Cryptocurrency investing 101 – Coins Under $1 Updated with price predictions & results

welcome to crypto riot the show that takes the magic and mystery out of crypto currencies and amateur investing I'm your host David Haye and in today's episode we'll follow up from a video I made almost a month ago about the top five crypto currencies that you can invest in for under $1 we'll track some of the results and one of them has gone up over 200 percent and I'll also review four more alt coins that are priced less than a dollar that I think represent excellent growth potential so stay tuned we'll be right back on August 4th I made a video about the top 5 crypto currencies to invest in for under $1 I couldn't believe the amount of views the video got in less than a month it has a little over 120,000 I've had so many great emails so many great messages sent to me thanking me for the information that I provided and the unbiased analysis that I really wanted to make another video and I wanted to follow up on some of the results from those crypto currencies that I recommended almost a month ago and I also wanted to add four more crypto currencies that are under $1 to that list that I think represent excellent growth potential so first let's look at the cryptocurrencies that I recommended on August 4th those 5 crypto currencies who are iota bitshares sign pot coin and ripple and on august 2nd you can see in this spreadsheet that I've made the price and if you fast forward on 28 days you'll see that we've had huge gains in some of those coins iota has gone from 33 cents to 80 cents which means that that's a 242 percent gain bitshares stayed the same so over the last 28 days has actually been no increase or decrease but that's ok because if we had invested $1,000 we would still have $1,000 seiyya coin which was the Airbnb for hard drive space has actually gone down a little bit it's lost 23 percent of its value what coin which was one of my favorites and I talked about in depth went from 9 cents to 12 cents which is a 33% gain and ripple from 17 cents to 22 cents at 29% gain and what I think is interesting when you look at this information is that when you're investing in these coins there's a huge amount of risk in them but even if one of those coins had completely gone under in the time that we're talking about you still would have made money on this very short period of time so iota going up 242 percent cancels out you know any losses that I had incurred in syuko and I made 1420 dollars in 28 days iota and yet I only lost two hundred and twenty seven dollars on SIA coin so if you're involved in this high-risk high-reward cryptocurrency field you can see from these results and this is only twenty eight days that we've already seen 36 percent returns and that's something that you would never really see in the stock market it's something that I've never seen in real estate or any of the other or any of my other investments but that also indicates the level of volatility and exposure that you have in these crypto currencies so before we go in to the next section which is where I talk about some of the other crypto currencies that I like and represent value I think it's very important that we talk about investment strategies because I don't want to see people watching this video invest more money than they can afford to lose because it is like stocks there are no guarantees it's actually probably more volatile than the stock market so while I think if you do your research you can find coins especially if you believe in the technology I really think they're excellent long-term investments but if you're coming into the market and you're investing your rent money into cryptocurrencies and you're hoping to make it back in the next two or four weeks I think that that's probably a foolish strategy and I know some fellow youtubers have gone it all in on crypto currencies and if you're young I guess that might be a good strategy but I'm 34 years old I want to have a family I have a wife so for me cryptocurrencies only make up a small portion of my total investment portfolio it's definitely the most exciting section of my investment portfolio but I would never consider for example going 100 percent in on crypto only because it does in my opinion have such volatility although while I say that I absolutely believe in the blockchain and I think that the blockchain will really change the way that people handle money especially over the next 10 to 20 years so I think when you're investing that really the most important thing to do is research you have to judge your exposure you have to judge what you're comfortable in losing and then you have to also judge the potential returns and you have to find that happy medium and also because of the volatility in the market I think that a long-term the strategy is absolutely critical and if you're going to make long-term investment strategies I think there's a lot of ways that you can minimize the risk and somebody had asked me the other day about some different ways to do that and if you're going to invest let's say a thousand dollars into Bitcoin I think it would be better a better long-term strategy to invest $100 each month for the next ten months than it is to just come in and invest all the money right now if you can break your purchases and selling for that matter into small blocks if the markets going up and down it'll sort of average those out and while you may cap your maximum growth you're also capping your loss because if you're making ten purchases and selling ten purchases the average sell price on the average buy paisa will be those ten months divided by what you paid each month for the coin so that's a great way I think to do long term investing in blockchains and I think that that's a lot more successful than the all-in strategy in addition to this advice I also think that it's really important to say that everything that I do is a long-term investment I'm nervous by the amount of exposure that you can have in crypto currencies over short periods of time so if for example aetherium was to drop to $100.00 tomorrow I can absolutely say for certain that I would hold my tokens unless there was some fundamental flaw and the technology unless I really felt like everything was falling apart which I can't ever imagine really seeing I'm here for the long run I'm here to hold my coins and in that sense there's only two days that are really important in cryptocurrency it's the day that you buy and the day that you sell and if you spend too much time watching the markets instead of making good sound decisions based on research I think that it's easy to become blind so if you research the technology you believe in the projects you believe in the teams of people that are behind them invest in them and invest in them for the long term if you see some short-term gains that's excellent that that's a good indication that you're on the right track but at the same time as well if your investments dipping if you're a long-term holder that shouldn't really worry you too much as long as you've done your research and you've made sure that you really believed in the technologies you're investing in so without further ado let's get into formal cryptocurrencies that you can invest in for under $1 that I think represent excellent value first we have Gollum I've covered Gollum in some of my other videos and the idea behind Gollum is that you're giving up your GPU time to build a