store value in history has probably been gold it's been long for you know thousands of years and and it's a great store value but gold is a really poor medium of exchange you want to go buy a computer well what are you gonna do like shave off a little bit of gold and get no it doesn't work like that so you know that hopefully that helps you understand the functions of currency another function of currency is a unit of account so if I say this laptop I'm doing this presentation on is the laptop I'm doing this presentation on is 800 dollars well pretty much everybody listening the presentation understands you know relatively what $800 means to them currency is also fungible so if I was to give you $100 you could divide it and give me ten tens or 250s or twenty fives it's that's one of the functions of money and you know money is changing now it's evolving and what I put over here was this little slide show where it's these guys riding these horses horse and buggy versus Beale and they're saying I really can't wait until this fad is over oh don't worry this bubble will pop soon I can tell you what people been saying that for Bitcoin since 2009 and the price keeps going up and by the end of this presentation you'll be fully literate on why here's one of my favorite quotes done by this guy Victor Hugo and he's saying that there's nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come and really what's he's saying here is that once something is seen it cannot be unseen like Pandora's Box is open and the new way of doing money the new way of doing currency is here and just like when you're out there on the streets or you look into the parking lot you don't see a lot of cars with carburetors you see fuel injection because a new technology came it disrupted the old technology and that's the way it is and that's what's happening here with cryptocurrency so yeah cryptocurrency is a better way to do money but you might want to be on it you might ask yourself well why didn't it why didn't this exist before him we've had you know computers for a long time well it's because there was a problem and the problem was double spending so if I was to send you some something like some Bitcoin what's to stop me from counterfeiting that and using this you know same thing like we all have cut and paste on our computer I could just cut and paste send you some digital currency cut and paste send you some digital currency cut and paste send the next guy some digital currency well that was the problem and that problem of double spending was once it solved until the Bitcoin white paper came out and it announced this new technology called blockchain and what the blockchain did is disrupt the way that file-sharing happened because it created a ledger that everybody could see the blockchain is a distributed ledger so when I do a transaction and I send somebody some Bitcoin or I send them a vote or I send them a title to a car or a deed to a house everybody else in the world can see that I no longer have item and the other person does that happens through verifications which we'll cover here when we talk about mining well that distributed ledger eliminated the problem of double spending and that is what birth this you know two hundred plus billion dollar industry we know is cryptocurrency and the way that it works is it's built on a trustless system and everybody can see the transactions and like I said before it makes digital counterfeiting totally impossible and all this launched January 1st 2009 and many people are saying that when that happened when the blockchain came out that it is a more significant invention than the Internet so you know why are people saying that why are people saying that cryptocurrency is the biggest advancement and money well because it enables peer-to-peer transactions so if I want to do a transaction like send somebody some Bitcoin I just do it directly with them before there was a need for a central bank where I would have to get permission from my bank to send money to someone else's bank and then that person's bank would have to give them access to the their their own money and there's all these all these central banks and intermarry intermediaries in place that really screwed it up and and cryptocurrency allows for direct peer-to-peer transactions and it also has no single point of failure where if a bank says you don't get access your money you don't get to touch it and you know that not that really screws people up if they can't you know you messing with my money you're messing with my emotions so blockchain is also a trust list system and it's because of this distributed ledger I'm coming on the heels of the financial crisis in 2008 where a lot of people got hurt and these banks had to get bailed out there was not a lot of trust in banking and it opened up a little window in time when a new currency could come out and because of the complete transparency that it is part of blockchain this whole industry was birthed so I mentioned earlier a white paper and people go oh who invented Bitcoin who invented this blockchain well it's this mysterious guy named Satoshi Nakamoto and you know Satoshi has a million Bitcoin in his personal account and he's never moved a single one we know this because it's on the blockchain we see all the transactions well we don't really know who this guy is we actually