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hey guys welcome back to their unfiltered gamer kickstarter card game review today's game up on the tabletop is called crypto currency it's my capital gain Studios two to four players 13 and up and takes 30 to 45 minutes to play the game in the game crypto currency you're going to be basically a crypto miner I'm going to kind of build your own business you're going to hire coworkers or interns and then you're going to basically be processing bitcoins that you can of course buy them try and mine them or you can sell them along with of course trying to validate them there's going to be rumors on each of the different types of Bitcoin currencies sometimes they'll be up sometimes they'll be down sometimes you'll know about them sometimes you won't and as you press up the game you're going to be then flipping them over at the end and seeing which one is the least likely to be worth anything that won't actually be called they do classified and like not with anything and the rest of them will be calculated and whoever has the most points is the winner it also adds a little bit of a stock market theme to it because you're gonna be using this chart to track the value of bitcoins and however many are left it gonna be actually what is left in the game so it does function similarly to just going and mining bitcoins anyway let's go ahead and show you what looks like and all the components so here we have cryptocurrency all set up let's go ahead and explain what you're gonna get here so first of all each player is gonna get three interns to start the game with and these will change throughout the game you're also gonna get six of these dollars or currency you're also going to set up for each specific type of crypto coin for instance there's Mysterio sing a Kong erupt diem and Flint here you're also then going to make sure you shuffled this deck appears it's called the rumor deck after you shuffle it up you're going to then deal one face down and one face up rumor next to each coin and change the value of the coin in general they all start here at three and then you're going to move them up or down based on the plus or minus values here so for instance the singer Kong is gonna go up by two from three to five and you're up diem is going to go down two from three to one you're also going to set up four depending on the style of play the advanced mode or the basic mode a coin in the bank here these ones you can buy and sell the very beginning of the game the rest of the coin will go off to the side and you'll be using these to purchase to mine and then you'll be able to have two remaining them selling them and they'll go back into this pile here but these are all mined coins not only that but you're also going to take one success card all of these failure cards here and set them aside you'll be using this when you choose to mine and make sure that you have each and every progress point here at the very beginning of the difficulty of two you're also going to take these guys here shuffle the deck up and deal out three facedown they're going to show the different types of coins here and they're going to be used for validations then you're also going to set aside all the currency in place so people can see them of course you got your debt over here and finally you're gonna have five of these workers and you can purchase from the top of the deck here face up and the rest of the deck is going to be here and make sure you hood and shuffle that as well and then the box off to the side that's pretty much all you need for the setup of the game cryptocurrency alright okay so basically in the game crypto currency you're gonna start off with your in turns your secret hidden rumor card which could either be a bonus or a minus depending on what it is along with six dollars and you're going to be then taking turns to utilize your interns now you can do three things you can buy a Bitcoin you can sell Bitcoin and you can mine Bitcoin mining them is going to be dependent on the difficulty level and they're going to be using multiple guys or a single guy depending on the difficulty of them of mine and you could also choose to buy them or sell them when you buy them you can make the price go up and when you sell them you can make the price go down there's a pending on the number of players a few routes of the game in a four player game it's four rounds and if I play a two or three player game is five rounds so longer with less players and there's a certain amount of Bitcoin to utilize once you burn through all the Bitcoin there is no more that type left you can no longer gain Bitcoin however you can validate big name validation fees with the cards on the board that give you bonus points you can also influence the price of the coin whether it be influencing them to the positive or to the negative your objective is pretty simple though you want to have the most currency at the end of the game you want to be able to sell off all your coin and make the most money so holding is the best and most valued bitcoins at the end is going to be the most successful aspect of the game not only that but you're also going to be buying these these new employees so you know in terms of don't do anything but these guys here going to have different abilities that will say in some way influence how you were to be playing after buddy has taken their turns basically you're going to do this kind of refreshing phase all the guys gonna pop out you can choose to get loans you to pay back your loans you're gonna be able to purchase new employees and you're going to be able to place rumors down and of course the players that are in the game we're going to place them to a face down to face up to pay on the round and if there's less players than for having the computer play some face up her face down from the deck to illustrate the influence on the Bitcoin that's the basic idea of the game at the end like I said whoever has the most money is the winner let me go ahead and show you a couple rounds of play as well as what you can basically do in the game and they'll tell you what I think about it so we're back and let's go through a walkthrough of the game with two players we've put ahead and step everything already as we talked about and of course the new starting values that were once three have now been moved based on the face up rumors of course they're still the face down rumors