supercomputer so you have a huge network of GPUs and CPUs and then data scientist or big data companies can rent that processing power or hashing power from you and they can use that to the weather model stock market models 3d rendering anything that's really intensive with a CPU or GPU and that turns this network of small personal computers basically into a giant supercomputer and so right now Gollum sitting at just 32 cents the idea seems to be great fundamentally they're working on the technologies I've liked this coin for a long time and it could have been on my top five original listed and they just missed it so I wanted to include Gollum today at that list at 32 cents for a long term hold next we have made safe coin made safe coin is very similar in concept to Gollum but instead of renting your GPU or your CPU time out to build a supercomputer you're actually d centralizing the internet so if you've watched the show Silicon Valley the Pied Piper concept towards the end of the latest season sort of hinting at that decentralized internet and the idea is that your desktop computer has plenty of spare processing power when you're not using the computer it's available so if you instead of needing giant data centers to host websites instead of needing all of these big centralized information repositories if you could then encrypt that data you could actually store that on the users individual users PCs and this offers a really big fundamental change in the way that we use the internet because right now you have to have centralized models like Facebook and they're really trying to push more and more advertising to you and this a cost for them to run the network and that's how they recoup it well if you use a decentralized internet then there's no cost to running the network the network is actually by a cross-stitching of users and so for that reason I think that made safe coin offers a huge potential for growth because made safe coin would be the currency used in this decentralized internet model right now made safe coin is trading at 64 cents so there's a reasonable chance in the next couple months that it will not be on my list of coins to invest in for under $1 only because it's only got 36 more sense to go before it's out of that bucket next on my list of crypto currencies for under $1 is digi byte and as opposed to golem or made safe coin which are really fundamentally different and promising to change the way that people use different elements of the blockchain did you buy it is really just a blockchain technology that's working it's got fast confirmation times it has a reasonably large user base and development community and it's just working so while did you buy isn't anything revolutionary it does have a very good proof of work mining concept where they use actually five different algorithms it has the fast transaction times large community and the same way that it's possible for many languages to exist in the world it's definitely possible for this cryptocurrency to coexist along the side of many altcoins and because the developers are knowledgeable the communities they're and the technology is solid I think that it'll just see continued growth over the next 12 to 18 months finally last but not least is tether and for any of you that are out and for any of you that are aware of what tether is you'll probably say well where's the investment opportunity there tether is a crypto currency that is tied to the u.s. dollar so one tether should always equal one dollar and give or take maybe half a percent or 1 percent the reason that tether is so useful is that if you're trading crypto currencies and you're trading altcoins if for any reason you get uncomfortable in the market it's possible to trade your positions in to tether and once you've traded your position in say ripple or cyclone or anything else in to tether you've taken that exposure away because one tether will always equal 1 USD so as your crypto currency portfolio is growing as you want to distribute some of your risk I think it's really important to understand what tether is and if you go on bit tricks or the other exchanges and you see us DT that's actually US dollar tether and that's that cryptocurrency that means that you don't have to convert it into fiat currency that also I think helps a lot of the exchanges stay away from regulations because as long as they're not touching fiat currency and they're only touching USD T they should be I think safe from a couple different rules I think that's especially the case in the United States so on bit tracks when you see USD T or you get an opportunity to buy a tether just be aware that that's available because a lot of people in cryptocurrency say well I don't I can't live with the volatility how am I supposed to for example use pot coin if it's already fluctuated 33% and the answer to that is if you're a merchant as soon as you receive the payment you just process it directly into tether USD T and the exposure is gone for you if you want to speculate on the market whether it's gonna go up or down shore hold your cryptocurrencies but if you need to know that when you receive a payment you're going to get this many US dollars if you don't want to keep them convert it to fiat currency every single time you just store it in USD T tether and then it's available for you to withdraw no matter what happens in the cryptocurrency markets and so I think that's a very important technology to understand and I think that's a very important tool in your investing portfolio and you need to know when to use that so for that reason even though tether doesn't have the growth potential it has huge potential for you to maximize your investments and to minimize your risk especially if you've done well and you want to sort of pull out some of your money or just have a wait-and-see type approach guys I hope you've enjoyed this video I've really been taken back with how many people have subscribed to this channel sent me messages and I'm really just excited because the cryptocurrency markets growing so fast and so much great new emerging technologies coming out it sort of reminds me of when the internet first launched and every week it was like some revolutionary concept was coming out that you could see would make people's lives better so the same way that I think once you start using email you'll never go back to writing hand letters and putting him in the post once people transfer from using fiat currency into these crypto sieze I can't see them going back so for this reason I'm really excited I really appreciate all the views in the comments and and I think that all of us have a really bright future in this cryptocurrencies every time somebody shares a video on Facebook so if you like gardening dogs America or cryptocurrency you should support this channel learn how to buy bitcoins step 1 install the Bitcoin wallet step 2 oops you waited a few weeks the price of Bitcoin just doubled step 3 tell yourself the price of Bitcoin is too high it will come down soon step 4 oh the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed again step 5 talk to your friends about how much money they're making with Bitcoin step 6 you finally buy a fraction of a Bitcoin but your friends laugh when they find out it's not enough to cover the cost of a wanna cry ransom what are you waiting for start investing today visit to david haye dot org slash Bitcoin you you

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