Cryptocurrency is on the Way. ID-2020 Facial Recognition Technology Walmart

everybody matrix portfolio I wanted to show you this because it's pretty unbelievable we talked about ID 2020 I was walking through my local Walmart look at that so anything that moves this is part of ID 2020 and scanning your face and features of your body to detect who you are this is coming with blockchain technology you'll end up going the hash graph and other areas look at that yeah have fun no idea what's coming and so our RFID chips will actually be our cell phones in the future which will move the blockchain cellphones and think about this I just want to tell you think about this where your cell phone is your RFID right has all your documents has your medical records has all your tracking has literally everything about you is on a bank accounts and as soon as you walk into a store now this was a cool concept that we put together what this felt like a year ago and then you started here about some of the news that come out and we're not even completely there yet and there's some rumors that Walmart was actually purchased by the government so imagine having Uncle Sam in Walmart or other various stores where because you're part of this bigger consciousness computer system that can be tracked everywhere imagine you could be located immediately this box pulls up next to side of your face called air computing which would be a thing in the future hasn't quite come out yet it'll be on a lot of the holo lenses that will be created here in the future oh boy but the cool thing is what if you were a lady what if you were a lady and you went to a hair salon and the haircut you've gotten for the last say three to six months every time you do a hair salon or you go to the spa or wherever it is you go as a woman I have no idea but wherever you go it would already be recorded in your profile of what you got your nails done or what hairstyle you got done would already be recorded into your digital token which would be you or in your RFID which would be your phone and if you walked into a clothing store as soon as you walked in the store you walk through the magnetic sweepers and see if you're gonna steal something as soon as you walk through and that immediately goes through there with your phone they already know people working there I already know who you are what you're gonna buy what your interest is they know your personal algorithm of you're predictable of what you're gonna buy and they do this on the computers if you're ever surfing on the web and you're typing and you're looking for something on eBay or Amazon and then you maybe you leave your computer for a little while or you come back the next day next time you get back on your computer it has advertisements that pop up of things related to what you were looking at previously whether it be a few hours beforehand or a couple days beforehand it automatically posts those because it detects who you are and your personal algorithm and based off of that what your next instinctive move might be to make a purchase and so all the stuff that's come with us they know what hairstyle you like they could already have an algorithm based off of what you might like of something you would naturally pick they would just walk up to you and offer that to you same with your your clothes your clothes with automatically instead of having a have clothes stored in the store we can dress you with the algorithm of the computer based off of what you might like show you this this this this to this and say hey I like that well guess what they already have all your clothing okay you can either you have large or small whatever you are it's already got you a same with food and so in the future here we're gonna have little robots running around all over the place take on the tasks of normal employees and there'll be all kinds of new jobs created based off a block team but you walk in the store things of the store and the future will all be augmented we won't even have store you won't be able to come through and get stuff like this anymore a woman exists so that's pretty neat when you think about it when we get back down I'll show you the facial recognition technology again and get to take a look but imagine instead of having to walk through all of this and try on clothes the computer already knows the exact size of you and what you are jewelry and so I was thinking about putting together a company relating to some of this where automatically select for you the clothes that you would buy before you even think about buying the clothes we're coming back to this this is really neat because there's a lot more that goes with it but your personal algorithm of you and what you're going to do in the future and future may already be here remember the best way to create the future is to make it happen

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  1. Hi Ben, I install security cameras / dvr's, they may have had it set for " Dynamic Motion Analysis " this feature allows the DVR Programmer to see what all is activating the " motion detection ", so that he can adjust / block out parts of the image, so that it doesn't record a lot of wasted motion. we normally just use that feature when setting it up, then turn it OFF. so that it doesn't keep doing that / showing yellow blocks / distracting the Viewer of the monitor / system. just wanted to share my opinion. thanks for all you do !!!

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