don't know if it's a guy or a woman or maybe a group of people or alien with advanced technology or you know maybe it's a time traveler from the future that you know came back in time to release this new technology all we know is that November 2008 he released this white paper some people on the internet decided to adopt it and it started going and nobody has seen or heard from this Satoshi Nakamoto since the spring of 2011 and he's yet to remove a Bitcoin from his account even its Satoshi which is known as Satoshi is what they call the very smallest unit of Bitcoin named after the inventor there so if you've all been paying attention or maybe you've heard of mining Bitcoin mining cryptocurrency mining well what is mining and this is a part of you becoming literate understanding what mining is so I broke it out into this little story about searching for gold and bebés now imagine there's a swimming pool and that swimming pool was full of gold of bb's copper beanies but inside that swimming pool there was a single golden BB and if you found that golden BB it was worth some Bitcoin a lot of Bitcoin but what you would do is just you'd have to reach into the pool blindly pull out a BB and see if it's gold and you would just pull one out one after another one after another until you found the golden one that's kind of like what Bitcoin mining is bit but instead of just reaching your hand in the swimming pool and pulling something out it requires electricity specialized hardware and some smart people to set it up and infrastructure warehousing yet to you know have a data center to hold all these servers well in the beginning Bitcoin it was not like searching through a swimming pool was like searching through a cup and you the the machines you know you could do it back then on like your laptop or your you know desktop and it was just like searching through a little cup you search through the cup and every 10 minutes you'd find a golden baby well as more people join the hunt for these golden bee bees and ones it like searching through a cup it was like searching through a bucket because the more hardware and the more hashing power is is devoted to searching for these golden bee bees the bigger the search is but one thing remains constant approximately every 10 minutes one of these golden bee bees is discovered so the more people that started searching it became like searching through a bathtub and then eventually searching through like a swimming pool and then there was a huge advancement in searching for for these winning blocks these golden bee bees of Bitcoin it was went from doing on your personal computer laptop to doing them on specialized hardware with graphic cards and then another big advancement came when it went from using specialized graphics cards to applications specific hardware these Asics chips that are only used for mining Bitcoin they're super high-powered technology that is totally optimized for mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin became more and more popular and more and more people saw the value of creating Bitcoin and literally tens of billions of dollars have been dumped in in a mining hardware and electricity and it's not like searching through a lake to find a golden baby it's like searching through like an ocean and that is what makes Bitcoin so valuable is because to create a Bitcoin you have to run this algorithm you have to invest the electricity you have to invest the hardware you have to invest the time you have to prove the work and then the the Bitcoin is created so here's a here's a graph of just 2000 October 2016 – November 2017 month in and month out more Hardware more electricity more smart people more infrastructure is invested in a mining heart and a mining Bitcoin and you know it remains that about every 10 minutes a new block of Bitcoin is created the difficulty keeps increasing and more is invested to find this Bitcoin but Bitcoin is released at a pretty steady pace and that's what this next graph is all about here so in the first four years of Bitcoin when you found a block a Bitcoin like down here when you found a block of Bitcoin it was worth 50 bitcoins so let's say you're pulling that a baby out of a cup every single time it's worth 50 bitcoins well after four years something called Bitcoin hafen takes place and that's where in this section every time you discovered a Bitcoin is worth 25 bitcoins and today we're here so every time a golden baby is discovered or one of these Bitcoin blocks is discovered it's only worth twelve and a half bitcoins so it's becoming increasingly more difficult to find Bitcoin because so many tens of billions of dollars have been invested into mining and the difficulty is much harder but it's it's a it's becoming less valuable as far as the number of bitcoins found that when you do find one so that's why the price is just skyrocketing up in value because real money real time and real assets are being invested into mining Bitcoin will get this to date over seventy nine percent of all the Bitcoin that that will ever be discovered has been discovered that's sixteen point six million of the of the 21 million of Bitcoin that will ever be available so there never will be more than 21 million Bitcoin available so 79 percent of it has already been mined so really what's going on in your guys is an unstoppable global