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welcome back to crypto going news my name is Zach and happy 2019 I know were a couple days late here on the new year but we are back we're back in the studio back from vacation only to leave again on Monday morning and I'll be gone until Sunday but then I'm back I am back after I get back from my next little trip for about three months so we should have consistent content in the next week and and our schedule plan right now is like a Monday Wednesday Friday type of schedule with maybe some crypto minutes sprinkled in between there we'll just kind of have to see but we are back it's 2019 the market really hasn't done anything since 2018 and honestly we're still looking in that kind of November pricing for a lot of things now we did see a theory um run just a wee bit here we're already at $150 and also it has passed XRP again those two have been back and forth fighting each other since early last year in 2018 which feels weird to say that this is kind of the first time I've been saying 2019 over and over again but if we look everything is pretty stable today it's been kind of stable like this for the last 2 or 3 days nothing's really been moving nothing's been overexcited at all we have seen Bitcoin close to $4,000 in the past few days like the last week or so and now it's kind of back stable at 37 90 right around the $3,800 price point and like I said we don't expect to see any big price movement early in the year I think this is more about trying to cover news early in the year and stuff that could potentially be laying the foundation the the bricks of support and stability for the growth of this year because this is a year that we expect growth we also asked you guys on Twitter what do you think I said where will 2019 bring the total market cap where could you see us closing the year so that means 12 months from now roughly where do you see the market so 15 percent of you are still a little pessimistic you're saying less than a hundred billion so below where we are now which I think if that honestly happened it would be game over time if we're at 129 now and 12 months from now we've lost more favor and we're sitting under 100 that would not be too sexy what it Tyson that'd be a scare a zag yeah if it took 12 months to lose only about 30 billion dollars I think it's I don't I don't I wouldn't want to say oh it's over because if it happens it happens but no growth for two consecutive years and more significant losses ouch 8% of you think will be right around the hundred billion dollar mark that's where we are right now so again another scenario of no Grosso I bet about 23% of you think crypto is over it's crypto over party but then we have 37% a little more optimistic 500 billion dollars in total mark cap and this is this is somewhere this is the range of where I could see us ending this year you know that's about four times where we are right now and in that position honestly that's kind of I don't think where we build a healthy market if we do get some small regulation this year if the SEC stops cracking down so hard or at least decides what they're gonna crack down on and maybe I cos if they become public in the US or able to purchase for any buyer that would be huge and then 40% I was actually surprised by this because I didn't think anyone would be this optimistic but 40% of you said one trillion dollars or more in total market cap which would leave Bitcoin over 20,000 dollars it would it would be the highest market cap cryptocurrency has ever seen ever and I don't know if it's gonna happen this here what do you think Tyson do you think I think we're gonna be around 500 billion to be honest I could see that going I don't think we're gonna be at I don't think we're gonna be able one trillion dollar mark this year just because so much has to happen to get there like a lot happened in 2017 for big cryptocurrency to get to 800 billion like a lot they had so much good press it had so many people faux mowing into everything and that's why we we saw that that meteor our meteoric rise in total more gap so I mean 500 billion might not be exactly right but I don't know if we're gonna touch a trillion let me know your thoughts in the comments hit that like button too guys if you are excited for 2019 we're definitely be doing more crypto giveaways I'm trying to decide what currency I want to give away this year we did a lot of aetherium last year we did a lot of like coin last year like a ton alike when I think we gave away over $50,000 last year somewhere close to that we gave away $10,000 to one guy which was crazy and then we gave away or was it like 12,000 then we gave away a whole bunch of 50s 100's there was there was a time where we were giving away one etherion per day when etherium was still worth a few hundred bucks yeah so I mean we gave away so much money last year we want to do the same thing this year but let me know which currency you guys prefer for giveaways do you want Bitcoin do you want aetherium do you want XRP do you want like coin let me know your preference because we're gonna be setting up some awesome giveaways when I get back from my last trip of the next three months and then we're gonna be in the studio every single day and I want to set this up to be like a professional podcast you know I actually got hit up by a guy in Dallas he does a big crypto podcast I'm gonna to look at my emails I can't remember what the podcast name is but he's he's relatively