Cryptocurrency – learn how to double your Ether in under 2 weeks !

hi in this video I will show you a new
method on how to double your cryptocurrency every two weeks and I am
not talking about some shady ICO or a pyramid scheme as a matter of fact you
do not even need to register or send your cryptocurrency to any platform in
order to profit. Your cryptocurrency always remains in your personal wallet
and you don’t need to wait for days or weeks to receive your profits either. If
you invest correctly you will start receiving your profits within one hour
with this new system you can easily make 8 to 10 percent profit each day which
means you will double your cryptocurrency Holdings every couple of
weeks. But before I go on I would like to ask you to like and subscribe to this
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Anyway, the platform that I am talking about is called STIXEX it is the first
ethereum based smart contract platform that allows you to use your Ether to
speculate on the color of the next candlestick in the price chart and I
will show you why this system is so profitable and why it’s way better than
trading on traditional exchanges. if you only have Bitcoin and don’t have access
to any cryptocurrency exchanges you can exchange your Bitcoin for Ether at
Changelly just go to and follow the instructions. They do not
require to set up an account so you can exchange your cryptocurrency fast and easy.
so, as I said before STIXEX platform makes it a lot easier for you to earn
money by speculating on the price of ether and you don’t need to worry about
unexpected big losses in case the price of an asset moves against you in a big
way. When using STIXEX your maximum loss and profit are unknown in advance so
all you need to do is correctly guess the color of the next candlestick and
you will receive fixed 80 percent profit on each winning trade. It really is an
amazing platform. So even if your chosen candlestick moved only one cent you will
still receive 80 percent payout and since you are betting on a 30 minute
candle your trade naturally also lasts only for 30min
so you can earn money fast without having to wait for the price to move
significantly in order to make a decent profit which can take days or even weeks.
Also one STIXEX you can start trading immediately there is no registration
process all you need is a Metamask wallet which you can download for free
in a matter of minutes by going to Here you can choose your
browser and follow simple installation steps, If you need help setting up your
Metamask wallet just click on the link in the description below or you can
watch many video tutorials on YouTube on how to set it up it’s really simple. But
right now I would like to explain in detail how you can earn at least 8
percent profit every single day… Okay, let’s assume that your initial
investment budget is one Ether which is enough to cover ten trades. Now
remember you don’t need to send this Ether to STIXEX it always remains in
your Metamask wallet you are only sending 0.1 Ether every time you place
your trade and if you win you can withdraw your winnings first and only then place
a second trade. Bet amount is always set at 0.1 Ether so if you placed ten
trades during the day and won six out of those ten trades then your daily profit
will be 0.08 Ether which is eight percent return on your initial
investment of one Ether. As I mentioned before at the moment you can only bet
0.1 Ether on each new candlestick using the same Ethereum
account, but if you wish to place bigger trades you can use multiple accounts
from the same Metamask wallet simultaneously. To add new account just
click on Metamask logo .. then click on accounts, create account, and click create.
Also, as you can see you will not even need to enter your bet amount it is
already preset at 0.1 Ether so to initiate your trade all you have to
do is press green or red button that’s it. And just to show you how easy it is
to trade on STIXEX let me place an actual trade. But before you make your
bet please pay attention to countdown timer it shows time remaining to place
your trade on the next candlestick in the price chart. Also, in
order to make sure that your transaction is included in the blockchain on time
place your bet at least two three minutes before this time expires.
Candlestick time frame field displays start and end time of a candle that you
are placing your bet on. As for charts, STIXEX uses tradingview interactive
charts and it comes with all sorts of tools and indicators to help you make an
informed trading decision. So, once you decided on the color that you wish to
trade press on a corresponding button and you will see Metamask pop-up
window. Now, this is a new version of Metamask wallet and I personally like to use
old version because then all trade related information is on the same page.
To change to old version just click on Metamask logo in your browser, then
click on accounts, settings and then scroll down and click on “use old user
interface”, and that’s it. Now, if I place my bet I will see this old version of
Metamask and as you can see if I need to adjust my transaction gas fee I can
do it in the same page. As for gas fees, Metamask automatically sets it for you
but it is always a good idea to add at least one or two extra gwei just to make
sure that your transaction is included in the blockchain on time. So, once you
adjusted your gas fee just click confirm and you are done, your trade is placed.
Once Ethereum blockchain confirms your transaction all trade related
information will appear in your trading history table below. Here you can see at
what time you place your trade which candle you placed your bet on and if you
won or lost. Available balance shows your winnings that are available for
withdrawal this balance updates in about one hour after your trade is complete
you can get more info on that by reading FAQ page. When you decide to withdraw
just click on withdraw button, confirm your transaction and that’s it. Your
winnings will be automatically transferred to your Metamask wallet.
So, as you can see in order to make at least 8 percent profit daily all you
have to do is place only 10 trades per day and be correct on 6 of them. Many
traders are doing it and you can do it too. Just pick a trading strategy and stick to it.
If you have any additional questions please leave a comment below and please
don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. You can also join STIXEX
telegram group and they will be more than happy to help you. thanks for
watching !

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