network a worldwide independent power and electricity infrastructure we're talking about really smart people all around the world security privately owned property and millions of nodes all over the world and they're all searching for these 21 million Bitcoin and you know like we said the the last Bitcoin will be discovered around the year 2140 and a little type over here it says 2040 nope it's gonna be two thousand one hundred and forty when the last Bitcoin is actually discovered so to understand oh you know why people mind why people invest all their time and energy and money into mining is because number one there's they're looking for these blocks and when they win a block they get Bitcoin and secondarily miners earn profits earned Bitcoin profits when they verify transactions so when I send you a transaction some miners are out there in the world and they're verifying that transaction and they earn a little transaction fee and those transaction fees are added to the winning block so the next person that finds a block discovers one of those golden B B's they win they win not only that block of Bitcoin but all the transaction fees and today it's about 30% of what they earn when they discover a block about 30% is in transaction fees and so as the as a visible ox gets smaller the transaction fees get more because bitcoin is becoming more and more popular all right I'm ready blow some minds here guys let's talk about inflationary currency versus deflationary currency I'm gonna count to five one two three four five a million dollars in fiat currency valueless currency was just created out of thin air and the reason why is because these central bank's just print money out of thin air and then charge interest on it and then they charge interest on the interest that they invented out of thin air so when that happens and it compounds it it creates this incredibly huge monster of fiat fake currency well a deflationary currency like Bitcoin where there's a finite amount that will ever be found what that does is it creates a huge demand and a scarce supply and that's why the Bitcoin price the price per Bitcoin just keeps going up and up so I'm gonna bring something into scale here and share with you you know how would you like to make $1 a second if you were to earn $1 second it would take you 11 days to accumulate a million dollars it takes you 32 years to accumulate a billion dollars and it would take 32 thousand years at $1 a second to accumulate a trillion dollars so the scale between a billion and a trillion dollars is huge you know the difference between 32 years and 32,000 years well right I share that with you to show you this in the first part of this year January 1st Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market cap was 17 billion on Friday November 20th the Bitcoin market cap was 241 billion that's a timespan of 223 days and that's an increase of 223 781 223 billion 781 million dollars so every single day on average more than six hundred and ninety-two million dollars has come into Bitcoin okay that's way more than half a billion dollars every single day of 2017 and you're wondering how people are getting so so stinkin rich with Bitcoin and the people that know this and the people that participate are going to be part of the biggest registration redistribution of wealth that will experience in our lifetime and here's another quote I like here you can be part of it or you can watch it happen by Elon Musk and why is this happening why is all this money come flooding in here well some of the biggest hedge funds in the world some of the biggest financial institutions are putting money into Bitcoin the rapid pace the market capitalization of Bitcoin in this slide I put a hundred billion it's probably over well over 120 billion right now which makes Bitcoin then goldman sachs and bigger than Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs market caps only like 93 billion and they've been around for probably a hundred years so bitcoin is blowing past these financial institutions like they're standing still that's it's a fun time to be part of this redistribution of wealth all right guys I'm gonna play a video here eighty point nine trillion dollars that's about as big as it gets isn't it it's all the money that's out there in circulation in the entire world but of course it all depends on your definition of money the 80 trillion dollar figure actually accounts for all of the banknotes coins and money deposited in bank accounts but if you expand your definition of money maybe to include say currencies gold supplies the amount of money that's invested in financial products well the amount rises to over a quadrillion dollars and by the way guys that's a million billions so the big question is where does all this money actually come from well central banks are responsible for minting new coins and printing new banknotes to replace the ones that get worn out or perhaps get lost down the back of the sofa but they can also inject new money into the economy since the financial crisis central bank's right around the world have been embarking on massive programs of quantitative easing this is essentially printing new money to try and ease the threat of a global recession but as the Bank of England points out these days most money isn't actually made by central banks at all instead cash