successful in the crypto podcast space I thought it'd be nice to you know get him in here every once in a while maybe once a week or once a month I don't know sent him in that chair right there and then we can have this back and forth between three guys right there well you guys can see I took out the chair there there would there would normally be a chair there and then we can have three guys go back and forth three different opinions three different head spaces in this market I think that's what's gonna be most important obviously I think the first like third of this year or first fourth of this year is going to be more about news then market movement because I don't think the markets gonna move too much in the next two months I mean we'll probably see some growth leading up to any type of ETF decision Bitcoin giving away like give away aetherium a lot of people are a lot of people are about aetherium right now I mean I mean it took my number two spot again from XMP I don't know when that happened that was like a couple days ago I remember we were visiting family personal reasons but I did I did see it happen I was like ooh like I think the theorems got the biggest legs this year like bitcoins a safe bet always that's why I'm a big fan of it got money in it sitting in it but like if anything were to see like four times growth Bitcoin might not see that this year Bitcoin can see like three times and be at like $10,000 and it'll be awesome but like aetherium could see four times growth and only be at like 600 bucks so and it was literally just at 600 bucks in like the summer so I mean that's something we can easily see happen again this year so that might not be a half-bad investment if you're kind of teetering between Bitcoin and a theorem right now I think both of them have great upside but if they're looking pretty attractive right now especially sitting at 15 million dollars in total market cap just barely over xrp but still quite a ways off from Bitcoin if we look at some of the biggest gainers today though I'm trying to look for ones that like have been around for a while like see this only has thirty thousand dollars in volume so I'm not even consider that 68 percent growth as real growth because I could contribute the daily volume of that coin myself so that doesn't that doesn't turn me on at all but chain link 22 million dollars in volume up 15% today Ark is up 10% today some of the bigger losers today like I said this has been a very calm day the last few days have been we're seeing some nines some ate some sixes some fives Bundy's down about 5% nothing nothing too crazy and I actually think siren Labs never really exploded in price after their phone came out and I haven't heard much about their phone even since it came out have you heard anything I've heard absolutely nothing look at this there's like one random spike 25 cents on December 31st and that's some bad that's weird cuz then one right back to four cents so yeah and literally like it on their website see if their phone came out it came out it came out see like right here where this like spike is that was right around when the phone supposed to come out at the end of October so 18 cents then it dropped off so I mean the way they should have got the phone even more promotion I don't know if they did did they do like an unbox therapy with that phone cuz I know they did their expense there are expensive one I don't know they've done this one you can order right here I'm on their website state-of-the-art ultra secure mobile device with an embedded cold storage wallet so I mean it's it's here it looks cool I haven't seen any reviews on it like I said look cool we wanted it at the office we haven't gotten one yet like I wanted maybe this just talking about it we'll get us one hey send us one because honestly that's what you guys need you need somebody to touch this thing and review it because like if you go look at this phone it's a thousand bucks before I spend a thousand dollars I want to know that's not leggy and a piece of two inch multi-touch save screen built in cold storage crypto wallet so they completely changed our website now cuz this wasn't like all here so like now like they're trying clean 12 megapixel main camera 8 megapixel selfie cam that's pretty standard pretty low that's pretty industry standard yeah that's industry standard six-inch knotch design display so it's got the notch I mean all phones have the notch nowadays there is a new phone that I saw someone review that you can slide the back of the phone up and it doesn't have the notch huh that's nice 128 gigs of storage SD memory card I mean it's got good specs with a price because the Apple iPhones a lot more than this sometimes you don't even get a hundred twenty eight gigs of storage so and it but the worry is you're spending a thousand dollars on a new branded phone yeah you have no idea what it's about and you have really no reviews on it I'm sure if we went on YouTube there's a few but I would want like I want I want to make sure that that phone is the most unbiased review so if I bought $1,000 for because you can buy a Samsung Galaxy for like 800 I bought my s9 for six hundred seventy dollars on Amazon I'm trying to see cuz they have a store locations tab here when I click it it just keeps showing me the features of the phone so I don't know if you can actually get this in stores anywhere okay they have a couple models so this well it's cheaper now it's 900 bucks $8.99 I