and to start it off we're going to go ahead and mole and refresh the job so we're go ahead and drop out five of these guys here and then if everybody says it's okay you can keep them if you didn't want them you can actually take them discard them and flip five new ones over but for the sense of demoing we'll just stick with a five that we have here after that you're going to go ahead and draw a rumor card for each player so you'll take these guys here and look at them secretly and then hide them until later after that you go ahead and take a loan if you'd like what are these guys here is going to give you eight bucks however at the end you're going to actually end up having to pay the loan interest off and of course you could pay the loan off if you can afford to so if the player wants to they can go ahead and take one of these guys here maybe he'll do that it'll also net him $8 so he'll go ahead and do that as well but remember loans can be tricky because you're going to have to navigate when you want to pay them off all right after you're done doing that then you're gonna get a chance to hire experts experts on the cost here at the top right hand corner is five six three six five and when you go ahead and buy one you're going to in turn order did pay the cost of one of these guys as well as removing one of the team team leads that you have so for instance if this player was the first player he could simply choose to spend five dollars and buy this FinTech specialist this would actually be in here and then he would get this guy although it would remove one of his other guys here and it would be moved from the game adding this one here each character has power this is a two in this has a one as well as potentially when you buy them a special ability like this one coins cost one less dollar and when you sell it it'll gain you one more so it's pretty useful the next player is gonna get an opportunity as well you'll need to buy one expert per turn per player so maybe he wants this uh let's see how a big one since he got a loan my don't look at a nice one right let's take this guy here so he's gonna pay six dollars here and then he's going to get this guy for to power game double transaction fees if you validate any transactions removing one of his interns now he's got another guy to use okay after that you're going to then refresh the experts by discarding all that's left over and adding new ones to the board five new wins and there's tweet man right there data analyst a diversifier tech whiz and another tech whiz then you're going to move on to the next phase which is the extra action phase and in oh I also don't forget to in the beginning of the game you're sorry I don't know get an action phase in order are you gonna buy sell and do mining so the first planner start off with is this guy here and he is going to get to choose to buy or to buy sell or to mine coin now he doesn't have a lot of money so he's not going to be able to buy much and the cost of the coins are going to be based on the value of them right here we almost dropped this guy drop the ball here for a second it looks like we're okay though so if he wanted to bite one of these guys here he could for one each one of these energies is going to let you buy up to four and when you buy up to four are you going to increase the value so if I bought four of these guys here at 6 apiece I'd be $24 I'd move this up one if I bought eight I would move it up twice and you gonna move it up after you buy it so the cost isn't going to increase at that point you could also choose to sell coins if you have any this is the bank starting total for each of different coins they're going to have five of them to purchase but if you don't want to do that you can choose to mine and how mining works is pretty simple you choose one of the coins based on maybe what you think is going to be valuable maybe this is the best one here and then you're going to basically turn these guys sideways and based on the number that you turn sideways and you could have more than one if you'd like to mine you're going to then check the difficulty so this is a difficulty of two and he used it too which means you're going to take a success and then you're going to add one of these here you're going to shuffle them up and draw cards based on the amount you've chosen based on the difficulty so the difficulty was three would be three cards with one success in it into its two cards with one success and drawing to here so he dropped both of these and he would succeed and when you succeed you're going to gain a reward which is Bitcoin so you would take a three of these guys here sorry from the mining pool not from the buying and selling pool put them on his little board there is character in his area and validate so here we look at the Hat and over here the validation cards this one has a hat here so we're going to flip it over and validate for 0 0 times 1 is 0 so he doesn't get any money but this is going to change the value and it's going to go down too unfortunately so he just lost a little to currency there this would get discarded a new one would come down if there was more than one hat you would validate all of them after that he's done his one I hadn't done his difficulty is reward in solid ation this is going to progress up a difficulty track meaning it's more difficult to mine them because there's less to mine the next player is gonna get to his well now decide so if he wants to he could choose to let's go ahead and tap this guy here and maybe we'll also we'll go for green over here now to difficulty he's got to so it's another guaranteed flip over both of them and he's gonna score 1 2 and 3 nice nice and easy this is gonna progress on the track here and we're also going to go ahead and check for validating we have a 0 and we had one right here so we'd flip it over that gives us a +1 moving this up so it's a little more valuable it's pretty nice for him good job and we're gonna continue now for instance I wanted to I could tap this guy here and I can go ahead and sell up to four of these for one and I can get the value of it so so before so if I want to sell all three of them that would be 12 here and if I sold four of them this would move down 1 but if I don't sell for if I just saw 3 or less it won't move down at all maybe I will go ahead and just to sell 2 of these guys here which will give me $8 when you sell them they're gonna go into here and