is created by commercial banks and it never actually gets printed so here's how it works whenever a bank gives your loans they to buy a car it doesn't actually hand over a pile of cash for that purchase instead it transfers the money electronically into your bank account Virender only really needs to have a small amount of money on its books to back up that loans so effectively it's creating new money in the system about 97% of all money in developed economies is created just like that you so in that movie we just experienced quadrillion dollars a quadrillion dollars has been invented in wealth out there well let's just let's just run some numbers here because money it's really just math so what if just point 1 percent of the world's wealth 0.1% of a quadrillion is a trillion if just this much money was transferred into Bitcoin what would happen with only 21 million Bitcoin each Bitcoin would be worth forty seven thousand six hundred nineteen dollars I get this if one percent of the world's current wealth of 1 quadrillion transferred into Bitcoin we would see one Bitcoin being worth four hundred and seventy six thousand dollars and four hundred seventy six $190 it's almost half a million dollars a Bitcoin and guess what it's plausible it's very possible and at the at the pace that money is flooding into cryptocurrency it's it's maybe an inevitability now here's something that is really what's going to disrupt money and it's about the unthinkable there's well over two billion people on the planet that are unbanked which means they just don't have access to banking there's no chase on the corner there's no Wells Fargo down the street you know they don't even have IDs their identification so they're just unbanked get this with the massive amount of cell phones that are being produced in the world and recycled and with the ease of Bitcoin and axis of the Internet all over the world we're gonna be able to get people all around the world bankable and that brings third world countries third world people out of poverty and into a global economy this is really exciting and this is going to be one of the biggest drivers of disrupting the current banksters and the current money system that is is failing us all right now so we're in the middle of something called a quantum shift and I'm just gonna run through some examples here of a quantum shift if you didn't you if you're still riding horses buggy you got left behind and that's what a quantum shift is a new technology comes out and if you don't take part of it you will be left behind electricity comes out you don't use it you're left behind television comes out you know watch it you're left behind personal computers come out you don't learn them you're left behind cellphones come out same thing the internet comes out you're not using internet you're left behind smart phones come out you don't use them you're left behind cryptocurrency is now here if you don't use it and make it part of your life you will be left behind because this quantum shift is inevitable remember the quote there's nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come well it's coming and it's called the quantum shift of cryptocurrency so now that you know this stuff I'm want to challenge you challenge you to live life on the left side of the decimal and I'm going to show you guys what you can do to also create a hundred dollars a day in passive income with Bitcoin now what I mean by living life on the left side of the decimal point with only 21 million Bitcoin ever to be invented or created and well over seven billion people on the planet the likelihood of all these people on the planet owning a full Bitcoin is not possible and bitcoins gonna be as popular to where everyone on the planet knows its name just like Michael Jackson and you know what's going on is most people will not have a full Bitcoin yet they'll purchase cars houses apartment buildings full college tuitions with less than one Bitcoin so I'd like for you to take advantage of this unique window and time this unique window in time where Bitcoin is still under ten thousand dollars and I challenge you to live life on the left side of the decimal point own a full Bitcoin and create a residual income stream of bitcoins where you can be passively earning bit Bitcoin while you sleep we've broke down to a few easy steps the first thing that you need to do is get a cryptocurrency wallet they're free the person that introduced you to this video can direct you to where where you can get a crypto wallet the next thing is buy some Bitcoin there's exchanges and there's different ways but you can use your debit card credit card or bank account to acquire some Bitcoin and then get in touch with the person that introduced you to this once you've got some Bitcoin and we'll show you how to multiply it using some of our companies and strategies to to grow this so I know you're all busy I want to thank you for watching on to thank you for investing yourself and taking the time to become cryptocurrency literate hopefully you found this presentation valuable and know that by simply sharing this presentation with people that you know you can start living life on the left side of the decimal point accumulating Bitcoin and creating your own financial freedom thank you so much for watching

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