don't know if you guys if anyone of you have this phone let me know if you like it if you have enjoyed it it looks cool and they've made really expensive phones in the past but I heard like when they made those expensive phones that company wasn't very successful and then they like pivoted did an ICO and then we're hoping to get into the crypto space how many people can afford how much was that 10,000 10,000 10,000 dollar phone not that many people can afford a tent that was like the most secure device in the world you had a private line yeah everything was encoded oh but I know yeah I heard that the quality's good I just would like to touch because like I could go touch this Google pixel at Verizon like I could go touch it but this isn't I don't think at Verizon like I don't think I could go to the Verizon store and touch this device and I have gun burn buying phones online in the past to where I bought like the razor phone from the company razor the gaming company and I got an it didn't work with Verizon so I was like ah someone just posted a link to a finning view so we should check that out not now not now after yes I am really curious about it I'm curious to their price tank though from like 19 cents from come out to four so let's go over some comments and know what that says people are commenting some things you can let me know that let's first go over some stories Zack I found a story that I want to go over a little bit of a hype story it's not that big the biggest deal but it is kind of cool to see a major company take steps towards you know doing crypto things so I guess Ohio became one of the first States to like allow yourself to pay tax like the Bitcoin income taxes or so or SAS comm plans to pay a portion of its commercial activity taxes in Ohio this February in Bitcoin Wow it's a pretty big story Zack and let me tell you why because is massive so if they're gonna show some sort of leap into joining I like that story well let's be happy a little tax story here like I personally made money off a Bitcoin last year and have to pay taxes on it this year and it's so screwed up like my text my CPA even like he he kind of like what is it he addressed it as is this if you win in crypto the IRS mega wins if you lose in crypto the IRS wins because you know either way we're getting screwed it's like treat like a stock you lose money and it's not like Bitcoin or something like that you can only write off what is it $1,500 yeah thousand dollar something yeah so some of these people that so yeah like say you lost 1 million dollars in crypto you can only get like a four thousand dollar deduction like that's like the max deduction my CPA was telling me he's like oh yeah we can get you like a four thousand dollar trade credit or a deduction credit watch four thousand dollars because like say you bought Bitcoin at twenty thousand dollars right when I was at its top and now and you only have it right now at three thousand and you say you bought one and you sold it right now you would have to pay taxes on that invested amount now on the twenty thousand yeah it's gear but it will make me sad so on right at a few weeks ago there was a story about this guy who his I don't remember the number so I'm just gonna make up the numbers but let's just say he got in at fifteen hundred dollars and it went up to twenty thousand dollars and then went back to three thousand he never cashed out yeah and maybe he cashed oh now or say I think he can't show it like it's a six well it went up to twenty so they charge you on those capital gains regardless they charge you on the history that you've held that coin which is super up you know because like it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me to buy in at something at a thousand I guess you're supposed to hold your tokens for or over a couple years but then it still taxes a security yeah still taxes security you're so gonna get tax fifteen to twenty percent on it so but like the trade history that is just up because you get taxed on every trade you get taxed on every profit and loss yes if you get like a day to day trader they'll tax you out if you make 10 million profits the taxi on ten billion in profits if you have ten million in losses they're only gonna give you a four thousand dollar credit tax you want ten million dollars yeah no tax you on ten million dollars so like say you and say you made ten million dollars in crypto and then lost it all because like the coin you are in crashed you would arrow the government thirty three percent of ten million dollar said in the comments but you can carry over the losses to multiple years yeah it doesn't matter we're never gonna get out of that hole like it's such a dis Lipper e slippery slope like I think I have a pretty good accounting team like cracked cracked cracked top-notch accounting team and it's just like it's just scary I mean it's scary in general even if you're just doing stock you for a living that say I'm a I'm a dad I got into Bitcoin when I hit two three thousand dollars or fifteen hundred people were like get into Bitcoin mm-hmm and then it went to like the highest price yeah and then you were like someone's saying that's gonna go to a hundred thousand dollars I'm gonna keep it and then a crash is three thousand then you have some bills coming again you're like oh crap so you take it out and then this tanker comes along you have kids right oh you're taxed on that twenty five thousand dollars yeah that's crazy yeah no because