Cryptocurrency Investing | DeepOnion STEEM TRON RIPPLE BITCOIN | My Journey So Far

today I want to talk about my cryptocurrency journey so far how I got into it what got me where I am today what brought me over to steam it because it's tied into cryptocurrency and how I've enjoyed the ride so far so first of all I heard about cryptocurrency a long time ago from a friend of mine probably four or five years ago he was talking about Bitcoin maybe it was three years ago I don't know at the time Bitcoin was around $200 I think and he was trading it a little bit and I thought the idea was kind of weird cryptocurrency and I didn't fully understand it and I did not get it at all so then we fast forward to December of 2017 so last December and I was at a Christmas party and some friends of mine were talking about cryptocurrency they're talking about Tron and ripple and these other crypto currencies and how they were just exploding and they're like Matt you should get into this it is like the best thing since sliced bread so of course FOMO set in there's a those of you who don't know what FOMO means fear of missing out set in and I went onto my bank I connected my credit card and my bank account to coinbase and then I made the mistake my first mistake is I did the bank transfer option and so I bought $300 worth of Bitcoin and guess what I wasn't able to do any other purchases with any other my other options for some reason it took me seven days to get the Bitcoin by the time the Bitcoin got to me when I bought it it was like nineteen thousand or like eighteen thousand five hundred something like that and then when I got it if it was worth like thirteen thousand five hundred and I'm like what did I just do what did I get myself into and then it started to go up again so I was like okay Matt you know that's cool and then I started doing more I started doing the instant buys with my credit card and coinbase but I only had like a hundred dollar limit and for me that wasn't enough I had a buy more cryptocurrency because I want to miss out on this gravy train of cryptocurrency and I didn't really think about what it could be as a pup anything more than just an investment I wasn't really thinking like get-rich-quick but I was thinking hey this could be something fun to do other than my 401k or in lieu of or in additional to my 401k and so I started because my account I all could only do like a certain amount per week and that wasn't enough for me so I started doing wire transfers directly to G Dax because that was faster than going to coin base and it cost 30 bucks from my bank to do the wire transfer and then $10 fee I'm from G Dax so that already the fee was $40 I was like oh my gosh so then I was upping my amount and I was transferring just so it would make the percentage of the fee lower and then I was buying all kinds of coins the first coins that I bought I bought Tron and I bought XRP or ripple those were the first ones and then my nephew told me about electro Neum so I bought that I wasn't doing very much research I was just going off of what my friends and people were saying and then a good friend of mine tweeted about a deep onion this privacy coin and I'm anonymous cryptocurrency and I found that the tweet that he did to be interesting and so I went to the website and read the white paper and stuff and this is kind of the first time I did any kind of research I mean in any of these coins I was buying and I really liked it I liked what they were trying to accomplish with a privacy coin and having your identity be like you know private or anonymous and so you have complete control over your finances type idea definitely way more about this coin if you want to learn more about it I'll put a link down below but so then I bought some of that and I'm like cool and it was going up obviously the market was you know going up and and then I went to the forum and joined the forum over at deep onion and really enjoyed to being part of the forum interacting with people I joined their airdrop that they had and contests that they had it was just a lot of fun and people there were posting articles and links over to steam it so that is how I found out about steam it really cool and then I would I joined on steam it just so I could up vote and comment on the forum members articles and posts and then I thought hey I have decent content from my cooking show and some of the other cryptocurrency videos that I was making maybe I should do more with steam it than what I was doing so then I started you know adding some posts there they never really got any traction until just recently and that's because I had some advice from people who tell me to do some certain things and I started doing it and there we go so what do i how do I feel about cryptocurrency kind of stinks when it's in a bear market but it depends on the mindset I was never going in to be a day trader and so that's a different mindset and you can still make money if you know what you're doing I don't know what I'm doing as far as that goes so I don't do that I just always thought it'd be fun to get some money and just hold it and let it do its thing and then not worry about it kinda like my 401k I just buy stuff and then just don't even look at it and then just keep buying stuff but who knows it's been a fun enjoyable crazy ride sometimes it's gives me a headache to open up my black folio and see the price of everything down and now I look at price of steam and like oh I wish it was higher but anyway so yeah that's been my cryptocurrency journey so far it's been a crazy fun ride and I'm enjoying it and I'm not getting out of it anytime soon and I think it can be the future I don't know if it'll totally takeover banks but I think I think it has a potential to work harmoniously or symbiotically with banks just to provide something for everyone and who knows I'm not an expert so I have no idea but I'm excited to be here I love the steam it platform I love my crypto form that I I'm in quite a bit and yeah so there's a little bit about my cryptocurrency journey every once well if you go back through all my blog post you'll find some of the videos that I made cryptocurrency videos that I made and about deep bunion in case you want to check those out they're pretty cool and yeah from time to time I might do a little segment on how my journey is going and how my portfolio is performing right now kind of sucks but I hope you all enjoyed this little segment on cryptocurrency a little bit more about me as well and once again I am Matt Taylor aka mr. chef 111 until next time signing off

43 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Investing | DeepOnion STEEM TRON RIPPLE BITCOIN | My Journey So Far”

  1. Good video. I was curious to know how people learn about the cryptworld. My friends brought me to the cryptoworld. I'm still learning a lot of new information.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, very impressive how you get involved in such a project, DeepOnion can definitely count on a great hard worker

  3. I love your videos mate, always informative on the most basic level for those just getting into crypto. Many people got caught out on the top of bitcoin's rally, projects like Deeponion will prevail in the end with what it has to offer. great tech and great people explaining how it works like you Matt

  4. Thanks for sharing your journey in crypto matt and to be your (kabayan) I'm so proud of you for the best you done in DeepOnion. keep up

  5. It was fun sharing my crypto journey with you so far. Please let me know how you go into crypto here in the comments. 🙂

  6. This is an interesting experience, very personal and, at the same time, familiar to so many people. Emotionally and positively, as always with Matt.

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