you're going to collect the currency from the bank over here so you've done a good job mining after that his turn is over the next players gonna get to go he'll go ahead and tap these two here and he's going to go ahead and try and mine this one more time because that looks pretty good the difficulty is 3 so he's gonna get one card two cards and three somebody will shuffle them up so that you can't see it he doesn't know what it what it's what and which one is good he gets to draw two of these cards hopefully against a success he does he succeeds if he doesn't he would fail and that's not good but he succeeds that means it's gonna get three more of these coins nice it's pretty good there move this here and put these guys here this will go up on the track after you validate for one anything here to validate nope so this is gonna go up and the rewards gonna be less so next time this many mines here only be for two but the validation will be 4 2 2 4 1 8 1 16 and 0 32 so you can get some real money there and then of course this player will get a chance to tap this guy here maybe he wants to go ahead and go for this one here that was gonna be difficulty of 2 so we'll take these guys here shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle hopefully pulls it off he succeeds wow we get really lucky here and this is of course difficulty of two so he made sure you did that he gets a reward of three more of these guys here one two and three and validating this here there's a lion yep let's see what happens plus one that's good that's good helps me out a little bit puts us over here puts us over here and this moves up the track now as you notice these guys have all been utilized so there's no we can't use them anymore so we're going to move on to the next portion we're gonna go up to the upkeep face and we're gonna have to pay it loan interest well for every loan you have this interest that's gonna cost this guy $2 going to lose $2 here and if he wants he can pay off this loan he doesn't have enough money only at 6 it would cost 8 to pay off he doesn't have a loan so we won't worry about that go to the rumor phase which is in Reverse torrent turn order so this guy's gonna go first he's gonna look at his rumor card and then he's going to get to place it down on one location he wants right now he's got Flint here and we're gonna look at the far left-hand side this is face down so whatever the one that is next to it is we're gonna do the exact opposite and placing that up that's going to increase the value of Flint which is really good we want to do that and then the next player in turn in opposite turn order is gonna get to choose in a two-player game assuming this guy here he's got another plus 1 and right now he's got a lot of red so maybe he'll put this right here and that is going to increase Reds value up to 7 so that's good as well so I that the last thing you need to do is go ahead and notice that these are missing so you're going to go ahead and take these guys here from the deck and flip them up and place them down face up based on whatever is next to it plus one and plus one for blue and four I guess it's a grayish Brown over here and then once that is all done if there was three or four players you would do three players and then one from the deck or four players all four would just be placed on face-up now the next cards are gonna be facedown provided these don't move if these move facedown these would go face-up and that's basically it for that the rumor phase is over we're gonna go to the end of turn face now we're going to pass the first player marker to the next player and we're going to pass the last player marker to the last player and then back once again we're gonna go ahead and choose to make sure the jobs are all here and go ahead and draw a rumor for each player and then they're gonna go ahead and decide if you'd like to take a loan or not if you'd like to hire any of the experts here by purchasing them refreshing them and then going to the action phase in turn order where you buy and sell or mine then up back to the upkeep phase where you do your loan interest you pay off your loans your rumor phase where you're doing reverse turn order these cards here so in this instance now after we maybe move this around a little bit based on the placement and stuff like that how old we beloved unn then you gotta place these down like this face down and after that you would continue playing the game right passing the player markers now the game is gonna continue based on the number of players in a four player game the game will end here so is only four rounds of the game but a two or three player game and the game is going to end here so let's go ahead and just do this very very simply just speed this up to show you how an end of Turkey game is gonna kind of look so now we're gonna make sure the add these guys up here blue is gonna go up to red will go up one this one's gonna go down one and this is one as well these guys will be facedown and these guys will all be faced so it'll look something like this one one once everything goes up one picks up for blue two and at that point the game is going to end and what's going to happen is you're going to count up all your currency as well flipping these guys over to see what happens the ones you flip over are gonna change the results of this over here so let's go down 1 because it's 2 minus 2 and plus 1 over here is gonna be minus 2 for blue over here is going to be minus 3 goes all the way on the 1 and these guys go down at minus 3 as well 1 2 & 3 but also don't forget about these hidden these beginning ones over here so we have blue at minus 1 we have red at minus 2 green is at plus 2 and this one here is it plus 2 after that's all set in stone they're going to go ahead and check the values totaling all of these guys up so you add them all up 2 4 6 and then this is 2 3 & 4 this one over here is 4 and a 6 so this would be a 2 this one over here is 2 4 5 6 this is 2 over here as well and then 3 4 5 6 7 8 so that would be 7 6 5 so this is the lowest one so based on the total combined this is the lowest one which means this is a dud and any currency I've left over that you didn't choose to sell throughout the game is gonna be worth nothing so you gotta be careful about that maybe buying and selling early is a good idea then you're gonna hand out these Hodler bonuses and sell based on your ending result based on the