that person doesn't have that kind of it should be what was put in and what was pulled out so if I put in a thousand dollars and pulled out six hundred I should be at a four hundred dollar loss it doesn't matter of Bitcoin touch two million dollars when I was in there Weiland pulled out six hundred dollars yeah they should be you shouldn't be taxed on pretend money yeah you never pulled out because oh he had it it was capital gains like he turned three thousand into a hundred thousand and then you turned 100 thousand into three thousand well I don't give a they're gonna give you a four thousand dollar deduction and you're gonna end up paying the big big fat money taxes like it's ridiculous it'll knock you into the thirty seven percent federal tax bracken yeah scary it's a scary situation yeah but like I when everyone was talking about taxes last year I was like yeah be careful with this yeah so like like last year like I had more I could have pulled out like if I wanted to cash out cuz there was times I cash out in May early May during that one bull run and I cashed out in June or July or something like that there was more times I could have cashed out took more money out throughout times of my like successful investments but I got to the point where it wasn't gonna be worth it anymore to pull out any money so now I just keep my stuff on a cold storage and I don't trade I'm not touching anything I'm like said that is crazy I'm not filing taxes well let me tell you the IRS they will get you they are going to open an investigation on this entire cryptocurrency for IRS like for tax and protection because they know last year there was a study that came out like we're only like 3% of people who claim that they had taxes or something yeah let me tell you the IRS has nothing it's okay like they have nothing if you ever bought crypto on coinbase and ever sold Krypton coinbase the IRS already knows who you are and they know you have crypto so if they don't see that on your tax return say you bought one Bitcoin last year in 2018 for like 1,800 bucks or whatever and then you don't claim it in 2019 taxes even if you didn't sell it they know you bought it cuz coinbase directly works with the US government they know that you own that Bitcoin and they know the highest price that year and the lowest look guys right to Nicolas he said if you don't sell you don't pay taxes exactly so you gotta you gotta be strong you gotta hold yeah I needed some money last year yeah everyone so I pulled out a bunch because I need money yeah this is my Paul though too much because it's what me you know tax bracket I want to be in you know I should have to you know calculated that a bit better but this year I'm learning see like it's all a learning learning curve I'm trying to better myself in 2019 now I would really love to see a Bitcoin like I said Bo twelve thousand dollars at the end of the year I'd be super excited and it's like a second chance not to give 40 percent of my money to the US government because I live in Texas so we have zero state tax which is good but you know the US can still take up to 37 percent know how true this is someone just sit in the comments that's the way it works in the UK only a tax when you can't shout first 10k is tax-free that's probably true that's probably true that's probably true I feel like what does a coinbase only announces when it's 15k yeah like like if you make like less than ten thousand I don't even think you really need to claim it like I mean I wouldn't suggest like yeah but it's like at a casino like they don't make you fill out a tax form at a casino unless you like your winnings are ten thousand dollars or more yeah you're supposed to claim you're supposed to make half you should you should like if you make cash tips as a waiter you should claim it but who not but I don't know but they might know but they might then we'll probably not I mean they will know like I swear to God I could drop a fat fart in 2014 and the IRS will tax me on it this year I'm telling you like I get little pieces of mail like they're so good they will they don't even care if it costs them a thousand dollars to recruit $13 from you they will send you 600 letters in the mail they will send you a billion suppose they'll freeze your bank account for $13 yeah like they don't care if you only owe them a dollar 50 like they will go out of their way like I once got like a thousand letters one time because I moved so much for this like $21 I owed the IRS I'm like wow this is a huge waste one every letter you get from them as 50 pages so it's like wow what a massive waste of paper what a massive waste of postage what a massive waste of your time and effort to get twenty bucks for me it probably cost more than $20 per cost more than $20 a can yeah but here's the thing they proved a point and they like that well if the IRS wonders what are they doing all day I don't know I hope they're not watching this I water hey we were watching we respect you I pay my taxes I paid I paid okay here's my gripe I know this is Anabelle crypto but now we're on the tax rant we're in a tax ran here's my gripe about taxes okay so say this here it is say you work from 18 to 65 years old what is that like 50 no that's not even 50 years it's only you only worked like 47 years of your life yes okay so you worked those 47 years and you averagely pay $20,000 in taxes so you're paying like $900,000 throughout your whole life to the US government yes okay and paying twenty thousand in taxes means you're making a pretty decent living yeah 20 K a year so crazy living like a very good luck yeah and so I don't get how some people have to pay fifty million dollars in their lifetime in taxes to drive the same roads go to the same schools live the same life and then someone pays 1,800 bucks in the 47 so that's how our government works it's it's not how she won trying to pull in like a massive like you I get it like here we're coming from but then you look at the good people have to try to take a trickle-down effect it gets to the point where let's use an analogy say I have Jimmy sue over here makes $1 a year and say I make $3 a year Jimmy sue gets no tax because Jimmy Sue's poor so he makes a dollar I make three dollars a year and the government's like I'm taxing you now I only make two dollars a year so now I'm almost as poor as Jimmy Lu who doesn't have to pay any taxes and and I worked that much harder to make that much more money but now I'm but this is making realize there's a guy he's a CEO and they work really hard he makes a kajillion dollars a year then there's a guy that is on his line works 50 hours a week he makes a Boop amount of money a year really crap him out comparatively so that's usually the comparison that guy could pay more taxes because he makes extremely amount of more money but it gets the boy like I get it gets the point like can you pay more taxes like say you make a million dollars do you want to pay five hundred grand yeah but you're you're putting this in your head as if this is true that they pay a crazy amount of taxes and you say don't I'm just saying at the age of 28 I probably paid more in taxes then some people will by the time they're 75 degree that's because you don't have you're not making the crazy amount of money that gets you the crazy yeah see there should be a middle ground I'm still in the highest tax bracket with the billionaire CEOs let me tell you the billionaire's let me tell you let me tell you yes I'm trying humblebrag let me tell you I'm just let me tell you why though okay because the middle class people and the upper middle class are the people they could test the most because if you're in the uber rich class you don't get hardly tax at all because you have these crazy little loopholes that you can go through Donald Trump using some loopholes like I paid like I probably paid this much attack I tried the least amount in taxes as you should but he builds America basically by employing a billion but I'm saying that's me what all there were super rich people yeah you think the super rich people are gonna be like hi I made a billion dollars should be a maximum cap okay like if you make 1 million dollars your tax should be no different than the guy that maybe made 200 thousand and here's the things Act I'm gonna look into it I'm gonna constitute contact Donald if you're watching this I know you're a fan of tax breaks yeah I'm a huge fan of it hook me up because honestly they make sense to a point the rich should pay more I love how this is a crypto live stream and for the last 15 minutes probably well taxes are a huge thing it's a new year if you made money get ready bend over because here it comes here comes up here it comes because honestly it's like oh my god I made 10 million dollars in Bitcoin wait first give me all that federal tax and then give me your state tax and then then it's gone I make a hundred million dollars a Bitcoin ooh you're losing a cool 60 million I don't live here anymore I may go 2 million in Bitcoin I moved to some poor country cash out there and then I come back I did announce my citizenship I make hundred million dollars uh-huh I make yeah I've actually had this conversation multiple times if I ever make millions like fat daddy money moving to Malta move it somewhere I'm moving somewhere where I can I'm living underwater you don't swim in somewhere where I can give them for blueberries of two sticks and I'm even and then I then I then I think about moving somewhere else remember there's like there's countries that you barely pay tax at all but you just have to own property on their life yeah I think it's like the Cayman Islands like I think you can live in the Grand Cayman Islands like I think you can live in the Bahamas and you don't have to pay any property tax as long as you own a property of like five hundred thousand dollars or more in value something it's like oh wait invest five hundred thousand of this island and then never pay taxes the rest of my life that's a genius idea the government then you have to live there it would depend yeah but do not live there I don't care but depending how much you make because the government can send people after you to get that money because you lived in the States well renounce all right doesn't matter do they could still send people over to you and get them that's when you hire Blackwater security dude that's when you live in the ocean you live under the ocean and every char with all this money that you can't spend no but honestly the tax situation is ridiculous but enough about taxes this is where we're gonna end this crypto stream it's a crypto stream if you didn't remember it's a Christmas tree but let us know what do you guys think we should give away a theory and Bitcoin ripple and light going whatever I leave it down below in the comments hit that like button if you enjoyed and we'll see you guys tomorrow peace

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