currency you have so you'd end up selling these guys here for 7 apiece this one here for 7 and all of these here for 5 and then the player with the most of these coins is going to get bonuses right here and all the value and whoever has the most it's gonna be the winner of the game obviously it's gonna be a resulting a lot different characters are gonna be having and whatnot as well as how much this is gonna be changing throughout the difficulty meter and just so you make sure that you guys understand remember that if the difficulty is 5 here yeah and you chose to tap two dudes or two energy you're going to get 5 of these cards and you're gonna get to draw two of them after somebody shuffles it so it's really really less likely that you're actually gonna pull it off so you're gonna need to make your your crew really strong there's a lot of character say they do a ton of different things like flipping over a rumor card that can change the result of how these go face up and face down I'm buying and selling any mixture of coins and when you mind coins created no points all these things play a role in how the game works but it's just a basic understanding of walkthrough of how the game kind of functions alright let's gonna talk about it so for my review for cryptocurrency there is a lot to this game involving risk and reward not only that but a lot of taking chances right because what you're trying to do is trying to build up your cryptocurrency the best it can be however you don't necessarily know what the face-down rumors are gonna be at the start of the game along with the ones that you don't place yourself base it down the face up once can give you a good idea that doesn't necessarily mean that your coin is gonna be worth any money at the end of the game because what can happen is things can be switched around which is a very interesting aspect to the game it has beautiful components and the artwork is stellar I just like it just as much as their regional live game previous to this one they just made Det gsella that was really fun beautiful artwork same kind of style as this one but they completely different theme this is the best cryptocurrency themed game I have played so far it does have a stock stock market theme so if you do enjoy stock market games you're going to enjoy this one as well new rumors at a very nice twist to the game along with the fact that when you buy currency it's going to increase the value and when you sell currency it's going to decrease the value it has all that stock market engine but not only that it has validation fees as you progress through the difficulty of the game pulling cards which is also a risk reward do you want to spend 8 for an a difficulty to guarantee the earring at 32 bucks times whatever validation cards you on the field or maybe you want to go ahead and chance it with just one that could be worth a ton more because now you have so many more actions to save but like I said risk reward do you want to at the end of the game sell the currency thing might not be worth anything or when suddenly you realize that you so all the currency if that wasn't be worth nothing now it is the highest valued currency or even the only valued currency right because there's only there's a possibility that there could only be one currency that is worth anything if all of them get a value is negative one and your crappy currency worth nothing is gonna have a value of positive to that currency is going to be the only one that is not a dud and you can win the game still so even when you feel like you're left out as long as you know more information on our players facing down you can still have a chance of the game now of course this is a strategy game in which you're gonna trying to pull the best employees possible using all of their strategies and all of their special abilities if you have characters like tweet man and the tech whiz the project manager my favorites because he has a lot of actions the white hat and the black hat hackers and all do different things involving the rumors and even the fee broker gain double transaction fees revalidated transaction there's also characters that when you go ahead and buy and sell based on a lower value than actually four you can move the tracker around which will influence it even more and that has a huge potential sway the game overall cryptocurrency is an excellent game it's a lot of fun if you like stock market game you're gonna enjoy this one if you like taking chances it's also a game you're going to enjoy if you like the style artwork like I do I would definitely suggest picking up cryptocurrency as far as negatives go this game like I said has a ton of chance so if you don't like games that you don't want to be pulling from the hand and hoping to God that you're gonna score the right card probably game you should pass on because it's gonna have a lot of that also if you don't like the hidden information style games this is all someone that's not gonna be for you because a lot of hidden information is involved in this game and just when you think you've done the best because you've made the best choices as far as pulling cards and and getting the best characters and all that suddenly your coins that you have are worth nothing and you lose well that happens as well overall though excellent game I give it my full recommendation for crypto currency once again another great game go ahead and check it out on Kickstarter description below I guess links fortune of the unfiltered gamer Kickstarter board game review if you like this video then check the rest of your videos here on YouTube like subscribe and comment it does help we do they appreciate it and if you're gonna be at Gen Con releasing this just before go ahead and say hi to me we'll be walking around to checking out games and whatnot also go ahead check out cryptocurrency like I said the fourth in the description below it's a really fun game if you're a stock market player you're gonna like this and if your crypto nut you're gonna also like this game I know I personally like cryptocurrency so it's got the theme for me also you can go ahead and check out our website as well as our friends at Gamescom and the giveaway geek too great so I should leave more giveaways than my own alright guys that's all I got for this time and as always I love you and I look forward to mining with you next time you

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